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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Forced Back

Negate the Normal Summon or Flip Summon of a monster and return the monster to its owner's hand.

Type - Trap
Card Number - EOJ-EN060

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.91
Advanced: 2.82

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.08.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Forced Back

This card is the best card no one plays except for Counter-Fairies. Expect to see this card in MANY decks soon.

Forced Back becomes better when the monster your opponent is trying to summon is more powerful. There are three different instances this can work against, and here's what results from each:

*If you use this against a Normal Summon, you've given up one card to set your opponent back one turn in field advantage
*If you use this against a Tribute Summon, you lost one card, the opponent lost one monster, AND their summon for the turn. Essentially you got +1 turn. Very effective against anything with Monarch in its name, as well as Jinzo.
*If you use this against a Flip Summon where the monster had a flip effect, it's more like the first situation, but you probably heavily disrupted your opponent's strategy -- most often you'd get to deny them a critical Spell card with Magician of Faith.

In a competing YGO info website's magazine, I saw a certain Metagame writer do an article on a counter-fairy build. The deck packed 15 trap cards -- SIX of which prevented Jinzo from ever hitting the field. That deck absolutely needs this card as all of those fairies that reward you for using Counter Traps make this a +1 in almost all cases. Otherwise, you could see this as an answer to Monarchs.

5/5 in the fairy deck, 3.5/5 in the non-fairy deck


Forced Back may become known as one of the best Counter Traps in the game.  Unfortunately, that won’t be considered a huge accomplishment as so few Counter Traps are played.  You have the overly specific Counter Traps that often only affect some rarely used part of the game or have a cost that is just too much for most players to risk.  So far, Solemn Judgment and Magic Drain are probably the most used: the former because it combos with decks that intentionally lower their own LP and the latter because one way or another one Spell card is rendered useless.  Forced Back has no cost and affects a very common part of the game: Normal Summons and Flip Summons.  Yes, many Monsters are Special Summoned in this game, but the Normal Summon and Flip Summon are still a common part of the game.  It negates said Summon and then returns the Monster to the opponent’s hand.  Needless to say, in the long run this is a “-1” in terms of card count.  Most of us will realize how valuable it is, though, since it may very well also mean a clear field, and of course it’s not like your opponent gets that Normal Summon back.  It is especially nice against Tribute Monsters, though, and mostly that means Monarchs.  Your opponent is out the Monster they used for Tribute and perhaps even more important, the effect they were counting on doesn’t materialize: Zaborg won’t get to nuke your Set Spirit Reaper, which would have let it and their Chaos Sorcerer attack directly.


In fact, that’s the main reason to run Forced Back over cards like Bottomless Trap Hole, which removes from play any kind of Summon that is 1500 ATK or more.  Bottomless Trap Hole tends to break even, at best, with the Monarchs, while Forced Back will break even, at least in the short run.


Personally, I like Forced Back just because it can meet the same need, largely as cards like Bottomless Trap Hole but it’s less likely to be a problem for the game, since you still have the Monster to try again later.  It’s nice when a card can be good in the current format without making it harder for the next format to be balanced.


Needless to say, it’s great for the recent “Counter Fairy” decks that have effects triggered by the successful use of Counter Traps.




Traditional: 1/5 – Too much other removal.


Advanced:  - 3.5/5 – It may not always be the best card for the job, but it does do the job.



Not really the worst card ever made, a very playable counter trap with the ability to wreck someones day for summoning any tribute (outside of Jinzo).

Plus the ability to send tsuky back to the hand; in turn breaking a loop is quite interesting as well.

But in an essence the card is a minus one which is selective to when it can be activated. Compulsory Evacuation Device at least can be used defensively as well as offensively.

It has potential, but I figure if your going to run this, why not just use Solemn Judgement?

Pippin Forced Back

Negate the summoning of a monster. Flip effects are negated, summoning effects are negated. It makes it as the summoning never happened. Its a Spell Speed 3 Counter Trap. It returns all sorts to the hand: Flip summoned anything, Mobius, Zaborg, Jinzo, DMoC, Sacred Poenix all those tribute monsters you love to hate. The monster never hit the field so the effect never fired. It stops them all. Nice little tech. If it said "destroy the monster" that would goddly. But as it stands, it cannot stop Cyber Dragon Special Summon, Chaos Sorcerer, Cyber Stein Effect (can stop Cyber Stein, but not his summoned fussion monster).

At the least it can show you what your opponent has up his sleave and if it is a tribute monster, cost them a card in the process.

