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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magical Dimension
Common (Japanese Card Art Shown)

You can activate this card if there is a faced up Spellcaster Type monster on the field. Sacriface a monster on your field to special summon a Spellcaster Type monster from your hand. After, destroy 1 monster on the field.

Type - Spell Card
Card Number -  SD6-JP029

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.67
Advanced: 4.42

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.27.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Magical Dimension

Finally, the OCG players can shut up about wanting this card so bad.

Magical Dimension is a welcome addition to the english Yu-Gi-Oh game. Spellcasters get a huge boost from this; it lets them throw out powerful monsters without Tribute, gives them ways to put weak, used up Spellcasters (like a flipped MoF or Apprentice Magician) to good use, and gives them an extra piece of monster removal that doesn't depend on battle position or highest DEF score.

This card can also set up for some sick combos/swarming as well. Did the opponent just take a huge hit and it doesn't look like they have Sakuretsu Armor or anything down to stop you? Use Magical Dimension to throw out another big Spellcaster and try to end the game that turn. Even better, Magical Dimension gives a player some possible monster destruction during the opponent's battle phase. It's a great set along with a used Spellcaster flip effect as even if it does get MSTed before the battle phase, you can still chain it and throw out a better Spellcaster.

Oh yeah...he also gives a Spellcaster player a way to drop Dark Magician of Chaos to the field and instantly get back a Spell card. If that isn't sick and wrong, I don't know what is.

Spellcaster decks will have some fun with this one. We'll see how effective it is during the upcoming months.

2.5/5 Traditional
3.75/5 Advanced


Stats                : Magical Dimension is a Quick-Play Spell.  Whatever this card does, it doesn’t get any better than that.  Well, maybe Counter Trap, but this is definitely the best Spell category: Spell Speed 2 and if you set it, you can activate it on your opponent’s turn.  The only downside is that if you are “forced” to Set it on your turn (you don’t want to discard it with a Card Destruction or Morphing Jar flip, for example), then you’ll have to wait until your opponent’s turn to activate it, like you would a Trap.


Effect(s)            : First and foremost, you must have a Spellcaster in play to even activate the card.  Then, you must offer a Monster on your side of the field as Tribute to Special Summon a Spellcaster from your hand.  Finally, you then have the option of destroying an opponent’s Monster.  This is a good effect; at worst, you burn a card to get a useful Spellcaster into play.  Even if it’s not even as good as the sacrificed Monster, you can still use it in your Battle Phase for an “extra” attack.  You would be “down” two cards, but if it’s for the win, or at least knocks the opponent into an LP range where they must be careful (Magic Cylinder or Ceasefire can wipe out their remaining LP pretty easily), it is well worth it.  Still, with proper use, you will rarely be coming up shy.


Uses and

Combinations  : This is meant, of course, for a more or less dedicated Spellcaster deck.  This is why it references them twice (requiring at least one Spellcaster in play in order to Special Summon another Spellcaster).  A Sangan is probably the best, realistic Tribute fodder, but an expended Magician of Faith or Breaker the Magical Warrior even an Apprentice Magician that either the opponent is going for or else has nothing left in deck to search for.  As for targets for Summoning, generally you’ll want a big Spellcaster that would be harder to Summon on its own, like Dark Magician or Dark Magician of Chaos.  Obviously, with a Level 7 or better Monster, it’s nice since the card expenditure (two) is what you’d have given up for a Normal Tribute Summon.  Just remember that an optional “triggers when Summoned” effect, like Dark Magician of Chaos’ Spell retrieval effect, will miss their timing if you use Magical Dimension’s Monster destroying effect.  If you don’t use Magical Dimension’s Monster destroying effect, then optional effects like Dark Magician of Chaos’ Spell retrieval effect can still be used.


It can also be used to “dodge” targeted effects.  Things that aren’t considered “targeted” in the Yu-Gi-Oh sense, like Creature Swap and Smashing, will still do their thing but Snatch Steal, Sakurestu Armor, etc. will fizzle.


