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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World
Super Rare

If this card is discarded from the hand to the Graveyard by a card effect, Special Summon this card to your side of the field. If this card is discarded from the hand to the Graveyard by your opponent's card effect, you can select up to 2 cards on your opponent's side of the field and destroy them.

Type - Fiend/Effect
Card Number - EEN-EN024

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.84
Advanced: 2.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.10.06


ExMinion OfDarkness
Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World

Welcome to Stars of the New Format week! Now we're going to look at cards that will most likely see more play (or the maximum amount of play allowed) with our new list. But before I get to that, I'd like to personally thank Konami of Japan for not allowing changes to this list on the US side. Why? Because knowing Upper Deck, a bunch of cards would have been banned/limited, but nothing would come OFF the banned list in addition to the cards we got back. So we probably would have lost Cyber Dragon down to 1, Reaper down to 1, NoC would have stayed at 1, MoF would have stayed at 1, they wouldn't have given us back Graceful, etc, etc. I'd rather have this list than this list + 8 restrictions/bans + 0 unbans.

Get familiar with Goldd. You're going to be seeing a lot of him, if not in full-blown Dark World decks, but people teching 2 of him just because of the potential abuse with Graceful Charity (and opponents playing Dark World and hoping that they Card Destruction.)

We've already reviewed this card, so I'll just go over the basics; you discard it, it hits the field for free. They discard it, you get a +2 in addition to that by killing two opposing cards.

So I'll ask the question that will be in all of my reviews this week:

Why will this card see (more) play now?

The new list encourages aggression with several of the choices on it. The semi-limit of NoC, the removal of Dark Hole, and most importantly, the revival of Graceful Charity, makes it a much more appealing choice.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5

Coin Flip
Dark World in the new meta… Well, analysis of the decktype is an aim I won’t go for today (the theme has far too much depth to it to be touched upon in one single card review)… But I guess I’ll have to review this card as individual tech, since it’s such a solid hitter in DW that you really should be playing at least one, if not two or three.

Of course, I’ll let the other reviewers tell you reasons why this card is good or has potential and how the effect can be pulled off… If your opponent uses Spirit Reaper and hits single tech’d copies of Goldd… Wow. Just wow. You are a lucksack.

As for this card as tech in a non-DW deck…

It sucks. Shut up and stop playing it. Think with me, if you will. Let’s be intelligent and see what happens when you play Goldd or Silva. If you play one, you are inconsistenly teching in a card that will win you two games out of a thousand (if you are lucky) and lose you another nine-hundred and ninety-eight. In the situations when you don’t have combo pieces to set up for it, it is vastly inferior to a Cyber Dragon or a Zaborg (mainly Zaborg) and it has no protection whatsoever. Your chances of getting a free +1 off of a Graceful Charity are ridiculously low, and in order for them to even exist, you have to either let this thing sit in your hand, useless and abandoned

So, being the intelligent person you are, you decide to play two. Now you have double the inconsistency four times as often. The cards are horrid opening hand draws, bad topdecks, and have no effect on the field in the middle game unless you use their effects to summon them. The “combination” with Graceful Charity is ludicrous. You cannot say that this card has merit because Graceful Charity has merit. That’s much like saying Skull Servant is good because of the REAL Crush Card, or because of Metamorphosis, or Book of Life, or Creature Swap. The potential power of other cards cannot be accepted as a strength for this card. It is their strength, not Goldd’s, that makes those combos cool.

So, being ever the smart, industrious and lucrative fellow you are, you bring up a THIRD copy. At this point in time, Slowpoke, the supposed idiot of the Pokemon world who thinks at approximately the same speed glaciers move at is laughing at you, wondering if you were going to start putting in Silva’s too.

Three copies of an insanely situational card with only one combo piece to work with it in your deck is ludicrous.

Some of you, capable of thinking on a greater level, will say “but wiat yuo can use Godld in combinashun with Card Destruckshun and Morphling Jar*” and then fail to understand that everyone else has the same idea they have. For those of you who don’t understand, I’ll put it in a way my cat’s fleas could understand***.

Playing Card Destruction and Morphing Jar in an attempt to get more utility out of the Goldd monsters, while a perfectly good idea if you flesh it out enough (I’m thinking Chaos Sorcerers, Thunder Dragons and the like maybe with a Treeborn or DDV) is horrid when you realize that everyone else is doing the same thing and you just wasted one of your own cards and your own deck slots to special summon THEIR Goldd. This is a shame, as the deck is great without that horrible metagame call.

