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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Elemental Hero Wildheart

This card is unaffected by the effects of Trap Cards.

Type - Warrior/Effect
Card Number - EEN-EN008

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.53
Advanced: 2.82

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.27.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Elemental Hero Wildheart

Honestly, I equate this guy to Jinzo.

I swear I wrote something on this either in a previous CotD or on the message boards. Jinzo is to Mobius as Wildheart is to Breaker.

Jinzo = 1 tribute for suppression of all Traps
Mobius = 1 tribute for destruction of 2 S/Ts
Wildheart = no tribute (less cost) for suppression of Traps affecting him (weaker effect)
Breaker = no tribute (less cost) for destruction of 1 S/T (weaker effect)

My point is, destruction of opposing cards > suppression of opposing cards. That's the bad news.

The good news is this guy has a lot of combos that can make him worthwhile. Torrential Tribute still leaves you with a monster. Call of the Haunted gains another target it can be chained to in response to S/T destruction and still give you something, alongside Jinzo and Sangan. Return from the Different Dimension gains another monster to go alongside DD Survivor in the "comes back but doesn't go away" department.

It's interesting tech, really, and it can be useful in the late game against Sakus that would otherwise destroy your monsters. It deserves some play for that, but people are still going to favor killing the cards instead of just preventing activation.

2/5 Traditional
3.25/5 Advanced

Welcome to what is probably going to be the most GRUELING week I will ever do COTDs for here on Pojo. Bare with me folks. It’s Elemental Heroes week!

Mike’s frowning expression shall remain until Friday.

Today we are covering the only good Elemental Hero (non-fusion) to ever be released. Wildheart has a relatively small body, but he is completely immune to trap cards. This means that Wildheart is able to easily attack through the ridiculous Sakuretsu Armors of this format. He’s also immune to the effects of Torrential Tribute, and he is completely unhindered by Gravity Bind (much to my dismay). This guy can do a surprisingly large amount of damage, or could at least, if his stats weren’t so low. This is, by far, Wildheart’s largest weakness. However, the fact that he allows you to use Torrential Tribute as a solid advantage card is really nice. He’s certainly not a horrible piece of tech for warrior toolbox, but I can’t help but think how much better a second Mystic Swordsman LV2 would be instead.

Oh, and this card sucks in traditional format. There is far too much removal to worry about, and he does nothing against FTK decks.

Advanced: 2.5/5
Traditional: 1/5

Coin Flip
This week is going to be a challenge for me. The vastness of my dislike for the Elemental Hero theme does not begin here. It begins quite a while back. See, in every set we get we have a theme present. Pharaonic Guardian… Well, Pharaohs. There were mummies, zombies, and a set of cards that protected the graveyard (I think they were called Gravekeepers. You may have heard me mention them before). Magician’s Force was spellcasters and spell counters. Dark Crisis had archfiends. Invasion of Chaos had a remove from play mechanic. Ancient Sanctuary had the angel/agent theme and LV2 normal monsters, and the whole pharaoh thing… Again.

After we started getting smaller sets, Soul of the Duelist had LV monsters, and so did RDS, though RDS was mainly machines and Elemental-themed. Flaming Eternity was just plain incredible with its beast and winged-beast theme. The Lost Millennium was when this began to degrade. Y’see, TLM had one good theme in it among three; Ancient Gears, Elemental Heroes, and f/d monsters. Actually, sort of EARTH/Rock/face-down monster theme, since there were a lot of ROCK monsters in the f/d theme. Ancient Gears didn’t get support until Shadow of Infinity, and they were the good theme. Elemental Heroes have gotten support that doesn’t make them playable.

The trouble isn’t that they lack support. They have plenty of support. They have something that looks at your graveyard and puts a 2000+ ATK monster with a cool effect on the field while losing no card advantage, an awesome field spell, and the largest monster with trample yet as well as one of the most unique cards in the game (Elemental Hero Wildheart, which I’m currently reviewing). In fact, they got even more new cards in Enemy of Justice… Ironically, they got as much monster space as the theme for which the set is named, which is supposed to be the antithesis for Elemental Heroes. Their enemies. They might have as much spell or trap support, too. Yet, in 8 cards, the D-Heroes (the enemies of the E-Heroes) have a better theme already. In awe yet? Yeah, so am I. And oddly enough, the set has three cards in it that are better than all ~16 E-Hero and D-Hero cards in the set combined. The problem is that they revolve around monsters that, by themselves, don’t do anything. You don’t see any normal monsters in tournament-level decks for a damn good reason. Having a monster with an effect is like having two cards at once; one card that is the actual monster, and one card with the effect of the monster. Think about it like this. Compare this hand:

