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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ring of Destruction
Secret Rare

Destroy 1 face-up Monster Card and inflict Direct Damage equal to the destroyed card’s ATK to the Life Points of both you and your opponent.

Type - Trap Card
Card Number - PGD-000

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.85
Advanced: 4.96

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.22.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Ring of Destruction

Oh, how I've missed this card...

...the last time we had this available to us was in the Goat Control format...you know, where you double-attacked with BLS-Envoy and then Ring for game in the Draw Phase unless the opponent has Book of Moon.

It's a 1+ for 1+ -- similar to many cards we currently play. You lose your Ring and some life points, and your opponent loses a monster (most likely) and some life points..or at very least loses a Book to save their monster. The #1 reason this should be in every attacking deck and most stall decks: It's damage that doesn't put you at a card disadvantage. Ceasefire's great in that it can do up to 5,000 damage and when well-played usually scores at least 1,500-2,000, but unless you negated an opponent's flip that would generate a card or cards, that damage came at the expense of a -1. Now the only expense is that you take that damage as well, and in most aggressive decks, you're looking for ways to shorten the game, this being the biggest one.

UDE's official stance of Ring coming back was that it curbs OTKs. They're half right. It thwarts ONE RANDOM Stein, for several reasons:

*By the time the player can draw into or search out their one random Stein, if a Ring was activated, the player's LP is probably below 5,000

*Without Chaos Sorcerer, Stein can no longer be justified by saying "if all else fails, it's Chaos food". (That still works for Strike Ninja though, so that deck probably CAN run one random Stein without the deck's owner getting belittled for it other than Stein being cheap.)

*A player who blindly Steins into face-downs trying to win a game they know they shouldn't now has 50% more cards that are automatically in the opponent's deck that will screw them over. (Before, you only knew for sure that your opponent was playing Torrential Tribute and Mirror Force -- with Ring in the mix, that back row had better be clear!)

However, it doesn't screw over dedicated Stein, or Stein-sideout, which will just Trunade or Storm it away before even thinking of summoning the broken little monster of ggnore. And given that full-blown Stein is hard enough to get away with as it is with everyone siding Kuribohs and Wabokus and the deck losing a Trunade, bringing Ring back is enough.

...that, and I love the idea of a draw actually becoming commonplace in compeitive Yu-Gi-Oh again. I haven't seen a draw at any decent tourney since Last Turn was legal.

5/5 all. You play this, or you're a newb.

Dark Maltos
Ring of destruction :

Ahhh yes, with every ban list, we get something back, in this case this being the only thing. Still, who’s complaining?

Ring of destruction is one of the best traps in the whole freaking game. Its devilishly simple. Destroy one monster, hit you and the opponent for whatever that monsters attack was as damage to lp. Its chainable, fun and downright deadly. Already it speeds up games and completely re writes the whole format.

This was meant to counter the Cyber stein uprising looming over us, and lets face it, it does a good job. The only problem with it is that outside of that, it’s a very deadly trap. On average , with Cyber Dragons and the like all over the place you get hit for 2000, and consider that that’s 4000 when you take into account the opponent plays one too. That already halves the time games take to play, which is actually pretty sweet in my opinion. Although you could argue that if you luck out and get one of these, it’s a really unfair way of winning.

The thing with ring is that its very hard to dodge around because its so chainable. It renders most Monarchs useless in that sense, and makes Jinzo ( another machine for the pile…) the best counter out there, along with Royal Decree, but that all comes down to timing.

Whether or not Ring being back’s a good thing or not is a matter of opinion. One things for certain though, games end faster with it here, and now we’re not always as safe as we think we are.

Traditional ; 5/5
Advanced : 5/5

Art ; 4/5 I like it better without the grenades, I have to say.
MPS ; 4/5

Coin Flip
I chose this week because it was either late Saturday night or early Saturday morning and no one had chosen anything. The new banlist (which we get in September, not October as it was prior) is disappointing, but not as disappointing as I thought at first. Plus I've figured out what the meta will be for at least two months (play traps and Nephthys to counteract decree will be popular, play triple Bottomless and a bunch of reactive traps to protect cantrip monsters like Dekoichi and Skelengel until they can be tributed for Blowback Dragon or Monarchs [while also killing opposing Monarchs and Nephthys] will succeed that, and then there are both the people who still play Decree for aggro who will be having fun the entire time but not winning as consistently and the ridiculously powerful machine/burn decks [that I want to build but can't because I've only got the one Reflect Bounder] that will probably get real popular middle of October. And Strike Ninja. He got a lot better too.) So we're reviewing cards that got good as a result of the new format.

