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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ancient Gear Drill

You can only activate this card by discarding 1 card from your hand while a monster that includes "Ancient Gear" in its card name is face-up on your side of the field. Select 1 Spell Card from your Deck and Set it on your side of the field. You cannot use that Spell Card this turn.

Type - Spell Card
Card Number - SOI-EN040

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.6
Advanced: 2.2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.20.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Ancient Gear Drill

This card would have been so great without the discard. It could pretty much let you pick the card you needed to wreck your opponent as long as they weren't in a position to kill it before then. The problem becomes that an Ancient Gear deck isn't going to get anyone topdecking anytime soon, and a deck with Ancient Gear splashed in it wouldn't have the consistency it needed.

However, it DOES work with that Diamond-guy monster in Enemy of Justice, without having to discard. The bad part is then you'd have to wait through TWO of your turns (one for Diamondguy's effect and one for Gear Drill's condition). At which point you were just as well-off with Different Dimension Capsule.

1/5 Traditional
1.5 Advanced

Dark Paladin
Today we're looking at Ancient Gear Drill, another card obviously ONLY suited for Gear decks.

Ancient Gear Drill
Normal Spell
Effect: You can only activate this card by discarding 1 card from your hand while a monster that includes "Ancient Gear" in its card name is face-up on your side of the field. Select 1 Magic Card from your Deck and Set it on your side of the field. You cannot use that Magic Card this turn

So, by playing this card, you give up this card, and one card from your hand (making this a -1) just to get any Magic card from your deck.

Don't get me wrong, the effect (minus the cost) is actually good.
Especially if you're getting a Magic card that will win you the duel or get you much closer. However, if the card being a -1 weren't enough, you don't even get to activate this card the turn you get it.

Also, keep in mind that you're setting the card, so you must have an open m/t slot, or you can't even use this card. I'm sorry to be so negative this week, but these cards are just =/- at best, so my apologies again.


1.5/5 even where it belongs, as the cost and wait outweight the reweard

Art: 2/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Ancient Gear Drill:
Oh this is sooooooo tempting!

Spell Card tutoring is just a wonderful idea. Getting Graceful Charity handed to you on a silver platter is fantastic. Sadly, when Yu-Gi-Oh was invented it seems it was decided that it would be a game without costs, where topdecks could turn the tide of the game, and where tutors would be rare and awkward to use.

Now, the Ancient Gears aren't that bad in the scheme of things, but the tributes can't be revived from the Grave if you chuck them to use this. Also, you can't use that Spell Card this turn. Hence, there are two
1) Use Giant Trunade. Then, you can activate the Spell immediately. A nice option for Stein decks searching for Limiter.
2) Get a Quick-Play, which you can use in your opponent's turn. Your opponent will just know what it is.

Overall, I like this card and will find some way to use it in a puzzle, but it's too situational to use in real life.

Traditional: 1/5 (Look, HFD!)
Advanced: 2.5/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos
Ancient gear Drill :

Spell recursion with a situational new twist.

The ancient gears have received a variety of ‘support’ (he says using the term loosely) of late, and unfortunately, this is the better of the commons. If you ever beneficially pulled this off, good on you, be I doubt it would ever be that useful, still pulling it off is quite good as essentially your trading a card from your hand for a Scapegoat or Book of moon for next turn, of course you have to be in possession of any ancient gear at the time, but I suppose in an ancient gear deck that isn’t so hard.

Traditional : 2.5/5
Advanced : 3.5/5

Art ; 4/5
MPS ; 3.5/5



Ancient Gear Drill

I am kinda half hearted in this card. It allows you to get any spell card from your deck;

But it has a two card cost, which replaces itself with the searched card, thus a minus one, and then you have to wait a turn to use it. So if you search out a quick-play magic card it could save you in a tight spot (limiter removal). Other than that I do not know what you'd risk setting on the field.


