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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Old Vindictive Magician

FLIP: Destroy 1 monster on your oponent's side of the field.

Type - Spellcaster/Effect
Card Number - DR1-EN122

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.39
Advanced: 3.61

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.25.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Old Vindictive Magician

Hello, spellcaster version of Man-Eater Bug...

OVM is an underappreciated little card we didn't see a lot of last format because there was a way better flip-effect Spellcaster available to us in multiples then. If you saw Apprentice Magician, he wasn't fetching this, he was pulling Magician of Faith. Granted, we still have MoF now, but only 1, and thus playing Apprentice Magician actually requires some other monsters to be run.

But with said support, he's not that bad. Apprentice Magician gets killed, you pull this out face-down, you flip to kill their monster and either Tribute or something else equally nasty next turn. I was fooling arond with a certain Level 3 Judge's Cold Wave/Anti-Spell Fragrance deck, and he was just sick and wrong in there.

There are better cards, but there are certainly worse cards.

1.25/5 Traditional
2.75/5 Advanced


Stats                : Old Vindictive Magician is Level 2 Dark/Spellcaster with an ATK of 450 and a DEF of 600.  Being Level 2 means Old Vindictive Magician slips under Level Limit-Area B and Gravity Bind, and his ATK means he also slips under Messenger of Peace, but is so puny it will rarely matter.  It also can’t be a target for Metamorphosis, since there are no Level 2 Fusions.  Fortunately, Spellcasters do have quite a bit of support and thanks to the latest Structure Deck, it’s easily available.  In this case, it gives us a search from deck and Summon option that is actually useful: Apprentice Magician.


Effect(s)            : Old Vindictive Magician has a simple but useful effect: it destroys one Monster on your opponent’s side of the field.  Obviously, that’s useful as it allows a single set Old Vindictive Magician to block up to two attacks (the one that hits it and then the attack of the Monster that you choose to destroy).  It can’t backfire and hit itself, unlike its Insect counterpart, Man-Eater Bug, but it can’t be used to destroy something of yours when you want to like Man-Eater Bug can (a rare occurrence, but it happens).


Uses and

Combinations  : Simply put, if you are running Apprentice Magician, the only reason not to run Old Vindictive Magician is that you have absolutely no room.  Otherwise, you run one.  Keep in mind, you will also want Magician of Faith as well, and possibly other cards depending upon your deck theme, but a single copy of Old Vindictive Magician, Main Decked, is so important.  Simply put, you’ll likely be running more than one Apprentice Magician, so it’s probably best to use the first one to fetch something like this: your opponent knows what is set, and Old Vindictive Magician is a nice fat target.  After all, it’s a Flip Effect, so they can’t attack it without triggering it (normally, anyway) and if they use Nobleman of Crossout on it (thinking you have more), then you’re out a Monster Special Summoned from your deck and they are out a Restricted Spell card.  Plus next time a precious Magician of Faith or (deck specific card like) Hand of Nephthys isn’t so vulnerable to Nobleman of Crossout.




Traditional       : 2/5-Deck specific score: assuming you have something that does okay and needs Apprentice Magician for some other card, a single copy of this is useful.  Totally on its own it isn’t totally useless, since it does have a Monster destroying effect… but it’s Traditional, meaning Monsters die so fast it’s not so valuable.


Advanced        : 3.25/5-This is a composite score, as a single copy of the card is well worth it in a deck running Apprentice Magician, but otherwise it’s just “okay” on its own.


Limited                        : 3/5-On its own, it is a solid pick.  Bump the score up by half a point if you also pulled an Apprentice Magician.



It’s fascinating how much difference theme support can make.  Man-Eater Bug and Old Vindictive Magician have an identical Level, ATK, DEF and (close enough) effect, but the difference of being a Dark/Spellcaster over an Earth/Insect mean that the bug is nearly useless while Old Vindictive Magician has a limited but important slot in most Spellcaster decks.  Personally, I find this to be how the game should be, except Man-Eater Bug should have its own support as well. ;)




Old Vindictive Magician

You can't talk about this card without talking about its search. And you can't talk about its search without talking about the entire deck archtype it has. Apprentice Magician is a vicious little rare out of the old days that was strictly shelved in the Chaos format it was released it. Upon being

destroyed it allows you to special summon from the deck a Spellcaster type monster, level 2 or less in facedown defense.

Just a little interjection. When I was still a n00b, I seriously thought he could pull Relinquished. God I wish it could.

One of the search targets available is this card. The other two cards in its

class are Man Eater Bug and Night Assailant. But the synergy puts it above the others.

I'm sorry but I really can't think of what else to say about this card as a single. Its simply awesome in the decktype it should be used in and pretty much outclassed in everything else. The new Structure Deck should give you more to thing about in running the deck, including Friday's card.

Spellcaster Control: 5/5
Elsewhere: 2/5 (its removal at least)

Coin Flip
Old Vindictive Magician is sexy. Right now the format is either quick kill (Stein or bazoo.dek), flipflop control (utilizing dekoichi, tsukuyomi, merchant, possibly Pot of Avarice), some variant of warrior toolbox or rat toolbox or tomato toolbox, or a combination of any of the latter four with something techy like Strike Ninja. This hits everything on that list except Stein very hard. This card is good.

The choice of killing any of your opponent's monsters is awesome, and this is a step, a push and a leap above the Insect opposition, Man-Eater Bug, since you don't have to destroy your own monster as a result of Swords of Revealing Light or something. Basically, this card lets you create one of the greatest two-turn moves in existence when going first or when the field is somewhat clear. You set OVM, you set a Dust Tornado, and you have Don or Reaper in your hand. You DT anything they set, OVM the monster they play (whether they attack or not) and then hit for a card from their hand and a decent chunk of LP. It's worse when you choose to set a card by the effect of Dust Tornado, and then the opponent realizes that it's Robbin' Goblin… Yipes. That move ends games hardcore.