Bottom Line:
Traditional: 2/5 Does not stop Chaos. So why play it here?
Advanced: 3/5 Monarchs are running amuck making this a little more useful.

Until next time, BACK! BACK!! BACK I SAY!!!

Dark Paladin
Continuing to look at annoying trap cards, we look at one of the more annoying ones from Enemy of Justice today, that is known as Forced Back.

The effect is simple, chain it to a Normal or Flip summon of a monster, and the monster is returned to the opponent's hand, a simple 1 for 1.
As for flip effects, I would assume since the monster returns to the hand, it doesn't activate, but I'm not positive.

This card strikes me as meh...the effect is decent, but it is restrictive also. It doesn't work on somthing that is Special Summoned, so there's a loophole and the monster is returned to the hand, instead of being sent to the Graveyard.


Meh/5 which equals 2.45/5

Art: 3.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Forced Back
Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

At the minimum, this robs your opponent of a summon.
At best, it wastes some tribute monsters and keeps something free from Zaborg for a turn. Now, it doesn't obviously fit into any particular deck, especially as most people prefer to act, instead of react.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Forced Back

As far as monster summon negation goes, this is probably one of the best, although arguably Solemn Judgement does this better, and is more versatile.

Versatility is a very important factor in this game, a factor on which Solemn delivers time and time again, but at great cost. This card will almost definitely activate every turn, and for free, but the selected card will only hit the hand, so you’ll be seeing it again later on.

Solemn eliminates the threat, as well as eliminating others, so in essence this card has been replaced. Still, if you’re after an interesting way of definite monster negation ( not all this Bottomless trap hole rubbish) then I guess this is you’re top pick.

Traditional : 2/5 (for hitting envoys)
Advanced : 2/5

MPS ; 3/5

Force Back


Basic Summary: Now in EoJ they released a lot of Counter Trap based cards its only common they would release a new Counter Trap makes since. Now much like Compulsory Evacuation Device you get a bounce ( return to owners hand effect ) effect which negates the summon which is nice against Monarch making Force Back a 1:2 not only sending the Monarch back without effect but your opponent wasted their summon that turn by tributed 1 card but all of this doesn't matter if it was Treebron Frog then Force Back is just delaying the Monarch or Breaker the Magical Warrior but since its a Counter Trap plus " Negates " the normal summon it can bounce Jinzo if it was normal summoned which is some good news ~.^


Conclusion: Now unless you're running a Counter Fairy deck Solemn Judgement is still the " god aka God Says Noo !!!! " of all Counter Traps since it stops anything except attacks for 1/2 your LP I would be better if stop special summon like Chaos Sorcerer since removing Light/Dark is a Cost soo they would remove for nothing :D


Traditional Format > 1/5: Why ??? bother Solemn can stop CeD this can't


Advance Format > 2/5: Fun if your meta is filled my Monarch decks but mainly for the EoJ Counter Fairys


Artwork > 4/5: Like most cards I prefer the artwork this looks cool in ultimate :D




Today we look at a Counter Trap from Enemy of Justice, called Forced Back. I havent really bought any Enemy of Justice packs, so this is my first time actually looking at this card and such. But at first glance it seems to be okay, but not that great either.

The text reads:

Forced Back
Counter Trap
Negate the normal summon or flip summon of a monster and return the monster to its owner's hand.

I dont know, in my opinion its maybe a good side deck card, it cant return a special summoned Chaos Sorcerer, Special summoned Cyber Dragon, or any other special summon techniques out there, and even if it did it just returns them to hand anyways to possibly be re-used.

It would be alot better if it destroyed instead of bouncing back, as I'd probably main/side it.

+ Can stop a big normal summoned monster/tribute monster like DMOC
+ coming
out.(They'd have to waste 2 others monsters to bring it back out).
+ Negates the flip summon.(Faith to get Graceful Charity, deadly spells)
+ Can make them waste their normal summon for turn.
+ Counter Traps can be good.
+ Can catch them off-guard?

Probably more, but these come to mind first.

- Returns it to opponents hand(want it to be destroyed)
- Decree kills it.
- Doesnt stop Special Summoned Monsters at all.(Sorcerers, Cyber

Probably more, but these come to mind first.

It could work for you but I dont like it to much. Especially in a meta with Return/SwapDecree decks running around, and it wouldnt do anything at all, but be dead weight.

Traditional: 1/5(Why??????)
Advanced: 2/5(Might work better in advanced, but better choices, Trap Hole, Bottemless Trap Hole).

Any hate mail/support mail/feel like talking to me mail can be sent to freezergeezer111@hotmail.com.

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