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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Cyber Blader
Super Rare

"Etoile Cyber" + "Blade Skater"
A Fusion SUmmon of this card can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters. While your opponent controls only 1 monster, this card is not destroyed as a result of battle. While your opponent controls only 2 monsters, double the ATK of this card. While your opponent controls only 3 monsters, this card negates the effects of your opponent's Spell, Trap, and Effect Monster Cards.

Type - Warrior/Fusion/Effect
Card Number - EEN-EN032

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.06.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Cyber Blader
This card could actually be a decent decktype in and of itself if Metamorphosis wasn't restricted.
You can't use Fusion subs, but you can use alternate methods of fusion.  His effects change when the opponent has different numbers of monsters out.
If they have no monsters out, this card has no extra effects.
If they have 1 monster out, then Cyber Blader doesn't die in battle (so you can't kamikaze with Cyber Dragon.)
If they have 2 monsters out, then Cyber Blader has 4200 ATK (so Cyber Dragon + another summon doesn't work very well either!)
If they have 3 monsters out, then Cyber Blader is back to 2100 ATK but negates spells/traps/monster effects.  This means that kamikaze is the viable option because a monster effect won't be taking him out, except in a few situations.  (See below)
If they have 4 or 5 monsters out, then you just Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute and laugh at them...but if you don't have either of those, he would be pretty easy to kill without any effects protecting him.
There is a way around the "negate effects" thing.  If you have 3 monsters, and one of them is Exiled Force, and you sacrifice it to target Cyber Blader, when Exiled resolves, there are only 2 monsters on the field, thus getting rid of the effect negation.  Unless I'm mistaken, DDA still gets his effect against Cyber Blader as he'd be in the graveyard when his effect resolved, and Cyber Blader's negation only affects cards on the field...
It still gets destroyed by a lot of commonly played cards, but if we still had Metmorphosis at 3, then I could see this getting some play.  But since that's not the case...
1/5 Traditional
1.75/5 Advanced


Cyber Blader sucks.

First of all, you have to Poly/Fusion Gate into this crap, and the Fusion materials are crap as well. This huge loss in card advantage, while forcing you to run subpar monsters, will alone make you lose.

Second, with all the monster removal in the format right now, no Fusion monster, including Cyber Blader, will last long, thus making Fusion monsters ridiculously bad right now.

And no, your opponent won't summon three monsters for you. You'd have to use Ojama Trio or some bull$h!t like that, and then what? For the most part, you can't attack, or you'll lose the only effect keeping you in the game.

Maybe you can...deck the opponent out =/.

Rating: 1/5

Dark Paladin
Cyber Blader is our card today, and it's a Fusion that I really, REALLY, REEEEEALY wish wasn't a fusion. Now, saying that, I don't believe it's a bad card.

Cyber Blader is a Level 7 Fusion yet has only 2100 attack points.
Secondly, he has only 800 defense, meaning Tsuku can flip him and destroy him, which isn't very nice. Furthermore, Cyber Blader can't be Morphed as the text states he can ONLY be Fusion Summoned by the cards in the text.

Now, the array of effects for Cyber Blader:

If your opponent controls 1 monster:

Cyber Blader is NOT destroyed as a result of battle (that's good)

If your opponent controls 2 monsters:

Cyber Blader has his attack doubled to 4200 (that's great)

If your opponent controls 3 monsters:

Cyber Blader negates the effects of your opponnet's (and only your
opponent's) Magic, Trap, and effect monster cards! (that's excellent)

However, assuming you allow your opponent to get three monsters, each
time you destroy one, the effect of Cyber Blader goes down and he gets
NOTHING if your opponent has no monsters.


5/5 all around, as being a Fusion

Art: 4.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dark Maltos


Cyber Blader

At first glance, this thing could be a bi@tch. Unfortunately, the only fusions worth doing at the moment are the E - Heroes as far as Polymerization is concerned. Cyber Blader is a card with many nice effects, but unfortunately those effects do not work in conjunction with each other, which is ok I guess, but at least if they did then she’d be playable.

It’s a shame that fusions are so un worthwhile and that the fusion material monsters are pretty crappy to ( A 1400 atk no effect, and a barely effect 1200 attacker)

Relying on the opponent having monster is never a good idea.

Sadly, Cyber Blader missed the mark.

1/ 5 in Traditional - No explanation needed.

1.5 / 5 in Advanced - Still not worth it in my opinion.

Art : 1/ 5 - Weak. I just hate Ice Blader’s….don’t know why….
Leon Cyber Blader

I read this card's effect and then had to read it again. The third one just seemed a bit too cool. Checked rulings and it seems to be just as good as we all hoped. My initial assessment is that this card rocks. But it may not hold out the same.