The other opposition, Night Assailant, is weaker (at least this can kill a Magician of Faith), and without the infinite discard trick, is not as versatile. This is searchable, DARK, a Spellcaster (come back Friday!!) and a great card overall. Have fun with it.

Traditional: 1.8/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

Traditional: 2.2/5
Advanced: 4.5/5
dawnyoshi Old Vindictive Magician is one of my favorite monster removal abilities in the game. Its stats parallel Man-Eater Bug, but unlike the ancient insect, this flip effect won’t destroy any of your monsters if your opponent doesn’t control any monsters (see the card errata page). It’s also a spellcaster, which means it can be used in conjunction with nifty support such as Magical Dimension and, more importantly, Apprentice Magician. On that note, the Apprentice Magician toolbox (multiple Apprentice Magicians, Magician of Faith, and Old Vindictive Magician) is one of the best control line-ups you can use in the advanced format, which makes this little piece of removal even better. Throw in that one copy of Tsukuyomi (should be three. :/) and you have a solid removal engine available. This monster continues to remain underrated amongst duelists.

In traditional…no. If you’re using Apprentice Magician in this format, you are getting Magician of Faith or Magical Scientist. In case you didn’t know, Scientist makes this card a proxy for another deck.

Advanced: 3.5/5
Traditional: 1/5

Dark Paladin
Old Vindictive Magician is the Spellcaster version (and Dark) of Man Eater Bug with identical stats.


3/5 all around, it destroys a monster when flipped
4/5 Spellcaster Control

Art: 3/5

*This was the shortest review ever, but no need to go in depth on a card identical to another.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Old Vindictive Magican

"Man Eater Bug that's Dark"


Guess I don't need to review anymore!

haha, that's true but let me explain to you why Old Vindictive Magician is MORE than a Man Eater Bug.

Old Vindictive Magician is simply a Flip Effect that destroys one monster. Why is it better than MEB? Well first, he's a Dark monster. Remember Monday? Strike Ninja? Second, he can actually be searched out. *GASP* "We already know; it's under 1000 Attack so Sangan right?" Actually there's even a better one. Everyone think back to when Breaker the Magical Warrior was FIRST released. That set came with many Spellcaster support cards. One of them was Apprentice Magician. *NOTE* yay for the new Spellcaster decks!

Apprentice Magician's ability is when this monster is destroyed in battle (and doesn't have to be sent to the Graveyard), you can search your deck for a Lv 2 or lower Spellcaster and special summon it onto the field in FACEDOWN DEFENCE POSITION. Which means that you can search out Old Vindictive Magician in a facedown position and use it's flip effect! Sounds like a good replacement to me! Apprentice Magician can also get Hand of the Nepthys, Magician of Faith, Magical Scientist (GRRR!), and Time Wizard. When's the last time MEB got any help like that? Yugi controls Spellcasters, who controls the bugs? EXACTLY!

Though the problem with Apprentice Magician is that if your opponent knows you are running them, they won't hastly attack into them because it doesn't provide them any benefits for you to bring out something with Apprentice Magician.

Everybody got that? No? Eh, read it again and we're moving on.

Basically Apprentice Magician is a good defensive card. By no means am I going to say a 400 attacking creature is offensive. With the addition of the new Spellcaster Decks, I suggest everyone play around with Spellcasters! I promise it'll be fun. I mean Yugi uses it...who doesn't want to become Yugi????

Ratings -
Without any support of Apprentice Magician - 2/5
With the support of Apprentice Magician - 4.5/5
(In SJC: Anaheim, I went 7-1 before losing to Paul, the eventual champ, with Old Vindictive Magicans. It's not that bad...But then, when DIDN'T I go 7-1 in a SJC? LOL)

Dark Maltos
Old Vindictive Magician

Man eater bud went out AGES ago. This thing is almost exactly the same, and has just been replaced.

There are much better flip effects out there, Cyber Jar, Morphing Jar, Magician of Faith, Night Assailant and Dekouchi to name a few.


Traditional ; 1/5 Even IF it’s a Dark….

Advanced : 1/5 Same

Art ; 4/5 : Ok, that IS cool….
Ryoga Old Vindictive Magician:
A simple card for a simple purpose, killing stuff.

Old Vindictive Magician is just like Man-Eater Bug, except that he is a Spellcaster. Basically, you use this if you have a monster slot open and are already using Apprentice Magician in your Deck. If you are not using Apprentice Magician, do not use this.

He's useful to summon with her, and adds a little bit of zest to Spellcasters. And even on the advantage scale. A nice, straightforward card. Use at your leisure.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5
Deck Containing Apprentice Magician: 4/5

Share and enjoy,

Bob Doily
Old Vindictive Magician

So we have the upgraded Man-Eater Bug today. Not just because he is Dark or a Spellcaster but because he doesn’t have to kill your monsters if your opponent has nothing. Now this monster could see play in Flip Flop Control, but it mainly sees play in your standard Spellcaster Control deck. Even in that situation he is a backup, as the main goal is for Apprentice Magician to bring out the Phoenix.

The main reason that he doesn’t really see much play is because his destruction effect is a Flip effect. The main problem is that flips are generally too slow for this game. Most flips don’t see play unless they give you either a really major benefit, or a guaranteed increases/maintaining of card advantage. Essentially you are just better off running Smashing Ground than the magician for killing monsters. You are better off saving your flips for monsters like Dekoichi, Magical Merchant and Magician of Faith.

Traditional: 0.8/5 (even less friendly to flips)
Advanced: 2.6/5 (playable, just not really that worth it, mediocre at best)

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