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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Cyber Dragon
Super Rare

If there is a monster on your opponent's side of the field and there are no monsters on your side of the field, you can Special Summon this card from your hand.

Type - Machine/Effect
Card Number - CRV-EN015

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.28
Advanced: 4.53

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.02.06


Dark Paladin
Cyber Dragon is our card for today, and like Mobius, he is also quite popular still. Cyber Dragon is being re-reviewed for the first time since it's initial review when CRV came out.

Cyber Dragon is still a common sight and still quite splashable. He still has his two powerful fusions, and the Cyber End and Cyber Stein one turn kill is popular also. Powerful alone, more powerful with others through Fusion, and easy to summon.


4.15/5 all around

Art: 3/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Cyber Dragon:
I've never thought this was broken, but I seem to be in a minority.

Cyber Dragon is undeniably powerful. A free summon, with 2100 ATK attached, with the added bonus of Chaos food is bloody spectacular. I always said Cyber brough Agro decks up to a similar level as Control decks, and to some extent I've been proven right. Decks are more Aggro based since Cyber's introduction. It's just a matter of preference if you want to play it or not.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Cyber Dragon ;

As tributes go, Cyber Dragon doesn’t really count. Basically he’s a free ,2100 attack, light ,level 4, with a bad attitude problem. Worth the use, especially in the standard machine or chaos decks.

Even now there are outcries of how much he deserves to be banned, but lets face it, he doesn’t. I’ve never ran one, but I’ve played against them countless times. They aren’t so bad. They’re actually fun to kill. They’re virtually harmless. They are just great lights, and that’s all the makes them any way unfair. You can think what you like, but that’s my opinion of them.

Cyber Dragon is a good card to use, but is by no means a staple. Run him wisely, in a light deck, or a Soul Control, or definitely in a Chaos or macine. He’s solid, and very worthwhile. Don’t hate, appreciate.

He is strong, deck able, and not totally unfair although he has his moments. . He laughs at bounce t, I’ll give him that. I like Cyber Dragon. I never used to. I’d be the one leading the revolt against him, but I relised at the end of the regressive format that he ain’t so hot.

He’s coming out in a tin. People are saying that he’ll be the most sold out tin ever, and I agree with them, there’s every reason for that to happen. His value was going way above what he really is worth. Sure people will complain, sure others will be jumping up and down with excitement, but lets just remember. At best he’s a free 2100.

Traditional ; 3/5 Good, very interesting here with Chaos n’ all.
Advanced : 4/5 Great in the right hands.

Art : 3/5 I wasn’t really impressed with it to be honest.
MPS 3/5 He’s ok…
MikeJ Cyber Dragon

WoW I really love Cyber Dragon anyone at my local tournaments knows too well that fact every since I saw it in the CRV translation from Japan but I'm not going into great detials about it since I'm pretty sure the other CoTD reviewers already did that ~.^. Now its very simple to use if your opponent has a monster(s) on the field and you don't you get a free 2100/1600 Light beatstick plus another summon that turn since it was a Special Summon. Now for being Light its Chaos Sorcerer fodder plus a 2100 hitter in the RFG pile for RftDD plus the amazing Cyber Dragon to Spirit Reaper drop to clear the field plus hit for a card in your opponents hand. Now other then its abuse in Chaos style decks ( 99 % Chaos decks feature 2 or more copies of Cyber Dragon ) it has a theme based around and its Fusion much like E-Hero but better, Being LV 5 it can Morph into Dark Balter the Terrible for the few people that still run Metamorphosis.

Traditional Format > 2/5:

Advance Format > 5/5:

Artwork > 3/5: Unlike yesterday Cyber Dragon isn't very good for its artwork not really a feirce Dragon like Monday more like a metal snake

Pippin Cyber Dragon

Is it fair to call this a true tribute monster? I guess by definition of stars it is.

A light 2100 atk monster that can be thrown on the field as long as your opponent has and you have not. THEN you can continue to summon and fulfill your turn as you see fit. He is tribute fodder, Chaos food, Limter Removal target, Fuses into the largest and one of the most effective fusion monsters in the game. It can be comboed with Proto Cyber Dragon and Infernal Reckless Summoning. It is the chocolate chip in the deck that is Cookie shaped. It is run in 3s by people who have threes. It has spawned more discussion and caused more locks and bans on the pojo.com Forum than any other card save maybe Chaos Sorcerer.

This card is today's meta.

Now for the bad news. Once it hits the field, its a vanilla. Its a 2100 beatstick. It allows for field pressence, but hurts in hand management. He alone will not win you a game (unlike CED or BLS). He is not on their level, and should not be banned. His reprinting as a tin hurts his monetary value and will lead to less complaining as more people are able to purchase one of these for relatively nohing compared to its going eBay price.

Bottom Line:
Traditional: 4.5/5 - The chaos combos here are pretty much what rule here.
Cyber Fusions are little used.
Advanced: 5/5 - Cookie Cutter has this in bold on its recipe.

