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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ultra Rare

Select one monster on your field. Add the original defense points of all the cards faced up on your field add it to the selected monsters defense points. This number becomes the selected monsters defense points until it's end phase.

Type - Spell
Card Number - YCB-002

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.45
Advanced: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.24.06


ExMinion OfDarkness

When I see this I immediately think of that Chappelle's Show skit where Rick James punched Charlie Murphy in the head...he had that ring on that said Unity and it was stuck in Charlie Murphy's head for a week.


I just don't see this card as being that good. It can possibly stave off an attack, but I'd rather boost a monster's ATK and destroy the opposing monster with Rush Recklessly, or use Shrink on theirs (if we ever get a common version...champion pack maybe?)

1/5 all


Unity is a Quick-Play Spell card.  This is very good, even though at first glance it might seem useless, given the effect: select a face up Monster on your side of the field and its DEF becomes equal to that of the sum of all the DEF of all your Monsters until the end of the turn.  So for a single Monster, it’s obviously useless: its DEF would remain unchanged (or rather become the same amount it already is).  Now, aside from Spirit Reaper, how many Monsters are going to be seen in face up DEF mode?


Not many.


Still, it has some good tricks.  I am embarrassed to admit that Shone Jump, the same issue I got the card, actually did point out at least an initial use for it: they mentioned the DEF heavy Rock Monsters from Structure Deck 7 combined with Canyon, which is nice for that deck.  As long as at least one other of your DEF heavy Monsters is face up, you can wait until the damage Step to give a major boost to something else for heavy damage.  Obviously, this isn’t too realistic a use for the tournament scene: Canyon won’t last long at all, and even getting Unity to live through being Set is tricky.  I haven’t even covered winning with such a deck.  Still, for the n00blet just getting into the game and using that deck, it’s a decent trick (and Stone Statue of the Aztecs can do it without Canyon).


Most of you can guess that while some miracle win is possible via this combo, it is unlikely.  You have Exxod out with its 4000 DEF and when your opponent crashes a Cyber Dragon into Guardian Sphinx in a desperation move and oops, you take 4300 damage or 8600 if Canyon is out.  Yeah.  Sure.  That will happen a lot.   Yes, the preceding is sarcasm for those who haven’t had their morning dose of caffeine.  So what are some better uses for it?  Well, in general, Stone Statue of the Aztecs really does like it, though probably not enough to warrant using the two in an obnoxious stall burner, so just slightly more realistic than the above scenarios.  However, try it in your standard deck.  Is there any gain?  Yeah: other than Spirit Reaper, it can save something from Smashing Ground by redirecting it.  Again, not too likely to prove useful, but if you find enough of these little uses, they add up.  Still, thanks to Tsukuyomi use, it’s a little more realistic that they flip Zarbog down into DEF position when you have a Cyber Dragon out and attack with Tsukuyomi, and hey, congrats you saved it and dealt some damage.  Of course, you could just run Sakuretsu Armor and friends so that Tsukuyomi is destroyed.


Chaos Sorcerer also sees some play in face-up DEF mode with extra Monsters in attendance.  Even borrowing the puny DEF score from a Spirit Reaper (which would survive since it isn’t actually being targeted by the effect) would let a DEF position Sorcerer survive a hit from Cyber Dragon, and just about any other Monster survive a Monarch strike.  Again, pretty unlikely, but it all adds up.


Okay, now to hopefully send you away on a positive note.  I tried finding CC uses for the card.  I looked at the most obvious use of the card.  Now I give you the hypothetical use of the card based on something I don’t have a ruling for: ATK/DEF swapping cards!  I could be wrong, but the wording sounds like it temporarily “rewrites” your DEF score.  As such, your DEF, at least for the time being, becomes the new score (it’s not a floating +XXXX to your DEF).  So, the question is it a floating rewrite?  If so, then this basically ends it right here: you use Shield and Sword and its ilk and the old DEF still just becomes the new ATK, and the new DEF gets the boost.


If, on the other hand, it works like a “temporary” Limiter Removal, rewriting the “base” DEF score, at least until the end of the turn, the fun finally begins.  You get a potential OTK deck, or at least all but a OTK deck.  You could use Marauding Captain to Special Summon a Big Shield Gardna, Inferno Reckless Summon to get two more Gardna.  Now use Unity on one of the Monsters, and follow up with Shield and Sword.  Of course, such a concept works without Unity, but Unity puts it way over the top.  With Unity, you can expand your pool of viable candidates, such as Gear Golem the Moving Fortress, which could use the trick for one to attack direct with a 7000 ATK direct (and then the other two easily following suit with their 2200 ATK scores).


And of course, even if Unity doesn’t work in such decks, consider what it can still do for them: like I said, the OTK aspect still works.  I don’t know how effective the Royal Magical Library burn deck FTK works, but if it is unreliable, then the burn aspect could be reduced (perhaps still there, but just harder to pull off) but adding a OTK element with the Shield and Sword trick… and Unity to make the opponent fear attacking anything you have while your have an S/T set.  Think about it.  Cyber Dragon goes to mow down a Royal Magical Library, and you whip out Unity.  6000 DEF out of “nowhere” against a 2100 ATK means 3900 points of damage.  That’s a lot less burning they have to do.




