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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin
Super Rare

Once per turn, by discarding 1 card from your hans, look at your opponent's hand and select 1 Monster Card in it. If there is a monster, destroy the selected Monster Card and inflict 500 damage to you oppoentn. If there is no monster on your side of the field with ATK greater than or equal to the ATK of the selected monster, take 500 damage.

Type - Warrior/Effect
Card Number - POTD-EN003

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.1
Advanced: 1.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.28.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin

Meh...it's support, and it can take away opponent's options, but it's a 1:1 at best and so is its Contact Fusion.

Aqua Dolphin on its own, however, is just sub-par. It's a 600/800 that lets you discard in order to attempt to discard from your opponent and do 500. Last time I checked, 500 wasn't a lot of damage on its own, and getting rid of weak monsters may hamper your opponent (it sure does when you do it for several turns, like with Deck Devastation Virus), but a 1:1 exchange isn't worth it.

I don't see Contact Fusions being playable, nor any of the pieces except for one.

1/5 all

Aqua Dolphin:
I somehow don't see why a dolphin needs to be specified as being Aqua. I thought that was assumed.

Despite his funny name, Aqua Dolphin isn't much fun.
With stats a Mask of Darkness could defeat, any effect is only important for one turn, and this effect doesn't even matter for that long. You discard a card to maybe discard a card from your opponent. If it went the other way round, it might be better (but that would trigger Dark World, and we can't have that, now).

Now, a subtle difference here is that this card actually *destroys* cards in the hand, which is something so many newbies want to happen and never does. Hence, allow this card nowhere near them while they learn the difference between discard and destroy.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5

Share and enjoy,



This monster is OK in the respect it has a fusion to go along with it. It is easily searchable by some cocoon thing, mother grizzly, sangan, last will, and reinforcements of the army.

But the effect limits its playability, having to pick a monster kinda hurts. Even worse are the huge 600 stats. So in the end it will more than likely die in battle and will probably not kill anything. Sangan even runs him over. Skelengal can run him over.

I don't like small monsters that do not warrant play. Just run Don Zaloog, spirit reaper, or even Submerineroid in its place.

Submerineroid is freaking cool. It pokes and defends. On top of that, both of these monsters combo well with water art-AOI.

The dolphin gets a 1.6/5

not really worth running. Has a cool picture though.

Dark Maltos


Neo - Spacian Aqua Dolphin :

THAT is no Dolphin by anyone’s standards. Is like a sort of fish - man thing, but it looks more like a Dinosaur -dude to me. Ahhh well.

Aqua Dolphin is a recent edition to the game, and yet another attempt to make E hero’s happen. The way it does this is fusing with the leader of all the E Heroes, Neos (yowza) in order to make a pretty sweet monster for a turn via ‘Contact’ fusion.

As a stand alone card, Aqua Dolphin isn’t that bad. Terrible stats, though. Essentially, you trade one card from your hand in hopes of doing the same to your opponent , depending on the attack strengths of the monsters in their hand. Doing this with a Mobius or a Jinzo on your side of the field, (or even better , a Neos) will almost guarantee that this will pay off, so on the whole, not that bad. You even up the cost and manage to see the whole opposing strategy as well as choose to get rid of the monster bugging you the most. Oh yeah, then you do a wee bit of damage.

Still, this card gets its main kicks from an E hero deck , but does it stay true to theme, and will it help them out? Well, in my opinion, no.

As far as I can see it, E hero’s have enough of a hard time trying to fit all their random cards in already, without trying to make room for Neos and his Spacian followers. They need their own deck type to REALLY work well, and that ‘Contact fusion’ that they rely on is really pretty unstable, especially considering that they’ll be gone regardless of what happens at the end of the turn. That’s why I deem these cards doomed to fail. A huge investment for not that much of a Payoff.

Traditional ; 1/5
Advanced ; 2/5

Art ; 2/5 UI wanted a Robo dolphin, its been AGES since I’ve seen a Robo dolphin .
MPS : 35 I’m attached to this card, I really am.

Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin


Basic Summary: This week we got some new E-Hero/D-Hero cards to review in the new PoTD, Now first there was normal E-Hero then later on Destiny Hero now Neo-Spacian wow maybe another decktypes needs some help hmmm maybe konami. Now for all the new ones released this one isn't that bad. Even for a discard you get a Confiscation only for monsters which is decent plus the added burn but if you're running a E-Hero/Spacian hand advantage probally very important to you rather then discarding cards each turn. Reinforcements of the Army or Mother Grizzly ( Maybe Dolphin tech in Water deck ) can fetch this plus the obvious Sangan but one of the things that gets me upset is that it has horrible ATK/DEF.


Conclusion: Not bad but not that great one of the better cards oriented with E-Hero released lately, I still like Neo-Spacian Dark Panther better in my opinion


Traditional Format > 1/5: Neo-Spacian deck in traditional you're crazy


Advance Format > 1/5 ( General ) 5/5 ( Neo-Spacian )


Artwork 2/5: Flipper anyone ???



Pippin Yeah! Just what we need. More funky freaks in spandex trying to rip off the consumer of their hard earned cash. Geez.

This card has its moments. Unfortunately none of them are game ending. As is evident by its stats, this card will not find its way into a normal warrior deck. It is a Neo-Spacian which means Fusion and can be summoned by the Chrysilis thigy. Who cares?

At the risk of a card AND 500 Lp you get a chance to look at your opps hand, select a monster and if it has less Atk than a monster on your side of the field, discard it and the Opp takes 500 Lp. If it has MORE atk than your monsters, you take 500 Lp and they do not lose a card. Its effect is pretty good burn and hand distruction, unfortunately it seems Konami has a vendetta against that deck type (We miss you D. Duo, Forceful Sentry, Gravity Bind in Threes).

With the death of Chaos, attribute makes less of an impact so you can't hold its water against it. Unfortunately, as with every other ban, most people in my meta go back to Beatdown or Beastdown decks. This makes it hard to find a monster smaller than yours, and to keep this guy on the field.

Bottom Line:
Traditional: 1/5 - no. Not dark or light. Its wet.
Advanced: Neo-Spacian Deck - 3/5 Why not? You are asking for trouble anyway.
Everywhere else: No/5 (1/5)

Art: 1/5 Give him a fish and teach him tricks.

Until Next Time, the governments is planning on strapping bombs to Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin and teaching him to seek out submarines. Go little fella, defend our country.



Bryan Camareno a.k.a. DeathJester


Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin: POTD-EN003


Welcome back to Pojo.com’s Card of the Day! I hope everyone had a great weekend we are 4 days away from the format shifting over to the new Ban List. Many duelists are testing frantically to determine what the “Decks to Beat” will be and how to stop them. I personally have 13-14 decks I have to build and test before my first event on September 30th. Besides all of that excitement I’m here today to review Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin.


Aqua Dolphin is a quirky card. It’s got a good effect sure, but right off-the-bat you see that it requires another monster on the field to be truly effective. Thus, you are committing 3 cards to kill one monster in the same turn. That’s pretty bad. Naturally, you’ll have to play this bad boy in a Water deck. Water decks probably have the best ways to regain lost advantage through cards like Mobius the Frost Monarch and Salvage. Water decks are tricky to play. They have potential as Control decks or Aggro decks.


To play this card right you’ll have to find a situation where that 2-3 card commitment will finish in your favor. Here are some examples:


1.      Cyber Dragon + Aqua Dolphin + Discard for Dolphin’s effect + Cyber Dragon attacks opponent’s monster.

2.      Aqua Dolphin + Discard for Dolphin’s effect + larger ATK monster hit’s opponent’s monster.

3.      Cyber Dragon + Aqua Dolphin + Discard for Dolphin’s effect + Cyber Dragon attacks opponent’s monster + Salvage.


What else is good about the effect is that you can look at your opponent’s hand, pluck a potentially annoying monster, and it doesn’t activate a Dark World monster’s effect. I like that about this card. At the very least, if there are no monsters you get a peek at the hand by discarding a Night Assailant, Treeborn Frog, or Tribute monster. If they don’t have a monster then you get a free peek. Not bad.


Last Word: The card isn’t horrible and it’s got a cool effect. It’s a bit too weak to survive a turn. Then again, if it gets destroyed there’s always Salvage (which I love). With Salvage you essentially lost nothing. I’d play this card in a Water deck and make it work.


Traditional: 1/5 (Much too slow for this format)

Advanced: 3/5


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