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Ultimate Tyranno
Super Rare

If this card is in Attack Position at the beginning of your Battle Phase, first, you can and must attack all monsters on your opponent's side of the field once each with this card.

Type - Dinosaur/Effect
Card Number - POTD-EN020

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.15
Advanced: 3.71

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.16.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Ultimate Tyranno

This card isn't that bad if you can get around the 2-Tribute.

For your 2 tributes or revival card, you get a 3000 ATK monster that MUST wail on all opponent's monsters once each. This could let you take out all of your opponent's monsters and do a big chunk of damage, or it could force you into a set D. D. Warrior Lady or something. It's still a big threat that your opponent will need to get rid of immediately, but if we've learned anything, ATK points don't mean much unless they're going to win the game right that very second.

1/5 Traditional

2.25/5 Advanced

Dark Paladin
If you couldn't figure out what Dinosaur we decided to review today, then you must not be paying attention...of course today we look at Ultimate Tyranno!

Ultimate Tyranno is a very powerful monster being Level 8 with a whopping 3000 attack points and a fairly low 2200 defense points. 3000 matches the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon and 2200 defense falls to things like Goblin Attack Force but survives Cyber Dragon and Tsuku.

So, if Ultimate Tyranno starts your Battle Phase in attack mode, as he should, he can attack each monster on your opponent's side of the field in the same Battle Phase. The best way to use this is for your opponent to have a few monsters out and equip our Dino friend with something like Big Bang Shot.

(Big Bang Shot increases the equipped monsters Attack by 400 points and gives it trample)

Then, you crush, destroy, and inflict damage, all at once. Just something to try out.


Traditional: 2/5 Two tributes isn't good here, but being able to attack everything is still good, Dinosaur or not.

Traditional Dino: 3.75/5

Advanced: 3/5 See Traditional

Advanced Dino: 4.75/5 The best...for now

Art: 5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Ultimate Tyranno:
One of the least painful drawbacks in the game.

My 3000 ATK must attack all my opponent's monsters?
Oh, well I suppose. They might just control The Masked Beast. This is a very powerful Lv. 8. Alright, once it clears the field it's effect is useless, I'm doubting you can use Mystic Swordsman Lv2 (haven't checked rulling), and it doesn't have Tyrant Dragon's trap protection, but I think this is a good monster for Dinosaurs. At last.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

Share and enjoy,



Ultimate Tyranno


Basically what we got here is a better version of BEWD. Honestly, I love dinosaurs. For a long time I have thought about being a paleontologist and often find myself picturing these beautiful and gorgeous creatures walking in the world today, even though that would be a bad idea for us. Remember my students, the extinction of the dinosaur is the one event which allowed for the rapid evolution of mammals. How I love Dinosaurs.

T-Rex in general is my favorite. Standing 14.5 ft. tall at the hip or more. Weighing in at 8 tonnes with a 5.1 ft. long skull. 12 inch serrated bone crushing teethe, all packed into an animal shrouded by mystery.

I am partial to this monster, thus I will find a way to use this monster. Being a 2 tribute doesn't hurt me in the least due to soul exchange, brain control, and the new mausoleum card. This monster deserves a 3.9 /5 b/c it is what a 2 tribute should be. Big and devastating. It is an asura priest with 3000 attack. On top of that it can be special summoned by call,premature, and the new fossil evacuation card.

I love it.

Until next, don't move cause maybe it won't see you. Oooopsy, we forgot it had one of the largest olfactory areas exhibited in any animal. So if nothing else it is going to smell ya. Don't you smell good and tasty.


Dark Maltos


Ultimate Tyranno ;

Now THIS I like.

Did you ever wonder who’d win in a fight between King Kong and Godzilla? God knows I did. Luckily enough for me, being a Brit, Connect Four attempted to decide this conflict with an advert. They didn’t fight though, so still the immortal question’s gone unanswered. But what the hell has this got to do with anything?

Well, from the random query you’ve undoubtedly skipped, one clear point is obvious. Godzilla and King Kong have something in common, their enormous size. Much like this, Ultimate Tyranno shares something in common with a very infamous Gorilla on the Yugioh scene. He’s forced to attack each turn.

