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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Panther Warrior

This card cannot attack unless you Tribute 1 monster on your side of the field.

Type - Beast-Warrior/Effect
Card Number - CT2-EN006

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.16
Advanced: 2.66

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.20.05


Panther Warrior

Today we review Panther Warrior, a monster similar-to-but-different-from yesterday’s card, Vorse Raider. Panther Warrior is EARTH instead of DARK but he’s also a Beast-Warrior. He has 2000 ATK and 1600 DEF as opposed to 1900 and 1200. But he does have an effect.

Unfortunately, it’s a bad one. To attack with Panther Warrior, you need to tribute a monster. While this certainly isn’t hard to do, thanks to Scapegoat, it’s something it’d probably be better not to worry about.

Something you might consider doing is taking an opponent’s monster with Snatch Steal or Brain Control, then attacking with it and following up with an attack from Panther Warrior – you’d just tribute the monster you stole.

Beyond that, I see little reason to run this over Berserk Gorilla (or Vorse Raider).

CCGCC: 2.5/5
Beast Deck: 3.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Panther Warrior

Wow...I can think of 3 reasons this card might see play...and a million that it wouldn't.

Panther Warrior is a non-trib 2000 that requires a Tributed monster in order to declare an attack. There may be a few pros to using this card -- Snatch Steal a monster, attack with it, then attack with Panther Warrior and tribute the snatched monster...you can always tribute Scapegoat tokens...he's a deterrent to an opposing Snatch Steal, and he does combo with Enraged Battle Ox (which seems to be more and more common for monsters with decent stats now.)

However, the cost is just far too high. We already have Berserk Gorilla for this -- same ATK, less damaging downside, same attribute, and a type that ALSO works with our angry, Goat-hating friend.

Sorry, I just can't think of any reason to play this over what we already have. Looks like what my fellow CotDers have said about stat inflation is true; thanks to overpowered monsters with very small detriments, no one wants to use anything else.

1/5 all

Coin Flip
Zounds! A 2000 monster that forces you to lose card advantage on every attack! My god, that contradicts the purpose of attacks as any skilled player knows it! Tell you what; if I see you playing this, I will laugh at you, and then insult your mom. You have received fair warning.

General: 1.3/5
Snapper Panther Warrior

Today's card is Panther Warrior, a monster that fans of Joey Wheeler will be sure to recognize.

With 2000 ATK, PW can step all over most monsters you'll come up against.
Additionally, and so as to make this bit slightly longer, PW's ATK makes him one of 23 Level 4 or lower monsters to have an ATK that exceeds 1999. Of the 23, PW ranks as the 10th most useful. Moving on, he's a Beast-Warrior, allowing him to "combo" with 5 other cards. That's right, 5!

In order to attack with PW, you must first Tribute a monster on your side of the field. As is the case with all 23 Level 4 powerhouses, PW's sole effect is a drawback, which is ultimately meant to even him out. PW's drawback is one that can be costly, though is also one that can be worked with, however inconvenient that may be. As the show suggests, Scapegoat is your best choice when you for some reason desire to use PW. Seeing as they have no other uses (for attacking anyway), they might as well be used to help you take away 1/4th of the opponent's Life Points (assuming you're lucky like that).

Thinking somewhat outside the box, PW also works with monsters that a) will at some point be forcibly going to your opponent and b) monsters that no longer serve you any purpose (like Scapegoats). If you just Brain Controlled that fraggin' opponent of yours' monster, you might as well Tribute it with PW's effect so as to rob your opponent of its company. Likewise, you can use PW's effect on used Magician of Faiths that for some reason can't properly defend your Life Points.

Overall, despite the things you can do to make PW less costly, it's still an expensive monster. Because it is not wise in most cases to aimlessly sacrifice monsters just to attack with a monster that may or may not damage the opponent, PW just isn't worth it. Unless you're making a Joey Deck or a Skill Drain Deck (where you'd probably be better off with something else), keep PW at home.

