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Winged Sage Falcos

You can return your opponent's face-up Attack Position monster, that this card destroyed and sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, to the top of your opponent's Deck.

Type - Winged Beast/Effect Level 4
Card Number - DR1-EN020

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.3
Advanced: 1.83

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.28.06


Dark Paladin
I'll take "Monsters that are so close to being good for $1000, please Alex." I am referring to Winged Sage Falcos, who gets an extra .5 just for having a sweet name.

Winged Sage Falcos is a Level 4 monster of the Wind attribute, which is always cool. 1700 attack is a bit low, but solid enough, and 1200 defense which is pretty meaningless.

The effect--if Winged Sage Falcos destroy a monster on your opponent's field, and once it hits the Graveyard, you can return it to the top of the owner's deck. I love cards that do this, because I think lock decks like that are sweet.

Pause--I left out a small part of the effect. The monster destroyed has to be in ATTACK postion, which severely lowers the playability of my bird friend here.


1.5/5 all (It does something, but only got .5 for the name)

Art: 3.5/5 That's one big bird.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Dark Maltos
Winged Sage Falcos

For some reason, Winged Sage Falcos’ effect seems like it could be as much a blessing as it is a curse which really acts against it’s inclusion in any deck. Think about it.

You run you’re freshly summoned Falcos onto the field, and have a look around. Now his effect only works on attack mode monsters, so that rules out those 2 face -down threats. You can’t attack them as then he’d just be a 1700 attack wind monster, might as well stick in a Luster Dragon. You can’t kill that Cyber Dragon either so now you’re pretty screwed, it kinda makes you wonder why you summoned Falcos in the first place, especially with that Spirit Reaper in your hand.

Now obviously that was all a joke, but do you see what I’m getting at? Not much is left in attack mode these days, and when it is it’s probably got more attack than Falcos anyway. If it were me, I’d give the guy a miss. I can’t really think of a best case scenario for this one, although I’m sure Tebezu probably will….I’m not sure why…

Traditional : 1/5
Advanced ; 1/5

Art ; 2/5 Decent art, poorly designed.
MPS ; 2/5 Nice try bird - brain.

Okay. Let me try the Winged Sage Falcos one. Can you just do the avatar I have now for my picture on the COTDs?

Winged Sage Falcos. Hmm, this card is actually pretty unbelievable. Really underrated.. I mean, think about it. It is a Winged Beast, which means you can use Icarus Attack on it when it is about to get destroyed. It also has a solid 1700 ATK for a 4 star Monster. It's Defense is decent, but Defense isn't too much to worry about now. It's effect is very interesting though. Our friend Falcos has the ability to bounce back a Monster to the top of the deck if it destroyed the Monster while it was in Face-Up Attack Position. Kind of like a mini Mystical Knight of Jackal. Overall, a cool little beast that can really work. The downside to it is that in this format, most of the Monsters go in face-down position, which will not allow its effect to work. Great for running over Hydrogeddons though.

Final rating:
Advanced: 3/5-It's pretty good here

Traditional: 1.5/5-If you are wanting to run Chaos, this might conflict a bit. Not so good here.

This is YGOmaster, signing off.


Winged Sage Falcos is a Level 4 Wind/Winged-Beast/Effect Monster.  It has a respectable 1700 ATK and 1200 DEF as it is an effect Monster.  The effect is simple: if this Monster destroys (and sends to the Graveyard) an opponent’s ATK position Monster in battle, you can elect to send it to the top of their deck instead.  Even if it’s a nice monster your opponent will just re-Summon (or even re-Special Summon, like Cyber Dragon) the next turn, you blocked your opponent’s “real” draw.


What, you say Winged Sage Falcos is too weak to kill anything likely to be in ATK position?  Well, good thing that it will be one to three cards in your deck of at least 40 cards.  As you know, I have less of an issue with Field Spells than other people, and Rising Air Current ups this to a 2200 ATK, enough to beat Cyber Dragon.  Even in generic Wind decks, Harpie Lady 1 is useful since it ends up being a searchable “1600” ATK (the 300 ATK boost then raising Falcos to a respectable 2000 ATK).  You can also focus on using things like Rush Recklessly to raise its ATK for one hit… on your opponent’s turn.  Oh, isn’t that nice?  If one attack’s, one’s Draw Phase may be forfeit.  Not attacking, though, is almost as dangerous.  If Shrink were more common, it’d be better still (since Shrink, unlike Rush Recklessly, can be used defensively).  You can also use cards to force your opponent’s weaker, would-be Sets into face-up ATK position…


All in all, Winged Sage Falcos is a good card for Winged-Beast decks and for specialty bounce decks designed with it in mind.




Traditional: 1/5


Advanced: 3.5/5 (in specialized decks)

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