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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

B.E.S. Covered Core
Super Rare

Put 2 counters on this card when you Normal Summon it. This card is not destroyed as a result of battle. If this card battles a monster, toss a coin and call it at the end of the Damage Step. If you call it wrong, remove 1 counter. If this card battles without a counter, destroy this card at the end of the Damage Step.

Type - Machine/Effect
Card Number - SOI-EN013

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.6
Advanced: 1.87

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.19.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
B.E.S. Covered Core

This card could have been playable if they had left it as a Water card. So I'm going to talk about what could have been.

Two tributes for his effect is just wrong. ONE, and then it could see play. So you get your 2700 (2900 if you had A Legendary Ocean and he was Water) out, and you use your patent-pending Jefferson Nickels of Mass Cheating (the ones that flip heads-heavy) and never lose either of the two counters. He just wrecks everything with his 2700 ATK-ness and...wait...why would he get killed in battle anyway?

If he's 2700 ATK, what does anyone play in monster form that would take him out? DMoC in some weird decks but that's about it. You see your Smashing Grounds, Sakuretsu Armors, Bottomless Trap Holes, Mirror Forces...there's enough to take him out without ever getting one attack off.

Sorry for anyone who was looking for a full, in-depth review, but I just really wanted to use this review to put out the word about the heads-heavy new nickels. If you see a team at the Shonen Jump Championship events playing Sasuke Samurai #4 using nickels to flip, you know why.

1/5 all for the third day in a row

Dark Paladin
Just when you thought this week couldn't get ANY worse...we look at a member of the Big Core/B.E.S. family, a bunch of monsters I don't really care for at all.

We're looking at B.E.S. Covered Core today, a monster that requires TWO tributes for a paltry 2500 attack (but I love Dark Magician...) and a horrifyingly low defense for a monster of its level of only 700 making it vulnerable to nearly everything.

As the B.E.S. monsters all do, Covered Core gets 2 Counters when Normal Summoned. If it battles without a counter, it is destroyed at the end of the Damage Step. However, this is a lovely coin dependent card.

You toss a coin when this card battles, and if you're right, it doesn't lose a counter, which is good, since it needs one to survive a battle.
However, I don't care for these cards, and I care for coin dependent cards even less.


B.E.S. decks: 3.5/5 as it is one of the better ones, sadly Joey Wheeler deck: 4/5 as it requires a coin

Art: 3.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

B.E.S. Covered Core:
I collect the B.E.S. monsters for the artwork. Some are worth using. This one isn't.

Had this have been made Lv. 6, this would be alright.
2500 ATK is brilliant for Lv. 6. The random loss of counters is also good. It means you should get four attacks out of your indestructible, cool-looking ship.
A nice straightforward beatstick, that you'd never want to Special Summon.

However, it's Lv. 7, and as such is crud and will never be used. Dang.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5

Share and enjoy,

Dark Maltos


BES Covered Core

Above all other cards this week, this card stinks the most.

I was unlucky enough to pull one of these piles of mechanical manure .

The BES’s have done alright for themselves recently, and were cards I was growing particularly fond of them, I was even rather pleased at getting this card, until I read its effect. By far this is one of the most awful cards printed in the SOI set, however, saying that it could be attackingly invincible if you are gifted with coin flips. And saying that, no monster would ever be able to surpass this attack wise anyway. Use spirit Reaper, its better.

Traditional ; 1/5
Advanced ; 2/5

Art : 3/5
MPS : 2/5



B.E.S. Covered Core

I just do not like this or any B.E.S. monster (with the exception of the water one simply because in an ALO deck is is sweet.)

A 2 tribute monster that does not die in battle. Kaiser Glider is a far better monster. At least whenever he dies he replaces himself.

Summon this and meet sakuretsu armor, widespread ruin, bottomless trap hole, etc. Good players might even ram a spirit reaper into this monster hoping you lose a counter.

