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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

D. D. Assailant
Super Rare

When this card is destroyed in Battle by an opponent’s Monster, remove this Monster and the opponent’s Monster from the game.

Type - Warrior/Effect
Card Number - DBT-EN002

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.29
Advanced: 3.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.11.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
D. D. Assailant

This card has always been qutie powerful. It's a guaranteed 1 for 1 most likely; the opponent either has to get a monster removed to take it out, or waste a spell or trap to get it off the field without it removing anything. Having 3 of him for so long, plus DDWL, is the sole reason Horus and Phoenix decks didn't at least get tried more.

Now that he won't be a crutch for the Warrior deck, what will he be? Just another Toolbox monster that you pull out with Reinforcement of the Army when the monster you want to take out with it is already face-up/not Sangan/etc.

So why will he see play in the new format?

Restricted 1:1s like him are always welcome, in almost any deck. We play DDWL, don't we?

3.5/5 Traditional
4.5/5 Advanced


Stats                : D.D. Assailant is a Level 4 Earth/Warrior.  Level 4 means it’s an easy no-Tribute Normal Summon.  Earth has some spiffy tricks, though they aren’t often played.  Warriors have even spiffier tricks, and they are heavily played.  All in all, these traits are a very solid foundation.  D.D. Assailant has a solid 1700 ATK and 1600 DEF.  Both stats mean that it won’t be killed in battle except by dedicated beatsticks or Tribute Monsters.  Obviously these stats would be sub-par on their own, so let’s check the effect (for that new player who has never seen this card before).


Effect(s)            : When D.D. Assailant is destroyed in Battle, it automatically removes itself and the Monster it did Battle with.  This is a great effect: the only things that will stand it its way long are Monsters with protective effects (like Spirit Reaper) and creatures with very high DEF scores (otherwise you’d just suicide into it).  This means its one of those Monsters that will easily break even (in terms of card count) and usually pull ahead (Summon, attack and kill a Monster, and then cost the opponent Monster removal or their next beatstick).


Uses and

Combinations  : This is a great card, though not quite as useful as D. D. Warrior Lady.  The latter is more searchable, has a slightly more useful attribute (Light), and a better “remove from game” effect, which easily offsets D.D. Assailant’s slightly higher ATK score.  Though more Monsters can kill D. D. Warrior Lady in Battle, its okay since they still get removed and she can remove defensive Monsters that D.D. Assailant can’t.


That isn’t to say that D.D. Assailant is bad.  I am of the opinion that these both D.D. Assailant and D. D. Warrior Lady are over-powered, to the point that at least eventually they should be banned.  The “remove opponent’s Monster from game” mechanic, in this instance, had its value grossly underestimated.  Yes, you basically eat up a Normal Set/Summon with them, but the combination of being searchable and just strong enough to hold off so many non-beatsticks put them over the top.  Many players I know have D. D. Warrior Lady in their deck by default, and D.D. Assailant in their virtual decks by default as well.  There’s nothing like someone’s carefully laid plan backfiring because it runs into a “D.D.


Oh, and for those wondering, D.D. Warrior is fine, primarily because he must remove when he engages in Battle.  The lack of an option makes all the difference in the world: D.D. Assailant is big enough to press the advantage, as can D. D. Warrior Lady (though not as well).




Traditional       : 3/5 – Due to the increased mass Monster removal, I don’t think the D.D. cards are as effective here.  Still a solid Monster, though.


Advanced        : 4/5 – Though not as potent, D.D. Assailant is still a great Monster and you generally need to find a reason to not run it.


Limited            : N/A – Currently only available from a video game.  It’d be a top pick if it were re-released into a set.



A great card you should generally assume you’re running until you find something of critical importance for the deck and you must cut this instead.  However, that’s probably going to be a rare occurrence.  Yes, that Special Summoned Cyber Dragon will often “cancel” it out but your opponent still burned a resource doing it.

