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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Reflect Bounder
Super Rare

When this face-up Attack Position card is attacked by a monster on your opponent's side of the field, before damage calculation is resolved in the Damage Step, this card inflicts damage to your opponent's Life Points equal to the ATK of the attacking monster. Then, after damage calculation is resolved, this card is destroyed.

Type - Machine / Effect
Card Number - DR1-EN174

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.7
Advanced: 3.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.21.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Reflect Bounder

Welcome to a week of Card of the Days where all five cards are actually GOOD! *gasp*

Reflect Bounder is one of those cards that never saw a WHOLE lot of play, and that's why it's no longer limited at all. Reflect's 1-of status was really only warranted back in the days of IOC, when the Envoys were in full force and Light monsters were at a premium. The big thing back then was that not only that 3 of it would lead to insane amounts of damage, but that they were insane amounts of damage that would probably mean CED-Envoy could blow up the world for game without a problem.

With Chaos Sorcerer being banned this September, there are no longer any more "Remove 1 Light, 1 Dark" monsters in Advanced Format. Sure, you could play 3 of this and then run Freed or something, but not many decks are actually going to do that. The bias that Konami seemed to have for Warriors (RotA at 2 forever, BLS surviving one banlist longer than most people would have liked, DDWL taking a very long time to get Limited, etc.) they seem to have for Machines now (Cyber Dragon still untouched, Gadgets coming over here, Reflect at 3, the making of Cyber Phoenix, etc.)

1700 can take out a fair bit, but can also be taken out by many playable monsters as well...and unless it's by a card effect, that's exactly what you want.

3.5/5 in Advanced until someone proves why it should be otherwise.

Reflect Bounder:
Attacks will bounce. Damage will be done. Enemy Controllers will be used.

Welcome to Banlist week. Chaos is dead! Dead like my ability to craft an analogy! Celebrate!

Now I've got that done, to the card. Reflect Bounder has never been the greatest effect. Basically, your opponent will rarely attack it, so Bounder becomes a
semi-1-4-1 as it is most likely your opponent will use something like Book, Enemy, Smash to deal with this.
Machine decks gain a nice stall and 1700 ATK is a fine amount. Generally, there never was a particularly good reason to restrict this.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Reflect bounder

Well, what a way to kick off the week, with an old favourite of mine.

Reflect bounder has never been bad. 1700 attack , light machine, level 4 is pretty respectable considering its effect, essentially a magic cylinder monster. However, it never saw that much play considering that most would ran a searcher into it, take the 1700 and let Bounder destroy himself with the consequence of his effect. He rarely would ever hold off an attack, and even when he did a Smashing Ground was ready to finish him off. So Reflect fell into the trade binders, regardless of the fact he was Chaos food, somewhat to my dismay.

I loved Reflect bounder ever since I first saw him way back in DCR. I ran him since he got reprinted in DB2 and loved every minute of it. But eventually he left my deck and was traded. But still, I like him. He’s powerful , and with the new format upon us he stands out very much.

I’ve already said that Machines are going to rule this format, and Reflect bounder being put to 3 allows not only for a mass addition to these decks, but also acts as a great counter, being there on hand to stop the onslaught of hopefully a Cyber End or Chimeratech with relative success. A decent wall, and a decent monster over all.

Traditional ; 2/5
Advanced ; 4/5

Art : 2/5 Not that much to look at really
MPS : 4/5 Gotta love it.
MikeJ Reflect Bounder

Basic Summary: This weeks its all about cards which will see some
rise in playability because of the new list. Machine being huge
in the new format with UDE not touching Cyber-Stein plus the
release of Chimeratech OverDradon/Overload Fusion which will be legal on
September 1st.
Now Reflect Bounder was one of those amazing cards back when it was released
like Vampire Lord but has lost play due to other cards, Aggro Machine
style deck would greatly benefit from this since 1700ATK isn't something to
laugh at plus
your opponent will think twice about hiting it or waste removal like
Smashing Ground on it plus its Chimeratech fodder ~.^

Conclusion: Its good that we don't need to rate this Machine on if it can
survive Tsukuyomi
or its attribute ( light/dark ) but if you run Machine you should also
consider Reflect Bounder

Traditional Format > 2/5: Tsukuyomi is there now to haunt it

Advance Format > 3/5: Machine deck/Chimeratech fodder

Artwork > 2/5: Its weird looking


Reflect Bounder

How I am happy to see three of you. For a long time this card has been restricted or semi-restricted with absolutely no merit behind the action. (I assume it was to make chaos weaker :? Guess it worked well!)