Rogue Doll
Mystical Space Typhoon

With this:

Breaker the Magical Warrior

I do twice as much with one card if I have Breaker. This is why no one uses Normal Monsters. Well, if they want to win. The E-Heroes don’t have effects, excepting Bubbleman, which sucks, Wildheart (which I actually can’t say anything bad about) and Bladedge (which is made obsolete as a trampler in Enemy of Justice by essentially the most awesome two-tribute monster since Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys or Dark Magician of Chaos). Neo Bubbleman shouldn’t even count as a card, and Necroshade’s effect only works in the graveyard.

This is why I don’t like all the extra support the E-Heroes are getting. No matter how much support you give Skull Servant, it’s still a really bad card by itself. The main point here is that you can’t fix bad cards by making good cards. Necrovalley, Gravekeeper’s Spy, Rite of Spirit and Royal Tribute are all very good cards to use in a Gravekeeper deck. Gravekeeper’s Vassal isn’t, and giving it support with Rite of Spirit, Necrovally and GK Spy won’t make it a good card. So here is why I am giving this card a VERY good rating:

First off, it has combo potential. The joy of using D. D. Trap Hole and selecting your own Wildheart is… Well, it’s joyous. Torrential Tribute, Last Turn, Gravity Bind, Needle Ceiling… All of them pout and walk off in a huff when they run into Wildheart.

Second, it’s just plain fun to play. With 1500 ATK, 4 stars and a little word on it that begins with “W” and ends with “arriors”, it’s easy to get out and that means that you can start using your mean combos with it immediately, or just attack some monsters. Hell, I actually have a modified Merchant Pot Turbo that aims to put a Bladedge and a Wildheart in the Graveyard really quickly and then Miracle Fusion into Wildedge and go for Sorcerer, Cyber Dragon and Wildedge for the win. I have never played the deck, simply because half the decks I make never get past the part where I do a quick opening hand to see if the ratios are too badly off. That is probably the best possible E-Hero build in America, though.

Third off, it is the best Elemental Hero released to date. If all of the Elemental Hero monsters had effects on par with Wildheart (or even effects at all), I would play them in a heartbeat. See, I don’t want to draw one card when I can draw two.

Do you get me? Sangan is by no respects a good card. It’s terrible. 1000/600 is laughable. Yet that doesn’t matter, because it turns itself into a better card. When you draw it, you draw two cards – it, and the monster you use it to search for. You are getting two cards in one draw. Rod of Silence – Kay’est and M-Warrior #1 = Silent Swordsman LV3. Metallizing Parasite – Lunatite + Gaia the Fierce Knight = Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6. Wildheart is a 1500/1600, which isn’t that great, but he has trap protection, which is awesome. It’s like having a very tiny Royal Decree on the field.

That said…

Traditional: 2.2/5
Advanced: 3.7/5

Elemental Heroes:
5/5 all formats. I cannot conceive of an E-Hero deck not playing this card. It is simply the best they have. It, with Skyscraper, makes for the best attacker ever. It kills anything stronger than it and is immune to Sakuretsu Armor.

Dark Paladin
Welcome to Elemental Hero Week! This week all you E-Hero/Jaden fans will have something to chew on as we look at a couple of Heroes and some random support.

Today we look at Elemental Hero Wildheart. Wildheart has 1500 attack and 1600 defense, and he also happens to be an Earth/Warrior type monster. As a neat little bonus, he is completely unaffected by Traps.

Wildheart, as far as playability goes outside of the E-Hero deck is actually not that bad. No Sakuretsu Armor or Magic Cylinder toward him when he attacks. He would be better if he protected all monsters from traps on your field, but he still isn't terrible.

With all the traps being used in the Battle Phase, and 1500 attack, he can take out most commonly played weenies (Sangan, Magician of Faith, even Tsuku). Go ahead and try one as some tech, or splash one into the side-deck.


Traditional: 2/5
Traditional Side-Deck: 3/5
Traditional E-Hero: 3.5/5

Advanced: 2.5/5
Advanced Side-Deck: 3.5/5
Advanced E-Hero: 4/5

Art: 3/5 Very tribal

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dark Maltos


Elemental Hero Wild Heart

Of all the E - Hero’s, Wild heart is definitely the best, being splash able into virtually every deck.

