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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Different Dimension Capsule

After this card is activated, I remains face-up on the field until your 2nd Standby Phase. Select 1 card from your Deck, then shuffle your Deck. Remove it from play and place face-down. During your 2nd Standby Phase, destroy this card and add the removed card to your hand.

Type - Magic
Card Number - PGD-083

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 3.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.16.05


Different Dimension Capsule

Different Dimension Capsule is a fairly useful card with some big drawbacks. For one, you need to make sure this survives the duration of your turn, your opponent’s next turn, your next turn, your opponent’s turn after that, and then you get any card in your deck.

The chances that this’ll be destroyed by then, however, are pretty good – in which case that card you chose is lost for all eternity (unless you use like Primal Seed, but that’s way too rentsy).

Use it if you can protect it. Don’t use it if you can’t, unless you can stand to lose that card you picked (basically…don’t go for Exodia the Forbidden One). In an Exodia Deck though, this could be an interesting card to use to throw off your opponent and thin your deck simultaneously – pick a useless card and your opponent will waste S/T removal on this, leaving your deck lighter and his ability to destroy Gravity Bind or whatever slightly diminished.

CCGCC: 2.5/5
Exodia Deck: 4/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Different Dimension Capsule

This card seems mediocre right now, but it's actually not bad, and will get better in a month.

Basically, this is Yu-Gi-Oh's equivalent of Pokemon's Computer Search -- you search your deck for ANYTHING. Whereas you used to discard 2 cards for it in Pokemon (Search is no longer playable in their Advanced Format), it has an even heftier cost here -- you have to wait 2 of your Standby phases before you get it, and if DDC is destroyed before then, your card stays removed from play face-down for the rest of the Duel.

Some people have been talking about running 2 of it; 1 to fetch the 2nd, and the 2nd to fetch what they actually wanted to get, so that if the first is destroyed, all you lost is a future bad topdeck.

Right now, there's Breaker, MST, Heavy Storm, and Dust Tornado that are commonly used that can stop this card from getting its effect, and lesser-used cards Mobius the Frost Monarch and Giant Trunade would also prevent it from completing its task. In addition, we have both Pot of Greed and Graceful Charity to get to those cards faster. With the new list, we're (most likely) losing Graceful; so we have less cycling to get to answers to this card. Tihs means you're giving up one of your few M/T killers in order to stop this. It's just like Wave-Motion Cannon in that sense; it draws M/T kill away from what you really want to get through unhindered.

I honestly could see this as tech in some player's decks; although they do two different things, Wave-Motion Cannon and this could essentially be competing for that same tech spot.

Traditional: 1/5 (they also have HFD and CED over there, along with more hand disruption so that the card you search may be the only card in your hand by the time 2 turns rolls around)
Advanced: 3/5

Different Dimension Capsule

If you're really desperate for a piece of the trinity, it doesn't get much more desperate than this. I honestly don't like this card. I've seen it used so that if the lucksacking player doesn't get trinity, he'll gamble to get it two turns later like a whore, even before any m/t removal is played, which is retarded.


Rating: 2/5. I know a lot of you lucksacking scrubs will enjoy this card xD.
Snapper Different Dimension Capsule

Our final card this week is Different Dimension Capsule, a deck thinning card that can go horribly wrong and benefit you in no way whatsoever, or help you in so many way that it isn't even funny, you emotionless zombie.

When activated, DDC allows you to put a card in your Deck out of play face-down. After the second Standby Phase that DDC was used, DDC is destroyed and the selected card is added to your hand. As usual, let's list what can go wrong. But his time, let's make the list super-short and add almost no explanation because Snapper is supposed to be reading some uninteresting book!

If DDC is destroyed before the second Standby Phase, the selected card remains removed from play, and stays there, unable to be brought back by cards like Dimension Fusion. Problem two: while the selected card may have been useful at the time it was removed from play, it may not be helpful when you final gain access to it. So if you select Snatch Steal with DDC, then find there's nothing worth stealing when you are finally able to use it, you'll have one card that is currently dead weight.