Junk, junk, junk. If anyone opens a pack of SOI hoping for this card I'd gladly trade you mine. I do not even see its potential in a B.E.S. Boss Rush Deck.

a 2 tribute monster needs to have game breaking effects (Phoenix, DMOC, Creator, Mystical Knight of Jackal) or a huge attack to manipulate its worth (BEWD) this card has neither. On top of that you can't even use Call of the Haunted on it because its effect will kill it.

I hate this card. Why was Doom Dozer a silver stamp and this holo? Why was Chaos Sorcerer common and this Holo? Why was Legendary Jujitsu master common and this holo? Why is it that cards like level-limit area B and even Magical Scientist are common and things like this holographic?

Why did it take them so long to make Pot of Greed a holo?

Why do we have this card as a "super" pull when freaking spirit reaper is a silver stamp?

Treeborn Frog, there we go. A silver stamp and here is are holo friend B.E.S. should treeborn frog not been a super or ultra?

Anteatereatngant should of been a super rare over this card.

I state again and again


It is like the card developers are dumb. Notice how people will trade you for chaos sorcerer but will give you nothing for this.

Why was this card made? If anyone ever uses it and can send me any reason it should be looked at or potentially looked at, I want to know. Because my verdict is

it sucks the big one..............................................................'


total waste of a holo. If you get this card use it for a goat token or something. Better yet dump it on someone else :P

Or trade it for pack of cards. Get rid of it and never look back..............................................................................


Stats                : B.E.S Covered Core is another “Boss” from the Gradius game series.  A Level 7 Monster, it’s hard to get into play via a Tribute Summon, and when we get to the effect, we’ll see why that is important.  This high a Level really hurts its playability.


Being an Earth Monster is solid: they have more support for that Attribute than some others, though as always, most of it just doesn’t see play.  Machine support is towards the high end of the Type support, both in terms of amount and use.  Of course, it’s still paltry compared to Warrior support.  All in all, these are solid.


Here is the first sign that something is wrong: just a 2500 ATK and 800 DEF.  Ouch.  These small of scores mean the effect or combos for this card have to be amazing.


Effect(s)            : Well, the effect isn’t amazing.  When this card is successfully Normal Summoned, you put two counters on it.  Not Spell Counters, just generic counters which there are no ways to replenish.  Then, whenever this card battles, you flip a coin at the end of the damage step and call it right or else you lose a counter.  If you do battle and have no counters, this Monster blows itself up.  So it has “potential immunity” to death by battle.  The reason that effect normally works well is that it belongs to small, easy to Summon Monster, like Spirit Reaper.  On something this big, it isn’t so great: the ATK may be small for its level, but it’s still bigger than many Monsters that see regular play, so it’s often going to be your own attacks that leave you vulnerable.  Also, requiring a Normal Summon on a Level 7 is very difficult.


The effects seem to clash with the stats, and neither is very good.



Uses and

Combinations  : The only way you should play this is in a hardcore Gradius deck.  That would include the other “B.E.S.” Monsters (and Big Core) and Boss Rush, and maybe Gradius and its related cards.  Not a very coherent theme though, and even just doing a Gradius Bosses theme doesn’t work to well: Boss Rush is a Continuous Spell that lets you get replacements for destroyed “Bosses”, but since it Special Summons them, their effects (which all include counters) are mostly negated.  They are also all Level 5+.  Your opponent just needs to more or less wait you out with solid Monsters, and you’re dead.




Traditional       : 1/5 – Don’t be ridiculous.


Advanced        : 2/5 – Hardcore Gradius fans only.  You might be able to take out an unprepared opponent though.


Limited            : 4/5 – Why so high?  Because it’s the fourth biggest Monster in the set, and the three that beat it are the “Sacred Beasts” or whatever they’re called.



Interesting ideas that just clash so much make B.E.S. Covered Core and its fellows too risky to use.  You might be able to make use of one or two in customized decks, but that’s for fun and not major tournaments.  If their “counter” based effect protected against all kinds of destruction, then it could be interesting.  Too bad they don’t.


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