Advanced: 2/5. Potential with Scapegoat makes him SLIGHTLY worthwhile.
Traditional: 1.5/5. He just isn't useless enough to get a 1.
Overall: 1.75/5.
Art: 2/5. A purple panther? I thought it was supposed to be the Pink Panther! Furthermore, he's not very intimidating considering his ATK.

Dark Paladin
Panther Warrior is one card that many people are very happy about receiving. I would simply like to know why.

Yes, Panther Warrior has 2000 attack, which is quite excellent for a non-tribute monster. He is an Earth/Beast-Warrior type which is also good, but Panther Warrior has one very big drawback. That unfortunate drawback is the fact that he requires a tribute of one of your monsters to attack.

However, Scapegoat works quite well with Panther Warrior. Just as Joey does, tribute a token, and Panther Warrior can attack. I don’t really see a place for Panther Warrior, especially with the pending restriction of Scapegoat coming next month.

At best, Panther Warrior is just a 2000 attack wall that you can
(hopefully) stall with for a couple of turns, but that’s just my opinion.


Traditional: 2.0/5
Advanced: 2.5/5
Art: 2.0/5 Not very impressive.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)


Stats                : Panther Warrior is a Level 4 Earth/Beast-Warrior.  This is a potent, crowded field, so in order to see play, Panther Warrior will need something to make it stand out.  It does have a very nice ATK of 2000 and solid DEF of 1600, surpassing even Berserk Gorilla.  This means that it is big enough to stop Vampire Lord and Airknight Parshath from attacking, and almost every common played Level 4 and under Monster (unless it can attack direct).  This seems pretty good; too good in fact.  Fortunately they gave this card a draw back to keep things balanced.


Effect(s)            : In order to attack with Panther Warrior, you have to Tribute 1 Monster on your side of the field.  Pretty pricey, but it won’t keep Panther Warrior from protecting your life points.  Still, it definitely knocks this card down several pegs.


Uses and

Combinations  : Is there a use for it?  Yeah.  I can see using it still in an Earth/Beastdown deck.  Why?  There are lots of Monsters on your own side of the field that sometimes, you want to/need to get rid of.  Snatch Steal and opponent’s Monster, attack with it, then feed it to “da kitty”.  Likewise, if you activate a Flip Effect on your own turn, often the Monster is, simply put, a wimp.  Magician of Faith stuck in ATK mode is a liability.  Metamorphosis isn’t always going to be in hand, and if you just got the Nobleman of Crossout you needed to clear your opponent’s field, you probably don’t want Thousand Eyes Restrict coming out anyway.  Sheep Tokens may not be as easy to find on the next list, but I have seen players embarrassingly “goat lock” themselves where they have four tokens and a Monster they have to wait for a card that requires a Tribute to get rid of.


For an actual Earth Beastdown, having up to six 2000 ATK level four Monsters is nice.  This can also be useful since sometimes Berserk Gorilla is a naughty monkey that gets everyone killed.  When Mirror Force is re-banned (oh please let that be soon-I know our ban list isn’t automatically the same as the Japanese), there will still be times when it will become a liability.  Of course, you can just shift it to DEF position to make it blow itself up, but that means you can’t have attacked with it that turn.  This way you can let it attack and then – that’s right – feed it to da kitty.




Traditional       : 1/5-It isn’t Chaos compliant and since it requires a little set up to really use, it’s just not really worth it here.


Advanced        : 2/5-But that is a general score.  It’s about a half to one and a half points higher for an actual Earth Beastdown deck.


Limited            : N/A.  Too bad, cause this is the one format where it could really shine.  Well, not that brightly, but a lot better than else where.



Panther Warrior is another Monster hurt by stat inflation (or more technically in this case, same-ATK-with-a-less-negative-drawback).  Since it took so long for us to get this card, it never had the chance to show what it could do.  It isn’t horrid, but it will rarely be called into play.


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