Immunity to traps is singularly my favourite effect in the game. Wild heart rocks, he laughs at torrential tribute, scorns Sakurtsu armour and absolutely owns stall like gravity bind.

I recently developed a Uria deck which starred the lil guy as a key feature, abusing his effect with cards like Gravity Bind, Des Counterblow and Begone Knave. In shot, he’s definitely worth a try, especially in warrior or E - Hero decks. He’s very searchable, being not only Earth and Warrior , but also boasting the perfect 1500 atk, making him combo with cards like Reinforcements of the Army, Warrior Lady of Wasteland and Giant Rat.

Traditional : 3.5/5 Nice effect, nice score

Advanced : 4/5 Just so abusable.

Art : 4/5 I like it
Tebezu Elemental Hero Wildheart

Level: 4
Rarity: Common
Card #: EEN-EN008
Card Code: 86188410
Attribute: Earth
Type: Monster
ATK: 1500
DEF: 1600
Description: [Warrior/Effect]
This card is unaffected by the effects of Trap Cards.

This is one of the most splashable, if not most usable elemental heros. WIth an attack to take out, well any of the search monsters and a whopping 1600 defense, he is searchable by Giant Rat, Last Will, and Reinforcements of the Army.

PLUS HE HAS A FUSION. I love this card. Easily one of the best tech cards in the current format. Thus due to this and the numerous decks built around his fusion, come on Gravity Bind and him, level-limit area A, ojama trio, etc. He packs a wollup.

Due to the numerous decks builds you can make, he gets a

3/5-He is great This is in cookie cutter tech deck.

5/5-In original deck using him and his fusions.

5/5-ART: He gots a big sword.

Bob Doily
Wildheart review

Yes! It’s the week I’ve been waiting for!!!!!!111one!!1shift+one1!1

E-hero week!!!! (evil glint in eyes)

So for those of you who don’t know my opinion on eheros, I’ll sum it up….. I hate them. I first dislike that they are superheroes in a game that to me was supposed to be about mythical creatures fighting. It really wouldn’t have bugged me too much if they had been made as a nice little subtype like Gravekeeper’s or Dark World…. but Konami has given then 5 sets of support. And they still suck.

To be the problem is that they lose advantage quickly, in a game where you want to generate card advantage to be competitive they do the opposite. Essentially giving the opponent the win.

Fortunately for ehero fans today is Wildheart, the one ehero that I can stand because he actually had a good effect. Wildheart has decent stats 1500/1600 and being Earth and a Warrior means he can see use in Rat Control and Warrior decks, cards like Giant Rat, Rota and most importantly Lady of the Wasteland :P. His effect though earned my respect. Being immune to traps means that he is essentially a guaranteed attack in the current format. Unfortunately he most likely would be attacking a flip effect monster (deko/merchant/mof) so the opponent will probably maintain advantage.

He is best suited as a tech card to side in against decks maining 3xsaku and 3xwidespread. This way one you clear the field you’ll be able to start dealing damage. Unfortunately a simple Cyber Dragon or DDA will be able to run over wildheart given the opponent +1. But at the same time had he been given larger stats he would have been splashed in almost everydeck.

Aside from this he sees his uses in a Last Turn variant and in of course Ehero decks…..

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 2.8/5 (I can’t believe I gave an ehero that high of a mark ><)


Whee!  It’s Kyle Gibney!  Oh wait, this is a different super-hero named Wildheart


Elemental Hero Wildheart is a Monster that doesn’t lend itself to my normal breakdown style, because nearly everything about his stats is colored by his effect is colored by his combos.  First and foremost, he is an Elemental Hero.  So, for better or worse, all the Elemental Hero support is his.  The “or worse” is just there because a lot of the support is haphazard.  Some might feel that it’s better than no support, but others feel that having support raises expectations and thus bad support is worse than no support at all.


As a quick reference, here are the currently released Elemental Hero support cards that can help Elemental Hero Wildheart.

  • Bubble Shuffle – Quick-Play Spell.  It requires Elemental Hero Bubbleman and an opposing Monster both in face-up ATK mode, plus another Elemental Hero in hand to activate.  It shifts them both in play Monsters to DEF Position and then Tributes the Bubbleman to Special Summon the Elemental Hero in hand.

  • Cyclone Boomerang – Equip Spell.  The bad news is it is an Elemental Hero Wildheart only equip.  The good news is that it has respectable 500 ATK increase and when the equipped Monster is destroyed by an effect, you not only destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field, but inflict 100 points of damage for each card destroyed by the effect.

