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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Mobius the Frost Monarch

When this card is Tribute Summoned successfully, you can destroy up to 2 Spell or Trap Cards on the field.

Type - Aqua/Effect
Card Number - SD4-EN012

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.96
Advanced: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.01.06



Stats                : Mobius the Frost Monarch is a Level 6 Water/Aqua/Effect Monster with 2400 ATK and 1000 DEF.  Since Chaos is still the preeminent deck type - not surprising since most decks have between three and six each of potent Light/Dark Monsters – it’d need a new name but would otherwise be a lock for all those CC decks out there.  Of course, most of you reading this already know that Mobius is a common site in most decks/side decks anyway.  So why is it so good even if it’s Water?  Well, it’s Level 6 so it doesn’t get anything more than a minimal attack boost from A Legendary Ocean.  Of course, since its effect is triggered by Tribute summoning it, we wouldn’t want it to be reduced to Level 4 or less).  So Level wise it’s just about right: it even had a few handy Metamorphosis targets back in the day when every deck ran that card.  Being an Aqua Type is mostly meaningless for Advanced, but quite handy for Traditional since it forces Tribe-Infecting Virus to kill itself if it wants to hit Mobius with its effect.  2400 ATK is the practical target for Level 5/6 Monsters with at least a minimal effect.  The only such Monster to exceed that and still see a reasonable amount of play is Dark Ruler Ha Des by 50 points.  1000 DEF is a bit low.  Sure, it means that Witch of the Black Forest in Traditional, but it is such a serious issue in Advanced right now as players can at least recognize the power of some position changing cards.  Tsukuyomi is strong enough to take out Mobius (and all other Monarchs) in battle if she uses her effect to for them into face-down DEF position.


Effect               : Clearly, this is what makes the card since many other 2400 ATK single Tribute Monsters with more useful Attributes/Types for the current format go ignored: when successfully Tribute Summoned, he allows you to destroy up to two Spell/Traps in play.  Even Zaborg the Thunder Monarch didn’t catch on as fast as Mobius, and you’d think Zaborg would have given his Light Attribute and Monster destroying effect.  The reason is due to size: the Monarchs, as previously stated, are 2400 ATK Monsters which means they aren’t beaten by many cards that see play in terms of brute force.  So if Mobius survives being Summoned, it takes out the one thing it has to really worry about immediately: Spells and Traps. It hits two, allowing you to break even in terms or raw card count (though not card quality) even if it is destroyed or Removed From Play by a card activated in response to being Summoned.  In fact, the only downside is that since this is a one and done effect, it’s nothing but a big beatstick after its Summoned.


Uses and

Combinations  : This is simple one of the generic Spell/Trap removing cards that plague this game.  The large amount of easy to use and/or excessive return removal (Monster or Spell/Trap) is what has shaped this game, and to my chagrin many players, especially if Yu-Gi-Oh is their first or only TCG, have a hard time realizing you’re supposed to have to work for significant card advantage.  Don’t get me wrong, I recognize there are many skilled players in this game, far better than myself.  Its just their skill seems almost wasted: their brilliant combos that should be awe-inspiring aren’t because a player basically has to be bad in order to fail to get a similar return.  So people side or main Mobius since at the very worst it tends to force the opponent to prematurely burn a Spell or Trap, and quite often it will be a clear cut two card advantage in addition to giving you control of the field.  Well, until they use Smashing Ground after Special Summoning a Cyber Dragon, but that applies to pretty much any face-up Monster.


There is little reason not to use Mobius.  Even Jinzo has a hard time competing.  As we all know, Jinzo has comparable stats except for being a Dark Type (and thus Chaos friendly).  However, since it has a continuous effect, it can greatly backfire if that Set S/T is a Quick-Play Spell, or if your opponent follows up with a Snatch Steal on his/her turn.  Also, as we know, players rarely will commit more than two S/Ts to the field for fear of Heavy Storm, so Jinzo will just delay them (on his own) if they are Traps, and if he dies, you have to worry about them again.  Mobius, of course, just nukes them so even if he dies right away, at least those S/Ts are gone.




Traditional       : 3.5/5 – Maybe I am wrong, but this is the format with Harpie’s Feather Duster, Raigeki, Dark Hole and Chaos Emperor Dragon getting the combination of a Monster to Tribute for Mobius can be hard.  He’s still useful, but I am not sure how useful.


Advanced        : 4.25/5 – If this seems low, understand it’s only because he’s not something along the lines of a Dark/Fiend or Light/Warrior or some other useful combination for contemporary Chaos decks.



Mobius is rather deceptive, as he and the other Monarchs are FAKE theme support.  What do I mean?  Are any Monarchs any more potent for their respective Attribute/Type than they are in a general CC deck?  Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch is close: Fire doesn’t have many options that don’t take over the deck; it does do a little burn (Fire/Pyro’s forte) but really, its Hand Control support, since it lets you discard a card from their hand reliably.  Granmarg the Rock Monarch is generic, but its okay: hitting a facedown card is either very potent (nailing a set Flip Effect or the like) or very risky and all but pointless (targeting a chainable Trap).  Zaborg and Mobius, though, are a bit too potent for general cards.  Mobius doesn’t do much for Water: it adds a strong singe Tribute, but they already have a few of those so it tends to take space away from the on-theme support.  It also blurs the lines: another of mistake of this game is it seems to give a few Attributes/Types everything and the rest nothing.  So Water doesn’t need extra S/T kill.  It’s got some great bouncers and field clearers.  Mobius is a poser, pretending to be theme support when its really just more help for Beatdown and, to a lesser extent, Control.  If Mobius wants to really rule the Water and/or Aqua cards, make it a higher Level, then give it a variable Tribute effect based upon offering Water and/or Aqua Monsters.  Anymore would make this a Create-A-Card entry, so I’ll leave it at that.


