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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ordeal of a Traveler

You can only activate this card's effect when your opponent declares an attack. You opponent selects 1 random card in your hand and calls the type of the card (Monster, Spell, or Trap). If your opponent calls it wrong, the attacking monster is returned to its owner's hand.

Type - Trap
Card Number - DB2-EN239

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.87
Advanced: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.07.06


Dark Paladin
All right, I need to address a couple of matters before I start today.
First and most importantly, I need to thank Otaku. I saw his review Friday for Dark Magician and he was right. That week was supposed to be THIS week as my tribute before I leave for my basic training for the National Guard. I would like to thank him for his kind words, and good luck. Thank you Otaku.

So, I'm here reviewing THIS week. There's a slim chance I may have time to review next weeks cards as I don't leave until Tuesday, but we'll see, I'm busy as hell with family, friends, etc.

Today we look at a very annoying Short Print Continuous Trap from Pharonic Guardian, Ordeal of a Traveler. When your opponent attacks, they select a card from your hand. They guess Monster, Magic, or Trap.
If right, nothing happens...if wrong, the attacking monster is returned to the hand.

As I said, this is a very annoying card, especially pending on how big the opponent's hand is. You can probably count on a two or three card hand at any given time. However, you do have an edge here. Odds are, the card will be a Magic or Monster card.

MOST decks don't run more than five or six Traps and a good chunk of decks are Magic cards. This card isn't very successful if you have a small hand, as your opponent should be able to keep track of one or even two cards.


Traditional: 1.5/5
Traditional Bounce: 2.75/5

Advanced: 2.5/5
Advanced Bounce: 3.75/5

Art: 4/5 Nice for a common

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Ordeal of a Traveler:
An interesting, if ill-used defensive Trap.

If you have a large hand, your opponent has a 2/3 chance of having an attacking monster return to hand.
If you've got only one or two cards, your opponent will work out what it is, and this becomes useless.
However, the free field advantage is always good in my opinion.

I don't use this as a) my opponent finds out what's in my hand, which I don't really want them to; and, b) continuous things don't live long when they anger your opponent. But, if you find a stall deck just isn't working without three Area B's, give this a go.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

Share and enjoy,



Ordeal of a Traveler

One of the better continuous trap cards we got. A perfect card for rewarding a player with a huge hand, thus in turn almost paying for itself upon activation. As long as you have multiple cards (more than 3) an opponent will most likely try to attack with smaller monsters ( a.k.a. dekoichi, used breaker, spirit reaper) and then pick a card in your hand paying close attention to its back markings. Better players will try avoiding any attack with a chaos sorcerer or a tribute monster unless they can re-summon (say a mobius or zarborg).

I think this card deserves a 3/5 simply because if used at the proper time will stop an opponents shining angel attack\etc. Not hard to get around usually and it is definitely a relief to see over mirror force or torrential tribute :P

Ordeal of a Traveler


Basic Summary:  Wow I haven't seen this card played on me for ages ever since I began, Now for being a continous trap its pretty simple your opponent declares a attack then the trap activates your opponent now randomly needs to select and guess 1 card  in your hand ( Monster, Spell, Trap ) if he/she is correct the attack goes through if he/she called wrong the attacking monster goes back to the owners hand. Now I'm not a huge fan of Bounce ( Penguin Soldier for example ) but this could be very interesting in a Burn/Stall deck for being not only affective for stopping attacks but very annoying to your opponent who will try following cards in your hand ( I suggest shuffling your hand often :D ) this can lead to your opponent paying attention to your hand not the field which can be very helpfull when you're adding counters to Wave Motion Cannon ~.^ I think all players get uneasy when then see Wave Motion Cannon ( WMC ) ClockTower Prison on the field.


Conclusion: Now this card isn't for " all " decks but if you want to be different with your Burn/Stall deck I highly suggest maybe giving this card a chance since like WMC your opponent will be distracted by this or try to remove it plus its fun XD.


Traditional Format > 1/5:  Stall is pointless in Traditional IMO since HFD owns this hard badly.


Advance Format > 2/5: Stall/Burn maybe


Artwork > 2/5: What is the ordeal ? a big scary rock


Dark Maltos
Ordeal of a Traveller

Welcome to a somewhat random week of COTD’s, the first card being a continuous trap from way back in Pharonic Guardian.

