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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Berserk Dragon
Super Rare

This card can only be Special Summoned by the effect of "A Deal with Dark Ruler". This card can attack all monsters on your opponent's side of the field once. You cannot attack your opponent directly if you attack any monsters first. Decrease the ATK of this card by 500 points during each of your End Phases.

Type - Dragon/Effect
Card Number - DCR-019

Card Ratings

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.17.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Berserk Dragon

Ew. Just...ew.

I remember trying to rip n00bs with this card. You KNOW a card's bad when you can't even pawn it off on a beginner for something above its actual value.

This one will be short and sweet; insane summoning requirements + constantly lowering ATK + 3 copies of Sakuretsu Armor and 2 copies of Widespread Ruin being the "norm" for all cookie-cutter decks = a horrible excuse for a Dark Crisis Super Rare.

I don't like short reviews, but the worse the card, the shorter the review.

1/5 all.

Berserk Dragon


Berserk Dragon is hard to bring out, and even harder
to make worthwhile. With so much removal in the
current format, wasting multiple resources to bring
out Berserk Dragon simply is not worth it.


(Btw, all my ratings are for the Advanced Format, if
this was not known already. There is no point
considering Traditional when no major tournaments use
this god-forsaken format)

Rating: 1/5


Berserk Dragon

Read my lips: I want Metal Reflect Slime! I want it now! Combos!

I can guarantee you the other reviewers will trash this card but it isn't half bad. So don't believe them. It is a nomi, but one easier to work around

since the card that brings it out can be done from the deck - kinda like Gearfried the Swordmaster.

Until MRS is released this won't be as combo-licious as it could be. But it can still be plenty vicious in a Phoenix build.

Just imagine: I attack with Phoenix and you force a Sak from your hand. I chain Deal for Berserk and smash your face in with it. Next turn I have it AND the Phoenix back. You can work around it so don't be turned off by the restrictions.

Plus the Asura Priest effect can be just game ending. You won't care about the attack decrease. Like ever. You wouldn't bank on it surviving long enough for it to be an issue would you?

I'll put the disclaimer though that for uber competitive decks this guy won't have the stability to consistanty win. Keep it fun.

Dark Paladin
Today we look at Beserk Dragon which we have seen in Merger of the Big
5 Part III on the anime for those of you who are fans of that.

Beserk Dragon has 3500 attack points which is quite excellent, yet he has a gastardly low defense of well...0. He has no defense at all.
Plus, Beserk Dragon is a Nomi-monster, which in this case is terrible.

On the good side, Beserk Dragon can attack each monster your opponent has on their field. That's about all for the good. The bad: He loses 500 attack points during each of your stand-by phases. Worse: He can only be summoned by A Deal with Dark Ruler. Worst of All: To play "A Deal with Dark Ruler" you must have a Level 8 or higher monster on your field be destroyed AND give up half your lifepoints.

In short...Beserk Dragon is too much cost and resources and not enough good to be used.

Ratings: 1/5 all

Art: 4/5 well, I guess that's good

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dark Maltos


Berserk Dragon :
This monster has some very sick artwork which is an outstanding feature on this otherwise very situational monster.

Berserk Dragon is very powerful. Nothing can argue with it’s 3500 base attack, and it also hits every monster on the opposing field when it attacks. Very Nice indeed. It’s the summoning conditions that make this card unfortunately nearly useless out of casual play.

Having to have the spell card in your deck to summon this most is bad enough, never mind the cost of using it. Since you have to have a lv 8 monster from the field sent to the grave ( an incredibly rare occurrence believe me) in order to activate the spell the situational aspects of this card just make it unplayable. The only lv8 that I can really see being played would be Dark Necrofear or maybe a Blue Eyes . ( an interesting side note : if Necrofear was an equip card went sent to the grave you CAN activate the deal)

The loss of 500 atk is irrelevant as the lowest Berserk Dragon would ever reach would be 2500, as he’d probably be destroyed in the following couple of turns anyway.

Berserk Dragon is a wicked card, but unfortunately to hard to use, much like most cards this week.

Advanced : 2/ 5 Just because of the unlikelihood of summoning him.

Traditional : 1/5 : Not happening.

Art : 5/5 Fantastic

Bob Doily
Beserk Dragon

Well for today’s card, it’s a perfect choice since I’m in class right now. A crappy card for me to review. Well, hmm, how to put this nicely……. The card looks nice? In reality this card is horrible. You waste a ton of resources to bring it out, only to have it weaken itself if you can somehow keep it alive….. It’s even more of a waste considering a Cyber Dragon to Don Zaloog drop gives you the same ATK as this waste of resources.

In conclusion, don’t run him.

Traditional: 0.1/5
Advanced: 0.1/5

Berserk Dragon:
As close to a Ritual as it is possible to be without being Blue.

He's nomi, which is never good. He is Special Summoned from the deck, which is. His ATK decreases every turn, which isn't. He can eat everything that won't have already killed you, which is good. He is not indestructible (which all monster requiring ridiculous summoning conditions should be [Horus negates Spells, a popular source of destruction, and that counts]), which is bad. He can attack everything your opponent has, which is good. He can only be brought out when a Lv. 8 monster dies, which is little solice for having lost the resources put into the Lv. 8 to start with.
His tutor/ritual is Quick Play, which is good.

Generally, this is a nice idea, but no Nomi is good unless it has a built in way to protect itself from dying or gives you a godly effect (i.e. "Your opponent skips his Main Phase 1 and 2"). You will go to all the trouble of summoning this and Smash or Sako kills it.
Darn. And then there are only two Lv. 8 monsters you are likely to play (Phoenix and DMoC) and only one of them can make him happy enough to make an appearance.
I suppose you could count a Cyber-Steined Cyber ___ Dragon, but you shouldn't.

Do not use. Except for a laugh.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Casual: 4/5 [5/5 if you have three Berserk Gorillas on the field when you play it]

Share and enjoy,

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