So who’d win in a fight? Godzilla ~Vs~ King Kong? Ultimate Tyranno ~ Vs~ Berserk Gorilla ? Well Godzilla obviously. He’s much bigger, and has a flamethrower in the back of his throat. He’s have scorched that monkey before you could do a Tarzan impression. The same holds true in Yugioh, if you’re still with me. Tyranno has huge attack, AND the ability to attack EVERY monster on the opponents side of the field. He’s got no say in this, you’ve gotta do it, but I wouldn’t be complaining. A card like Ultimate Tyranno could be a game ender then and there , never mind with, dare I say it, piercing.

Ultimate Tyranno is a great heavy-hitter for the dino genre, making Black Tyranno extinct. Higher attack, better effect, and the SWEETEST picture I’ve seen for a LONG time. Can’t wait for that deck !!!

Traditional (Dino) : 5/5
Advanced ( Dino) 5/5

Art ; 4.9/5 So0o0o close to perfect, but it just misses the mark EVER so slightly I’m sorry to say.
MPS : 5/5 Gotta love it

Ultimate Tyranno


Basic Summary: Big Bang Shot anyone ???... This is Konami third big Dinosaur with Tyranno in its name first there was Black Tyranno way back in IOC then Tyranno Infinity released in CRV now the biggest Tyranno of them all. Now this card is certain if you're running a Dino deck I need not to explain why you should be running this since in the Battle Phase this thing must attack everything once which can be game ending if it was Spirit Reaper even in DEF the Big Bang Shot I mention above would still seal the deal for you. Now much like Berserk Gorrilla you MUST attack everything if this card is in ATK position during the beginning of your Battle Phase which can be nasty if you know your opponent has something to stop it but unlike Berserk Gorrilla you can switch it to DEF position. Now like I mentioned yesterday being a two tribute I highly suggest running this with Trojan Horse & Big Bang Shot turning your Dinosaur into a one turn kill.


Traditional Format > 1/5: Being two tributes is bad in Traditional plus its effect wouldn't be that game breaking.


Advance Format > 5/5 ( Dino deck ): Big Dino of Doom


Artwork > 5/5: Finally something fierce looking not something dressed in a Hero costume.


Pippin YIKES!

Its Blue Eyes White Dragon's Evil Dirty Cousin!

3000 atk and 2200 is Double Yikes for anyone. It MUST attack all monster on your opp side of the field once per battle phase. Its Azura's Priest on steroids and acid while drinking coffee. Oh if it only had trample. But I digress.

The bad news. Its a 2 tribute. We have Trojan Horse to kinda ease this pain and Miracle Jurassic Egg (no). It has to attack meaning all those nasty Mirror Force, Saku, Widespread, etc... will be primed and pumped to take out your hard earned 2 tribute beatstick. Plus with 2200 def, it begs for Smashing Ground.

This is to earths what DMoC is to Darks, The only reason you would want to run a 2 tribute monster in a deck. Earths have a lot of swarm and special summons (Doom Dozer, Gigantes, etc...) so tribute fodder may not be as hard to come by as before.

Bottom Line: Earth or Dino Deck: 3/5 - Run one, but only if you build for it.
Traditional: 2/5 - Neither Dark nor Light, its Dirt
Advanced: 2/5 - See Traditional

Until Next Time, Must Go Faster, MUST GO FASTER!!



8 Stars
Attack: 3000 Defense: 2200
If this card is in Attack Position at the beginning of your Battle Phase, first, you can and must attack all monsters on your opponent's side of the field once each with this card.

Not too shabby, has the potential to deal quite a bit of damage, but that can be its downfall. Firstly it has to be Attack poisition in Battle phase in order for its other effect to work, and then you can, and must attack all monsters on your opponents field. Your opponent could have a Reaper, DDWL, DD Assiliant down, which will end this monsters short reign on the field. Not only that but your opponent could have a Set Sakuretsu down to kill it anyways.

Its a 8 star, which doesnt help its cause either, as tributing 2 monsters can always be a hassle in a format like this, with Nobleman's, Zaborgs, Smashes, and all sorts of removing methods around in order to remove stuff off of field, so you might not have 2 monsters on field anyways. Even if you do get it out, and it manages to stay out, your opponent could have a Snatch in hand, to use its effect on you. You might not have something on field to stop it from attacking you, and you could lose a great deal of damage, which isnt fun.

If your opponent doesnt have a monster, then he doesnt get the attack multiple times effect, but he can still deal a good 3000 to you, if you arent prepared. Run this just in Dino decks please, dont fit it into something else and hope it works wonders for you.

Traditional: 1/5 (Better 8 star tribs out, like DMOC)
Advanced: 2/5 (Its effect to attack all monsters brings it up a little, but just use in fun duels)

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