Ordeal of a Traveller, (henceforth known as OAT, hmm, how delightful) is quite the potent trap card, with potential to not only act as a shield to opposing attacks, but also as a field remover . Deadly if you’re lucky enough to pull this off. Unfortunately for OAT, you probably won’t be.

As a frequent user of a Uria deck on YVD, I’ve had my fair share of experience with this card in particular. Not only is it hard to do on YVD, it virtually never paid off for me. The same with Fairy box.

The problem is that once the opponent has seen your card once, it automatically clues them in to your strategy. That’s a bad thing, and can severely cut this cards effectiveness.

Another factor working against OAT is that it’s a continuous trap. That can really slow down the pace of the game, and makes it extremely vulnerable to s/t removal. The last thing you want when you’re sitting behind a wall like this is for someone to summon a Breaker, but it’ll happen more often than you think.

Asides from this, OAT isn’t that bad a card as walls go. It can really throw of the opponent, and be a favourable surprise tactic. Still, even if you do pull it off against Cyber Dragon, essentially you’ve just negated an attack….

Traditional ; 2/5

Advanced ; 3.5/5

Art ; 4/5 Sock it to him Sphinx’y
MPS : 4/5 A classic
Pippin Ordeal of a Traveler

If you are using a bounce deck of sorts, this is a great support. If you are not, then do not use this. Having said that, I will review this for a bounce deck only (1/5 everywhere else due to better traps existing).

Wall of Illusion, Gravekeeper Guard, several flip flop cards, and several other traps (Compulsary Evacuation Device for example) can make for a very irritating deck type. It is the ultimate is stall. By locking down the field so that only your monsters are on it at any given time is brutal. Plus it returns all tribute fodder, stops elemental searchers, and makes graveyard activation nill and void (like Sacred Phoenix). Cyber Stein users would think twice about paying that 5000 LP if you could conceivably return whatever they are summoning back to the fusion deck (most CS users would make sure your backfield is clear before attempting that, but I digress).
Being a perma trap it can be used to get out Uria (that big red Slipher wannabe).

The downside. It is a perma-trap. Breaker, MST, Heavy Storm, Mobius, Giant Trunade, Chiron the Mage, Dust Tornado, Jinzo, Seven Tools of the Bandit, Royal Decree, among others make this card graveyard fodder. Because of this, I would not use this as a main staple in any deck, but as a support in a bounce deck.

Bottom Line: 1/5 all but Bounce
Bouce Review:
Traditional: 3/5 - if you were to play a Bounce here, you would be brave, insane but brave.
Advanced: 4/5 - Everyone is looking for an "original" deck idea, this lends itself to just that.

Art: 2.5/5 - If my daily commute involved begging for the right-of-way from a red eyed jeweled talking hunk of rock shaped like a lion with a guys head on it, I may just wanna stay home.

Until next time, What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs by day, and 3 by night? *Oedepus Rex = Froyd's hero*
Yugiman To start the week off we look at a favorite card of mine from the PGD set, Ordeal of a Traveler. When this card first came out, I tested it out, and it worked great, but I opted to take it out, and side it for better choices.
Still not that bad, but not that great either. The text of this card reads as follows:

Ordeal of a Traveler
Continuous Trap
You can activate this card's effect when your opponent attacks. Your opponent randomly selects 1 card in your hand and calls the type of card(Monster, Spell, or Trap). if your opponent calls it wrong, the attacking monster is returned to the owner's hand.

So a pretty easy effect to understand, you can only activate when your opponent attacks, he must select from hand a card and choose if its a Monster, Spell, or Trap, guess wrong, and his monster bounces back to hand. If he gets it right, the monsters attack goes through. Pretty nasty effect considering it could bounce back all of your opponents monsters(since its Continuous) if he's dumb.

This card can be bad though too, if your opponent has a Breaker, and it bounces, he gets token to destroy Ordeal with. But you have the choice to activate the effect of this card, so you could always take the damage. Would have been nicer to see the monster destroyed instead of bounced back to hand, to be used later. Lets take a peek at the Pro's and Con's of this

+ He randomly chooses, so he can keep guessing wrong, and lose monsters,
+ and

field advantage.
+ The card bounces back to hand, and keeps it away from your LP or
+ taking LP

damage for a turn.
+ Its a Continuous Trap, so effect keeps going and going.
+ Again, he chooses at random, doesnt look at hand.(Which is always
+ good)

Maybe a little more, but these come to mind.

