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Victory Dragon
Secret Rare

This card cannot be Special summoned. To Tribute Summon this card, you must Tribute 3 Dragon-Type monsters. If this card attacks you opponent directly and reduced their Life Points to 0, you win the match.

Type - Dragon/Effect Level 8
Card Number - JUMP-EN011

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1
Advanced: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.26.06


Dark Paladin
Today we look at another card of interest to many people, Victory Dragon. Now, let's start this review by being very frank...this card is for use for ONLY the competitive, intelligent, tournament scene player.

Or, to stay safely in your collector or trade binder. Victory Dragon has a place in and only in the Dragon deck, in my opinion. He is Level
8 with a paltry 2400 attack and a solid 3000 defense. Then the effect...

You have to tribute THREE Dragon type monsters from your field in order to summon Victory Dragon. You have to do all that putting you at a -2 resource wise, and then Victory Dragon could fall into a Bottomless Trap Hole or something. Perhaps fall prey to a DD Warrior Lady or a DD Assailant?

Victory Dragon's awesomeness lies in the second effect however, if he attacks your opponent directly, and their lifepoints hit 0, you win the match. The MATCH, not the duel. For the uneducated, Match is 2 out of
3 Duels. Got it? That is incredible, especially obviously if accomplished in Duel 1.


5/5 Dragon (Competitive Tournament Deck)
1/5 elsewhere, all formats

5/5 Art

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)



Victory Dragon


Total and complete garbage. The reason for this is not the cards fault though. His effect, summoning requirements, and 1 per deck restriction all make this a balanced card. But the fact a player can scoop during any turn for any reason, thus forcing the game into an automatic duel # 2 (IF YOU SUMMON HIM IN DUEL ONE) makes you smack your head for playing this monster. Unless the rules for scooping are changed to apply only on the scooping players turn, this will never see play or deserve it.


Victory Dragon


Finally! We get Victory Dragon. How long have we been waiting for it? How unfortunate that we have to get it while it’s restricted to 1.


Victory Dragon has decent stats (2400 ATK/3000 ATK) for being a Tribute monster. You have to Tribute 3 Dragon-type monsters in order to Tribute Summon this card. Not so good.


When this card deals battle damage and reduces your opponent’s LP to 0; you win the match. That’s awesome. Unfortunately, we have a nifty rule in our basic Starter Deck rulebook that reads along the lines of: “At any point during a Duel a player may concede.” In other words: “If Victory Dragon is going to attack you for game…scoop before he does.” You can make a huge debate about the morality of this rule, but it’s legit. Would you want to lose the match to Victory Dragon?


Last Word: Finally we get the Victory Dragon card to make the Victory Dragon. Sadly, it’s a tad too late. I have high hopes for the next Ban List though. Nothing on that list is going to stay banned or restricted forever.




Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 3/5


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Victory Dragon suffers from a questionable rule enabling one to concede the current Duel at any time, regardless of turn or interrupting any other effects.  So even though Victory Dragon has what otherwise is a very cool effect (winning the whole match if it delivers a direct attack that drops the opponent’s LP to zero), since the rule about concession… wait… I can’t find that rule in the Official Rulebook Version 6.0.  Well, if the rule is there and I just kept overlooking it, the card is meant just to look pretty (which it actually does do bizarrely well).  If that rule has been/will be changed/nullified/whatever (which means that the wrong ruling is very widespread), then it is a staple for most Dragon decks (Dragon’s Mirror followed by Return from the Different Dimension sets up for this quite nicely) and its own assorted decks that try to win the entire Match in a single Duel.  Note that if the latter is true, then D. Tribe actually gains a purpose in non-Dragon Victory Dragon decks (it can be activated in response to another effect, leaves an “effect” upon the field, and you only need to shift the type long enough to pull off the Summon).


So 1/5 if you can concede whenever you’d like, or 3.75/5 if you can’t.

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