If you want my opinion, Machines are the new Chaos Warrior. =\

Anyway, the review. Ring of Destruction is ridiculously broken. The easiest addition to decks by far, replacing the absolute staple of Snatch Steal (which sees play in just about every aggressive deck) with what I consider to be one of the five most broken cards in the game. Without Book of Moon, this will end a great deal more games than it did during the April '04 format, and some of them wouldn't've been won without it.

Hell, even alternate win condition decks should be running this, and stuff like Burn or Turbo Exodia wouldn't even run Snatch Steal, but Burn loves this card and Exodia adores it since it kills its own copies of Emissary of the Afterlife while preventing disruption from the opponent's monsters at the same time.

Three cards this week are burn cards, and this is the second of those, as well as the easiest 5/5 we've had in a while.

5/5 Traditional
5/5 Advanced

Have a nice day! =0)

Ring of Destruction:
Games will end. Games will end much sooner than you might have hoped.

The return of Ring should do a number of things for the game. Certain sorts of OTK have an extra thorn in their side, but nothing they couldn't deal with already. Mostly, though, Life Points are slightly more important. Generally, until you hit zero, your Life Points are irrelevant. With Ring, any value under 2000 is in danger of losing you the game in an instant.
Unless you have Decree set.

Ring brings back another card to second-guess with your opponent. Do they/don't they? Life should be fun.
Sadly, there will be more topdecked wins.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5

Share and enjoy,



Ring of Destruction

The reason 3 Cyber Stein is OK to run? On its own it ends games. A trap capable of killing mobius and really the only reason (outside of tt, people have yet to run ancient gear golem). Personally in the Days of Chaos Emperor Dragon I use to run this with barrel behind the door. I won a lot of games with these cards. Ring of Destruction is one of the best traps available and if you think about it better than mirror force. Just because of the ability to chain and the game ending possibility it sews.

Run it, a staple in its own right. Can not think of anyone who will not run it. Thus it will be seen in every top 8 shonen jump deck.


Near perfect.
MikeJ Ring of Destruction

Basic Summary: I love Ring of Destruction since I love to make things go
boom !!!
My prediction is that RoD ( Ring of Destruction ) was off the list mainly to
counter Cyber-Stein which isn't true since after some play testing with BobDoily :D
RoD + Cyber-Stein is either it make you lose or draw . Its effect is simple
its a chainable Trap 1:1 with added Burn effect which can be deadly with
Sacred Pheonix of Nephthys ( tomorrows card ) since 2400 damage both ways
plus Heavy Storm next term, Basically if you own a RoD you should run it

Conclusion: We get the " Big Bad 4 " back of Call of the Haunted, Torrential
Tribute, Mirror Force, and Ring of Destruction good times ~.^

Traditional Format > 4/5: RoD + Chaos Emperor Drafon = Ouch

Advance Format > 5/5: I never liked the word staple but if you own a
RoD there should be no real big reason not to run it

Artwork > 2/5: like most cards the Japanese art is cooler


Ring of Destruction
Trap Card
Destroy 1 face-up Monster Card and inflict Direct Damage equal to the destroyed card's ATK to the Life Points of both you and your opponent.

They unbanned this card to counter Stein, and Chimeratech OTK decks that are gonna be running rampant in Sept 1st format. Although I wanted Stein banned,

I'll live with fact that we got Ring to counter it. This plus Magic Cylinder, and Ceasefire will be played alot next format to counter Stein.

Wouldnt it be nice if they summon Stein, special Cyber End Dragon, just for it to be Ringed for game? I cant wait to see their faces. Its always good to have this set, just for added protection, and maybe game if they're low on LP's. If you dont run this in your deck next format, then you should quit the game as it can be game-ending and a win-win situation for you.

Ratings -
Traditional: 5/5 - Run it.
Sept 1st Format: 5/5 - I would be careful if running it in Stein decks, very risky.

Hate mail or anything can be sent to freezergeezer111@hotmail.com.

Ring of Destruction: PGD-000

Welcome to Tuesday’s Card of the Day! Yes, I am doing ‘Card of the Day’ articles and it’s about time.

Today’s card is Ring of Destruction. This is the card I’ve been waiting for since the last format started. I’ve felt for a long time that we were lacking any kind of decent monster removal you could use on the opponent’s turn. The previous format felt to me like it was mostly about hoping you survive after your opponent finishes his/her ridiculous turn, then you attempt to strike back with your ridiculous turn. Sakuretsu Armor, Mirror Force, and Torrential sometimes didn’t cut it against what was already on the field.

Just look at the way the format was shaping up to be: Enemy Controller, Scapegoat, Book of Moon, Recruiters, and Creature Swap. The sheer thought of your opponent dropping his whole hand full of Cyber Dragon  Zaborg  Chaos Sorcerer  Attack with Reaper and Zaborg (in that order) forced every deck to “turtle up” with Recruiters to keep the field alive and most importantly, chainable defensive cards (which we lacked). This extreme was out of necessity to avoid instant death via some version of the aforementioned combo or Stein. Ring of Destruction gives you a chance to not only destroy a monster whenever you feel it’s prudent to do so, but you get to deal a hefty amount of damage as well on your opponent’s turn.