My opinion of this card varies. In aggro burn decks, the old format machine/chaos/stein decks it was a blessing. But in the new format I just don't know. People who run Cyber Stein I think should run this card, along with ceasefire, ring, and magic cylinder. Simply because it gives you an opportunity to be aggressive with minimal draw back to your strategy. The only reason I have not used this card too much is b/c of its self destructive ability. So many times I have ran a scapegoat into one or a mystic tomato to search out spirit reaper, just to give up 1700 LP while my opponent loses a card in hand and a monster. Now I admit that I have not seen Stein dropped after doing that, but I expect it to be common in the new format. I also am thinking Insects, Bazoo Return, monarch soul control, and who knows what other archetypes will be explored. People think Cyber Stein, Cyber End, and Overdragon will rule the format. With this in mind I think we need to main/side deck macro cosmos/dimensional fissure and ceasefire. Reflect bounder may be a good main deck choice just to counter those decks themselves. Only an idiot would attack a bounder with a 12,000 plus overdragon or a 8000 cyber end, assuming they are not running barrel behind the door. Only time will tell....

Yet bounder is a good machine monster who will be seeing play. Annoying thing will be used with magic cylinder and burn will take on a whole new meaning as it should. You just can't stall with one g-bind and one level-limit area B. 4/5

Now bounder will not be looked at as a light monster but as a creature capable of winning games.


Reflect Bounder

1st off, I'd like to say something to anyone whom e-mailed me about Future Fusion, Chimeratech reviews, etc. If I reviewed it bad, it was my 1st time reading it, so I didnt know about the OTK deck, and such, and upon looking at it now, its a 5/5 in my books. Much <3 to you Chimeratech OTK!

So we finally got to see the new list after much wait. I've got to say though I <3 it, cept banning of Tsukuyomi, and no ban on cheap Stein. But meh, they bring back Ring, so it works. Today we look at a card that got put to 3, and one of my favorite cards, Reflect Bounder.

Text on this card reads:

Reflect Bounder
Attrib: Light
Type: Machine/Effect
Atk: 1700
Def: 1000
When this face-up Attack Position card is attacked by a monster on your opponent's side of the field, before damage calcuatlion is resolved in the Damage Step, this card inflicts damage to your opponent's Life Points equal to the ATK of the attacking monster. Then, after damage calculation is resolved, this card is destroyed.

Last few formats this card didnt work? Why? So much monster destruction, people had everyway to get rid of it. Smash, Exiled, Swap, Sorcerer removing stuff, etc. It wasnt a very viable option, as there was better choices out for Lights. This format, it wont be seeing much action probably either, other than Machine decks, or as a secret tech. Why? Exiled to 2 , Zaborgs still 3, Smashing Ground at 3, plus more.

Im not hating on this card, as I've always wanted to play it, I could see it side-decked or something, but I unno. I havent tested new format yet, could be viable, wont know till Sept 1st. The light doesnt mean anything with Sorcerer gone, unless you play a Light deck, it could work. Also gives Limiter another target to use it's effect on. With Gadgets coming out, maybe

Bounders could work, I unno. We'll see.

Ratings -
Traditional: 1.5/5 - Too much monster destruction, BLS, CED, etc.
Sept 1st Advanced - 3/5 - Putting at 3 makes it higher, and it might work.

Hate mail or anything can be sent to freezergeezer111@hotmail.com.

Coin Flip
Reflect Bounder is a beatstick meets direct damage. Long and short of it, really. It's powerful, it goes well with machines, and since it was unrestricted, it's a crapload of extra damage. We're going to see a lot of teched burn in a lot of decks.

The statistics (besides the fact that he's a Machine) do not matter whatsoever anymore. 1700 ensures that he will either 1 for 1 or trade for 1700 damage, which is about on par. If you can trade every one of your cards for 1600 or more LP, you're winning. Trading 5 cards (your opening hand) for 1600 LP apiece is exactly 8000, so this is actually a little bit above the curve as far as that goes. An excellent source of damage, and far more powerful with recruiter crippled and Tsukuyomi banned (which was the worst move on this entire banlist, IMO).

