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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Swift Birdman Joe

If you Tribute Summon this card by Tributing a WIND monster, return all Spell and Trap Cards on the field to the owner's hands.

Type - Winged Beast/Effect
Card Number - EOJ-EN012

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.7
Advanced: 2.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.11.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Swift Birdman Joe

This fan request card isn't horrible like some of the others we've looked at, but it still misses the cut by just a bit.

SBJ is a 2300 ATK Tribute monster that Giant Trunades if a Wind was tributed for him. He is Winged Beast, so he's compatible with yesterday's Icarus Attack. 1400 DEF isn't bad, as we're quite used to seeing our Zaborgs/Mobiuses flipped down by a Tsukuyomi and then destroyed...and it makes an opponent at least put a tangible threat on the field if they want to kill it after an Enemy Controller.

A free Trunade isn't bad per se, but it doesn't actually create any advantage (as Mobius/Zaborg do) and the 2300 ATK means it only ties Sorcerer, and loses to the real deal when it comes to Tributes in this game...all Monarchs AND Jinzo beat him without having to waste a resource (granted, Sorcerer would just remove him anyway.)

In the Wind deck, sure, go ahead and play it. But even then just know it's not as good as what your opponents will be running, and change strategies/card lineups to compensate for it.

3.75/5 in Wind, 1/5 all else

Swift Birdman Joe:
It's a less good monarch!

Returning all s/t's is a move required by decks with an all-out onslaught of doom as a win condition.
Taking a moment to tribute summon this will generally not be acceptable in that. Also the restriction of a WIND tribute is tetchy.

However, it's not that bad of an idea as WIND support.
It just isn't too practical.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2/5

Share and enjoy,

Swift Birdman Joe

Cool tribute monster for WIND decks. When summoned like that, its a Giant Trunade effect, which will usually allow you to 1-1 flips like Dekoichi or attack clean through for 2400. 1400 Defense means Tsukuyomi has nothing on it, which despite it being just one card, Tsukuyomi is something to fear, as alot of the time it automatically creates 0-1 exchanges.

It'd be cool if it could destroy all Spell or Traps, that'd make a deck based around WIND/Harpies and such playable...I think. I'm not sure how many great WIND monsters are though so that may be too good. Sigh.

I really wish they'd make cards like these better than "decent", it'd make YGO alot more fun.

Constructed: 2/5 Tributes have to be amazing.
Traditional: No rating.

Dark Maltos


Swift birdman Joe :

God knows why he’s called Joe, but whatever.

For a winged beast, Joe is not half bad. He has somewhat respectable stats of 2300 atk, and 1400 def, so in essence a slightly weaker Jinzo or Mobius., as well as having an effect somewhat similar.

When Joe is brought into play he immediately acts as a Giant Trunade , returning all s/t’s to their owners hands. Not bad, considering that most cards played today are either not chainable or a Bottomless trap hole.

Joe’s a disrupter , he’ll hit the field and throw off an opposing strategy for possibly a couple of turns when used correctly, and to top it all off he’s got some really slick art.

Traditional (winged beast) ; 4/5
Advanced (winged beast) 4/5

Art ; 5/5 I really like this, much better than Harpies Brother.
MPS : 4/5 Love it.
MikeJ Swift Birdman Joe

Wind/Level 6


If you Tribute Summon this card by Tributing a Wind monster. Return all Spell and Trap Cards on the field to there owners hands

Unlike yesterday, this card isn't really close to being good. You would only dream of using this card in a Winged-Beast deck. Since you need to tribute a Wind monster (which isn't hard since your running a Wind deck.... duh) it has lost its effectivness. If it was just "If you tribute summon this card successfully" like the Monarchs, it would be far more effective.Your options of bringing him out ar far too narrow.

If you run a Wind/Winged-Beast type deck, you could consider this card as S/T clearance for a turn. Yet, why remove the problem temporarily when you can remove it permamently via Mobius? This card falls far short of being playable.

Traditional Format > 1/5 (read yesterdays COTD for my traditional format response. If you run Harpies in Traditional, you should run HFD (Far superior, and still is part of the "theme"))

Advance Format > 2/5: Much better cards to use even in a Wind/Winged-Beast deck in my opinion.

Artwork > 2/5: Truth be told I actually like the name more then the artwork lol. Seriously names like the Envoys or Yata made you look worried but Birdman Joe now that makes your opponent wonder whats wrong with you

Pippin Swift Birdman Joe

It's Official. Konami has run out of names for cards. Yo Joe!

We all know that this card sucks in stereo outside of a wind deck. Very little application for an effect card that requires a tribute of a type other than light or dark to activate in todays game. As with Icarus Attack, this is limited to Harpie/Wind decks. Unlike Icarus attack which requires a Winged Beast to be sacrificed, any old Wind monster will do. So that makes it a little higher than Icarus attack.

2300 atk mows over Cyber Dragon, and suicides a Chaos Sorcerer. 1400 Def is meh, but makes it less than some others, meaning Smashing may miss it.

Its effect is a Giant Trunade for the cost of a wind monster. Not bad at all says I especially if combo'ed with something like Last Will to go get another monster 1500 or less to attack with. The Harpie sisters are less than 1500 and would combo well here.

Bottom Line: Wind/Harpie Deck
Traditional - 2/5 - Harpie's Feather Duster still gets it done better here.
Advanced - 4/5 - A heavy hitting addition to any Harpie/Wind Deck.

Art: 3/5 not too bad. "Mutant Toucan Attack!"

Until Next time, Yo JOE!





Talk about a monster that could of been better. I like the evolving concept of type specific effects, yet as far as birdman goes, he gains no advantage outside of battle and a potential clear shot for a win. If you where able to sacrifice any monster to gain his effect he'd be playable. But unfortunately it must be a wind monster.

This card is an example of a major issue presented in this game. First they make a card like mobius the frost monarch. Then they make a more balanced approach while still allowing the other playable in 3. As long as breaker, mobius, heavy storm, and giant trunade are legal this card will not see any play. Sadly birdman is so swift he ends up as a relatively useless monster quickly. Now don't take this review as me calling him a useless monster, it is just that their are better cards and not to play them is idiotic.

At the current time this monster gets a 1/5

Yet Konomi does seem to approach the correct concept on how to manage effects.

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