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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ultra Rare

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, Trap Cards cannot be activated. The effects of all face-up Trap Cards are negated.

Type - Machine/Effect
Card Number - DB1-EN067

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.83
Advanced: 4.53

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.21.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Hear that? That's the sound of Jinzo's value going up $10 in 2 weeks.

If you saw the most recent SJC, Jinzo's back in full force. People are playing so many Bottomlesses, along with the newly unbanned Mirror Force, that it becomes better to negate traps for a long period of time sometimes, rather than just get two out of the way that could possibly be chained. There's not much to stop Jinzo afterward; the Scapegoat to fend off for a turn or two, the Enemy Controllers that usually don't see a heck of a lot of play, and the lone Book of Moon (which could be followed up by one of two Crossouts.)

I was YVDing with someone yesterday and dropped Jinzo when their backrow consisted of Bottomless, Sakuretsu, and Torrential. Given the slow pace of some games, spell and trap zones can fill up to that, or something similar, fairly quickly. So just make sure your deck has enough ways to deal with Jinzo should it come out.

2.5/5 Traditional

4.25/5 Advanced (People will still run this with a bunch of Traps in their OWN deck)

Dark Paladin
Now, today you faithful readers are rewarded for trudging through the past four days. Today, we're looking at Jinzo! Why, I'm not sure, but he is a Machine, and he's good, so I'm happy.

Good old Jinzo, back in the day, everyone who was anyone ran one, and if you didn't have one, you were at a severe hinderence, shall we say?
However, today, Mobius the Frost Monarch seems to be some peoples tribute of choice over Jinzo. Especially with Monarch Control emerging very popular lately.

Jinzo is still good. Total trap negation on the field of an intelligent duelist can still mean trouble for the opponent, and victory for you. Yes, I said Jinzo needs to be used with intelligence.

Jinzo honestly isn't that good of a card early game, or even mid game.
If you get him out too early, your opponent could Snatch him (which is why it's good to keep an MST handy) Smashing Ground, etc him.

However, if you wait to mid to mid-late even to late game, Jinzo can definately clinch a duel for you. Just keep track of your opponent's cards so you know whether they used Snatch, Smashing Ground, etc.


Traditional: 3.85/5
Traditional Machine: 4.25/5

Advanced: 4.4/5
Advanced Machine: 4.75/5

Art: 5/5 Excellent (Android Psycho Shocker!)

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

"Mobius the Frost Monarch is better than Jinzo.

I imagine the above question would take a few articles to work out in full as both are great. Basically, the relative power of the two cards is based on how long Jinzo will stay on the field. If Jinzo leaves the field after one turn, all he did was delay the inevitable and Mobius is better for the advantage swings. If Jinzo can stay for three or four turns, his attacks might just win the game by lockdown.

Beyond that, there is little difference between the two, except Jinzo can't be eaten by Tsuki. I leave you and time to decide which is better.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos



Way before their was Mobius, there was Jinzo, a card I instantly fell in love with . Jinzo, as you are all aware has a similar effect to Mobius, preventing the activation of trap cards, and the effects of them as long as he is face up on the field. He also boasts 2400 attack.

Back in the days of Chaos, no one could have ran Mobius over Jinzo, since Jinzo could fuel the Chaos monsters being the Dark attribute. Nowadays though things have changed and people feel that removing cards is better than negating them, and since chaos is for the most part gone, then there’s no point in Jinzo anymore. I disagree strongly. Jinzo is a very powerful and ruthlessly dominating card when in play. Facing a Jinzo is a frustrating and deadly experience. Not having access to trap cards can cripple your defences and leave you wide open for a 2400 assault. .

As far as I am concerned, Jinzo is pretty much Mobius’s superior. He has the same strengths, and virtually the same ability, except that his ability is an active one, allowing for constant lockdown on the opposing cards.

Another benefit is that he can be used with cards like Call of the Haunted in crazy combo’s where he doesn’t die when Call is destroyed, and you can even chaining call to the activation of a trap card and getting Jinzo to negate the trap when the chain resolves. Those were the days..

The game had changed from its previous state and become different. Now monsters were dieing all over the place because of repetitive use of cards like Smashing Ground and Fissure just to kill whatever was thrown at them. . It used to be that you could summon your Jinzo and most likely keep him on the field for a few turns and deal some hefty damage, but that almost isn’t the case any more. Now monsters are lucky to survive during the opponents next turn, and as a result Jinzo’s effectiveness has been somewhat dwindled. It seems people chose Mobius over Jinzo just because even if their Mobius did die next turn they could reap some benefit since they have destroyed two opposing face downs.

If you hadn’t noticed, a lot of that was ripped from my S/t Obliteration article.

Anyway, by now you all know my feelings on him, and I do feel he deserves another shot, you’d be surprised how effective a card like him could be.

Traditional : 5/5
Advanced : 5/5

Art ; 3.5/5
MPS : 5/5




I remember my first regional tourny. I needed a Jinzo and went to some 12 places looking for him. I then came across one DB2 Ultra Rare and bought it. I took him and won almost every game with BLS and Jinzo Side by side making top 8.

After the banning of pot and graceful, I stopped using him because tributes tend to hate me in crucial games where I am top-decking. Now that graceful is back Jinzo and Call of the Haunted is my number uno fav. combo.

I'm not going to lye. Jinzo is one of my favorite cards. If I flip a magical merchant and discard him, my first draw is Call of the Haunted. If I use graceful charity, I always seem to have a call of the haunted on the field and a Jinzo.