Now, some may feel that this card isn’t so great “card advantage”.  Of course, mostly these will be people who just count cards and ignore some of the intangibles, or who forget that a Monster in play’s worth two in the hand.  Well, barring certain Effect Monsters.  I’ve had a hard time seeing this problem, and I think it is because I look at this card as a way of Special Summoning as opposed to Monster removal.  I mean the Monster removal aspect appears to have been given to this card just so that players wouldn’t be scared away by losing a Monster in play and two cards from hand for a simple Special Summon.


Ratings (for use in a Spellcaster themed deck)


Traditional       : 2/5-It can work, but for this format, I am just not seeing it being really useful.  Removal up the wazoo and all.


Advanced        : 4/5-A must have for Spellcaster decks.


Limited            : N/A-This is currently a Structure Deck only card and I don’t know of any Limited events for them in Yu-Gi-Oh (though they exist in other games).



An excellent example of compensating for the hand disadvantage a Special Summon generates (by destroying an opponent’s Monster as well) and of a double “Type” restriction built in so it is not very profitable to use this outside of its intended Spellcaster theme.




Magical Dimension

This is a nifty little quick-play found in the new Spellcasters Judgement structure deck. From just looking it over I'd say it carries a lot of potential. It requires you to have a Spellcaster faceup on the field to activate. By sacrificing a monster you can Special Summon a Spellcaster from

your hand. Then you can destroy one monster on the field (faceup or down).
Notice that the Spellcaster can be of any level (DMoC). The quickplay status

allows better chances for good timing of the effect.

It makes a killer response to Sakuretsu. It gives you something to do with the flipped Magician. Most of all it opens the way for Spellcaster Control (Apprentice, MoF, Vindictive, Tsuku) to run tributes and work together almost seemlessly.

How effective it will be remains to be seen. Or invented. Hmmm...

Coin Flip
I still missed over half the week... :( Oh well. I like writing good reviews, and that requires time. All three late CotD's have been added, and the part of Strike Ninja's review that was mistaken for a review of Creature Swap has been reunited with the other half of the review. There were tears at the heartfelt reuniting.

And now, I am going to look at what I had for Friday's card, because quite frankly, I forgot. ^_^ Lemme see-

Oh. My. God.

Understanding that Magical Dimension was coming to America brought mixed feelings, all of which were varying degrees of happiness. I may gripe and complain as much as the next person about how much the E-Heroes suck, but you'll have to forgive me; prior to their existence, I sustained my interest in this game based on cards as powerful as this. I'm going into a bit of a withdrawal.

This card is incredible. Every once in a while, a card comes along… And it's not often… That is so incredibly powerful it breaks the boundaries of traditional deckmaking for a theme (and to some degree, the whole spectrum of decks). Painful Choice was one of those cards. Hell, most of the cards on the banned list were one of those cards. Breaker was one of those cards. Reinforcement of the Army was one of those cards. Gravekeeper's Spy was one of those cards*. Strike Ninja was one of those cards. Mobius was one of those cards. This is one of those cards.

The effect is multi-sectioned; the first is a measly requirement of having a Spellcaster on the field. According to a quick RONIN search, we have 116 Spellcaster monsters, and 5 came out in the last set. There's a heavy concentration of Spellcasters, many of which are good, so don't fear for want of good Spellcasters.

The second is the Tribute of one of the monsters on your field. Yipes? Not really. The monster can be anything from a Yellow Spring Frog (next set) to a Scapegoat token. You aren't required to Tribute a Spellcaster.

You are, however, required to Special Summon a Spellcaster from your hand. This part I find incredible. The ability to bypass summoning requirements and simply summon high-level monsters with ease has had whole decks made around it in many of its incarnations. Proof? Reasoning Gate. Scientist OTK. Stein OTK. Lord of D./Flute of Summoning Dragon, way back in the day.

But that's not too great… You lose this card and the card you Tributed, for a total of two cards lost, to get out a monster.

But there's more. After all of that's done, you can kill a monster on the field. No requirement… It would suck to have to kill your own monster… But you can just kill a monster. Pesky Spirit Reaper? Hey, meet my Dark Magician. Oh, he warped the fabric of space and time around your Spirit Reaper and turned its skin inside out. I think it's dead. Oh look, it's a clear field. Dark Magician, attack Kai- I mean, my opponent.

That by itself isn't too intriguing either. The art isn't that impressive either. I'm failing to see what-

Oh. My. God. This is a quickplay.

