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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Banisher of the Radiance

While this card is face-up on the field, any card sent to the Graveyard is removed from play Instead.

Type - Fairy/Effect
Card Number - EOJ-EN022

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 2.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.07.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Banisher of the Radiance

This is the aggro version of Banisher of the Light for RFG decks.

The RFG game mechanic is so underused, except for Chaos Sorcerer and Return from the Different Dimension. There are quite the combos and decks that can do well by just sending everything to the RFG pile, but Banisher of the Light just wasn't enough before. If you set it, it gets NoC'd and you get hit with Reaper. If you Summon it, it just gets killed. If you run Stumbling and then summon it to go into DEF, then you're stuck playing friggin' Stumbling (and the only reason I even mention that is because one of the older members of my local dueling groups has played with such a deck.)

Banisher of the Radiance just gives the deck that extra consistency it needed -- 1600 ATK is respectable, and it beats having to have an essentially worthless monster out on the field. Between this, Light, and Macro Cosmos, it can become impossible for an opponent to get anything into their Graveyard.

1/5 Trad.

3/5 Adv. (combo deck)

Dark Paladin
Today, I'd like to start by wishing my sister Olivia a happy 17th Birthday! Hope all goes well today for your birthday. Now, today I'd like you to meet Banisher of the Light's brother, Banisher of the Radience.

Instead of having 0 attack and 2000 defense, this card has 1600 attack and 0 defense. If it had 2000 attack, that'd be great, they'd have a Mystical Elf-Dark Elf thing going, but oh well. Is there any reason to use this over it's brother?

Not really, but you might get an attack or two with this, as 1600 isn't terrible.


1.75/5 all around

Art: 2.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Banisher of the Radience:
Konami can use a thesaurus!

At least this doesn't do its job any worse than Banisher of the Light, unlike some demi-reprints I could mention. I prefer 'the Light' as a deck wanting to clear the Graveyard would generally want to defend and 2000 is a much more impressive number than 1600.
However, this is far from rubbish. It's just not very useful.

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Banisher of the Radiance :

This, along with Macrocosmos and Dimensional Fissure were all set to rip our dueling system apart, but nothing ever came of it. Weird huh?

Essentially, this negates virtually every searcher in the game, as well most in - battle effects.

With 1600 attack this card can be an immediate threat to every searcher from memory, and being light (I think) can fuel Chaos. Worth a shot, and could hit you up for that major return combo later on.

I like it, loving the art too.

Traditional : 3/5
Advanced ; 3.5/5

Art : 4/5 Sweet
MPS ; 4/5 I love art like this.
MikeJ Banisher of Radiance


Level 3/Light Type

1600 ATK/ 0 DEF

While this card is face-up on the field, any card sent to the Graveyard is removed from play instead.

I actually really like this card not for the artwork since I think all the angels in this set look like freaking aliens or something from Evangelion but its remove from play effects its a better version then Banisher or Light one that that can take out searchers like Sangan or Mystic Tomato plus stop there effects from going off which is a benefit much greater then Banisher of Light. Should people use this card it really depends what you play often it could be a usefull sidedeck for searcher higher decks like Tomato or better yet Zombie to stop both Pyramid Turtle or remove Vampire Lord from play but thats pretty much all its good for since one well time Tsukuyomi could kill it with its 0 DEF but other then that 1600 Light type could hold its own on the field. Deck that involve lots of remove from play stuff could benefit from it but those decks are much better off with Dimensional Fissure or MacroCosmos but still a interesting card to have since a attacking Banisher of Light isn't something to pass by in my opinion.

Traditional 2.0/5: Still things like Raigeki would own this thing before its effect could be of any use I'm being honest

Advance 3.8/5: Not a card for every deck but something to look at if you area runs lots of Zombies like mine or just any searcher but it would be pointless against Chaos Return just keep feeding there remove from play pile which is bad thing in the end

Artwork 2.0/5 I like it better the Majestic Mechs but still weird looking >.> what ever happened to cards like DMG or Horus those were cool looking in your trade binder

Pippin Banisher of Radiance

Call me Ishmael, I mean, Pippin :) You may know me from either the Pojo Forum, the Pojo main site tourney reports, or from the Pirates forum where I was a CotD reviewer. What am I doing here you ask? It IS called "Card of the Day" so you should not have to ask, but if you insist I'll tell you. I am here to look at Banisher of Radiance.

1600 atk and 0 def.
A beatstick he ain't. Azura's Priest owns him, as do most readily played chucky muffins that do the business end of LP depletion, BUT! if we went on atk and def alone, Spirit Reaper would suck out loud. So lets check out its effect. While Face Up on the field all cards that SHOULD go to the graveyard are removed from play instead. Hmmmmmm.... wow I am having realy old funky de ja vu. Wasn't there a card way back in Magic Ruler days called Banisher of Light? Why yes there was and thanks for asking. 100 atk 2000 def with the same effect. Now wait, Konami would NEVER reprint an effect with just a few changes to the atk and def, would they?

Banisher can actually kill elemental searchers and cause them to have no effect, while Banisher of the Light sits there and says PLEASE attack me and don't pull one of the two Nobleman's you and everyone else is playing. PLUS Banisher of the Radiance is not your typical lightening rod for Smashing Ground having 0 def. Most monsters in todays metagame have a "Field Life" of
2 turns maybe 3 depending on the monster. This one will not last long on the field. Support Is NEEDED to make him work. Normal monster recursion cards (Premie Burrial, Call of the Haunted) and attack stopping cards (Saku, Mirror Force, Threatening Roar) are a must if you want to use his effect for very long. He would help a Return/Gren Maju deck, but do not rely on him for long.

His moment of radiance, no pun intended, is in Return decks running Gren Maju and other removed boosted monsters. NOT splashable, but it is light which is Chaos fodder, but if he has been on the field for any amount of time, your graveyard may be empty, defeating the purpose of Chaos Sorcerer's summoning cost.

The Bottom Line:
I will rank each aspect of the card to develope an overall rating.
Atk: 3/10 - 1600 is "meh" on a good day. Its a spent Breaker.
Def: 2/10 - 0 def is only good if you run into a Smashing Ground.
Effect: 9/10 - With the right support to keep it alive, it can help in the right deck.
Attribute: 8/10 - Lightness is half godlyness.
Type: 6/10 - Fairy's are getting more support lately.
FINAL: 5.6/10 - in the right deck.

Art: 4/10 - is it just me or did the builder of a lot of these mechanized fairies run out of material when they got to the legs, and the whole "Dimensional rift surrounded by rock candy look" is sooooo outdated.

Until Next Time, Banish Away.

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