  • Elemental Hero Wildedge – Fusion/Effect Monster.  The Fusion of Wildheart and Bladedge.  Fusion Summon only.  Can attack all of your opponent’s Monsters.

  • Hero Barrier – Normal Trap. If you have a face-up Elemental Hero in play, you can activate this and negate one attack from an opponent’s Monster.

  • Hero Heart – Normal Spell.  You select an Elemental Hero you control, halve the attack, and during the Battle Phase, it can attack twice.  Note that it halves the ATK at the activation: adding an Equip card will provide the full bonus.

  • Hero Signal – Trap card.  If one of your Monsters in play dies as a result of Battle, you can Special Summon a Level 4 or under Elemental Hero.

  • Miracle Fusion – Normal Spell.  Wednesday’s CotD, so you can read up on this alternative to Polymerization then.

  • Skyscraper – Field Spell.  When an Elemental Hero attacks a Monster with whose ATK is higher than the Elemental Hero’s ATK, raise said Elemental Hero’s ATK by 1000 during the damage step.  More on this later in the week.

  • Wroughtweiler – Effect/Monster.  When it’s sent to the Graveyard as a result of Battle, you can reclaim one card with Elemental Hero in its name, and a Polymerization.


I tried to list all their support that would actually matter for Elemental Hero Wildheart himself.


Back to the actual card itself, Elemental Hero Wildheart is blessed by a near perfect combination of stats… perfect if you game balance means more than “everyone has access to the same cards”.  For those who like cards to be reasonably powered but work best in a theme… well, this is pretty much spot on.  A Level 4 Monster means a no-Tribute Normal Summon.  Being a Warrior means even more support, and unlike the Elemental Hero specific support, this stuff borders on broken.  For example, Reinforcements of the Army can nab it from your deck with ease.  Being an Earth type is also quite solid.  Earth has some good support, so thanks to the effect (nearly to it) it has a place there as well.  The 1500 ATK is a bit low, but makes it über-searchable: Sangan, Last Will, Giant Rat, and Warrior Lady of the Wasteland can all nab it due to that “low” ATK score.  Note it is the highest ATK score that would permit this.  Ironically, it almost could use being 50 points lower, so it could slip under Messenger of Peace.  The DEF is a nice solid 1600, which means the opponent will usually need a “real” beatstick to take it down.


But in the end, it’s the effect.  What is the effect? Elemental Hero Wildheart is immune to the effects of Traps, at least while it’s face-up and in play.  It can be chosen as a target for Traps, but when that part of the effect resolves, it won’t do anything to Elemental Hero Wildheart.  So if you summon it with Call of the Haunted, once its in play Call of the Haunted just sits there, inert.  Just like if it had revived Jinzo.  If you activate Torrential Tribute, you blow up every Monster but Elemental Hero Wildheart.  Because it was listed in the rulings, if you choose a Trap like Two-Pronged Attack and chose Elemental Hero Wildheart as a target, when it resolves, the other Monsters die, but Elemental Hero Wildheart stays alive.  This versatility has earned it a place in decks other than Elemental Hero, and makes it more a less a staple in Elemental Hero decks.  Warrior Toolbox should like it for a solid ATK Monster that ignores Gravity Bind, Bottomless Trap Hole, Torrential Tribute, Magic Cylinder, Sakurestu Armor, Widespread Ruin, etc.




Traditional       : 1.5/5 – It probably won’t be too useful: it’s not the right Attribute for Chaos and there’s so much Monster- and Spell-based removal it just won’t be that useful.


Advanced        : 3.5/5 – This is a composite score.  For decks in general, it rates a little lower, but is still useful.  For specialized decks, like Elemental Hero and Warrior Toolbox, it’s much more vital and thus scores higher.


Limited            : 3/5 – As far as I can tell, he’s only in Elemental Energy, which means that there is a single Trap in the entire set, Chthonian Blast was the only Trap I could find that would affect him.  He doesn’t even appear to have any support in this set other than Hero Barrier in the set.  There’s no card to initiate a Fusion Summon, so Wildedge, also in this set, doesn’t count.  Still, for Limited, he is a solid Monster just for his stats.  Not great, but solid.



Elemental Hero Wildheart may be the best of the Elemental Hero cards, at least so far.  His full potential can only be seen in an Elemental Hero deck, but he can fit into Earth and Warrior decks at the very least, as well.  There might be a few other decks based on Traps that can abuse his immunity.  All in all, a good card.


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