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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Secret Rare

If this card is destroyed by a card effect, Special Summon this card during your next Standby Phase. If you Special Summon this card in this way, destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field.

Type - Winged Beast/Effect
Card Number - EEN-ENSE3

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.03
Advanced: 3.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.23.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

And now for the big winner in the "my restricted status didn't change but I'm infinitely better because of the new list" department, we have the flaming chicken!

Sacred Phoenix was always good, just considered unplayable for most of the formats. Originally it was because BLS still saw play...then because everyone ran Bottomless to deal with card-advantage hungry Mobii (Mobiuses), then because Chaos was the flavor of the year and your bird was going to get removed without the opponent even losing any life points or card advantage.

Chaos Sorcerer's banning means that your opponent has three less cards that can get rid of the Phoenix without its effect going off. With D. D. Assailant not having been run in a while (expect it to come back now) and Bottomless Trap Hole also mere tech since the last format (expect it to come back as well), many decks may only have ONE RFG answer left! Sure, there's the Mobius or Zaborg or Jinzo crashing into it, but given that your opponent probably had to Tribute to bring that monster out, and if you used Hand of Nephthys, you got away with it from the Deck, your opponent will probably be in dire straits with whatever way they do get rid of the Phoenix.

...and it gets even better if they did kill it with a card effect, as you get a free revival and free Heavy Storm next turn, giving your Phoenix an almost-guaranteed straight shot at the opponent's life points (barring set monsters, a chained Scapegoat, or a summoned Kycoo doing damage and removing it.)

But really, any good Phoenix deck's viability is going to be in how few ways the opponent has to get around it triggering its effect. Therefore...


Traditional: 2/5 (Envoys still > this but it has many more ways for the effect to trigger)

Advanced: 4.5/5, minus .5 for each card your opponent is running that will remove Phoenix from the game, not counting the obligatory D. D. Warrior Lady.

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

It will rise from the grave and it will devour your children. Raining fire and brimstone onto all its adversaries.

With the banning of chaos, mausoleum of the emperor, and no more snatch steal, apprentice toolbox will finally be able to run the phoenix with little draw back outside a well placed soul exchange/brain control or bottomless trap hole. I think it will see some play and it is definitely an archetype worth working with, yet I still don't see it dominating the format. People will start to max out on bottomless trap holes to combat it. I am assuming phoenix players will not be running royal decree (sense it is not chainable) and will take on the My Body as a Field Approach. A monarch player is just going to tribute it off, a bazoo player will run it over, machines have limiter removal on top of other att. increasing spells/Quick Plays like enemy controller and rush recklessly. Warrior has D.D. Assailant and D.D. Warrior Lady.

At first I can see it being used, but it will eventually die out as a fad. Just so much slower than the monarch build. But nonetheless a good card which merits play. (AND MAY BE INCLUDED IN THE MONARCH BUILD)


I also worn you to be wary of Mr. fire monarch. People have been testing him out again. Nothing would make you feel sicker than a soul exchange on phoenix and then the discard of a card. AND WE ALL KNOW NOBODY WANTS TO RUN Dark World. Yet if you think about it, it merits play.

Dark Maltos
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

Without Chaos being dominant, a lot of new deck types are finding room to breathe. Nephthys is one of them. I’m currently using one myself. She’s pretty sweet.

There’s not much left to get rid of her, that’s what it all boils down to. Sure there’s Bottomless Trap hole, and DD Warrior lady, but they’re 2 cards in a whole deck . Bottomless could push that to 4, but that’s unlikely. Bottomless’s popularity has decreased with RFTDD’s popularity INCREASING, but that could all be set to change in the coming months.

The other way around her coming back is battle, but considering that 2400 is the maximum attack played today , that could be easier said than done. Obviously her defense is the way to go, but the lack of Tsukuyomi means we’ve only got Enemy Controller and Book of moon left to us, so potentially she’s devastating.

To use her at all stick a couple of Hand’s and an Apprentice magician into virtually and deck and you’re set for your ‘Phoenix variant’. Nephthys is a great card, she’ll keep bouncing back, and combo her with tree born and Dark Dust Spirit and you’re laughing.

Traditional ; 3/5
Advanced ; 4/5

Art ; 4/5 Gorgeous, I feel like chicken tonight, chicken tonight.
MPS : 4/5

Coin Flip
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys is going to see a bit of play as well, even in decks that don't need it. It's a powerhouse, to be sure. Last format, the meta laughed at it and sent this Phoenix Goddess (look carefully at the card art) back to the trade binder.

Welcome to a meta without Snatch Steal, Chaos Sorcerer, or Tsukuyomi. I don't know about you, but my copy of this card just grinned.

It's definitely a good card, and we're probably going to see a lot more of Bottomless Trap Hole because of it. Expect this to be played in quite a few decks by quite a few people. 2400 ATK is only matched by Monarchs (which will also see more play), and with an effect that allows it to come back from any destroy effect (including two very popular additions to decks in the form of the now Semi-Restricted Exiled Force and Restricted Ring of Destruction) means we've actually got to plan our decks according to how we can fit it in and how we can answer a copy of it. No Spirit Reaper means we have fewer defensive walls... Let's just say that Bottomless Trap Hole will definitely see a lot more play, even to protect it in the odd case of a Monarch or an Enemy Controller or Book of Moon.