Dark Paladin
Today we're looking at DD Assailant, and this is a card that found itself to be Restricted this Ban List arround, which is good, yet bad all at the same time. Some people argue that DD Assailant should have been at 2 instead of 1 as he isn't as good as DD Warrior Lady.

What do you want me to tell you about DD Assailant that you don't all ready know? She was great when you could run three, and she's at least as good now. It gives all decks two less cards to be afraid of running into.

Of course you might as well play the one you're allowed. You still have one copy of DD Warrior Lady, so you have two main Remove from Play monsters and however many Bottomless Trap Holes you play.

Vampire Lord use is still popular, and you can use three of him.
Phoenix use is also on the rise again, and this card can ruin the day of a player playing either.


Traditional: 3.75/5
Traditional Warrior/Toolbox: 4.25/5
Traditional vs V-Lord or Phoenix: 4/5

Advanced: 4.3/5
Advanced Warrior/Toolbox: 4.8/5
Advanced vs V-Lord or Phoenix: 4.5/5

Art: I love this picture, she has the Final Fantasy sword, 5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

D.D. Assailant:
Admire the sight of a happier Phoenix and Black Flame Dragon.

This is not broken. In fact, it's not even close. It provides a very useful beatstick and field clearer for Warrior Toolbox, and would be a nicely balanced card if Yu-Gi-Oh could invent some form of Loyalty and slap it on this.

However, I agree with the restriction. Decks based around Special Summoning some massive thing need a little help, since I'd always thought the anime was about summoning some massive thing and insulting your opponent a lot. We've already got the insults, so we need more bigger monsters and D.D.A. stands in the way as it makes destroying them so much easier.

Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 4/5
Toolbox: 5/5

Share and enjoy,

After a long time, I have finally returned. Always happy to return of course, but to return to the overrated D.D. Assailant, not so good.

D.D. Assailant is a warrior with 1700 attack with a very useful effect in battle. When ever D.D. Assailant gets destroyed by a monster in battle both D.D. Assailant and the monster gets removed.

Now as this card is limited to one, you would think how great it is.
It gives a great defense, especially against Monarchs. It is searchable by Reinforcements of the Army.

But it does not gain card advantage easily, it simply seems as a simple card.

It is easily destroyed by almost any playable trap card. It is easily destroyed by Smashing Ground. It is a card that can't escape almost anything. Now what makes you think you can get away with it?

Actually it might even help your opponent. Using Brain Control, Snatch Steal, Soul Control, your opponent can tribute for a Monarch or even ram it into your higher attack monster for even more card advantage!

The combos and advantages are extremely high to fizzle D.D.
Assailant, even in a common cookie deck.

It's not even a DARK , no Strike Ninja and no Chaos Sorcerer, something you see in warrior decks that might need to work. Once the next set comes out your opponents will be screaming for joy with the increasing play of D.D. Survivor.

As it can serve good side deck possibilities, you will still even out card advantage. Against Zombies, one for one, against Soul Control, even card advantage, against Phoenix you might actually gain card advantage. But of course that all depends on the player and how things are summoned.

Even though all of these negative aspects I point out are extremely painful to take, there is the somewhat positive side. It takes down big monsters and it benefits in a Return From the Different Dimension deck.

Paul Levitin used D.D. Assailant as a one for one while fueling up the remove from play area for either card advantage or game with Return From the Different Dimension. It also served as a good counter for the Metagame full of Monarchs.

Cards will either be over weighed by the positive or negative, but it depends how you put it to use. Synergy is the key to many of these cards, like D.D. Assailant. If you give it a positive purpose in the deck that supports lots of other cards, than you reached your goal.

This card is extremely bad in this current format. Once the next set comes out you will be overwhelmed if you play this card. During the early Advanced Format this seemed like the ideal card but now just forget it.

Traditional: 2.5/ 5.0
( Not much space for this.)