Its effect states that it can only be fusion summoned by the above two fusion material monsters. So no replacements like King of the Swamp. BUT that actually doesn't mean anything as it has no restrictions on special summoning (that I can see). Another good point: as we can use Stein or Metamorph + Fusilier to get him out.

Some rulings I've found for this guy:

The effects are not cumulative. They replace each other upon the appropriate changes in field condition. For example, if your opponent has only two monsters on the field this guys attack strength is 4200. If he summons a third monster then Cyber Blader loses the attack boost but gains the ultra cool lockdown negation.

The third effect applies only to effects that activate on the field (while face up on the field). So Exiled Force, Sangan, Mystic Tomato, and V-Lord cannot have their effects negated as they are Graveyard activating.

While the negation still screams lockdown it may be a bit more difficult to manage then I'd originally thought. My first thought was "Use Ojama Trio you idiot! Then they can't do anything."

I wish. They can do something very simple to wreck that whole plan: Summon.
You see the ultra-cool negation only applies with exactly three mons on the opponents field. If they have four or five then he gets no effect. Period.

There is a three card combo that could make a cool little fun build: Ojama Trio, Ground Collapse, and this guy. You're opponent will literally be able to do nothing. All you'd need is a bit of burn, direct attackers, or, hell, even Exodia as a win condition.

I could see it as a rentsy throw into a fusion deck as a good level seven.
Before him we had Last Warrior, right? I think he's a bit better.

We shouldn't be rating fusion cards, right? He gets a:

Toss it in/5 in all formats.
Ryoga Cyber Blader:
Interesting. Interesting.

You can't use Fusion Substitues, so you won't be getting decks trying to Fusion Summon this like BEUD and Cyber Dragons since both parts are not really that good. This is only comming out with Morph.

This has the lowest ATK of the Lv.7 Fusions, but who cares? The lovely effect depends on the number of monsters on your opponent's side of the field: 1 and it's a Reaper, 2 and it's bloody massive, 3 and it's a control god.

Your opponent will most likely have 1 or 2 monsters, which is a shame as the 3 monsters effect is the best.
If I read it correctly, this card acts as the almighty counter god. Nothing shall happen! Unless of course your opponent summons a monster, you choose to attack something, or your opponent starts tributing multiple monsters. However, you should be able to use the brief moment of countering to your advantage and do something like kill a Reaper by attacking it.

And when there were two, monsters that is, you have a beatstick. A nice simple beatstick, vulnerable to all the frailties of life, strangely ignorant of its godly past. In Beatstick mode, this can destroy anything in battle, bar BEUD. Just make sure Sako (-retsu) isn't down.

And when there remained but one, she held firm and defended her ground. Unless, of course, that ground happened to be Smashed. In Reaper mode she can defend you from all monsters, but no Spells. Rather straightforward and nicely avoids Cyber Dragon. In fact, she gets around Cyber Dragon quite nicely as CYber will only see Reaper or Beatstick modes.

Really, this is a rather good card. If your opponent gets 4 monsters on the field, you get rather angry, but heck, if he's got 4 monsters on the field you should be angry anyway. A rather nice fusion. Shame it'll never see play until we get more Morphs.

Until Shadow of Infinity - 5/5
After Shadow of Infinity - 4/5
Share and enjoy,


Okay, so what’s my excuse this time?  I said I was catching up, right?  Well, it turns out that mice (and their nests) aren’t very conducive to phone lines.  The little critters decided that weather was warm enough to come out of their hibernation and “get busy”.  This slowed my connection speed down to the point that even getting plain text e-mails took a while.  I got my connection back after about a week of no access, and a lot of stuff started piling up.  So the previous four CotDs should hopefully being going up with this one, which is a little late as well.


Stats                : Cyber Blader a Fusion Monster.  While this tends to be better than, say a Ritual or pretty much any nomi Monster, it still is a mixed bag.  The card itself won’t ever detract from your deck, but getting it out in any reasonable way might.  Fusion Summoning it looks to be difficult: peeking ahead at its effect, we see it can’t use Fusion Substitutes.  Looking at the components, that’s definitely not happy: Etoile Cyber is a Level 4 1200/1600 Earth/Warrior whose effect is a 500 point ATK bonus when it attacks directly.  Here I will make this an educational review by pointing out that “Etoile” means star.  The other piece is Blade Skater, a normal Level 4 1400/1500 Earth/Warrior.  Her main contribution is having her gender identified in her flavor text, since Etoile Cyber and Cyber Blader are somewhat ambiguous.  At least since both are so small and Earth Monsters, they can be searched out via Sangan and Reinforcements of the Army or be searched out and Special Summoned via Giant Rat, Warrior Lady of the Wasteland, and Last Will.  Obviously, being a Warrior is a benefit as well.  So is being an Earth Monster, as it presents an alternative way to Special Summon this Monster.