Generally free, chainable cards are spoken of as the bane of normal destruction such as Mystical Space Typhoon or Breaker the Magical Warrior. When you could still use 3 MST, many people were annoyed by how often a Waboku was chained after being targeted by MST. People played Waboku for that explicit reason. This isn't free, but it's chainable. If you make up the cost of paying the card halfway by destroying a monster (you lost two and your opponent lost one), how easy will it be to make up the other half if they waste some removal on it, letting you put something like a Kycoo into play while killing their Mobius? You lose the card, the Tribute monster, and then they lose the card they spent killing the card and a monster. It's even, and you've pulled a trick off.

But that's not all. Since it's quickplay, it can be activated during Battle Phase… Battle Phase Special Summoning is one of the rarest aspects of the game and the most gamebreaking. This actually shatters the meta at this particular moment; three copies of Sakuretsu Armor (in every deck) having a target won't like a copy of Magical Dimension tributing the targeted monster, killing another, bringing out another monster, and then hitting for large amounts of damage while having gained card advantage. Or you can just attack with your used-up Breaker, and then pull out an Injection Fairy Lilly for a quick half of their life taken away. That works for me. That works for me very well.

Or you can, if no monster's there to be killed, pull out Dark Magician of Chaos and just get something gamebreaking like Snatch Steal or Heavy Storm out. Eeesh. Then attack for 2800… While it won't work around something like Smashing Ground or Widespread Ruin, it will work around Sakuretsu Armor, Nobleman of Crossout, Snatch Steal, Old Vindictive Magician (who works quite well with this), Soul Exchange, Creature Swap… It would suck for you to kill off their Mystic Tomato, causing Creature Swap's effect to disappear… Or to leave them their Mobius and send your Dark Magician off to swap for an Old Vindictive Magician. It would just suck. And since I am obligated to mention so, if you tribute Peten the Dark Clown, you cannot search another Peten from your deck because you are "missing the timing". The same logic applies to Dark Magician of Chaos; if you attempt to destroy a monster on the field, you cannot activate DMoC's effect since him being Special Summoned was not the last part of the game to resolve.

This combines two of the most incredibly broken elements of the game (Spell Speed 2 Monster Removal and Spell Speed 2 Monster Summoning) into one elegant and powerful card that will define the entire archetype of Spellcasters. Spellcasters might not seem powerful now, but this card makes a previously Tier 2 decktype Tier 1 just by itself.

This card is meh outside of a dedicated deck, but inside the deck it is the missing link necessary to take a themed deck and make it insanely good.

Spellcasters: USE THIS CARD
5/5 Traditional
5/5 Advanced

* - Oh yeah, this card is INSANE with Gravekeeper's Spy. Both requirements are mad easy to fulfill.
dawnyoshi Magical Dimension wouldn’t be all that good if it were a normal spell. In the end, you are sacrificing your hand size in order to destroy a monster and special summon a spellcaster, and in the end this leaves you at a -1. However, thanks to the quick-play logo on this card, Magical Dimension is one of the best forms of spellcaster support available, whether you are running control or aggro. Just remember that Dark Magician of Chaos is an optional trigger effect, meaning that due to the “destroy one monster” effect on Magical Dimension, you will miss the timing on the big magician’s ability.

In traditional, it can work with Witch of the Black Forest. While this is nifty and everything, it’s not aiding a first turn kill, it requires you to have a hand, it’s almost always an overextension of your position in a duel, and it will ultimately lead to your new spellcaster being blown up faster.

Advanced: 3.5/5
Traditional: 1/5

Dark Paladin
If only they hadn't restricted Magician of Faith...*sighs*

Magical Dimension, the most needed, and anticipated Spellcaster support card EVER and thank God we have it now. This card is the single reason I got 2 Spellcaster Structure Decks.

Magical Dimension is Quickplay which is great. In short, you must have one Spellcaster on the field face up. Ideally something weak like a Magician of Faith, Apprentice Magician, a Breaker without a counter, or even an Old Vindictive Magician.

Tribute the weak monster to bring out one Spellcaster, (DMoC, or Dark Magician ideally) as a Special Summon. IF that weren't enough, you can destroy one monster on the field. Plus, that effect is optional, so that's great.


