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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
Super Rare

When this card is Tribute Summoned successfully, destroy 1 monster on the field.

Type - Thunder/Effect
Card Number - AST-023

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.71
Advanced: 4.36

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.21.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

Your consistency and your power monster is right here. This thing's been pushing $15-20 on eBay for a reason.

Zaborg has pretty much everything you want in a Tribute monster/any monster, period:

*2400 ATK -- strong field presence, enough to take out Chaos Sorcerer through an attack

*Light -- can be removed for Chaos Sorcerer and will be quickly revived for the final swing by Return from the Different Dimension

*auto-destruction effect, regardless of position -- this instantly makes up for you having to Tribute, and even if your opponent uses Bottomless, it's stil a 2 for 2. The only thing that could actually jack this up is Forced Back, and that won't see play until someone makes T8 at a Shonen using them in their deck.

This card is good for a few other reasons:

It FORCES you to not make a bad play more often than not. The fact that you won't summon it unless the opponent has at least one monster out means that if the opponent does have to use their Torrential Tribute, it won't be a X for 1, it'll be at least an X for 2.

Zaborg will clear out two monsters in one turn barring a Saku or something, as odds are the opponent won't have two monsters on the field that can stand up to him. Chaos Sorcerer + a face-down? Nuke the F/D with the effect and attack through Sorc. Same goes for the ever popular Cyber Dragon + set monster

The only real weakness here is the low DEF, making it a potential target for Tsukuyomi to flip and kill, but that's true of a lot of cards, and if Tsuku couldn't kill it, the player could just NoC it anyway.

Like it or not, this card, combined with Sorcerer/Return/Dekoichis/Cybers and random splashes of Cyber-Stein, is the format right now.

2/5 Traditional
5/5 Advanced

Coin Flip
Zaborg is ridiculously good, and forms what is the last trace of the impact Soul Control had on determining the current Cookie Cutter back when Soul Control was still the deck to be playing (talking last November/December here).

It's LIGHT and it kills something, replacing the monster that was tributed for it. If you tribute a spent flip-effect or a Sangan or even a Treeborn Frog, you're technically gaining advantage. Plus it clears the field for its own attack, making it an awesome aggressive card.

Play two kthxbi

2.8/5 Traditional
4.4/5 Advanced

Soul Control:
4/5 Traditional
4.6/5 Advanced

Dark Paladin
Zaborg the Thunder Monarch is the best Monarch in my opinion with the exception of Mobius who reigns supreme (my opinion remember).

Zaborg has an excellent 2400 attack which matches the norm for your one tribute monster. He is also Light which doesn't really matter anymore.
He has a 1000 Witchable (traditional) defense. Finally, he has a rather nifty effect.

When this card is tribute summoned successfully, you must destroy one monster on the field. Your opponent has a Jinzo, Airknight, or even a pesky face down threat and Zaborg nukes it for good. The only real downside is that if you tribute for him and it's ALL you have, he kills himself.

Again, Zaborg is an excellent choice, and of course a necessary and welcome addition to Monarch control.


3.6/5 Traditional
4.25/5 Advanced

Art: 4/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Bob Doily
Zaborg review:

Zaborg is quite hawt right now. This meta is infused with monsters and field pressence is quite important. Even with double NoC and Smashing there are alot of monsters to kill. Zaborg is nice because he has  good flow  with tomatoes and of course amazing psynergy with the frog. 

Overall 2 Zaborgs is easy to main in current chaos decks, and well worth it.

Traditional: 2.6/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch:
You all really should know what this does.

Zaborg is a popular monster. He's Chaos food; he's helped by the Frog birthed of tree; he's a nice, even card trade; he's even been reprinted if you don't like shininess. If you run Chaos and want a good tribute, this is your monster.

Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 4.5/5

Share and enjoy,

How can I not review one of the hottest cards in the format. I even predicted it was going to be great and even did it as reviewer's choice of the card day before the format.

Zaborg is just so great as it gives so many strengths it is also so synergetic with one of the most popular decks today, Chaos Return.

Zaborg is a light that supplies heavy hitter food for Chaos Sorcerer and Return from the Different Dimension. Zaborg also prevents a lot of threats like face down flip effects, Spirit Reapers, Chaos Sorcerer, Mystic Tomato, and it keeps on going! Zaborg's effect is so versatile players have been abusing this monster.