With this card back in the format, you can actually feel somewhat safe on the opponent’s turn. There should be more chainable removal like Ring. The chainable removal we have now is pitiful at best.

In any case, this Ban List will change the way we play the game. The game will focus more on ‘destroying’ monsters rather than RFGing them all day via Sorcerer. I can easily see a metagame with overkill on the amount of ‘destroy’ cards per deck. Especially important cards to play this format are Zaborg, Bottomless Trap Hole, Sakuretsu Armor, double Exiled Force, etc. There’s actually a reason to run My Body as a Shield again (Which will be awesome this format, btw). It’ll be hard to keep your monsters alive.

All in all, Ring grants a better defense against Breaker the Magical Warrior’s effect by destroying him rather than just turning him to defense. Ring makes Mobius a pretty unsafe play as well. Ring will make Aggro decks that much more potent. Ring will help somewhat against Stein decks by putting them below range. Ring can be put into any deck, period. It’s a great card, it’s not TOO broken. Honestly, we needed this card back. Good job Konami.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced (September 1st): 5/5


Welcome back to Big Brother 8.5 – Yu-Gi-Oh All Stars Edition!  Which of the cards locked in the house will dominate the new metagame!  Ring of Destruction, or as many players call him “RoD” is in the confessional and ready to discuss his strategy.  Well RoD, what’s it like coming off the Ban List?  How did you do it?”


“Well, it was simple really.  A lot of players fear the alliance known as OTKilltown.  They’ve won a lot and most of the time, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to stop them.  Well, Stein is the heart of most OTKilltown strategies, and he’s good so long as he’s got his big buddies.  For that matter, they are good so long as they have him.  Separate, they can’t seem to get anything accomplished.  Anyway, Stein tends to “grease the wheels” if ya know what I am sayin’ with a massive LP payment.  Anyway, that leaves them vulnerable to me.  So I say “Hey, bring me back and I’ll do my thang and blow those fat Fusions to the Graveyard and wipe out their LP to boot, eliminating them from the competition!”


“Wow, it sounds like you’re confident you can take them out…”


*RoD clutches his sides and falls out of his chair laughing*


“Naaaah.  There’s only one of me and three of them and some of OTKilltown’s members are part of their crew just to mess with guys like me.  See, the real plan isn’t to counter OTKilltown… it’s to help them win!  If another card might mess up our plans, usually something obscure like Kuriboh, Threatening Roar, or Waboku, I can blow up our fatty to force a draw or sometimes even to score the win.  So for doing next to nothing I get to win the game!”


Yeah, that pretty much sums up what I think of Ring of Destruction returning to the game.  Some people think it will keep OTK decks in line, forgetting that the successful ones clear the field before attacking and go off relatively quickly… so you need to luck into drawing Ring of Destruction and your own Monster big enough to nuke with it to prevent Cyberstein from doing its thing… and hope the Cyberstein player lacks any decent healing cards (let alone anything that prevents your actions, like Royal Decree).


Ring of Destruction itself is a clearly broken card.  Why?  It’s a Trap that can kill any face up Monster.  Some would call this a one for one… or a two for two once you factor in the burn damage.  As is so often the case, this is a misstatement. First and foremost, one for one cards almost always give advantage to the person controlling it, for the simple fact that you activate it when the trade benefits you.  Second, you are trading a Trap for a Monster.  Monsters are much harder to maintain than Traps.  The burn aspect is misleading.  It both makes the card stronger, allowing it to end the game, but also makes it trickier to use (don’t want to wipe out your own LP).  Let’s compare Ring of Destruction to some other cards.  In many ways, it’s like a “super” Sakuretsu Armor: a Sakuretsu Armor that can hit a Monster whether it attacks or not, and hit your own!  It’s also like a Super Magic Cylinder: your Monster or mine, we take damage equal to its attack and I don’t even need you to declare an attack!  If you can’t follow why that is so fantastically good, I fear it is beyond me to explain it in any clearer form, or at least without turning this into a short novel




Traditional: 4/5 – All the removal, which in fact it is a part of, makes it a bit harder to get off, or at least get off for a big hit.  Still great though.


Advanced: 4.5/5 – The sound your hear is a mix of everyone changing out their Snatch Steal for a Ring of Destruction and players who love big monsters weeping as they trade being punched in the face for being kicked in the crotch.  It was bad enough when one worked hard to summon something good… a real Monster, not a Stein short cut or the like, but now instead of the detestable Snatch and attack turn around against us it gets blown up to end the game as soon as it hits the field.

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