It also has ridiculous synergy with Treeborn Frog. Set Treeborn, next turn Hand of Nephthys into this Come back, kill all Magic and Trap cards, get back Treeborn, tribute for Zaborg or Thestalos will probably end a ridiculous number of games.

Let me put it like this. This card went from trade bait to a defining card of the format overnight.


4.2/5 Advanced

As usual, the Traditional rating is ridiculously different due to the fact that this card is terrible there.

2.4/5 Traditional


If you get a sense of déjà vu reading this, it would be because I am merely updating my old review.  Large portions will be the same as the old because many basic fundamentals haven’t changed.


Stats                : Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys is a big Level 8 Fire/Winged-Beast.  Pity the Level isn’t one lower; a Ninja would have to be Level 5 or more to use this with Ninjitsu Art of Transformation. ;) At least it is high enough for Lighten the Load, should you wish to run that (probably not a good idea as we’ll see).  Fire does have some good support available, so this is nice… except most of it, we’ll find, isn’t really Phoenix friendly.  The same is largely true of Winged Beasts: most useful Support will be S/T based and in a manner that doesn’t suit Phoenix.


Well, let’s move onto the ATK.  We have 2400.  This is on par with most Level 5/6 Monsters that see play… but this is a Level 8 Monster, so it’s rather puny.  Any Monarch can match this and suicide into Phoenix, which is not an unlikely occurrence as well see.  Although I don’t find Chainsaw Insect to be unbalanced (it has a good drawback effect), note that it now means there’s a Level 4 Monster that can suicide our big bird.  A DEF of 1600 is low enough to also be puny, but high enough that Witch of the Black Forest can’t search it out in Traditional.  Of course, now that Tsukuyomi will be banned, it won’t be quite as bad, but don’t forget there are many position changing cards waiting to fill the void if only people will let them.  Obviously, this card is played for useful combinations and its effects.  You know this since this is not the first time we’ve reviewed the card. 


Effect(s)            : There are two effects to this card.  The first makes Vampire Lord look picky: whenever this card is destroyed by a card effect, in typical phoenix fashion, it revives itself during your next Stand By phase.  This is incredible, and explains the lackluster stat scores: if the ATK/DEF was any higher, this would be nearly impossible to get rid of in a more permanent fashion.  The second effect is mixed: when you Special Summon this card successfully via its own effect, you destroy all Spell/Trap cards on the field.  If it was optional, this card would be phenomenal.  As is, it is still a great card, but requires you avoid using cards that aren’t highly chainable.  Someone used it against me when they didn’t have mostly chainable cards, and it back fired horribly four out of five games.  It did prove sick in that one game out of five, though.


Uses and

Combinations  : Here is where things have changed a bit.  With Chaos Sorcerer gone, the last of the repeatable Remove From Play Monsters is gone.  Being removed from play totally ruins Phoenix since it won’t revive itself unless it goes to the Graveyard.  Macrocosmos decks should still be a problem for it though.  It gains a bit of a boost thanks to Ring of Destruction returning: now if you want you can nuke your own bird to safe it from being removed in play by certain effects, and it’ll come back next turn.


Personally, I think people are being a bit naïve.  First, as stated, we still have a good deck type dedicated to removing the opponent’s stuff (and its own too) from play.  Second, Monster ATK scores are high enough that suiciding into the bird shouldn’t be that hard.  A Monarch deck should be able to survive giving up one of its guys to get rid of Phoenix, and from that point its more luck than skill if you can revive it.  If Phoenix does see a lot of play, that just means we’ll see the return of Bottomless Trap Hole in more decks, probably D.D. Assailant as well.  Pretty easy to dedicate 10% of your deck to messing up Phoenix and as a bonus, Bottomless Trap Hole can annoy the Monarchs as well.  Then there are cards that are useful against Cyber Stein players, like Waboku and Threatening Roar.  Oh, you didn’t kill that Monster in play because I stopped you?  Oh, but there’s nothing useful you can do with a Monster… oh, except tribute it for something bigger?  Sure, most can only tie with Phoenix, but again, that’s what Waboku is for.


Hand of Nephthys is a great tutor, but hurt a bit since we are down to one Apprentice Magician and we still only have on Last Will.  So it’s not as easy to get out as it used to be, though Treeborn Frog offsets it if you go back to before it was out.  However, anyone who experimented with Phoenix recently, like myself, will still feel the loss.




Traditional       : 2.75/5-It’s revival effect will help immensely, and most Monsters won’t be big enough to make a dent.  Still, removing it from play will stop its revival.  Finally, I don’t know if its second effect will matter much in this Format, where we still have both Heavy Storm and Harpies’ Feather Duster to clear the field.


