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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Exarion Universe

You can only activate this effect during a Battle Step of your turn. Decrease the ATK of this card by 400 points, then during battle between this attacking card  a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points. This effect continues until the End Phase of the turn this effect is activated.

Type - Beast-Warrior/Effect
Card Number - CT2-EN002

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.37
Advanced: 4.31

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.23.05


Exarion Universe

This card was pretty highly anticipated, and now that it’s been released, people are using it to counter the Goat-heavy metagame. With 1800 ATK and 1900 DEF, Exarion Universe is a very solid monster. It’s DARK and a Beast-Warrior, etc, etc, so yeah.

His effect activates in the Battle Step. Note: That is NOT the same as the Damage Step, nor is it another way of saying the entire Battle Phase. The Battle Step means the Battle Step. That’s when you activate Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder. THAT’S the Battle Step, and that’s when Exarion Universe’s effect activates.

You can lower his ATK by 400 to give him trample. So if there’s a Sheep Token you want to get rid of, you can do it – and do 1400 damage in the process. If you have Wild Nature’s Release handy, you can do quite a bit more (I have theorized before that WNR was meant to go along with this card).

Does he belong in every deck? No. Will he be as good if the new Forbidden/Restricted List for America also limits Scapegoat to one per deck? No. But he’s a good monster.

CCGCC: 3.5/5
Beast Deck: 4.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Exarion Universe

When a card isn't even out for a month, and then shows up in 7 out of 8 of the Top 8 Shonen Jump Championship decks, you know it's good.

Instead of getting a card that we have a better version of already, we get a better version of a card everyone was using. Enraged Battle Ox, meet your successor.

Exarion has almost everything going for it. Dark-type -- overly supported as it is. 1900 DEF -- stands up to almost anything played that isn't a Tribute monster or Berserk Gorilla, even holding off that evil goat-trampling Parshath. He either takes Kycoo's spot or Enraged's spot in your cookie-cutter deck. If it's taking Kycoo's spot post-October 1st, then you don't really have to think about it that much. If it's taking Enraged's, you have to compare the two honestly -- either a 1700 ATKer with trample at 1700, or an 1800 ATKer with trample at 1400?

The Shonen Jump players answered that for us a couple weeks ago.

It's too bad that this guy comes out right before he's going to lose some of his usefulness -- without the extra Scapegoats to abuse and the possible drop in Magician of Faith play, he really loses a lot of his appeal.

3/5 Traditional
4.75/5 Old Advanced
3.75/5 New Advanced
Snapper Exarion Universe

Our final card this week is Exarion Universe, the monster that CC loves and that everyone else finds completely unnecessary.

While I may find EU to be exactly what it's abbreviation suggests (ew), I do have the time to notice it's very workable stats: 1800 ATK splatters all tech monsters that are needlessly thrown around these days. Additionally, it's got the mega high 1900 DEF, making it a nice wall if it's shifted to Defense Position with a Tsukuyomi or Book of Moon. And hey! Those two cards are the brokeners doughkeners in a CC area, and seeing as that's the only place EU is likely to see play, it roxors mores than ever! Additionally, it's a Beast-Warrior, gaining what could be considered an unnecessary piercing ability form Enraged Battle Ox. And let us not forget it's DARK Attribute, making it even more appealing (for the time being [presumably]) to CCs!

During the Battle Step of a turn that EU attacks, EU can decrease its ATK by 400 points in order to gain a piercing ability, all of which goes away at the end of the turn (meaning it re-gains those 400 ATK points and loses it's new skill). So… EU can weaken itself to simply to can the upper hand over Defense Position monsters. That sounds like a bargain. I mean, this is WAY better than EBO, specifically because it's got a killer DEF and predictable Attribute. I mean, who cares if EBO gets a similar effect for free, maintains a higher ATK, and benefits its animal brethren? EU is anti/pro-meta!

Overall, I'm very tired today. And EU is crap… outside of CC Decks. Inside of CC though, it's genetically enhanced gold! Everywhere else: it stinks on ice.

Advanced: 4/5. Anti-goat. Anti-Tsuky. Pro-Chaos. Vote for EU in 2007. (But try to use EBO instead)
Traditional: 4/5. I really should find out what's used in Traditional these days. I'm such a slacker.
Overall: 4/5.
Art: 1/5. I have no freakin' idea what that's supposed to be.

Dark Paladin
As our week of reviewing the tin cards comes to a close, we come to Dark Magician Girl! Yes, that’s right, Dark Magician Girl! That’s right, that means we are not ever in a million, billion, trillion years reviewing Exarion Universe.

I just wanted DMG here to talk about her sexy new artwork. It’s so sexy, as stated, to be able to see her whole body in the picture.
Quite the collector’s item for you Spellcaster/DMG fans out there.


Use it if you do, you know what this gets people/5

Art: 5/5

Seriously though, we ARE reviewing Exarion Universe today. Exarion has extremely good stats with 1800 attack and a great 1900 defense. Iggy is also a Dark monster and yes, he is a Beast Warrior too.

