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Berserk Gorilla

If this card is in face-up Defense Postion on the field, destroy this card. The controller of this card must attack with this card when possible.

Type - Beast/Effect
Card Number - DR2-EN013

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.95
Advanced: 3.45

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.16.06


Dark Paladin
Welcome to a fresh week of cards. This week we aren't reviewing Elemental Energy or anything new, but these cards are fresh in the fact that 4 of them haven't been reviewed. I'd like to call this week "Oldies" week since nothing being reviewed is more recent than Invasion of Chaos (today's card.)

Today we look at Beserk Gorilla. Beserk Gorilla is a Level 4 Earth type monster with 2000 attack points which means several things. 2000 attack is enough to take out any 1900 attack monster or a Zombyra who has attacked once. However, NOT enough to take out a Cyber Dragon.

Beserk Gorilla also for props has a moderately impressive 1000 defense and his type fits in well with the Enraged Battle-Ox trample family.
He does have a couple of downsides however. First, he must attack when in attack position. Furthermore, he is automatically destroyed if in face up defense posistion. So, he might as well have 0 defense...or 10000. They don't really do him any good outside of maybe protecting against trample.


Traditional: 2.95/5
Traditional Enraged Battle-Ox Trample/Beatdown: 3.5/5

Advanced: 3.45/5
Advanced Enraged Battle-Ox Trample/Beatdown: 4.0/5

Art: meh/5 err 3/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

ExMinion OfDarkness
Berserk Gorilla

It's not so good YET, but it may be in 3 months, depending on what the combined forces of Shonen Jump and Kevin Tewart deem "good for the game".

I remember when people packed this in multiples; the Zombie players would groan every time one of these got sent into their Vampire Lords and the undead stayed dead. This was during the last Ban List though. Now people are running multiples of D. D. Assailant and Cyber Dragon instead. DDA can take out pretty much anything, even 2,100+ ATK monsters that Berserk Gorilla can't. And Cyber's 2,100 anyway.

If neither of those two cards gets limited, then Berserk Gorilla will continue in mediocrity, relegated to the trade binder or that Beastdown deck you take out in Round 1 or 2 of the weekly tournament. However, if the assassin or the machine-dragon DO get restricted to 1 or 2 each, players will naturally look to fill the open deck slots with the most viable remaining monster. Berserk Gorilla would be viable then.

Also note that the lack of him being run is also partially (about 10%) responsible for the lack of Enemy Controllers being run; Enemy Controller is a -1 against a normal monster but a 1 for 1 trade if used against Berserk Gorilla as it would destroy him.

As an overall rating, I'd give him a 1.75/5 in Traditional and a 2.75/5 in Advanced. However, looking ahead to the future, I give him a 2/5 + 0.5 for every copy of Cyber Dragon or D. D. Assailant you can't use in April that you can use now.

Berserk Gorilla

We start this week off with a good card. A good card on a Monday? Cool.

Berserk Gorilla is only a small example of why the Earth attribute is the best in the format. Yes, even better than Dark. This could come from personal bias, but I'm not sure, the more I dig the more cool stuff I just keep digging up.

But I'm getting off topic.

This card boasts the highest attack of a simple beater without a real stipulation or catch attached to it. Zombyra cannot hit direct and has its attack continually decreased. Cyber Dragon requires a clear field versus your opponent's field presence. Blade Knight requires low hand size. Berserk is much simpler. Summon. Beat face.

Its just what he does. His faceup defense effect makes EC and GK Assailant work well against him, but most of the time his job will still have been completed - capitalize on a clear field.

You see, a lot of people still don't get it. That's a part of control right there. You use careful planning to create this advantage, but then you need to capitalize on the cleared fields you create. Are you really going to Dark

Hole just so you can set and end turn?

This again shows how Earth is the best. You can build a blend of aggression and control getting, in essence, a vicious haymaker deck. Control the opponent well. Then when the time is right bust out Berserk, Rat into an IFL, and Earth Art for the win.

Berserk still does what he's supposed to and can be a headache to the opponent when played well.

Advanced - 4/5 (5/5 in Haymaker earth builds) Traditional - 3/5 (Chaos and Control dominance put the haymaker build on the backburner)

Bob Doily
Beserk Gorilla review

So starting off the week of more retro cards, not really old school, but still old, is Donkey Kong. There really isn’t too much to go over with this monster, he’s a beatstick. Good for beast decks and the like. But essentially he is out classed right now in a meta where DDAs and Cyber Dragons take care of essentially any monster problem that the gorilla could be used for.

In the end he’s become a mediocre card that you should only run if it fits your theme or if you really, really want to overkill on the attackers

Traditional: 2.6/5
Advanced: 3/5


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