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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade

Equip only for warriors. Raise the equipped monster's ATK by 300 points. If this card is in your graveyard during your main phase, you may discard 2 warrior type monsters from your graveyard from the game to add this card to your hand.

Type - Spell
Card Number - SD5-EN018

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 2.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.10.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade

Meh...good, but not to the point where I see it making something broken.

Let's look at this card plain and simple. The 300 boost is crap. The only time that will help is probably in a mirror match (which happens somewhat often with a lot of people playing cookie-cutter warrior.) The returning from graveyard to hand is what people would want to abuse...and it's just not as abusable anymore. What are we going to use it to pay a discard cost for? Tribe? Someone who completely screwed over the game banned that. Lightning Vortex? We have Dark Hole, and more people are playing face-downs extensively. The other cards we'd discard for usually have better, non-discard options available in other cards.

We had Sinister when we needed Sinister, and now that we don't have as much good discard stuff available or we have better cards legal again, I just don't see it getting used.

Save your Warriors from the RFG pile for better things, like Chaos Sorcerer.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.5/5


Stats                : Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade is an Equip Spell.  For many cards, this is a kiss of death.  It isn’t always their fault.  Try playing using just structure decks.  You get a good idea of what is really bad and what suffers because certain elements are too common in the game.  I’ll avoid a full scale rant, but any Spell or Trap that remains in play for all or part of the duration of the effect suffers because there is far too much general Spell/Trap removal.  I have no problem with it being theme specific, especially if it’s not so much.  Right now, though, we have one mass removal Spell with the minor drawback (and sometimes benefit) of also nailing all your own Spells/Traps, one Quick-Play Spell that can nail any one Spell/Trap, up to three Traps that can nail any one Spell/Trap and allow you to Set another Spell/Trap afterwards, one Monster that can either be a Level 4/1900 ATK beatstick or a Level 4/1600 ATK “small” beatstick and nail one Spell or Trap card, or a single Tribute 2400 ATK beatstick that gets to nuke up to two Spell and/or Trap cards when successfully Tribute Summoned.  That’s quite a bit that anyone deck can get away with.  Then there are some otherwise balanced cards that can be added on top of that.  What’s an Equip to do?


Effect(s)            : Have a recursion effect, apparently.  Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade only grants a 300 ATK boost, and only to Warriors, but it differentiates itself by allowing you to reclaim it at your leisure.  The only catch is that it’s Main Phase only and requires two Warriors be removed from the Graveyard as payment.  Personally, I find this just a bit too weak.  There’s a “double restriction” theme wise.  Personally, the restriction of only Warriors being able to equip it seems a bit much: they are already required for the recursion effect, and while Warriors are popular and powerful in all decks, the D.D. family removes itself anyway, so it isn’t really viable as a Sinister Serpent replacement.  At least outside of Warrior decks…  I mean, you even need two Warriors, not one.


So the effects of this card seem substandard: they probably could have let other Types use it or have given a better ATK boost.


Uses and

Combinations  : I can see two uses for this card, and both require Warrior heavy decks.  First, it might be something of a pressure card.  The ATK boost isn’t especially great, but if you have something that’s already 1800+, it can really annoy an opponent: Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke becomes big enough to block Cyber Dragon, Goblin Attack Force can harass pretty much all but the bigger two-Tribute Monsters, etc.  Now, the boost is so small, it is really, really annoying to “waste” Spell/Trap removal on it.  It’s nice if the opponent’s equipped Monster crashes headlong into a big enough Monster so that Dust Tornado or Mystical Space Typhoon results in their assisted suicide.  However, it will probably be used that way only in desperation: I would otherwise expect it to be used to tack on just a tiny amount of extra damage and mostly for defensive purposes.  That is, making something that survived its attack into a slightly bigger offensive wall.


What if you do nuke it?  That’s one less card you have to handle things like Call of the Haunted, Sakuretsu Armor, Torrential Tribute, etc. and if you killed a Warrior after doing this, they are halfway towards being able to revive it.  The text gives the impression that you don’t have to revive it right away, meaning you never know when it might pop-up and just edge you out of something.  It’s almost like the effect says “Remove two Warriors in your Graveyard from play.  Either your opponent discards a card whose effect destroys at least one Spell card in play or one of your Monsters gets a 300 ATK bonus”.  Looking at it that way, it’s still just a hair week.


We still have one other use: discard fodder.  In an E-Heroes deck, you can use it to fuel Elemental Hero Thunder Giant.  If you decide you really need to use the effect and don’t have a hand, remove two E-Heroes to get Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade back.  Likewise, it can reduce a Warrior deck’s susceptibility to discarding effects.  Additionally, it sets up for combos with Return from the Different Dimension and Dimension Fusion.




Traditional       : 1.5/5-There are better options for reducing discard costs, though Chaos Decks should have a solid supply of Light and Dark Warriors to use this card.


Advanced        : 3/5-Scored for decks with a lot of Warriors; if a deck doesn’t have at least 8 Warrior Monsters, it just wouldn’t be worth it.  There are quite a few cards more deserving of Main Deck space, I think, though it might not be bad as a Side Deck option.