- Monster goes back to hand, not destroyed.
- He could choose right, and you still get attacked.
- Its a Trap, and in a meta full of Decree's, it wont do you good.
- It can help for a turn, but threat could still be there next turn.

These come to mind firstly.

Hmm, after reviewing this card I might try it out in my side-deck as it could still work good, but Fairy Box is always better. Try it out you might actually like it, as it might fit your risky playstyle.

Traditional: 2/5(You have Force, Ring of D, and more, dont need this).
Advanced: 2.5/5(Its a little better, but better choices are always out there).

Any hate mail/support mail/feel like talking to me mail can be sent to freezergeezer111@hotmail.com.

ExMinion OfDarkness
Ordeal of a Traveler

Sorry for my absence last week, folks -- sadly, some stuff in the real world had to take precedence over me doing CotD. Most of it's out of the way now, so I can get back to this. Besides, i can do most of last week in one sentence: Tyrant Dragon is still not worth the investment unless you're playing alternative ways to summon it, Mobius the Frost Monarch is a metagame call as to whether or not you use it, Cyber Dragon is one of the best monsters in the game period, Blowback Dragon is only good on its own, but great if you're using Deck Devastation Virus, and Dark Magician was and always will be a n00b card.

Anyway, on to Ordeal.

This can be a very annoying card if your opponent is unlucky with guessing, or if you have a good few cards in hand (which is possible if you're playing some kind of lockdown) and they're not all one type.

Basically, your opponent loses field advantage every time they guess wrong, but they don't actually lose any cards. However, the opponent will learn certain cards you have in your hand, and know how to play around them if possible...and if you have 0 cards in hand you're screwed entirely, and if you only have 1, it's not going to do you much good.

This card requires a specialized deck to be even remotely good.

1/5 in almost all decks, 2.25/5 in a lockdown that can possibly use it


Ordeal of Traveler is a defensive Trap that I must say I quite like.  As it is Continuous, it is unlikely to enjoy any substantial play until Spell/Trap removal and negation are brought down to a reasonable level.  For quite some time, 10%-20% of competitive players’ decks are cards that can destroy and/or negate Traps, including Heavy Storm, which blasts both players’ S/T Zones free of occupants.  Until Spell/Trap removal is reduced so that it becomes a precious thing meant to take out only the most terrible, powerful Spell and Trap cards and negation is limited to those one time or repeated payment cards (in other words, not Jinzo or Royal Decree), then this card probably won’t see play.


Ordeal of Traveler’s actual effect is that when an opponent declares an attack, you may choose to let them attempt to guess whether one random card from your hand is a Monster, a Spell, or a Trap.  It can’t be activated if you have no cards in hand.  I don’t know what would happen if somehow your hand were emptied before it resolved.  You generally want to maintain a three card hand when using this, with one of each card in your hand for the best odds.  A two thirds chance of not only negating an attack but bouncing the attacker is very potent.  Not unlike Fairy Box, even though the opponent can succeed in attacking, the possibility of their attack not only being ruined but of utterly backfiring will lead many to try to wait it out.  There is an exception: Breaker the Magical Warrior and similar Monsters who like being bounced will obviously charge ahead recklessly, since either the attack goes through or they get bounced and can try to re-use their effect.  If the opponent does attack, they are risking a Monster, and as we all know Monsters in play are very valuable since normally they are the hardest cards to get into play and rarely can be utilized elsewhere.


The card requires a fairly “balanced” deck in terms of card count.  Not running even amounts of each kind of card, but rather having a deck where cards can sit in your hand when you need them too, or be played when you need them to be.  You want enough Monsters that you can keep one in hand but also just like in any other deck; you want to be Summoning at least one most turns.  The same goes for Spells and for Traps.  You also want to keep from building up too many of them too, making things tricky.  Oh, and you can activate multiple copies of Ordeal of Traveler against the same attack, making this card actually something you’d want to stack.


All in all this appears to be a good, balanced card even if it is luck dependant.  You can easily get it from Structure Deck 7, the Earth/Rock one.




Traditional: 1/5 – No, too much S/T removal.


Advanced: 3/5 – Nice, but hurt by the overabundance of removal and negation.

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