Traditional       : 1/5 – All the removal means any combo like this tends to flop.  Even if the OTK aspect works, we have real FTK decks here (not that I want FTK back or anything). 


Advanced        : 3/5 – This assumes the Shield and Sword type combos won’t work with this card.  It’s not a bad card then, just we have so many things wrong in this game, and actual decent effect becomes superfluous.  If the combo I listed works, then it is probably gains half a point or so, because it is very useful in certain decks then.  Finally, notice that I didn’t mention the two cards that gain extra effects for Unity being in the hand (Yu-Jo Friendship) or Graveyard (Judgment of the Pharaoh), because we haven’t reviewed those yet and if they are a waste of cardboard, my scores won’t be any lower.  If they do score well, then add anywhere from a fourth to half a point to this score (as they can prove useful the above combos).  I will explain more in tomorrow’s CotD.


Dark Paladin
Welcome to a very...interesting week, and forgive us, you'll just have to trudge through this week with us. Today we look at Unity, an intersting card, and those intelligent people should know tomorrow's card.

This is actually a decent card, and it could be an interesting one turn manuver. Unity is quick play Magic card that allows you to increase the Defense of one face up monster on your side of the field by the Defense amount equal to all other face up monsters on your side of the field.

Most people don't have more than two or three monsters on the field at any given time, but this might help, if even only for a turn. It is a -1, but it may help you save a monster and have your opponent waste an attack, or even something to negate the effect of Unity.

Not bad...not good, but not bad, I guess.


2.25/5 across the board

Art: 3/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dark Maltos



Unity is a very cool card, and in a set of 3 that we shall be reviewing shortly. (As you may have figured out) . This card is one of the few that actually contain the pictures of the cast of the series, making them an awesome set of collectors cards.

Potentially, this card alone COULD be a game winner, however unlikely that is. It adds all the defences of your monsters together for a turn, then gives it to a selected monster. Lets see, with a few Labyrinth Walls and Neo Aqua Mandoors and we could be onto something here. Still, I doubt it could work, worth attempting a deck for though.

Unity is a card with its own problems. The main one being that most of the time, monsters aren’t played for their high defense, as well as it being very likely that a player won’t have a monster on the field for a long time, so this cards effectiveness is cut short, by the few number of monsters generally on the field.

Still, its not a total loss. Unity can work similarly to Rush Recklessly , and spare a monster from the chop that may have been toast if its in defense. It can also be used to draw the direction of a Smashing Ground, so on the whole it can be an interesting tech.

Traditional ; 1/5
Advanced : 2/5

Art : 5/5 Classic
MPS : 4/5
MikeJ Unity Wow we finally get the trio of weird anime-based character cards in the TCG but like with all the other promos I wished it was something more playable >.>. Now Unity is by far the most playable of the three in certain style decks and being quick-play its very chainable but it truly shines with Stone Statue of the Aztecs ( SSotA ) & Staunch Defender for example.....you play Unity on SSotA while you have 2x Big Shield Gardna face-up on the field now SSotA is at 7200 DEF. Now for example an Cyber Dragon attack your SSotA you played Unity while 2x BSG are F/U on the field now it boosted its DEF to 7200, Cyber Dragon hits it and your opponent recieves 5100 then its double because of the effect SSotA which then kills your opponent combined that with Staunch Defender you could have yourself a deadly Defensive Deck. For further information about Unity and the others DM7FGD an older Pojo Feature Writer had a article about these cards look for " Article # 43 Character Cards " in his section ^.^

Traditional Format > 1/5: You're lucky to have something in DEF for 1 or more turns in Traditional
Advance Format > 4.5/5 ( DEF Deck )
Artwork > 4/5: The artwork is better then the card

Pippin Welcome to upcoming promos and fan request week.

Today's promo is Unity and crosses the ever flirted with threshold that was seperating the anime and the card game, and may God help us all.

The effect is nice enough, if it were only a little more usable.

The ability to increase one monsters def by the combined def of ever other monster you control could be game ending, if you have more monsters with high def. The best way I can see this run is with GK Spy. She is the highest def readily played monster I can think of. Plus with her "go get a copy"
effect, you could see a 4000 def monster for one turn, pretty quick. Being a quick play means that when they try to slap her around with a Cyber Dragon, play your set spell and KABAM! Damage.

Unfortunately, Face up def possition monsters do not last long enough to be able to take full advantage of this card. Smashing Ground makes sure of that. And Face down monsters set up to use this card, don't last long due to Nobleman and Mystic LV2. So again, its usefulness seems to waiver a bit.

Bottom Line:
Traditional: 2/5 - There is no need for such things here, but it gets a point for being quick play
Advanced: 2/5 - nope, still don't see it being played

Art: 1/5 - There used to be a distiction between the card game and the anime. A barrier. A sacred threshold that was etched in every serious players mind that the anime may bight, but the card game really had little to do with the anime. That fine line has been crossed and the boundaries are not weakened. Kaibaman was the beginning, and pray that these are not the end.

Until next time, how do you remove marker ink from your hand? Stupid friend thought it would bring luck at tourney to draw a smiley on our hands.

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