Do not use this card as tech. Please. At least use Broww, as that has some relevance when facing a deck using Gravity Bind or Level Limit – Area B.

If you’re going to run pure Dark World, then this review does not apply. Have a nice day. :)

4.7/5 Traditional **
1/5 Advanced

Dark World:
16/5 Traditional
4.1/5 Advanced

* - A scary thought entered my head… A Morphing Jar with the versatility of Morphling… Yikes.

** - Surprisingly enough, Dark World is actually hideously broken as tech in Traditional. Run it here, if anywhere, as tech.

*** - That was not meant as an affront to my cat’s fleas. They recently achieved a 32 average on the ACT and one of them got a 2320 on the SAT-II. Four of them have patents.

Dark Paladin
Last week, re reviewed some cards that were popular in the Last Format.
This week, we'll look at some cards that will be (more) popular to be used as tech or whatnot.

Now, is this card good? Yes. Is this card overrated? As of now, it certainly is. Should you be teching it in ANY deck you play, even outside of Dark World? That's what I'm going to try and find out.

Today we'll look at Goldd, Warrior of Dark World. Goldd is a Level 5 Dark/Fiend type monster who holds 2300 attack and 1400 defense. People who ran complete Warrior decks or anything else actually, started teching Goldd in the last format.

Goldd's effect is simple. If you discard him to the Graveyard, You can then Special Summon him from the Graveyard to your side of the field.
If Goldd is discarded by your opponents card effect, you can also Special Summon him from the Graveyard but you get the added bonus of destroying up to 2 cards on your opponent's field.

We have Graceful Charity back, so that makes it one card easier for you to Special Summon any Dark World monster, and he is of course a staple in the Dark World deck.

Should you play him outside of the Dark World deck? I'm going to say no. There's really no reason for him to be played outside of its own deck. You may get the effect once in a while, so play cautiously.
You're more than likely to find one in a deck now and then as tech.


Traditional: 3.85/5
Advanced: 4.35/5

Dark World: 5/5 both formats

Art: 4/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Goldd Warrior of Dark World:
Nice and strangely more effective this side of the pond.

I've heard much ranting about this being a rubbish tech choice, despite the number of people making it.
I'm inclined to agree as a tribute monster with no use on the field isn't a great idea, but after the Nottingham Regional and seeing the annoying number of times one of these was dropped after a Reaper attack or a Graceful, I might have to rethink.

But it goes without saying that this is great and wonderful in a Dark World deck.

Traditional: 3.5/5 (hmm. Duo.)
Advanced: 3.5/5
Dark World: 5/5

Share and enjoy,


Welcome to "All-Stars of the New Format!" Week!

Today we're looking at Goldd, Wu-lord of Dark World.

Simple stuff: When discarded, It is summoned to the field.

If your OPPONENT discards it, it is summoned to the field AND you get to pick up to 2 cards on your opponents Side of the Field, and destroy them. It was teched last format in 1's, which was terrible. Thats not tech, thats just stupid.

This format its popular in dark world decks, of course, and MASS CONFUSION will ensue when people run Goldd to counter Spirit Reaper, and when people don't run Spirit Reaper, Goldd is useless. People will take OUT goldd, and people will put back IN Spirit Reaper. Etc. Etc.

Its all a crazy cycle. Thats YGO for ya =].

No time to emphasize, this card is very solid, if you can support it with Card Destruction, Morphing jar, and the like, go ahead and try it out in 1/2s. Its DDV bait, too.

3/5 all around, maybe good in traditional? I'd have to think about it.


Dark Maltos


Golld Warrior of Dark World

Howdy y’all. This weeks pretty much for the new cards that’ll be popping up everywhere for obvious reasons, today’s card however is less obvious.

Golld, of late has been teched in as a counter to the recent uprising of Don Zaloog and Spirit Reaper not to mention Graceful Charity, and so far has had limited success. In my opinion he should only be used I a Dark World deck, but maybe that’s just me.

If built right ad used correctly a Dark world deck is one of the most powerful decks since chaos no matter how ‘unstable’ it is, you just have to be prepared to ditch some CC for your Dark world monsters, not splash them like the majority are doing with this guy.

Oh yeah, btw, this guy is comparatively EQUAL to Silva in my eyes, but I suppose that’s still opinion….