Dark Paladin
Today we look at Mobius the Frost Monarch, we've been reviewing some of the other Monarchs lately, so I though we should look at the best.

2400 attack is good, it takes out Cyber Dragon, Chaos Sorcerer, Dark World, both Goblin monsters and ties most other common tribute monsters. Mobius is a 2 for 2, one of if not the best in the game.
Mobius is still quite popular, and with good reason.

Mobius is hott, quite hott. I don't have much else to say.


Traditional: 3.8/5
Advanced: 4.5/5

Art: 4.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Everyone knows this. Everyone!

I'll leave my review short. No one needs to remember how to use Mobius. The simple question is if you should. Having not played in far too long, I'll leave other reviewers to comment. One day, I'll get around to catching up on the news. From April.

Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 4.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


Mobius the Frost Monarch

There’s not much to say about Mobius that hasn’t already been said countless times.

As far as tribute monsters go, he’s in the top 3, up there with Jinzo and Zaborg (the ‘fro dude). He’s got decent stats, cool art, and a powerful effect.

As far as the in-summon effects go, Mobius has the best. He can nail two opposing face down s/t’s the instant he’s tributed to the field. This is great as it not only covers the cost of his summoning, it also nails any threats to his survival for that turn, permitting him a safe attack.

Last format, Mobius use was everywhere, with people really eager to use him over Jinzo. Now with Chaos back in the picture, Jinzo and Zaborg has popped back up. Still, as it stands, he’s an un restricted near Jinzo, and great support for the water attribute. Expect his uprising if Chaos sorcerer goes.

Traditional ; 2/5
Advanced : 4/5

Art : 4/5 Very Medieval, much like yesterdays.
MPS : 3/5
MikeJ Mobius the Frost Monarch

Hooray !!!!! today I get to review my favourite Monarch of all time the big snowman himself Mobius ^.^ but tomorrow is even better its my favourite card in the whole game, Now all celebrations aside this card unlike yesterday is very playable outside the deck its mainly for ( Water style deck etc ) since for 1 tribute which can be Treeborn Frog as tribute fodder or your opponents monster thanks to Soul Exchange, Brain Control, Snatch Steal etc etc you get a 2400/1000 which can clear the field of up to 2 Spell/Traps, Now unlike Zaborg the Thunder Monarch its effect is optional soo you can choose if you want to destroy 1 or 2 cards or none at all. If you're not running this in your maindeck I highly suggest you run 1 or 2 copies in your sidedeck as S/T removal against Burn/Stall other then much like Smashing Ground its pretty straight foward easy to use just tribute him and destroy stuff.

Traditional Format > 2/5: I see really no point

Advance Format > 4/5: Still very playable in both sidedeck and main IMO

Artwork > 5/5: Ultimate Mobius is my favourite the ice is super holo

Yugiman Today's review is all about something I wish would happen in Ontario. Get
colder, or frost more. Im sweating my butt off from the heat. Today we look
at Mobius the Frost Monarch, the super kool dude that freezes stuff cold.

Anyways, the text on this card reads as follows:

Mobius the Frost Monarch
Attack: 2400 Defense: 1000
When this card is tribute summoned successfully, you can destroy up to 2
Spell or Trap Cards
on the field

This Monarch came out in SOD, and was highly playable as it still is. You
can summon it easily, and get the chance to kill 2 S/T on the field. At the
beginning of this format it wasnt being used much, as we saw Return decks
being played heavily with Jinzo, but as time grew we found another viable
decktype SwapDecree. SwapDecree basically utilizes Decree's and stops
Return cold. People started to use Mobius the Frost Monarch to counter
Decree, and now its a starting trend again. I personally dont have mine
mained, just sided for when I might face a Decree deck.

Still a pretty useful card in my opinion, even if you dont have it mained,
side it against Decree, WMC's or just for a little more S/T destruction.
Anyways, to the Pro's and Cons shall we?

- 2400 Attack, can go toe to toe with Jinzo/other Monarchs.
- Can be summoned easily.
- Destroys two possible threats.
- 6 Star can be fused into Ryu Senshi.
- Counters SwapDecree easily.

Very good Pro's, probably more but these are notable.

- Water, doesnt feed Sorcerer if used in Return/Chaos Varient decks.
- 1000 Defense, Tsukuyomi can easily kill it.
- Upon summoning and destroying S/T, the cards can be chained to it. Eg:
Controller, Book, TT.
- Vanilla after summoning/and effect is done.(2400 vanilla, but good).

Cons are somewhat bad, but still a very good card in my opinion. Sideboard
it at least, it deserves it.

Traditional- 2/5 - Storm, Duster, MST, Breaker, Dusts, dont really need this

Advanced- 3.9/5 - Very good right now with Decree decks popping around.

If you have any questions/hate mail/support mail send to

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