Along with having quite respectable stats for a Level 4 monster, Iggy also has the ability to give himself trample during the Damage Step.
By lowering his own attack from 1800 to 1400, bam! Trample for Iggy.
This works very well against cards with low defense such as Scapegoat.

However, Scapegoat may very well be restricted in just a couple of weeks, but Iggy can take out other defense monsters such as Sangan, Magician of Faith, and even Tsukuyomi. This monster is great right now, while we have 3 Scapegoat.


Traditional: 3.0/5
Traditional Beast-Warrior: 3.5/5
Traditional Goat Control: 4.0/5

Advanced: 3.5/5
Advanced Beast-Warrior: 4.0/5
Advanced Goat Control: 4.5/5

If we get the Asian Ban List…

4.5/5 Side-deck

Art: 4.5/5 An excellent centaur type picture.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)


Stats                : Exarion Universe is a Level 4 Dark/Beast-Warrior.  This is very nice, at least at the moment.  It works as Chaos Food.  It can work well in a Dark or non-Attribute-themed Beastdown.  It has an ATK of 1800.  While not as good as a Berserk Gorilla or Vorse Raider, it is still very, very solid.  It also has a 1900 DEF.  That is actually useful.  It’s pretty safe in DEF mode (barring cards that naturally nail DEF cards, like Nobleman of Crossout).  All in all, it would be a solid, but sub par Monster (since we have so many “good” Monsters, just being solid isn’t enough).  But this isn’t a Normal Monster.  This is an effect Monster.  And the effect, as we will see, is good.


Effect(s)            : When you declare an attack, you have the option of lowering your ATK score by 400.  Why would you do this?  Because when you do, you get Trample (you still do battle damage to DEF position Monsters).  The decrease lasts until the end of the turn, making it fairly trivial (most commonly encountered Set Monsters will be Flip Effects with a low DEF).  A good effect on a solid Monster leads to a great card.


Uses and

Combinations  : Separately, an 1800 ATK Level 4 beatstick and a 1400 ATK Trampler would be pretty poor.  Make them one Monster (who will be the higher ATK score when an opponent attacks it) that is both “Beast Friendly” and Chaos compliant, and you have a very slick card.  Give it a 1900 DEF, and it honestly seems to border on “broken”.  Seriously, Book of Moon/ Tsukuyomi without a follow up Nobleman of Crossout, and most commonly played beatsticks can’t get rid of this card.  Even for the “modern” standard of beatsticks with good effects, or even beatsticks without good effects, DEF scores are rarely this high.  Think about it: below 1000, only the weakest non-attacking support Monsters, like Magician of Faith, would be stopped.  Well, above 300 DEF, but below 1000 DEF.  1000-1500 DEF means some random support Monsters can beat it, but some can’t.  At 1600, you something has to qualify as a beatstick to get rid of it (meaning a Monster dedicated to attacking).  At 1800 DEF, you need to start relying on “vanilla”, effect-less beatsticks.  A 1900 DEF Monster is only vulnerable to “plain” battle by tributes and Berserk Gorilla (of what is commonly played)-except the popular Airknight Parshath.  Now again, on its own, it isn’t much, but just like all these incremental ATK increases, this kind of thing can add up and become a pain on its own.


Now, for something most of you will really like: Scapegoat killer.  If you activate Scapegoat against this, it triggers a replay, and Exarion Universe still gets you use its effect.  Sure, you reduce the damage taken by 400, but you’re used to getting 2-3 turns with no damage from battle.  For cookie-cutter Chaos, I can see dumping the TecHed in Enraged-Battle Ox for a copy of this, and probably dropping one other beatstick too.




Traditional       : 4/5-Looks good to me.  Sure it won’t last that long, but it’s a nice big beatstick that can do trample if needed.  Solid topdeck since it can even be a defensive play.


Advanced        : 3.75/5-Counters the current metagames most common (well, perhaps second most common) defensive play: Scapegoat.  It also makes using your own Book of Moon/Tsukuyomi tricks more effective (force your Berserk Gorilla face down, then skewer it).


Limited            : N/A, but it might be close to a 5/5.  I mean, it would just be that good in a Limited event.



Please remember that I often give composite scores.  So for a Cookie Cutter Chaos build, this card is probably close to a 4/5 (which is the Traditional score since that is Traditional).  If Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning gets banned as we hope, it won’t be quite as useful, nor will it be so hot if Scapegoat and Book of Moon get restricted.  So enjoy it while you can, it will be a little less abused soon.  I still feel it sets a bad precedent though: the same recipe could be used for a burn beatstick, a bounce beatstick, etc. and we’d have another sick general archetype.  I mean, Abyss Soldier is good now, but imagine if it had an effect that could be used without requiring a Water Monster to discard?  Then tack a great DEF on it as well.  Yeesh.


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