If I have a treeborn frog and need a top-deck Jinzo to attack for game, there he comes.

Jinzo is a true pal.

If it was not for this card, I have no clue how 7/10 games would go in the past few weeks. Jinzo always seems to come to me. The games I toss him, I lose. The games I use him I win.

Jinzo is this new formats best friend. A 2400 Beatstick who makes it safe to swam and attack. I don't know what I can say about Jinzo other than I am giving him a 5/5

I know that is a high rating, but Jinzo is almost broken. A cool monster who doesn't generate advantage in any way other than LP and Monster Control. Combine this with the fact he is a machine and becomes a 4800 with the use of limiter removal, sick and wrong.


He combos well with Call of The Haunted and makes an excellent 4 star monster at the hands of treeborn frog.

I love this card.

I am glad I have had the opportunity to give him the respect he deserves.


Jinzo: a classic Monster who first appeared in Pharaoh’s Servant.  He’s Dark, which may be the best Attribute.  He’s a Machine, which isn’t the best Type but it is pretty solid.  He’s got 2400 ATK, and in many ways Jinzo is one of the Monsters who helped dethrone old Summoned Skull as the top ATK to see consistent play (Dark Ruler Ha Des helped, and now the Monarchs maintain it).  His DEF is 1500, which was perfect when he was introduced (it allowed him to be searched out via Witch of the Black Forest).


Where is he now?


I still see him sided some, but Mobius the Frost Monarch has in many ways replaced him.  Probably because Mobius means a quick two S/T kill, while Jinzo, on his own, just negates them.  That means a Smashing Ground later and you have to worry about Traps again.  Additionally, it is less damaging for the opponent to take control of your Mobius than it is for them to take control of Jinzo, at least in the “standard” deck: with Jinzo, your own Traps are rendered useless, but Mobius, for better or worse, it just a big beatstick.


So is Mobius the Frost Monarch better than Jinzo?  All of you who answered “It depends” are correct.  First and foremost, what deck are you facing?  Most Stall/Burn decks will have an assortment of Spells and Traps, Set and face-up that need to be destroyed.  Mobius clearly wins there.  For Beatdown vs. Beatdown, I am not so sure: before Heavy Storm is played, players will be very conservative setting Spells and Traps.  This both helps and hurts Mobius, as that lone Trap could still be Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute or another “biggie” that not killing will hurt you, but if it is just a Sakuretsu, or worse yet, a chainable Trap your Mobius will either be totally wasted, or at least feel under utilized.  Jinzo, on the other hand would still negate any of those, and until its destroyed, future Traps are still useless.  If there are just two S/Ts on your opponent side of the field, then Mobius clears the field more often than not.  Jinzo still negates them, but if he dies next turn, they are back “on”.  If there are face up Spells or Set Quick-Play Spells, clearly Mobius wins out.


What happens, though, if Heavy Storm is gone and Magician of Faith is either gone or clearly not Set at the moment?  Your opponent can freely set two to four S/Ts.  Suddenly, Mobius becomes overwhelmed: he is Summoned, nails a Dust Tornado and a Torrential Tribute, both of which are activated so that he ends up ultimately being a net loss.  Here is when Jinzo begins to really shine.  He is Summoned, and your opponent has locked down several Spell/Trap zones.  Jinzo can attack, attack, attack, where as even if Mobius had done his thing perfectly, next turn he can run into a Sakuretsu Armor.


Then there are a few actual tricks that make Jinzo nice, like being immune to Call of the Haunted after it’s already revived him.  Something that might help alleviate some of the annoyance of Jinzo not actually destroying cards is to combine him with Nobleman of Extermination: turn that locked down Sakuretsu into two or three Removed From Play.


All in all, I think Jinzo is due for a comeback.  Apparently, so did several players at the last SJC.  Bottomless Trap Hole, Sakuretsu Armor, and several other Traps are seeing more and more play.  Royal Decree just isn’t as popular as one would have expected, so Jinzo appears to be getting another shot.  Even if you run several Traps yourself, it’s something to at least Side Deck, and will often be worth running in your main deck as well.  With the remaining Quick-Play spells heavily restricted or ignored, Jinzo seems poised to make a comeback.




Traditional: 3.5/5 – Still not bad here, but in OTK he’s not much use and in Chaos he’s got to fight against some other good Light/Dark Monsters for the Tribute slot.  Still, all the nastiest Traps are present, and Harpie’s Feather Duster can’t destroy them all…


Advanced: 4.25/5 – Jinzo has always been somewhat overpowered: his existence is why Traps were so rarely played.  Not Heavy Storm.  Not Harpie’s Feather Duster.  Those cards explained away some missing Traps, but not all those wonderful, highly chainable ones.  Traps were still a common site after Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon: it wasn’t until Jinzo that they really started to dry up in usage: Harpie’s Feather Duster was just the nail in the coffin.  So for Advanced, Traps are finally being used are more than just the “bare minimum”: powerhouses like Call of the Haunted, Torrential Tribute, and Mirror Force are run along side Dust Tornado, Sakurestu Armor, and Bottomless Trap Hole.  With Jinzo seeing more play, I don’t expect that to last.


Limited: 5/5 – Anyone else even score this anymore?  Well, if you get Jinzo in a Limited event, take it.  He’s at worst a good, solid beatstick of a Tribute, that only a minority of Level 5/6 Monsters surpass, and if the opponent did get a few good Traps, boy will they be disappointed.


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