For a Level 7 Monster, 2100 ATK is pretty weak and 800 DEF is abysmal.  Fortunately, this is an Effect Monster as well, so let’s see if (s)he has anything worth using.



Effect(s)            : The effect is variable, constantly checking the amount of Monsters your opponent has in play.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t stack.  So this means your opponent can control you fairly well by manipulating what effects you get.  At least the effects are quite nice.  You can’t be killed in battle if your opponent has one Monster.  That means they can’t just Special Summon a Cyber Dragon to suicide with you.  If they go for two Monsters, then Cyber Blader’s ATK is doubled.  If they have three Monsters, then Cyber Blader is immune to your opponent’s cards’ effects.


If they stacked it’d be sweet.  Even if there was an option for 4+ Monsters giving you all three it might not be too bad.  As is, it will take a lot of work to make use of this card, though it is possible.


Uses and

Combinations  : Cyber Blader needs so much special support (s)he is not meant for anything but a dedicated deck.  Ground Collapse means that your opponent can have three Monsters at most.  Ojama Trio ensures they have three Monsters in play.  If they have less, Cyber Blader will become vulnerable to effect (be it Monster, Spell, or Trap) based removal, but can’t die in battle.  If they have two, you get a nice 4200 ATK Monster.


Of course, we run into a problem again: so many other cards do it better.  Ground Collapse is a Continuous Spell, so it’s screaming to get destroyed, which breaks the “lock”.  Likewise, anything you add to allow Cyber Blader to do anything useful (like attack directly) also is vulnerable to being destroyed, making the lock pretty useless.


Now compare to what you can do with similar cards.  Two successful uses of Ojama Trio, combined with an action to destroy one of the Ojama Tokens (since you can’t activate the second copy until there is room for it) and finishing it all off with Spatial Collapse results in a real lock.  Spatial Collapse limits each player to no more than five cards in play at a time, and it does count tokens.  So your opponent is truly locked down: only Exodia or (if they already used it) Final Countdown can let them win.  Well, or your doing something stupid.  Toss in a now perfectly safe burn card or direct attacker, or your own auto-win condition outside of Destiny Board and you win.


Fortunately, this is a Fusion.  Huh, didn’t I everything I just said point out the card is useless?  Well, the thing is while this is a Fusion that can’t use Fusion-substitutes; there are many ways to Special Summon a Fusion that don’t count as a Fusion summon.  Metamorphosis is one example.  Cyber Blader is Level 7, putting it in good company.  Or bad company, depending upon how you look at it: of the 11 or so Level 7 Fusions, only three are effect Monsters: Cyber Blader, King Dragun, and The Last Warrior from Another PlanetKing Dragun, even if used without any other Dragons, is quite formidable and user friendly.  The Last Warrior from Another Planet is a tricky card to use properly, and needs support to really be good.  Then again, so does Cyber Blader.  A Monster Special Summoned via Metamorphosis is not considered Fusion summoned.  So she might as well be in your Fusion deck so that, if the opportunity presents itself, you can Morph a Level 7 into her, probably because your opponent is down to two Monsters in play with no Spells or Traps and 4200 ATK will kill something bad or be enough to score a win.  You can also use The Earth – Hex-Sealed Fusion and one of the two component pieces to Special Summon Cyber Blader as well: using the second part of a Hex-Sealed Fusion Monster counts as a Special Summon, but not a Fusion Summon.



A quick note: since the card itself technically can’t hurt you, it’d be an automatic 5/5.  I will instead give a score based upon how I feel a deck built around Cyber Blader would perform.


Traditional       : 1/5-It’s like trying to build a house of cards outside on a windy day: at best maybe two pieces will get set up right before it all collapses.


Advanced        : 2/5-Let me emphasize, this is a score most “fun decks” beat.  The top decks in the format would be four or higher.  Then we have good, coherent decks that just can’t win the big events.  Then we come to solid, coherent decks that just can’t win most events.  This is the lowest a “real” deck, which is something with a coherent theme that does strive to a reasonable win condition, can get.  Anything less is something that isn’t even a real deck.


Limited            : 1/5-You can’t actually build a deck around it since I can’t find a way to fuse it or Special Summon it in its own set.  It still has the default value of one, since we can’t go any lower, and like all Fusion Monsters in a Fusion Deck, can be used to bluff.



Like all Fusions that can be Special Summoned in a manner outside of a true Fusion Summon, it can be used in the Fusion deck with little problem.  I wouldn’t go out of your way to get it though: King Dragun will usually be better if you actually need a Level 7 Monster.  The card itself is barely capable of supporting its own deck.




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