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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Nightmare Steelcage
Common (Japanese card shown)

Monsters cannot attack and cannot be attacked for 2 turns (using opponents turn). After 2 turns, this card is destroyed.

Type - Spell
Card Number - SD6-JP031

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.3
Advanced: 2.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.01.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Nightmare's Steelcage

Like Burn decks weren't bad enough already.

The regular cookie-cutter deck won't need protection beyond Swords of Revealing Light -- and even then, Swords is falling out of favor with many of them due to it being a -1. A very good -1, but with card advantage so important, that does mean a lot.

However, Burn decks don't do much attacking anyway. The fact that Steelcage stops you from attacking as well won't really matter. 3 of this + a Swords is 9 turns. If you leave a Burn deck alone with even a mediocre setup for 9 turns, you're dead.

...oh yeah, and Final Countdown just got a sick boost as well. I haven't seen one of those get played in months. Maybe someone could try it out and see if it works well. If it does, take it to a Regional. If it does well, give me the list so I can netdeck it* :p

1/5 in Traditonal
2/5 in regular Advanced, 4.5/5 in Burn or Final Countdown decks in Advanced
(so 3.25/5 for the average rating)
*Mandatory "I'm a dirty netdecker" comment requirement satisfied.

Coin Flip
Nightmare Steelcage continues the trend of short reviews. Generally, this card isn't good. There aren't many places where it is good. But then again, to say that this card sucked EVERYWHERE would be ignoring the overabundance of decks out there that require or request heavy stasis of the game for several turns… that noone is playing.

Granted, this is awesome in Stein OTK, some Exodia decks, and Final Countdown, but noone cares about the latter two and Stein OTK has better choices, really.

Traditional: 1.2/5
Advanced: 2.2/5

Final Countdown:
5/5 both formats


Due to what even I consider to be the simple nature of this card, I shall just give a brief review without my normal breakdown, since they’d be as short as or shorter than the last few, and be awkward since they’d keep referring to something out of order, even if I re-arranged the order.


This is a Normal Spell that pretends to be a Continuous Spell: as long as Nightmare’s Steel Cage is in play, neither player can attack.  The card automatically destroys itself after two of your opponent’s End Phases have occurred.  Naturally, if it is removed from the field, its effect disappears.


There is a word for this card: bait.  While most decks won’t have much use for it, seeing as they could be running Swords of Revealing Light or Messenger of Peace for more friendly, controllable attack blocking, “stall” decks or decks that just need a certain combination of Monsters in play before they can go for the win can make use of this card.  Use this early game so your opponent has to sit through it or else burn Spell/Trap removal on it… instead of on the more useful cards like Swords of Revealing Light.  Additionally, you could add a turn by using Giant Trunade on after your opponent’s first turn of being blocked.


I can’t say I’d recommend using a stall deck in Traditional, so this card’s not going to score too well there.  In Advanced, Stall/Burn decks aren’t half bad, and this can help them.  It can also be added to other decks, but I think we have better choices, as above.  This card currently isn’t legal for any official Limited Tournaments, but if it were, it’d be fairly nice since you could save it to buy yourself some breathing room, and possible protect enough Monsters to get a nice big Tribute Summon done.



Traditional      : 1/5

Advanced        : 3/5

Limited           : N/A


Dark Paladin
Today we look at Nightmare Steelcage, a card I really don't like and see possibly working in and ONLY in an Exodia deck. Why? Exodia decks are part stall after all and Nightmare Steel Cage stops BOTH players from attacking, which I believe is pointless. Why would you want to hinder yourself as well?


1/5 all
3.5/5 Exodia/Exodia Side-deck

Art: 3/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Rj Nightmare Steelcage

This card remains face-up on the field for 2 of your opponent's turns. No monsters can attack. Destroy this card during your opponent's 2nd End Phase after this card was activated.

There, I posted the effect so you know what this is. Because when I was told this was todays CoTD, I sure didnt know what the hell it was.

This card is...pretty good. I think.

It acts like a SoRL, but just for two turns. Thats pretty much it ;/. Oh, and it doesnt flip their monsters up.

I dunno where this would be good at, honestly. Just have to see how the metagame reacts to this.

I won't use it, though. Just use SoRL, and stall has better options in LLAB and MoP.

Traditional - 2/5
Constructed - 2/5


Dark Maltos


Nightmare’s Steel Cage

Hey guys, I’m back, and what a card to review? From the other cards so far, I bet you can guess what Friday’s card is.

Nightmares Steel cage is a magic little stall card from the new Spellcaster deck , and quite a welcome addition to the wide variety of stall spells that there are nowadays . This card has been in many a video game for some time now, not to mention making an anime appearance in the first ever summoning of Slifer the Sky Dragon - Nice.

The effect is simple, as long as this card is face up NOTHING ( besides an assortment of delightful lv up monsters, The legendary fisherman and spell canceller to name a few) can attack. Neither you, or the opponent. Pretty handy as if you run this, you most probably don’t want to attack anyway, i.e. Burn.

Overall, it’s a handy card that’ll give you 2 extra turns if it isn’t destroyed by countless Dust Tornado’s, Heavy Storms, Morbius’s , Breaker, Chiron, Mystical Space typhoon, Dark Magic Attack…..

1/5 in Traditional : Stall wont work here.
3/5 in Advanced : Stall MAY work here
Art ; 3/5 - Not bad

Nightmare's Steelcage:
Swords of Revealing Light's little, pointier, and less etherial brother.

While this is on the field, no monster can attack.
Swords is used by control decks to stall the opponent while they continue to attack with Don and other happy little elves. You can't do that with Steelcage. Hence, no deck that relies on attacking should use it.
So, that leaves stall decks. They've already got Swords, Gravity Bind, Level Limit - Area B, and Messenger of Peace. They seem pretty well serviced in the "continuous cardthat stops attacks" department, and most of them don't blow themselves up after a depresingly short two turns. Now, if for some reason you can't get your hands on any of these, go ahead and use Nightmare Steelcage. Don't otherwise.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2/5

Share and enjoy,

Bob Doily
Nightmare’s Steelcage review

I’m back. First off I wanted to start by apologizing to all my readers out there for having not done reviews in awhile. Last week I had three projects each worth 10% of my grade, and between that and work I just didn’t’ have the opportunity to get in my reviews. Things have slowed down now and I back. Also I’ve worked on the reviews that I’ve missed both last week and this week, so they should be up once they staff has the chance to do that.

Another toned down card. This is essentially a toned down version of Swords of Revealing Light. The upsides are that this version has both better wording to it’s effect, and that it can be used in multiples to benefit various decks that need stall cards. The downside is that it lasts one less turn (which is fair) and that you can’t attack. That is the major flaw to this card. Swords of Revealing Light is best used as an offensive card, and without that benefit to this card it is really brought down. This effectively shuts you both down when what you really want is to have a card that lets you press advantage by requiring the opponent to eliminate both the backfield and the monster board with limited resources.

Really outside of stall there is no reason to run this card.

Traditional: 0.9/5
Advanced: 2.7/5

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