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During your opponent’s Standby Phase, you can randomly select 1 card in your opponent’s hand and look at it at the cost of 500 Life Points.

Type - Magic
Card Number - PSV - 038

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.4
Advanced: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.28.05



I’ll be blunt: Inspection is a terrible, terrible card. It’s a Continuous Spell, and it lets you look at one card in your opponent’s hand (randomly), at the cost of 500 Life Points. You can keep using this effect, but…why?

You can, incidentally, only use this during your opponent’s Standby Phase, making it even less useful. Seeing your opponent’s ENTIRE hand is debatably a good effect; it lets you make better use of cards like D.D. Designator and Mind Crush. But only seeing one? RANDOMLY? There is absolutely no reason to run Inspection.

Unless you’re running Last Turn. In a Last Turn Deck, Inspection is almost a staple (it’s a replacement for/addition to Wall of Revealing Light, if you look at it that way). I’m sure you can all figure out why.

Last Turn Deck: 5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness

There's only one acceptable place to play this card, and that's Last Turn.

Because you're allowed to activate this card's effect multiple times during the same Standby phase, this gives you a quick way to drop your own LP for Last Turn's requirement, as well as pretty much getting to see your opponent's entire hand so you'd know if they have a way to stop you from pulling it off.

For any other reason where you want to see your opponent's setup, just use Mind Haxorz. 500 LP and you see their whole hand and their sets.

3.5/5 in Last Turn
1/5 all else

Coin Flip
Inspection is good in Last Turn decks and bad everywhere else. Go figure?

5/5 Last Turn
1/5 Everywhere else
Snapper Inspection

Today's card is Inspection, a Spell that can cause your Life Points to plummet to the triple digits in a single turn if you so desire.

During the opponent's Standby Phase, Inspection allows you to pay 500 Life Points in order to look at one card in the opponent's hand. So, this is a prime example of that one-sentence effect that I mentioned earlier in the week. Because of its lone sentence, Inspection requires little thought when devising uses. In fact, it requires so little thought that you probably knew its uses before you even read this review! (Assuming you read this review).

Inspection's uses are as follows: 1) use it to make D. D. Designator and Mind Crush extremely easy to use and 2) use it to make cards like Frozen Soul, Last Turn, Megamorph, and Self-Destruct Button easier to activate (since Inspection can be used multiple times in the same Standby Phase).
That's it!

Overall, Inspection shines brightest as a second Wall of Revealing Light for Last Turn Decks. In other Decks, you'd be better off avoiding it, unless of course you're paranoid about what the opponent's plannings, in which case you might decide to Main Deck it, you paranoid person you.

Advanced (LT Deck): 4.5/5. Since it can only be used during the Standby Phase, it may end up being used too soon.
Traditional (LT Deck): 4/5. See Advanced.
Overall (LT Deck): 4.25/5.
Art: 1.5/5. That guy isn't looking for anything; he just wants an excuse to be in the same room as the lady that's only wearing a towel. The pervert.

Dark Paladin
As our let's keep Dark Paladin in the dark about the theme week progresses, we come to a very nifty magic card named Inspection.

As its name implies, once per turn, you may pay 500 lifepoints to see a random card in your opponents hand. This card may be worthy of a side-deck spot, just because your opponent won't expect it...ever.

However, one big downside is that you could see the same card again...and again...and again, etc...

1.5/5 all

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)
Merril Hess PSV - 038


Continuous Magic Card

During your opponent’s Standby Phase, you can randomly select 1 card in your opponent’s hand and look at it at the cost of 500 Life Points.

Last Turn’s friend and why not? It lets you look at their hand at 500 life points a card. You can do it as much as you want, so you can drain your life down for Last Turn and win it right there.

But that’s not what we’re going to look at today. We’re going to focus on the card itself.

Inspection is a card that begs for combos to be built around it. Cards like Mind Crush and D.D. Designator will love this card and it basically let’s you see what opponent draws at a cost of 500 Life Points. It provides an aspect of control that we rarely see nowadays, as it lets you prepare for what’s coming. That my friends is nothing to take lightly.

However, it’s cost can hurt late game as well as it’s ability off of the topdeck (and who would want to topdeck this?). Let’s not forget you only get to look during the Standby Phase, so card they draw off of Pot of Greed or Graceful Charity will have to wait until next turn to be seen, unless they are set face down or played face up.

Overall, this card is limited in potential, but can be amazing with the right support (like Last Turn and Jowgen)

Trad. Rating: 1.5/5 (Could tell you when the Yata Lock could be applied while they have a hand)

Adv. Rating: 2.5/5 (More room for more support, so it’ll naturally get a better score)

Draft Rating: Trash (Don’t even worry about it)

Artwork Rating: ?/5 (I’ve never actually seen the card before)

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