Advanced: 2.0/ 5.0

* This card ruined "All-Star Week" *

Dark Maltos


DD Assailant ;

Recently restricted, and rightly so. Remember when So0o0o many were saying that this wouldn’t get restricted? Hmm, it makes me warm inside…

DDA was restricted with just cause. All the DD monsters can be devastating to face, and even DDW is no exception as in essence they can all be used for the same function . Removing cards from play more often than not ruins entire strategies. This card singularly was the bane of original decks last format, but now its under control I have no biases for or against. A powerful monster and also one that made toolbox reach a record high , im really glad we still have this ‘Harmless’ 1 for 1 remover under lock and key.

Traditional : 3.5/5 I think it will still be quite good, even if it isn’t light or dark.
Advanced ; 4/5 Still very good

Art : 4/5 Nice
MPS :3/5 A card im fond of now

D.D. Assailant.

Ah, D.D. Assailant!

D.D. Assailant (Henceforth known as "DDA".) made its first North American Debut @ sJc Vegas, where Dwayne Nunez of Comic Odyssey urged Wilson Luc to use them for the event, and Wilson ended up winning the whole event with the deck!

At the beginning of the October 2005 Forbidden list, D.D. Assailant was considered one of the best cards in the game, period. Toolbox was the projected 1st place deck when it came to Tier 1 decktypes, and DDA made its way into Top 8 @ sJc Atlanta, where a total of 17 made their way into the top 8 decks! Thats an average of two copies, per deck!

DDA's strong points are...well, there are ALOT of strong points for the card, actually. DDA is ALWAYS a 1-1 Trade in Card Adv terms, unless it gets Removed by BLS/Chaos Sorcerer. Where as cards like Blade Knight etc. may score LP damage, but they will probably get ran over by a bigger monster.

DDA removes any monster that destroys it, and has a respectable 1700 attack, and a VERY solid 1600 defense.

After players such as Brice T, and Matt Peddle pioneered the "FFC" "Flip Flop Chaos" deck utilizing Dekoichi the BattleChanted Locomotive, Magical Merchant, Chaos Sorcerer, and even a techy Mask Of Darkness with 9 traps like Time Seals, Jar of Greeds etc., DDA wasnt as good, because it wasnt the #1 deck anymore, it was at best, tied for #1 with FFC.

So Toolbox play went down.

This is a very solid card, reference back to the older reviews of DDA, nothings changed about the cards playability, besides some new decktypes that came out such as RftDD builds making it a bit better, or worse depending on how you look at it =|.

Konami is stupid, DDA isnt a card that needed restriction. It isnt Spirit Reaper, idiots.

For the freaking record, only 6 DDA's made top 8 at sJc Durham, 3 made the top cut in sJc Orlando, and only...4 in sJc Long Beach?!!

You're going to RESTRICT a card, that out of 24 decks, a possible 72 DDAs, only 13 were ran? Yeah, You're smart.

21 Spirit Reapers in Durham. 20 in Orlando. 19 in Long Beach.

6. 3. 4.


21. 20. 19.


I didn't mean to make this CoTD into a anti konami rant, but its just so easy.

Solid card.



D.D. Assailant

Even if this monster is the prime example of cookie

I still like him/her (can never tell)

D.D. Assailant is not only a 1700 beatstick but the perfect monster to draw smashing grounds out with his 1600 def. On top of that he generates a one for one if not more advantage (killing a monster, trap, spell, remove.)

A great search based card who threatens your opponent. Some opponents will literally stall until they find an answer.

He is the bane of all Phoenix players and tells V. Lord to stay dead.

But now with the restriction, I have seen numerous people running D.D. Warrior in his place.

I honestly am happy for his restriction, b/c now no thought goes into determining how many you should run :P


Bob Doily
DDA review

DDA is still a strong card, but her impact was greatest at 3 per deck. Running one is still possible, and warrior decks will do that. But DDA started to lose momentum at the end of the last format, she isn’t as necessary as before.

Still a solid and strong card, but she won’t be seeing as much play as before

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

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