There are some ways to stop this threat but the tech won't hold up against most other things, some such as My Body as A Shield, Bottomless Traphole, Solemn Judgement, and even Masked of Restrict.

But the best way to play against this card is to not over play because this card can gain two cards in one turn. If you play Zaborg you should wait for you opponent to over play or if you have the right chance to do a lot of damage without losing any card advantage.

Traditional: 3.0/5.0
Advanced: 4.8/5.0

Draft: 5.0/5.0

Dark Maltos


Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

Upon taking my time to observe this card in detail once upon a time, something quite astounding came to my attention. Zaborg, for all his otherwise ‘flawlessness’ has, upon his head, a fuzzy green afro. I’m serious, look. You’d be amazed. You probably cant tell on your computer screen , so why don’t you have a look at one of the 3 in your deck? What appears to be an innocent green - bowl helmet, is in fact a piece of computerized, curly green wizardry. Astounding.

Some why am I telling you this? Well I just thought that instead of going into obvious, precise detail about the ins an out of currently CC’s favourite Monarch I’d find something amusing to talk about. But enough about that, that’s not what you’re here for.

Regardless of how fluffy Zaborg’s green head is, it doesn’t change the fact that as it stands he’s re living his good old years , fitting perfectly in the new Chaos regime.

For one tribute, this monster destroys one monster on the field, essentially removing his tribute cost , balancing the monster trade of scales. After that he’s a 2400 light. So why is this guy some much better than Thestalos , or even, arguably, Mobius? Well, he’s light. That’s what it all boils down to nowadays. If you’re light your in, if you’re not light or dark, you’d better be damned good, or you’re not in. The one good thing about the Regressive format, is that we didn’t have this Chaos breathing down our necks for a change. Enjoy.

Traditional ; 2/5
Advanced ; 4/5

Art :4/5 Afro’s all the way !!!
MPS : 3/5
MikeJ Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
Level 5/Light

When this card is Tribute Summoned successfully, destroy 1 monster on the field.

One of the best Monarch in my opinion first in my books is Mobius which nowadays can be debated since Zaborg has seen more play in the main deck thne Mobius which has moved to the side deck. Its effect is very simple much like Smashing Ground its a 1:1 with a body which can target face downs plus still attack gaining more field control plus the fact its a Light for Chaos Sorcerer further increasing the RFG pile for RftDD. The effect isn't optional so keep this in mind since if there is no target to choose from Zaborg most target itself ( you may laugh but this has come up in the past when I judge lol ) so a little warning.

Traditional Format > 2.2/5
Advance Format > 4.5/5: If you play CC then I suggest you run this
Artwork 4/5 > Thunder !!!!!!!!
Pippin WOOHOO! A great one worthy of its status in the Tourney Pack.

Zaborg is probably my favorite of the monarchs. The only thing distinguising one monarch from the other is the effect. This one is has the second best game ending or swinging effect of the bunch (#1 going to Mobius), but what makes this guy so great and more favorable than Mobius is his attribute:

He combos godly as well. Second turn: Special Cyber Dragon - Tribute for Zaborg - Destoy their set or face up monster - play Last Will - Dig Injection Fairy Lily - attack for 5800 points of damage and have 2 hunky chunks of muscle muffins ready to finish the game early. If they decide to Smashing, they hit IFL with her 1500 def. If they wanna Snatch, they would have to choose to between IFL and Zaborg. If they take Zaborg and attack, you can use IFL's effect to do 1000 points of damage and cost him Zaborg.
True you would be at 4000 now, but they would be at 1200. Plus if he dies you can use him for Chaos Fodder. ITS BEAUTIFUL!

Last Will writes poetry to this card it loves it so much. If you don't like or have IFL, substitute any other 1500 or less monster. Exiled Force comes to mind for another pop if it is later in the game.

Bottom Line:
Traditional: 4.5/5 Chaos rules here, and light monsters are a need.
Advanced: 4.5/5 Cookie Cutter rules here, and monarchs are the chocolate chips.

Art: 4.5/5 - I love this guy's stance, the pure and raw power erupting from him. He is cool.

Until Next time, THUNDER! nanananaaanaanaaNAAAnana THUNDER STRUCK!!

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