Art: 3/5 - it looks cool. A big metal wurm. Nothing to distinguishing about him, art wise.

Until Next Time, bake in the oven for 15 mins at 350 degrees.

Yugiman Today we look at the ever popular Cyber Dragon. A card I really like and for

obvious reasons. When it first came out in CRV, and I saw what it did, I
didnt actually think it was any good, but as the metagame grew, and I saw
decklists, I decided maybe I oughta test it out, and I loved it.

Anyways, the text on the card reads as follows.

Cyber Dragon
Light/Dragon/4 Stars
Atk: 2100 Defense: 1600
If there is a monster on your opponents side of the field and there are no
monsters on your field, you can specials summon this monster from your hand.

Not hard to understand, a free special summon for the turn, plus your normal

summon. Pretty awesome in my opinion. Almost everyone and their sisters are
running these in 2-3's per deck. You go to metagame.com
and you will see these in almost every deck. Thats how good these things
are. If you have one, use it. Gogogogogo. Just kidding.

This card can be game ending, I mean it too. Ive won like a million games
with him. But anyways, to the Pro's and Cons shall we?

- 2100 Attack.
- 1600 Defense(Tsukuyomi cant kill it)
- Light, which feeds Chaos Sorcerer.
- Basically a free normal summon for turn, plus you can still normal for
- Can fuse into Cyber End Dragon, which is good.
- Morphs into Balter.
- Sets up for a 1st turn tribute very nice aka Zaborgs.

Pretty awesome, which makes me wanna marry the card, jokes tho.

- It can easily force you to overextend, and cost you game. Eg, running into

a TT.
- 2100 still isnt enough to beat Jinzo, Zaborgs and 2200 and above monsters.

All I can think of off top of my head. The Pro's for this card heavily
outweigh the cons, so you can probably get my point. Get this card and test
it out, if you dont like it, sell it off, or trade it off for big stuff.

Traditional: 3/5 - Its okay, not really needed tho.
Advanced: 4.5/5 - Perfect for the meta right now, but obv cant be perfect.
Nothing is perfect.

If you have any questions/hate mail/support mail send to


Cyber Dragon is a Level 5 Light/Machine/Effect Monster with 2100 ATK and 1600 DEF.  I won’t break it down quite like I normally due, because Cyber Dragon is a card whose effect is so important to understanding its stats.  The effect is simple: if you have no Monsters on your side of the field, and your opponent has at least one, you can Special Summon this Monster.


Now, I am saddened by having to explain that this card is broken.


What?  Why?


The nature of this game is to clear the opponent’s Monsters from their field every other turn or so.  As such, you will rarely be unable to Special Summon Cyber Dragon unless you are winning already (and sometimes, even then).  Effectively, Cyber Dragon becomes a Level 4 Monster that in exchange for being able to Special Summon it most of the time, will require you Tribute a Monster to Summon it the rest of the time.  This does two things: elevates the minimum ATK needed to maintain field presence to 2100 (as Berserk Gorilla made 2000 a requirement).  So we have another Special Summon Monster that fits into most decks and raises the bar on viable ATK points even higher?  Ugh.  It even has a good 1600 DEF which means that forcing it facedown via Tsukuyomi or Book of Moon isn’t going to be enough to take it out without a good beatstick to deliver the final blow (or Nobleman of Crossout).


To make matters worse, Cyber Dragon is a Light Monster.  Now, I believe that even if it had been a different Attribute, it still would be in almost every deck (maybe one less copy).  Since it is a Light Monster, and combos so well with Spirit Reaper, it’s usually a safe bet that a deck will have two of each.  Factor in Magician of Faith, Breaker the Magical Warrior, and Sangan, and that’s four each of Light and Dark, enough to make at least a single copy of Chaos Sorcerer viable for your deck.  So while I don’t think that Chaos Sorcerer is truly broken, thanks in part to Cyber Dragon its so easy to see it in just about every deck.


For completeness, I’ll say that it is nice that Machines get a good card, but then again they aren’t really hurting for single Tribute Monsters and Cyber Dragon and its Fusions are a large part of why Limiter Removal is restricted to one.  Thanks to Proto-Cyber Dragon, one can get out the Fusions without needing Cyber Dragon itself, so I really think this card needs to be banned.  Like most cards, restricting it would impact the game some, but it’d just make the cheapness of a Cyber Dragon open less common.  This card might have been okay had the effect worked the way others have told me that it works in the GX series: the effect just allows it to be Normal Summoned sans Tribute.  That might have just toned it down enough to have made it “safe”.  Oh well.




Traditional       : 3.75/5 – It’s been a while since I really played Traditional, so I can’t be sure, but I think this should work out pretty good there still.  After all, it’s even more likely your opponent will be clearing your side of the field.


Advanced        : 4.5/5 – Yes, it could be more overpowered, but thankfully it isn’t so it gets this score for being so useful and rarely being a dead draw (or should I say remaining a dead draw for long).


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