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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Des Volstgalph
Ultra Rare Shonan Jump Promo

Each time this card destroys an opponent's monster as a result of battle and sends it to the Graveyard, inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points. Also, each time either player activates a Normal or Quick-Play Spell Card, increase the ATK of this card by 200 points until the end of the turn. (This effect is even applied during your opponent's turn.)

Type - Dragon/Effect
Card Number - SJC-EN002

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.775
Advanced: 3.98

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.09.05


Des Volstgalph

I’m biased toward Des Volstgalph because it’s my absolute favorite card in Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m also very angry at Konami for making this card virtually unattainable, at least for a while…though I do have the Japanese version…but I digress.

Des Volstgalph is a rentsy monster; he (kinda like Thestalos) epitomizes the Offensive Burn archetype. With 2200 ATK, he’s about average (maybe a little weak) for a Level 6 monster. Being EARTH gives him an advantage or two; being a Dragon gives him quite a few more.

He has two effects. The first allows him to do an extra 500 damage whenever he kills a monster in battle and sends it to the Graveyard. If he plows down a Gorilla, he’ll do 200 damage plus another 500. It isn’t much, but it’s a nice addition.

The second allows him to gain 200 ATK (and no, there’s no limit to how many times he can gain that) whenever a Normal or Quickplay Spell is played. Summon Volstgalph, play Heavy Storm, play Smashing Ground, and now you have a 2600 ATK monster for the turn. Again, it isn’t much – but it’s something.

Des Volstgalph isn’t the best tribute monster in the game. Unless you have some ironclad reason of your own, it’d probably be better just to run Airknight or Jinzo. But in a Dragon Deck, or the seldom-seen Offensive Burner, Des Volstgalph deserves a spot.

CCGCC: 3/5
Offensive Burn Deck: 5/5 (not so much for efficacy as for awesomeness)

Coin Flip
Go me, I reviewed the wrong card yesterday.  Corrected it, of course, and I wish we had reviewed the card I was thinking of, because it's far better.

Which doesn't say much.

Des Volstgalph will have its name butchered by several people.

Anyway, it's the new SJC chase card. This is the one that people will fly across the country to try to win. Yeah.

The effect is lackluster, really. It's combining some of the merit of Magical Marionette and some of the merit of Fatal Abacus into one awkward card. But the result is awesome art.

Basically, if this card comes out in a year, don't bother with it unless you're playing for fun. It you get it in a Shonen Jump, then sell sell sell and buy a car.

3383/$USD eBay

Snapper Des Volstgalph

Our final card this week is the new Shonen Jump Championship prize card, the card that UDE evidently had to move heaven and earth for, the card that many people want (for uses outside of value), and the card that only… 40 people
(?) will obtain in the next year (because there ain't no reprint date been
known): Des Volstgalph.

For a Level 6 monster, DV's 2200 ATK is not phenomenal, but it isn't necessarily bad either. While it can't contend with the average 1 Tribute monster like Jinzo or Mobius, it can flatten the likes of Cyber Dragon and Airknight Parsath, as well as the standard Level 4 or lower monster. It's a Dragon, which means you can use Stamping Destruction and (if you want to be
unique) Dragon's Gunfire when it's on the field.

DV's effects are the sole reasons DV is used, and that's because they're so gosh darn interesting. For starters, for every monster DV destroys in battle and sends to the Graveyard, DV inflicts 500 points of damage to the opponent's Life Points. Right off the bat DV has potential. In what you ask?
Burn my son. For example, should DV flatten an opponent's Sinister Serpent, they'll lose 500 Life Points. I'd give obvious examples on how to activate this burn, but you know; the sins.

Anyway, DV has can do a fair amount of burnage with its first effect. While it would need to destroy 16 monsters in order to kill off the opponent (meaning it will take a while), extra damage is extra damage, and should be welcomed with open arms. For mega fun, use an Attack Position DV with Staunch Defender, and maybe even Final Attack Orders if your opponent has been using protection. I think you can see the purpose to that "combo".

For finishers, for every Normal or Quick-Play Spell activated during a turn, DV's ATK increases by 200 points until the end of said turn. This is where DV really starts to shine; on average, most people tend to activate 1-2 Norm/QP Spells a turn, depending on their luck, conservative nature, and heat of the moment. So, if both players follow this average, DV can get boosted up to 2400 or 2600 ATK every turn. You heard right, EVERY turn (meaning both your and your opponent's). So the whole issue of not being able to contend with Jinzo and what not? History man.

Overall, DV has a very nice blend of effects that work VERY well together; one boosts ATK on a constant basis, and the other does extra damage when it attacks (most likely with a boost). Pretending it was easily accessible, DV would find its way into quite a few Decks, assuming LIGHT and DARK wasn't the new blue at the time. It would be useful, fuel efficient, and it'd cook steaks to their very core. For the time being though, DV is not likely to see play, most likely because nobody who owns one would play it. But if they're stupid and they don't sell it on ebay and they use it in a Duel, they're going to quite possibly do well… in style.

Advanced: 4/5. The built in somewhat low ATK is kind of a downer, but the effects make up for it faster than light's light speed.
Traditional: 4/5. Um, it rocks?
Overall: 4/5.
Art: 3/5. I really don't remember the finer details of DV's artwork, and I don't want tot look for them either, so I'll just say it rocks too.

Dark Paladin
As my CRV week comes to a close, we come to a monster that has absolutely NOTHING to do with CRV whatsoever, and we have seen him once on the anime.

Des Volstgaph was used by Yugi in the Anime arc in "Merger of the Big Five Part 2"

Let's look at some pros:

500 extra damage to the opponent when it destroys a monster 200 extra attack for EVERY Quickplay or Normal magic played by either player until the end of the turn second effect is good even during opponent's turn


2200 attack...obviously the want or believe you'll easily get the effect 1700 defense...a bit weak for a one tribute monster

I personally would have preferred this card to be 2400 attack, to be on par with the other one tribute monsters, but as stated, they obviously believe you were to get at least one boost per turn. Des V. is also a Dragon, so gets all the rights and privileges there of.


Traditional: 2.4/5
Advanced: 2.9/5

Art: 5/5 It's so cool, I wish you could do more.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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