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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Elemental Hero Bladedge
Super Rare

During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points.

Type - Warrior/Effect
Card Number - EEN-EN007

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.2
Advanced: 1.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.28.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Elemental Hero Bladedge

This one's gonna be short and sweet folks.

2 Tributes for 2600 ATK with Trample. This requires a 3 card investment most of the time.

I can think of a lot of 2 card combos that can equal or beat that...namely equips + either Enraged, Spear Dragon, or Exarion Universe.

It doesn't gain much help from being an E-Hero either, except from Necroshade. He's a good beatstick to bring out through Necroshade but I still see no reason to play him in either format.

1/5 all

Let me clarify something:

BladeEdge is interesting simply because it has a piercing effect, meaning it can deal massive damage if it smacks a defense position monster. Of course, it’s also two tributes and has no other effect to contribute to the game. Yeah, I agree. This guy has “Mediocrity” written all over it. He’s not horrible, but he’s not good either. He’s also pointless in traditional, but a lot of cards are, so we’ll look over that.

Advanced: 2/5
Traditional: 1/5

Coin Flip
Currently the strongest trampler in the game. Well, the strongest trampler that can be Special Summoned. I tend not to care about Level 7+ monsters if they can’t be revived by Premature Burial or Call of the Haunted. It dances, it prances, it swings for 2600 and laughs at a Spirit Reaper in its way. It’s a nice placeholder in Reasoning Gate for the 2900 ATK trampler we get in Enemy of Justice that has an alternate summoning condition that makes it easier to get out, completely obsoleting this card in every way, shape and form.

Yeah, the card sucks.

Traditional: 1.2/5
Advanced: 2/5

Traditional: 1.4/5
Advanced: 2.6/5

Reasoning Gate:
Traditional: 2.3/5
Advanced: 3.3/5

Dark Paladin
We look at Elemental Hero Bladedge today, a monster that was recently reviewed by us. Click on the link to see what I thought then.

Sadly, my views haven't changed, because what was said then, is still true.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dark Maltos


Elemental Hero Blade Edge

Of all the non fusion E - Hero’s, this is highest attack one.

E - Hero Blade Edge has a nice little effect of Trample , combined with 2600 atk power. Unfortunately he’s a level 7, and therefore just really a pumped up high attack two tribute. The effect is not very spectacular, and neither is the monster, but if you manage to summon him he is pretty solid . There are no real faults besides that 2 tributes often aren’t used because of the difficulty in summoning them. Overall nothing outstanding, and really almost the definition of Mediocrity. However, he can combo with Necroshade.

Of the E heroes, I’d suggest sticking this guy in last .

Traditional ; 1/5 : Not going to happen, even with more access to dump and revive.

Advanced : 2/5 : But only in an E Hero deck.

Art : 4/5 Freaking Awesome


I'm suppose to use my name in my reviews so you know who is giving you the review. SOOOOOOO

A Forest is a place that rabbits can be found.

Many Biodiversity Hot Spots are located within a tropical rain Forest.

Forest does not like, "Run Forest, Run"

and Life is not like a box of chocolates, because I always know what I am buying:P

Elemental Hero Bladedge is today's card.
He is a cool card but not particularly my favorite. His effect is, well, he is a two tribute trample monster which is outclassed by Dark Driceratops and Saber Beetle. His intentions are to be used in an Elemental Hero deck and no place else. He combos well with necroshade and is just beastly when combined with skyscraper. But he is a character themed card and is meant for a Hero deck.

-By this I mean, you do not run Hand of Nepthys in your deck unless you are using the Phoenix. :P

In an average deck he gets a 2/5 due to the fact he has a usable ability.

In an E-Hero deck he gets a 4/5 because his summoning requirements are easy to work with (BUBBLE SHUFFLE, NECROSHADE, plus basic reborn cards like call and premature burial.)

yet he is still a bad topdeck, and I hate bad topdecks like Mobius the Frost Monarch, stupid Mobius.

He has a fusion, and his fusion is sweetness, easily awesome.
Bob Doily Ehero bladeedge review

Ah, so today is the first day that I get to tear into eheros. We are looking at Bladedge, one of the few tribute monsters available to them. He’s not much to look at stat/effect wise. No way to summon him easily and he only has trample. Now he may be a huge trampler, but for all the effort a non-ehero deck would put into getting him out, they’d be best off just killing the monster and attacking directly.

Within ehero decks he may at first glance be a nice viable tribute monster. But eheros focus on fusions. You are best off not even running him, just running fusion subs if you want to try to benefit from his fusion monsters. This would be the best possible situation that way you avoid drawing a high level. If you do run him, just run Merchants and hope that you mill him to the grave.

Other than that he just contributes detrimentally to the majority of the decks that you would put him in. Yes he does have uses, but most cards do so that argument fails.

In the end he is a mediocre cards that shouldn’t see competitive play

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.5/5


Stats                : Elemental Hero Bladedge is a big Level 7 Earth/Warrior.  Being Level 7 means it has to be pretty amazing or have some good tricks to get it into play sans Tribute.  Being an Earth/Warrior lets it tap into some very solid support: only Dark/Light Monsters have better Attribute support (and some may argue against due to assorted bans) while no Type has more support, let alone more useful-to-broken support, than Warriors.