Advanced        : 4/5-It’s still a great Monster and very potent.  Of course, this is a score for a deck that is built for it, either main or side deck.  Notice this is the same score as last time: ultimately things are better and worse than it used to be.  With the lost of Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning we learned how to be more judicious with our Remove From Play effects, so while we lack the easier ones, we know how to use what’s left far better now.



We looked at Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys recently as part of “X3” week in honor of the third X-Men movie (which, even as a former X-Men fanboy who was so excited about the last two, I just wasn’t interested in enough to go see).  Originally we were supposed to look at Exiled Force today, and personally I think we should have since both cards were reviewed recently anyway (the reason it was changed from Exiled Force).  Exiled Force is what will really be impacting the game.


Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys:
Chicken will self-bake.

As far as I'm concerned, this list did very little for Phoenix. OK, Sorcerer won't be removing it from play, but those oh so tutorable little D.D.'s can still get rid of it in a flash. I still await a working Phoenix build as I've always liked her, but I just can't get her to work properly. Best of luck trying, though.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5

Share and enjoy,
MikeJ Scared Pheonix of Nephthys

Basic Summary: This will indeed see much more playability since no longer
do we have triple D.D.Assailant ( a few Formats ago ) or triple Chaos
Sorcerer to stop Pheonix. Pheonix has always been good since it was released in FET plus this was shown at Worlds that same year if I remember correctly.
Now with its searcher Hand of Nephthys which is higher searchable through
Apprentice Magician you can get a big robotic turkey with 2400/1600 with built in Heavy Storm if its destroyed through card effect and unlike Vampire Lord any card effect will do not just your opponents.
Like I mentioned with Ring of Destruction yesterday this & RoD have amazing synergy since Pheonix is destroyed through effect plus you/opponent take 2400 then next turn you sweep the floor of all
Spells/Traps very cool indeed. Even with Hand of Nephthys its still a
2-tribute monster which can very bad if you draw it before you can bring it out with Hand of Nephthys.
Now if you get Pheonix out on the field your opponent nowadays will have a hard time getting rid of its unless they waste removal on it which helps you in the end but look out for Bottomless Trap Hole ( Tomorrows card ) since people will most likely be siding that against Pheonix when Sept 1st comes.

Conclusion: Its risky and deadweight if you draw it early but worth the
effort since it puts pressure on your opponent

Traditional Format > 3/5: This unlike many new cards can do well in
Traditional since there is lots of stuff to destroy it but look out for

Advance Format > 4/5: Very good to run nowadays but I could see it losing
playability in a few months remember people though Dark World was huge when
Gracefull Charity was unbanned.

Artwork > 3/5: Big Flaming Robotic Turkey of Doom.... XD


Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

Today we look at a card that I think will see incredible play in September 1st format, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys. With Chaos gone, this can be a viable deck to play with its awesome effect, and almost nothing will destroy it(although I can name a few).

The effect of this card reads as follows:

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Attrib: Fire
Type: Winged Beast/Effect
Level: 8
Atk: 2400
Def: 1600
If this card is destroyed by a card effect, Special Summon this card during your next standby phase. If you special summon this card successfully in this way, destroy all Spell and Trap cards on the field.

With Chaos gone, Im pretty sure you'll see alot of decks with SPoN in them.
Why? Nothing can get rid of it(cept DDA,DDWL, Brain Control, and trib, overpowering and prob some more). Sure you can Ring it, but it comes back to haunt you anyways, you can Sak it but it will come back to haunt you and so forth.

Its not too hard to bring out either with Hand of Nephthys, and Apprentice mained, so getting it out is easy. But watch out for people maining Bottemless Trap Holes to counter the big bird,as your hard work can be foiled by 1 card. I might even test this new format, this or Monarch Control.

Traditional: 3/5 - Alot of monster destruction, makes it semi-playable.
Sept 1st Format: 4/5 - Definatly a good deck to try.

Hate mail or anything can be sent to freezergeezer111@hotmail.com.

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

Welcome to Wednesday’s Card of the Day. Today we have Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys. Staying true to my theory that the September 1st format will be about monster destruction, Nephthys easily gains some playability.

Sacred Phoenix has never been a card that is extremely easy to summon to the field. She’s an 8-star, 2400/1600 monster that requires two Tributes even if you summon her via Hand of Nephthys. Her strongest points are her ability to be searched from the Deck and “immunity” to ‘destroy’ effects. This ‘immunity’ gives her the chance to hit the field on your next Standby Phase with a ‘Heavy Storm’ effect. Nice. I’ve always liked that about Phoenix.

It’s easy to see where most would think she becomes an excellent pick for the format. Control players will be the ones that benefit the most from this card, since they will have the ample resources to summon this bird reliably. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of Phoenix at the start of the format. If you’re smart, you’ll be playing Bottomless Trap Hole in 2s and 3s. This counter-measure is not only for Phoenix, but for the increased power of Monarch Control decks and Aggro decks.

Phoenix will be played a lot. Make your preparations.

Traditional: 3/5 (There a much better/faster cards.)
Advanced: 4/5

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