Traditional (Splashed) : 1/5 (I need not explain his score in a Dark world deck….)
Advanced : (Splashed) : 2/5

Art: 4/5
MPS: 4/5


Since we are looking at Goldd, Wu-Lord not as part of a Dark World deck, I’ll make this an abridged review.  Now, for those who have forgotten where my recent play experience comes from, I am a “casual” gamer.  Some of this is because I just can’t make tournaments.  Most of this is because I haven’t seen a Ban/Forbidden List comprehensive enough to make tournament play worthwhile, so why make time and throw good money away to lose?  After all, I am roughly an average player who likes to go “rogue”, and apparently Konami sees that as a worthless market. If they thought we were worthwhile, they’d either make a serious Ban List, accepting they’ve done a lousy job of making cards both good and balanced or really get serious and just switch to a format based on Set Rotation a la Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering.  For those who don’t know, that means sets stay legal for one to two years before the whole set is no longer legal for play in the format.  Sounds lame at first, but it beats the “will they/won’t they” waiting for cards to be banned so randomly.  It also means the list only changes once per year.  Then again, this assumes Konami won’t reprint the most broken cards or create new ones, which they’ve proven is a foreign concept.


Oh well.  Just making sure you know where I am coming from.  It doesn’t make my observations worthless: not every sports commentator is a former sports All-Star, after all.


So I’ve been testing a Dark World deck online with some friends.  Goldd most often goes off not because my opponent discarded it, but because I did.  So he’s mainly some brute force that makes an opponent rethink using Morphing Jar and Card Destruction (cards I regularly use and just “accept” the risks involved), occasionally getting discarded by a Dark Deal, Spirit Reaper or Don Zaloog once in a blue moon.  Outside a Dark World deck, it’s even harder for it to pay off.  Now, when it does go off, even though it’s rare, it’ll be quite spiffy… well, if the opponent has anything in play worth targeting.  After that, it’s small enough a Goblin Attack Force can suicide into it.  For that matter, Warriors also provide many generic methods of Monster removal that can be searched by Reinforcements of the Army: D. D. Warrior Lady, D.D. Assailant and Exiled Force easily remove it.  So does Smashing Ground.  The Monarch Monsters are all bigger, as are many other commonly played Tributes.


The above may be common Monster weaknesses, but of course they hit Monsters that require more resources worse.  Sure you can bypass the Tribute, but it requires discarding, which is often harder than it sounds.  When it gets discarded and nails your opponent’s only two cards in play and they have no hand, it’s brilliant.  Most of the time, it’s a weak Tribute Monster.  Even when it’s a Special Summon, without the Support of the Dark World theme, it’s not really enough on its own.


Now, maybe this card will let you dominate a tournament scene.  If it does, it speaks more to a problem being a player issue.  I’ve seen it happen in Yu-Gi-Oh and other games too, like Pokémon.  Players get stuck thinking a certain way, and don’t notice a weakness in their deck.  Usually, the best players are aware and just waiting to adapt or even are looking for ways to exploit it themselves.  TecHing in a single Goldd, or more bizarre still running multiples of it outside of Dark World, basically only helps when you’re a luck sack and draw into it with your Graceful Charity or the turn before your opponent slams into you with Spirit Reaper or friends.


TecH Ratings


Traditional: 3.5/5 – Oh, here things seem to be discarded often enough that it actually works out pretty well.


Advanced: 2/5 – It can help, but there are probably better things to run.

I think this card has potential. But in the adv. format it sucks. (Traditional it is a God)

But in adv. format it becomes a bad top-deck and dead weight in the hand. It is also a card that is way to dependant on your opponent to use. I do not like being dependant on my opponent for anything :P

On top of that, in a deck utilizing all the Dark World Monsters at 3, graceful charity still usually misses them.

It works for some people, but this card has never been my friend. I think it is a great side deck choice and in its own deck a staple

But as far as using it, the card just forces your opp. to play more aggressive than usual. On top of that, it is hurt by Royal Oppression and numerous cards coming out in the next set. Sorry Goldd, you have a cool effect and strike fear into the hearts of players, but when it comes down to it............................................................................................

WHY DO I ALWAYS TRIBUTE FOR YOU?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

2.3/5 as random dumb luck tech hoping to net a 5 for 1 with graceful charity.

5/5 in DW Deck

Bob Doily
Golld review

Yeah I know it’s late. Okay IMO this card should only be run in a Dark World deck. I personally hate the random techs. They have the potential to work but most of the time lead to instability since he’d be a dead card. But with Graceful back it could see some use.

If you do plan to tech it then please just side it in. Maining these is risking it.

In traditional DW is strong

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

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