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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magical Blast
Common (Japanese shown)

You may activate this card when you have a Spellcaster type monster on the field. For every spellcaster type monster on the field, apply 200 life points damage to your opponent. If this card is in the graveyard, during your draw phase, you may add this card to your hand instead of drawing a card.

Type - Spell
Card Number - SD6-JP017

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1
Advanced: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.30.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Magical Blast

Welcome to Spellcaster Structure week! This week we'll be looking at cards from our new structure deck that half the people who buy it do so just to get a common Breaker. Hope all of you with foil Breakers/Mage Powers were able to get rid of them before the value dropped!

Magical Blast is a mediocre burn and fair anti-decking card. Basically, you do 200 per Spellcaster you have out, and if you give up your draw on another turn, you can get this back and use it again. Personally, I don't see a lot of use for this card. You can do a LOT better with burn effects with the Spellcaster deck (and I'll be getting into that later this week) and without the kill-mill to fear (thanks to the overzealous bans of Mr. Tewart*) the anti-decking doesn't do much. I'd much rather have my next card than re-draw this, thank you very much.

You can do better. Thankfully, the rest of this week's cards are better.

1/5 Traditional
1.5/5 Advanced
* Minimum once-weeky "I somewhat dislike Kevin Tewart because he added cards to the US Ban List without taking any off" comment requirement satisfied.

Dark Paladin
This week we'll be looking at the other 5 new cards from the Spellcaster Structure Deck after reviewing Magical Dimension on Friday.
Today we look at Magical Blast.

In short, Magical Blast, is crap. It's a pitiful weenie burn at best.
You only get 200 points of damage to the opponent for each Spellcaster on your side of the field. Furthermore, you have to all ready have a face up Spellcaster.

Magical Blast can be used multiple times though, but it doesn't really matter. You can bring it from your graveyard to your hand by skipping your draw phase. So, you give up a new resource, to re-use a crappy one. You've got to have 5 monsters face up just to do 1000 damage...

AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN...it might be a finishing card, but I wouldn't use it, and neither should you


1/5 all

Art: 2/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Coin Flip
Completely inadequate burn. It can, at best, be used to prevent you from decking out. =\ If you're playing that funky Spellcaster burn, you still have better options.

Traditional: 1.4/5
Advanced: 1.9/5


Stats                : Magical Blast is a Normal Spell.  Normally, I’d comment that this would be better off as something else, but one of its key uses does indeed depend upon it being a Normal Spell.


Effect(s)            : Magical Blast has two effects.  Its “main” effect is that it does 200 points of damage for each Spellcaster on your side of the field when it’s activated.  That’s 1000 points at most.  Not too stellar a maximum, especially when you consider you can “safely” use an old-fashioned Ookazi for a “safe” 800.  The second effect of Magical Blast is that you may forgo your normal draw during your Draw Phase in order to reclaim this card from your Graveyard.  The wording leads me to believe that this effect will constantly “retrigger”; that is if you don’t reclaim it immediately, you can do so during a later Draw Phase.  The burn effect is lackluster, but the reclamation effect is actually quite good: potent, but not broken.


Uses and

Combinations  : This card seemed intended for a Spellcaster/Burn deck.  Specifically, Rapid Fire Magician and Dark Eradicator Warlock possess effects that would increase the burn damage yield.  So the ridiculous, never-gonna-happen-combo involving them is three copies of Dark Eradicator Warlock with two copies of Rapid-Fire Magician and three copies of Dark Room of Nightmare.  All that together means one use of this card yields 10200 points of damage!



What, I didn’t say it was going to happen.  In fact, I said it wasn’t going to.  It might not be bad to have one copy in a burner deck that contains a few good Spellcasters; especially if you have Dark Room of Nightmare and Rapid-Fire Magician in the deck (using those two is actually feasible).  If you already have those in play, while the damage (from the Spell alone) would be paltry, you could guarantee that you got a decent bit of damage each turn if you wanted it (if not, just take your normal draw).


Now, there is another use for this card.  You see, as I keep emphasizing, the self-recursion aspect is nice.  Specifically, for decks involving re-usable effects that require a Spell discard.  What cards are those? 


1)       Different Dimension Master – Essentially, you guarantee you “draw” a Monster that can be Special Summoned that turn.

2)       Chiron the Mage – Basically guarantee you topdeck a Normal Spell version of Mystical Space Typhoon.

3)       Reshef the Dark Being – Whenever you need it, topdeck a Change of Heart.


Yes, all these combos require Monsters, and most will need a deck built around them.  They do generate significant advantage.  You give up a draw (-1) but in each of these examples, it’s for a (+1), possibly better, and that penalty from the draw might actually be good since the idea is you guarantee you “top-decked” the perfect card.  The least stable, Reshef of Destruction can generate fantastic short term advantage: lose your draw, swipe their Monster (their goes their Defense) and possibly get a good effect or beatstick Monster, Tribute Fodder, etc.




Traditional       : 1/5-The combos are too delicate and often there are cards that can actually grant the same (or a better) effect inexpensively.


Advanced        : 3.75/5-This is for decks using Rapid-Fire Magician, Different Dimension Master, Chiron the Mage, or Reshef the Dark Being, and only for one, maybe two copies!  Sorry for all the underlining, but with such a pigeonholed score, it was necessary to draw attention.  This card is worthless outside of Spellcaster-oriented decks, and only marginally useful inside ones that don’t use cards listed above.


Limited            : N/A – It’d actually be good here, if it was legal: not too powerful, but reusable, and in a long, drawn out duel, a good way to avoid decking out.



I wonder if it was the secondary aspect of the card that was intended to impress or not.  The burn effect is underpowered, though is nicely deck specific: when I first saw a spoiler, I misread it and thought it provided burn based on the number of Spellcasters in the Graveyard (which would have been much better).  As is, we have a wonderful trick for two three specialty decks, and one that might be good for more general decks (Chiron the Mage isn’t too hard to work into most decks).



Bob Doily

Magic Blast

Another poor attempt at a support card. This is a real downer after reviewing Magical Dimension. This is a pathetic attempt at a burn card, first off it is dependant on the number of monsters you have out, which is usually low. Secondly they have to be Spellcasters. So right away it is situational. Then to top it off it offers very little burn.

It tries to remedy this by allowing you to get it back, but unfortunately you must not draw a card….. So in exchange for getting a potentially useful card, something that could be removal and could possibly generate advantage or at least protect you (in a burn deck), and you get back a bad burn card. I’m not even really sure why you would want to get this card back in the first place, the least they could have done was give it a cost similar to Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade.

Really there is no reason to run this, even in a Spellcaster burn deck there are many more superior options for you to run.

Traditional: 0.1/5

Advanced: 0.100001/5

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