Limited            : N/A-Currently this card is only available in the Warrior Structure deck.  However, should it be released into a set and you are able to draft several Warriors, it should be worth looking into.  Or if it is a Structure Deck based Limited Event (something I don’t think officially exists in Yu-Gi-Oh, but which exists in other games), it isn’t the first card I’d cut from the Warrior Structure deck.



Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade is nice idea that appears to have overcompensated, even by my standards, for a good, Warrior-deck specific, recursion effect.  Just 200 more ATK, it might have been one of the few equips seeing regular play in its theme.  As is, I am just not seeing something especially potent.


Dark Paladin
Today we look at Divine Sword-Phoenix Blade, an equip I don't really care for. This, in my opinon, is seriously one of the worst equips--possibly ever. 300 points isn't very much, and I'm not going to say anything else.

Ratings: 1.25/5 all

Art: 2.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Divine Sword- Phoenix Blade:
I don't like equip cards that lack the words "United We Stand" in their card name, and this is no exception.

300 ATK is neither here nor there. Fusion Sword Murasame Blade is better ATK-wise and is invulnerable to S/T removal. For an equip to really pay off, you have to pump the ATK by around 1000 so that a Lv. 3/4 can destroy any Lv. 5/6 and even then, using Smash is probably better. Equip cards just don't promote resource management.

If you are playing Ben-Kei, please ignore the last sentence.

The reason you might consider using this card is its second effect. Like Sinister, you can return this to your hand to help pay costs. Unlike Sinister, you can do this repeatedly in the same turn. Unlike Sinister, you have to pay a cost to get it back. Unlike Sinister, you can't use it if you find yourself not needing a free discard. Being able to cycle this back to your hand over and over is useful, but removing two monsters is a steep cost. Type-stamping those monsters makes it even worse. Those monsters would be better used for Pot of Avarice or Strike Ninja, and in the current meta, you don't really need free discards.

Overall, it sounds good, but it won't be replacing Sinister.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Share and enjoy,


Divine Sword-Phoenix Blade

Well, I'm writing this at 7 in the morning, and I have to leave in fifteen minutes so. Yeah. This card's equip bonus is noting to brag about. It'll return to your hand by removing two Warrior-Type monsters from play. I could somehow see this being used in a Phoenix Blade-Return From the Different Dimension deck. Yeah. That's about the only place.

Traditional: 2/5 (why?)
Advanced: 3/5 (in its own dedicated deck)
Advanced: 1/5 (without its own deck)

Dark Maltos


Divine Sword- Phoenix Blade

This is a card that holds no particular place in my heart, but it’s not that bad. I’ve seen a good deck involving this card and RftDD which was quite powerful. The small boost is useful in many tight spots (but it’s nothing spectacular), and this card does produce a lot of advantage.

However I am not in favour of this card because of the loss of so many monsters from the grave. Sometimes it will be a difficult cost to do, which hinders this card’s playability. Definitely not a card that’s splash able.

Traditional : 1 / 5 - No reason to run this here with Butterfly dagger Elma and Sinister serpent more than making up for it.

Advanced : 3/5, but ONLY in RftDD decks that are particularly warrior based.

Art : Pretty Sweet, props to it for that….

Divine Sword is at first really bad when you look at it. But the Divine Sword gives card advantage to the player and possibly using a removal idea. Divine Sword doesn't have a great boost. Only being able to equip this to a Warrior is situational and couldn't be played on an opponent's Spirit Reaper.

I prefer not to use this card what so ever. If somehow you found some amazing way to keep re-using it and discarding it than great for you.
But this card gets a very short review and a bad rating.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Little Sister's or Brother's Deck: 5/5
Patrick Wu's Side Deck: 5/5 ; )

Divine Sword Phoenix Blade

Whoah. Not an EEN card. This equip spell was one of a few new cards released in the Warrior's Triumph structure deck.

Is the effect useful? Yes! We miss Serpent. But even while he was here we miss never being able to use Chiron the Mage or Reshef the Dark Being to its full potential.

Sadly, neither one of those two cards are Warriors. I think maybe a lightening on the cost could help it. For example, remove just one Warrior instead of two. Then you've got a card that actually is quite good, but with a better balance then, say, Serpent.

As an actual equip it will do nothing another card couldn't do better. We'd only be using it for the effect. The cost will restrict it a bit too much for most players liking.

I thought of an interesting tactic to work around it a bit. Use DD Survivor and Return from a Different Dimension. Essentially you could remove them from the graveyard with the Blade's effect. Then use Return from a Different

Dimension. The Survivor's would hit the field, then at the end of turn they would leave and come right back.

But it won't hit the mark in any of your standard decks.

Advanced: 2/5
Traditional: 1/5

Bob Doily
Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade

Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade, well right away when I first read this card I thought it was a crappy attempt to replace Butterfly Dagger – Elma. After much thought I came to a conclusion: It IS a crappy attempt to replace Butterfly Dagger – Elma.

Essentially if you want an Equip for a Warrior deck, run United We Stand, Mage Power, etc. If you want to build one of the Gearfreed Equip based Warrior decks, then don’t, errr I mean you could probably find use for this card.

Traditional: 0.8/5
Advanced: 0.9/5


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