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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Hammer Shot

Destroy 1 face-up Attack Position monster with the highest ATK on the field.

Type - Spell
Card Number - SD4-EN024

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.375
Advanced: 3.55

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.29.06



Hi everyone.  Sorry I haven’t been reviewing much again.  I’ve been busy with the holidays and amongst my Christmas gifts I got Lego Star Wars II, which I can’t seem to stop playing, and highly recommend to nearly everyone.


Anyway, to the point: go back and read my highly abridged reviews of the rest of this week’s cards to see some of the tricks that the other reviewers missed (not including anyone else sneaking late ones in like me).  If they aren’t up when you get there… keep checking back.


Now for today’s CotD, Hammer Shot.  Based on what I know of the game, I’d assume most would be running Smashing Ground or Fissure over this, since they can’t backfire.  Hammer Shot is a good card though, in fact a bit too good: it’s a Spell that can kill any Monster if it’s the only one in play, face-up, and in ATK position.  Now, think about how Yu-Gi-Oh works: you attempt to clear out your opponent’s side of the field quite frequently, and usually a player’s Monsters last only a few turns at best.  That means one should find one’s self in a situation of having no Monsters in play, while the opponent has some attackers on the field, quite often.  If most currently played single creature kill were banned tomorrow, then this would be a likely candidate to replace it all (note I am including Traps and Monsters, not just Spells).  You’d still be trading a Spell card (play as many as you have provided you have a Spell/Trap Zone free) for a Monster (one Normal Summon or Set per turn).


However, right now, as far as I know, it’s probably not going to be your first choice for Monster removal, though running it instead of the better choices shouldn’t render a deck unplayable.




Traditional: 1/5


Advanced: 2.5/5


Dark Paladin
I'll take "Cards that you should probably play one of or at least have one in your side deck for $800, please Alex" is our category referring to today's card, Hammer Shot.

Hammer Shot has a very simple effect, it destroys the monster on the field with the highet attack. No cost is required, just drop and destroy, what's not to love? Or wait a moment...is it so simple?

If there are multiple monsters on the field with the same attack which happens to be the highest, then you have to choose. Also remember that Hammer Shot doesn't just apply to your opponent. If you forget YOU have the strongest monster on the field, well, you don't anymore.


Traditional: 2.5/5 It works, just there are better things to play.
Traditional Side-deck: 2.75/5 See above

Advanced: 3.75/5 Less destruction options, it's solid Advanced Side-deck: 4.5/5 Not a Side-deck staple, but keep one

Art: 4.5/5 All those poor Goblins

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dark Maltos
Hammer Shot

Depending on the situation this is frequently better than Smashing Ground, and even more readily available. So why is it less used?

Well the thing is, this thing can sting both sides of the playing field, it’s not specific to the opponent. With that in mind you can see the problem, a careless mistake and you can end up sending your Jinzo to the grave whilst their Spirit Reaper giggles manically. I know I’ve been there.

Still, with the Advent of the Gadgets soon upon us expect to see this in place of Smashing Ground for clever little reasons. The Gadgets have LOW attack, and focus on aggro. This thing chases things with high attack and lays the big ol Aggro smaskdown on them. You do the math.

Traditional; ; 3/5 Any 1~4~1 is fairly solid anywhere
Advanced : 4/5

Art ; 4/5 I love Goblin Attack force, don’t you?
MPS ; 3/5 More balanced than your average Smashing Ground, but at the end of the day it’s all too simple for my liking.


Hammer Shot


Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Today’s card is Hammer Shot. Hammer Shot is the distant cousin to Smashing Ground and Fissure. Its effect destroys the highest ATK monsters on the field. Again, it destroys the highest ATK monster on the field.


You’ve got to be careful with this one. It works great in Weenie decks like Gadgets. It has great synergy with Sacred Phoenix if you want to activate her effect on your own. You might see a few Hammer Shots here and there once Gadgets hit the scene in January.


Last Word: A good piece of removal, if you don’t have Smashing Ground or Fissure. Its less generic and has synergy with other monsters and effects. I like it.




Traditional: 3/5

Advanced: 4/5


Bryan "DeathJester" Camareno

E-Mail: deathjester86@gmail.com

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Wow, Hammer Shot huh? Well, it can work, but it can hurt you too. It works in a few very rare decks, like Magical Explosion OTKs, because you can destroy your own Dark Magician of Chaos and also fuel your Graveyard for Magical Explosion. You shouldn't run this if you are running a lot of strong Monsters, and I would still even rarely run it if I was running little weaklings. You can lose more than you gain, and it also doesn't destroy a Monster in Defense Position. The strongest Monster on your opponent's side of the field, might not be the best one, so I would run Smashing Ground or even Fissure over this card.

Final ratings:

Traditional: 1/5-There is Dark Hole, Raigeki, Smashing Ground, Lightning Vortex, and other better forms of Monster Removal in this format

Advanced: 1/5-Still, once again, we have better forms of destruction.

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