This card rocks. If I had more, I would be playing a different deck.

1.8/5 Traditional
3.8/5 Advanced


First and foremost, let me say I am reviewing for the September 1st, 2006 list.  I mean, that’s the entire point of this week’s choices.


Reflect Bounder is an okay Monster.  It is a Level 4 Monster that has an okay 1700 ATK which should actually be pretty good for a beatstick with an effect… except Konami doesn’t understand that by constantly making Monsters of the same level with higher attack and either insignificant draw back effects or actual beneficial effects.  Or the big problem right now, a Level 5 with what seems like a paltry 2400 ATK… except it has an easy to fulfill Special Summoning requirement so Cyber Dragon acts more like a Level 4 2100 ATK Monster.  That Special Summons itself.  Ugh.


So Reflect Bounder is hurt by that a little.  1700 ATK doesn’t go as far as it should.  It’s DEF score is a paltry 1000, and without Tsukuyomi that is a huge drawback.  It still isn’t safe, though, since we still have Book of Moon, Enemy Controller, Windstorm of Etaqua and other position changing cards.  Still, much safer than before.


Being a Light Monster used to make it Chaos Fodder.  Now, it might not make it automatically good.  I don’t know.  Its possible most Chaos decks can easily adapt to be “nearly monotype” decks and still pull off most of their old CC tricks.  They can use Soul of Purity and Light for a Special Summoned beatstick, for example, and/or Freed the Brave Wanderer for Monster removal.  I doubt this will be the case (I get the feeling its One Turn Kill or be Killed next format).  If it is “wide open”, net deckers can easily shift to these kinds of decks.  How long did a Chaos Sorcerer really stay in play?  So the Light Attribute is almost what it should be: important to themes where it can be extra helpful, yet you can run it in a non-Light deck if you wish without it being particularly harmful.


Being a Machine is a big boost this format.  At this rate, maybe in a decade we can see some love for Plants, Reptiles, Sea Serpents, etc.  Early on, Machines were the only real well supported sub-type (we had Mechanical Chaser and Limiter Removal in the days of Magic… er… Spell Ruler).  Then Warriors and Spellcasters got all the love… and nearly any bit of decent theme-support.  Now it appears we’ve finally convinced Konami to move onto another type… and they went to probably the next most developed sub-type, Machines.  Since being a Machine means compatibility with Chimeratech Over Dragon and Future Fusion, that basically means Reflect Bounder will work in that deck so long as the effect holds up.


That is the question: does it?  Not really: Monster removal was at a premium on this last Ban List we are just about to abandon, and the next list we can probably expect “Special Summon Cyber Dragon, normal Summon Exiled Force, sac to nuke your Monster” to replace the normal Nobleman of Crossout and/or Spirit Reaper plus Cyber Dragon start.  Nothing was done about the way-to-easy Spell and Trap based Monster removal we have, so while Tsukuyomi will no longer be around to force Reflect Bounder into a set for the easy kill, just like any other annoying Monster your opponent will just whip out a Monster kill card to solve the problem.  Remember, we Spirit Reaper is going down to one on the new list, so that Smashing Ground you used to use on it when it was facedown?  Just use it for one of the Reflect Bounder.  I mean, most people won’t have the room or need for three, so taking it off the Semi-Limited list won’t really affect that one.  Oh, and of course, the self-destruct effect usually means your opponent can and will just suicide a searcher into you, eating the damage to get the search and force Reflect Bounder to self-destruct.  They can also send a spent Flip Effect or other “trivial” Monster and at the cost of 1700 LP force Bounder to blow itself up.


For some, that will be enough: forcing the opponent to burn a Smashing Ground or the like to deal with Reflect Bounder or ensuring they take a minimum of 1700 burn damage is good.  In fact, it’s on the level of being about as good as a burn/beatstick should be, which is refreshing with some of the more popular cards (which tend to be far, far too potent in their fields).  Needless to say, you run in him in any Light/Machine deck, and Burn/Machine deck, and for the foreseeable future, probably most Chimeratech Over Dragon builds.




Traditional: 1/5 – Chaos still has plenty of Light Monsters, and of course, we have FTK decks here: why worry about OTK?


Advanced: 3.5/5 – Don’t let the score fool you: this is good and what most good cards that aren’t integral to a deck theme should get.


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