4.85/5 Spellcaster all around...not quite a perfect card, it needs correct timing, and yes, I AM biased

Art: 5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dark Maltos


Magical Dimension

This is singularly my most anticipated card EVER. This will undoubtedly catapult the Spell caster Genre of Yugioh into the record books.

This card makes spell casters good. I will be getting 3 of these ASAP, they are that brilliant. This is the reason people will buy the spell caster starter deck, and this is the reason one will eventually top 8 at a regional

Any true player can see this card’s potential. By combining with cards like Peten the Dark Clown, Apprentice Magician and Magicians Circle, you can ensure that you will constantly have a spell caster present to enable you to activate this beautiful quick play spell. And yet, advantage wise, this isn’t good at all. You must lose a card on your side of the field, and the monster you summon from your hand, AS WELL as this card just to summon a Dark Magician and destroy their monster. Not worth it APPARANTLY, a 2 for 1. The thing is, the card you destroy could potentially be their last card, and the Dark Magician could potentially win you the game that turn.

This card is quick play, and so can make a nice little surprise in a spell caster deck, (potentially a replacement for Sakurtsu if used correctly) and allows for powerful monsters to be brought out that turn.

I really like this card a lot. There are restrictions, but a masterful touch will obliterate them , and ensure that the spell caster starter deck will influence the Meta in ways we are yet to imagine.

Traditional : 5/5 in a spell caster deck , regardless. A masterful touch needed though.

Advanced : 5/5 in a Spell caster theme. Devastating if used correctly.

Art : 4/5 - Very Egyptian isn’t it?

Magical Dimension:
All hail, the rise of the Spellcaster!

Well, only time/SJC will tell if this will make the Spellcaster Deck playable, but this is deffinetly the right idea on how to design a card. Konami need to produce more balanced, but ruddy useful cards to support the many decktypes yugioh could have.

This does what Bubble Shuffle real wishes it did. You get rid of a monster, preferably on that has attacked or is about to die for some reason, get another one from your hand, preferably something requiring a Tribute, and then your opponent could lose a monster, preferably Jinzo. It's Quick-Play, so you can use this to dodge Sakuretsu Armor, Exiled Force, but not Smashing Ground.
A lovely card all round.

Any non-Spellcaster Deck: 1/5
Spellcaster Deck: 5/5 (either format)

Share and enjoy,

Bob Doily
Magical Dimension review

I have waited a long, long, long time for this card. Essentially this is the best Spellcaster support card in the game. Period. The key is though, that this is a Quickplay Spell card. Now normally I’m not a fan of combos unless they relate to the win condition of an OTK, but this card has always been one of my favourites for its sheer versatility

Looking at the ever so important card advantage: Playing Magical Dimension (-1), tributing a monster (-1), summoning a monster (-1 from hand, not total), destroying a monster (+1). Overall it is a -1, until the monster makes up for it by killing a monster in battle. So this could be potentially problematic for Spellcasters right now since card advantage is crucial, but fortunately cards like Scapegoat, and soon Treeborn Frog, will make this relatively easy to maintain.

The key is that this card provides versatility to Spellcasters. Unlike other archetypes that currently must either rely on generic removal, or removal that is detrimental to the deck, this card provides chainable removal while allowing the player to extend on the field. Spellcasters already have lots of high levels, from the classic Dark Magician to the powerhouse that is Dark Magician of Chaos. This allows them to field strong monsters that aren’t susceptible to Cyber Dragon, and that is something very crucial. The only downside is that with the Chaos Mage, you won’t be able to both kill and get a spell back. Thanks to timing issues you must get one of the other, most likely the spell.

Now between this and Magician’s Circle, Spellcasters can maintain a solid field presence, and currently with little mass removal this will make it harder for other decks to break through. This is something that they can really benefit from, especially Gravekeepers, who already can quickly swarm the field.

Overall the sheer versatility of this card, from removal, to easy tribute monsters, to field presence, all in a quickplay spell is amazing (chaining to an opponent’s Sakuretsu Armor or any other targeting card is just, wow)

Traditional: 0.8/5 (no room for additional cards, let alone spellcasters in the first place)
Advanced: 3.8/5

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