Usable and cool but double-spell is better in my opinion


Ancient Gear Drill is an intriguing card.  It’s something rare for Yu-Gi-Oh… a Spell Tutor that can get any Spell, as opposed to only certain ones.  There are several costs/restrictions though.  Ancient Gear Drill requires a discard from hand.  That’s not too bad: lose one card you probably can spare (and maybe combo with) to get a Spell from your deck.  Next restriction: you cannot activate it from the field this turn, nor can you use it (from the field) to pay for costs.  Fortunately, there is a loop hole: said restrictions go away if, for example, you use Giant Trunade to send it to your hand.  Now, keeping this (and Giant Trunade) from becoming a common sight in decks is the requirement that you also have a Monster with Ancient Gear in its name in play.  Now, you can still work this into your deck if you wish: there are many low Level Ancient Gear Monsters.  Ancient Gear Golem and Ancient Gear Beast aren’t contenders since they can only be Normal Summoned and require Tribute.  Ancient Gear has little purpose even in an Ancient Gear deck (it’s not good for swarming, and there are better ways to get Tribute Fodder), so it too is out.  That still leaves Ancient Gear Cannon and Ancient Gear SoldierCannon is rather nice: it’s a small Monster you can choose to Tribute for 500 burn damage… and prevent Traps from being activated for the rest of the turn.  Soldier is nice as well: it may be only 1300 ATK and DEF, but when it attacks, it prevents Spells and Traps from being activated until the end of the Damage Step.  Both can prevent nasty surprises, and either could be added freely to most decks to sneak in an Ancient Gear Drill.


However, I am not advocating that.  At least not for decks in general, because you’d have to run at least two of each card to get any kind of consistency, and that’s six deck slots.  More over, to really be consistent, you’d want three of each, and possible running the second of my two recommended Monsters.  Now, for an Earth themed deck, or more accurately, one using Giant Rat already… try it.  Giant Rat turns either Ancient Gear Monster into a free summon.  Even if you can’t pull off the combo, they are good in their own right when Special Summoned in such a manner.  One or two copies of Ancient Gear Drill and Giant Trunade are quite reasonable in a deck: Ancient Gear Drill being the only real deadweight if no Ancient Gear Monster is ready or your hand consists of just that Spell.  When the combo does go off, get whatever Spell you need.  Of course, with the current Spell selection, that may not be as great a deal: possibly four cards of effort to get that Spell into hand this turn.  Of course, if you could have used Giant Trunade and/or the Ancient Gear Monster anyway, and/or the Monster was Summoned via Giant Rat, then it becomes a two for one the wrong direction: two from hand for one from the deck.  It’s still good just to get that Nobleman of Crossout or Smashing Ground if that’s all you need to win.  You could go for Graceful Charity or Pot of Avarice, but that can get really expensive given what it took to get them to you already.  Card Destruction, if combined with Ancient Gear Drill (they can’t chain anything to Giant Trunade) could be a fun pull and help you truly gain some card (and field) advantage.


So to summarize, you at least Ancient Gear Drill in any Ancient Gear deck, and any deck that already runs Giant Rat shouldn’t have too much trouble getting use of the other needed components and setting up the combo, save for actual deck space.  Though I don’t think it will often be worth it, it will some of the time.  Lastly, Cyberstein OTK should consider it as well, since the bits work well with what it has or are already in the deck, and getting that Last Will or Limiter Removal can mean a win.




Traditional: 1/5 – Too much effort, even though there are much better Spells to choose from in your deck.


Advanced: 2/5 – This is a general score.  You can work the combo into almost any deck, and benefit some from it.  In a deck already using Giant Rat (and decent Spells) it’s add a point to a point-and-a-half, and add two points for an actual Ancient Gear deck.


Limited: 3.5/5 – Its actually quite nice here, since there are some Ancient Gear Monsters and decent Spells in SOI.  The main thing hurting it is you aren’t apt to get multiples, so it’s going to be sort of a lucky break when it goes off.


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