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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Volcanic Eruption

Activate only during your End Phase while ''Jurassic World'' is on your side of the field. Destroy all cards on the field.

Type - Trap
Card Number - SD09-EN030

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.15
Advanced: 1.66

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.14.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Volcanic Eruption

Really, really bad card unless you have nothing on your field and your opponent horribly overextended.

You can activate it only during YOUR end phase if you have the field spell Jurassic World out. So you nuke the entire field...at the very end of your turn, giving your opponent a completely open field to summon and attack onto. I don't see much good coming from that.

...and if your opponent has 5,001 or more LP and they haven't used Stein yet, it may cost you the game.

I wouldn't play the field spell, and I sure as heck wouldn't play this.



Volcanic Eruption is a Normal Trap with two very specific activation restrictions: End Phase only and while Jurassic World is in play.  Jurassic World is a mildly disappointing Field Spell.  I don’t consider Field Spells to automatically be a waste, and further more I am much more forgiving of them being mere stat bonuses than some others I know.  The reason is my play testing has taught me that sometimes brute force wins.  The +300/+300 bonus Jurassic World gives will put a Dinosaur over most supporting monsters and surpass all but the bigger beatsticks of the relevant level.  For example, Hyrdogeddon now ties Breaker the Magical Warrior when he has a Spell Counter and can easily run over him if he doesn’t.  Sabersaurus can mow down a Cyber Dragon, and Dark Driceratops can dispatch a Monarch.  Since it affects DEF as well as ATK, Black Stego gains the ability to shrug off any sub-Monarch attackers (other than attack/effect kills).  However, in most cases even if one lost Jurassic World while battling, the opponent is at best forcing you to break even.  Better “pressure cards” exist, or so I am repeatedly told.  I understand why cards like Swords of Revealing Light, Messenger of Peace, or Wave-Motion Cannon are used.  If the opponent ignores them, they are incredible, ergo the opponent is often forced to use up valuable S/T removal on them instead of things like your Traps.  The three I listed, at least at one time valued by many for this function, are rarely much help to a core Beatdown strategy, and are sometimes even less useful than a simple attack boost.  Swords of Revealing Light lasts three turns at most (without additional support), Messenger of Peace has a (minor) maintenance cost or else is meant as a single turn stall, and Wave-Motion Cannon takes time – time enough for you to lose before its worth launching and before they need to nuke it.  Sometimes, the simplest choice is the best.  A note of warning, as my “meta” consists mostly of casual play with friends, it is quite likely the pressure card tactic is waning (or has ceased) being relevant for big, tournament level play.  Then again, Dinosaur decks aren’t so great for that anyway. ;)


So, now that I’ve covered why a Dinosaur deck would include Jurassic World (other than to use Volcanic Eruption), the reason to include one of these is simple: even though you’ve got to do it probably the worst time to do it, it clears the entire field.  All monsters and Spells and Traps on each side of the field.  Since Jurassic World has to be in play, obviously this means at least a -2 for you.  So, how likely is your opponent to have at least three cards in play?  Two cards in play, letting you break even in terms of card count at least, is common.  A Spell or Trap and a monster are generally what one assumes an opponent will have in play.  From there, it’s less common but still fairly likely they’ll have one other S/T or a second Monster, though the second Monster is something along the lines of Cyber Dragon, Spirit Reaper, or Sangan.  Other than Sangan, I wouldn’t mind blowing up things like the other two.


This would still be kinda desperate, but fortunately there is an obvious combo for all Volcanic Eruption: Babycerasaurus.  When that Monster Card is sent to the Graveyard by an effect, it lets you search out a Level 4 Dinosaur from your Graveyard.  So just slag the field and get a solid attacker.  That is a lot of effort though unless you’re winning the game with the move (which you won’t be).  It is okay if you’re setting up for, if not a win, a major threat that can win you the game next turn.  That would be Tyranno Infinity.  That is a Level 4 Dinosaur that can get really big, really fast with a little help.  And that is where this card finally finds its niche: setting up Dinosaur combos.  I can only think of three specific low level Dinosaur combos that might be worth using (but probably not in the same deck): Tyranno Infinity, as I just stated (and will discuss in detail in its CotD tomorrow), Black Ptera OTK (which isn’t so much a deck as a handy combo one could add to another Dinosaur-deck), and even Water Dragon decks (Jurassic World would power up the two components to decent levels).


So in the end, this card just barely seems worth running in one specific Dinosaur deck, Tyranno Infinity Rush, which can consider one or two copies of this to make it setting up the kill easier: even with a turn to build, there’s only so much your opponent can do, and Babycerasaurus with this will get Tyranno Infinity into play that much easier.


Ratings (Tyranno Infinity deck)


Traditional: 1/5


Advanced: 3/5


Dark Paladin
Volcanic Eruption is just an excellent name for a card which has an equally sweet picture, this card gets +.5 just for that. Now, what, if anything, else shall I score it...let's see.

Unfortunately, it doesn't really do anything spectacular, nor is it really worth it, just like yesterday. I won't stop you from using it, but I will recommend you don't.


1.5/5 all (+.5 for art and name)

Art: 5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Volcanic Erruption:
To make a Yu-Gi-Oh card name - Step 4: If making a monster card, ensure the name is so over-the-top or long, no one will take the monster seriously. They don't need to.

1. Nuking the field is good.
2. Having to have a rather useless field spell to do so is bad.
3. Peanut butter is good.
4. Having a nuke have to destroy the aforementioned field spell is worse.

Like so many card, this is too hard to activate at a useful time, so one shouldn't bother. I like the efforts make for dinosaurs, but it just isn't enough.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5

Share and enjoy,

Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic Eruption’s effect definitely matches its name. During the End Phase while you have Jurassic World on the field you can blow up the whole field.

The max amount of M/T removal in the average deck is still 3. I think you can pull this off once per duel perhaps; which is still pretty good. Even I have a bit of stigma when it comes to field cards. The only ones I like are Necrovalley and The Legendary Ocean.

There are some more advantages to Volcanic Eruption:

• It doesn’t require you to sacrifice a Jurassic World for the cost.
• It activates during the End Phase; that makes it a bit unpredictable.
• Works well with Black Ptera.
• Gives you the potential to +X on your opponent.
• Equalizes the field situation.

Last Word: Volcanic Eruption is a good card and a field equalizer with a minimal activation condition. Who wouldn’t want to activate this kind of effect in the End Phase? Your opponent will hardly be capable of handling that kind of threat. I’m going to try this later on next week.


Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 4/5

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