Overall, DDC provides some useful Deck thinnage that also requires some major planning ahead on your part as well protection of DDC. But if you can use it effectively and always get the card you want at a time it can be useful, DDC may be found to be useful to you.

Advanced: 3/5. Um.
Traditional: 3/5. See Advanced.
Overall: 3/5.
Art: 2/5. Sarcophaguses and clocks don't seem as though they'd ever be together.

Coin Flip
And now for the best tutor in the game.

DD Capsule is a fun card.  This is the only card we have IN THE GAME (save Painful Choice, but that doesn't really count now does it?) that searches out any one card.  ANY one card.  Monster, Magic, or Trap, Counter or Continuous, Quickplay or Effect, 1500 ATK or above or just a Gravekeeper's monster with 1500 ATK or below.  ANYTHING.  Making this card extremely solid..  In theory.  In theory, seeing this card opening hand is equivalent to seeing any card in your deck in your hand *2 turns later*.  That means that you can search out Delinquent early game to make sure it comes in handy then instead of being a horrific topdeck later, Heavy to get early m/t advantage against an overextender, or just Pot/Graceful to draw into a few more cards.  Heck, you could even search into a Snatch Steal if you want to make use of the Airknight in your hand, or...  Well, you fill in the blanks.  I prefer to call this a "Pseudo-Delayed Heart of the Cards".

Once we lose Delinquent and Graceful, the remaining powerhouse cards (Pot, Snatch, Confiscation, Dark Hole, and Heavy Storm) carry the brunt of the weight.  Hitting someone with an Airknight or getting +2 advantage off a Heavy Storm will have perhaps four times the impact it used to, since there's less of a chance of you drawing into a Pot or Delinquent to even out the negative card advantage.  Without Sinister and Metamorphosis everywhere, this issue is compounded; it might be possible for a game to be decided solely on who draws into these cards.

In that, DD Capsule is one of three things.  The first is what you get when the effect actually goes off, and you pull out one of "The Gamebreakers".  Then the rest of your gameplay evolves around that advantage and you have a solid lead over your opponent exclusively because you managed to draw the right card at the right time.  This is deck-thinning, card pulling and quality assurance all in one, making this card a demi-replacement for Graceful Charity (and a Pseudo-Graceful Charity).

The second is when you are in a tight situation and the outcome of the game depends upon your ability to draw a certain card.  DD Capsule becomes either a useless card or a scare tactic; if your opponent knows you're getting that one "Heart of the Cards" draw in two turns, he has to think about whether or not that card will swing the game around and hand HIM a loss, or whether you can actually survive long enough to get that one card.  Then it becomes a question of how confident your opponent is of his advantage.  Playing a DD Capsule also distracts the opponent, and drags their attention towards a new target, where they may forget about the set m/t you have down (which is a Torrential Tribute or something, I dunno).

The last is when DD Capsule gets destroyed, and the card you wanted so badly you chose it above 32 others is gone.  At that rate, you can either look at DD Capsule as having removed it from your grasp forever, or as the Nobleman of Crossout you set that got MST'd, and you wouldn't've drawn the card anyway.  You can look at the downside however you want, but this is among the best examples of how a good card gets better with good players playing it.

3.5/5 General
4.2/5 Next-gen Banlist

Dark Paladin
To close this week, we come to a magic card that I've used or sided at least one of since its release.

I don't have a lot to say about Different Dimension Capsule. In short, you choose a card, and have to wait until your second standby phase to obtain it. That's the real drawback, the fact your opponent has too much time to deal with it. DDC is a good card to access whatever you may be looking for though, you'd actually be surprised that's it's usually successful more often than not.

Try it out and see.

Rating: 2.5/5 all around

Side-deck: 3.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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