Of course he (just guessing the gender as it could be a Samus Aran kind of thing) is an Elemental Hero and thus has access to all their support.  The quick rundown of what can be of use to him (though not necessarily useful) is as follows:


  • Bubble Shuffle – Quick-Play Spell.  It requires Elemental Hero Bubbleman and an opposing Monster both in face-up ATK mode, plus another Elemental Hero in hand to activate.  It shifts them both in play Monsters to DEF Position and then Tributes the Bubbleman to Special Summon the Elemental Hero in hand.

  • Elemental Hero Necroshade – Effect/Monster.  Once while it’s in the Graveyard, you can normal Summon one Elemental Hero without Tribute from your hand.  More on it this Friday.

  • Elemental Hero Wildedge – Fusion/Effect Monster.  The Fusion of Wildheart and Bladedge.  Fusion Summon only.  Can attack all of your opponent’s Monsters.

  • Hero Barrier – Normal Trap. If you have a face-up Elemental Hero in play, you can activate this and negate one attack from an opponent’s Monster.

  • Hero Heart – Normal Spell.  You select an Elemental Hero you control, halve the attack, and during the Battle Phase, it can attack twice.  Note that it halves the ATK at the activation: adding an Equip card will provide the full bonus.

  • Miracle Fusion – Normal Spell.  It is tomorrow’s CotD, so you can read up on this alternative to Polymerization then.

  • Skyscraper – Field Spell.  When an Elemental Hero attacks a Monster with whose ATK is higher than the Elemental Hero’s ATK, raise said Elemental Hero’s ATK by 1000 during the damage step.  More on this later in the week.

  • Wroughtweiler – Effect/Monster.  When it’s sent to the Graveyard as a result of Battle, you can reclaim one card with Elemental Hero in its name, and a Polymerization.


Well discuss which, if any, of those are useful in the Uses and Combinations section.


Elemental Hero Bladedge has a 2600 ATK, which is not going to help it too much, given its Level; yes, most Monsters that regularly see play are weaker, but are also a lower Level.  1800 will at least make it so they have to use a real beatstick to kill him if he’s in DEF mode, but is likewise sub-par.


Effect(s)            : Let’s see if the effect can save this card.  In a word: no.  I love trample, but on this big a Monster, without any other effect, it’s far from useful.  Yes, if you actually can get Elemental Hero Bladedge into play, there’s a good chance you will force them onto the DEF… but the problem is it won’t last too long, nor gain you that much advantage.


Uses and

Combinations  : This card does have a use, but it’s kinda limited.  Basically, you pack on in an Elemental Hero deck that uses yesterday’s CotD, Elemental Hero Wildheart and their Fusion, Elemental Hero Wildedge.  Just one, mind you: thanks to Polymerization and Miracle Fusion, that should be plenty.


If you insist on focusing on getting it into play, you can make use of Bubble Shuffle (which needs Elemental Hero Bubbleman) and/or Elemental Hero Necroshade to get him into play with less effort, in which case he is alright.  The problem is that neither of these two cards is very effective, leaving just the standard “dump and revive” option or perhaps Return from the Different Dimension or Centrifugal Field.


There is more, though.  As you can see, if you’re determined, it’s possible to get him into play fairly often.  And hey, you may not even need that many copies of it.  That almost sounds good.  Here’s the other downside: Elemental Hero Wildedge is also rather disappointing.  It can attack each of your opponent’s Monsters on their side of the field once each turn.  That means one attack for each of their Monsters.  If they have no Monsters, you can just use a Normal attack.  You basically “lose” your Normal attack when you use the effect.  That is to say, you can clear their field of Monsters (barring protective effects or just really big stats) by attacking them all with Elemental Hero Wildedge, but you won’t then be able to attack with him directly.  Another Monster can, but not him.  More over, it doesn’t make much sense given the components: one guy has Trample, another Trap Immunity.  The two together would have been lovely, but alas that isn’t the case.  Yes, you could add a Big Bang Shot or something to give Elemental Hero Wildedge Trample, but even before then, we had a better option.  Asura Priest may be a mere 1700 ATK Light/Fairy and a Spirit Monster, but in the end it just seems to do that same job better.  You still end up with -1 card advantage unless you destroy at least two Monsters… and you would probably try not to Summon it otherwise, so that’s not a huge deal.  But compared to a Fusion where one piece is pretty cool and the other is an underpowered two-Tribute, Asura Priest is definitely better.  And of course, we have many, many Trample options, out performing Elemental Hero Bladedge itself.




Traditional       : 1/5 – Just not worth it.


Advanced        : 2.5/5 – This is for a dedicated Elemental Hero deck only!  It should be running a few Elemental Hero Wildheart anyway, so this is little more than “TecH” to allow for one more Fusion that can take advantage of the Support.  It also can be nice if the opponent is trying to hide behind Spirit Reaper.


Limited                        : 4/5 – Finally, a place where it can shine.  Elemental Hero Bladedge is the biggest Monster you can Normal Summon in the set, at least in terms of ATK.  About the only thing it needs to worry about is someone actually getting Infernal Incinerator or (more reasonable) The Creator.  That’s not to say there aren’t any other strong Monsters in the set, or good Spells or Traps… just that there aren’t anywhere near enough for this card not to become a dominant force.  The opponent won’t even be safe setting Monsters to block their LP, thanks to the Trample.



Elemental Hero Bladedge looks like he could be a beast in Limited, but otherwise, is a pretty sub-par Monster: too big for its stats/effect, even with the support that exists for it.


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