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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magician’s Circle
Super Rare

You can only activate this card when a Spellcaster-Type monster declares an attack. Each player selects 1 Spellcaster-Type monster from their Deck with a ATK of 2000 or less, and Special Summons it in face-up Attack Positon to their side of the field.

Type - Trap
Card Number - NTR-EN003

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.1
Advanced: 3.65

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 10.27.05


Magician’s Circle

This is an interesting card, but one that can backfire. When a Spellcaster attacks, you and your opponent each take a Spellcaster with 2000 or less ATK from your decks and summon them to your respective sides of the field, in Attack Position.

It’s a Normal Trap and unchainable, and it actually doesn’t give you any advantage, which is bad – but it can really help certain decks out. For instance, this is a GREAT way to summon Dark Magician Girl. It’s also good for getting out Injection Fairy Lily or Skilled Dark Magician.

The fact that your opponent’s deck’s only Spellcasters may be Magician of Faith and Breaker the Magical Warrior, neither of which is any good Special Summoned into ATK, makes Magician’s Circle better. So don’t wait for your opponent to attack with a Spellcaster – make sure you’re the one who does it.

Where can it backfire? If your opponent has Lily. I happen to run IFL, and whenever someone uses Magician’s Circle, they really don’t like to see her come out. Run it if you have a Spellcaster-heavy deck, but beware!

Control: 2/5
Dark Magician Deck (with Dark Magician Girl): 4.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Magician's Circle

This card has so much potential; expect some players to buy Nightmare Troubadour just to get this card, and immediately sell it back to the store for trade-in credit. (Even moreso, if the game ever drops to $12.99 or something silly like that...)

This, like most themed cards, requires the dedication of a good chunk of your deck towards it to get the best out of it. If it's your Spellcaster attacking, you have the chance to follow up with another great shot. If it's your opponent's (most likely Breaker) then you can pull out something stronger (Dark Magician Girl for those who want to go the full Spellcaster route).

A couple other tidbits to keep in mind (I'm only going to cover the combos I think will see play, the other CotDers will pick up the slack I'm sure):

*Gravekeeper's + this = OMGpwned. Like that deck NEEDS any more free summons, with the Spies, and the Rite of Spirits...

*In a best case scenario, you'll hit an opponent who has Magician of Faith and ONLY Magician of Faith as a remaining Spellcaster. This means you get a weak monster that's forced out into Attack Position for you to destroy. There's also the chance they'll pull Breaker, but if you're running this, you most likely have them beat as to Spellcaster attack points and will be able to overpower the 1600 Breaker has without a Spell Counter on him.

*Another good possible scenario is that your opponent has no Spellcasters in their deck at all. Remember, as with Nobleman of Crossout hitting a flip effect, Emissary of the Afterlife, Dark Designator, and Sangan near the end of a game, if there's no legal target in the deck, the opponent is OBLIGED to show you their Deck to prove that no legal target exists. Not just showing to a judge. To YOU, the player. As per UDE's rules, you get 60 seconds to perform all deck searches -- this also applies to search the opponent's deck. A smart player can use that 60 seconds to determine (in the early game) not only what kind of deck the opponent is running but also (in the mid to late game) exactly what cards they have left in their hand. (Example: Heavy Storm's not in their Graveyard and not in their Deck, you can bet your bottom dollar it's in their hand.)

*Some things to beware of: If your opponent seems a bit happy that you forced them to pull MoF out of their deck, expect Book of Moon.

*WORST-CASE SCENARIO: Opponent runs Injection Fairy Lily and proceeds to wail on you for massive amounts of damage. Remember, beneath that giant needle and cute outfit, she's a Spellcaster -- this could come back to bite you! If Magician's Circle starts to see play, expect Lily use to rise at least a bit. AT LEAST side her.

Overall, however, it's a card that can really be abused by a player wanting to make Spellcasters a Tier 1 deck (and if that happens, please refer to Situation #2 in my review of Des Lacooda.

1.25/5 Traditional
4/5 Advanced

Dark Paladin
Today we look at one of the promos from the NTR game for the Nintendo DS. Magician's Circle is a very interesting trap. Simply put, you and your opponent both summon a Spellcaster with 2000 OR less attack from your deck when either of you attack. (assuming you have a Spellcaster face-up on your field.)

This is an excellent way to summon Dark Magician Girl and Injection Fairy Lily for that matter (remember her?) Now, if it's not enough for you to use, the opponent also has to summon a monster. As long as they aren't playing Spellcaster, it shouldn't matter (unless they have a Fairy Lily of their own.)

At best, they'll be forced to throw down an attack mode Magician of Faith and then be in for a world of hurt.


3/5 all around in DMG deck

Art: 4.5/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)


Magician's Circle is a very interesting card for today, it can either give you a good advantage or a bad advantage.

Things you need to know about Magician's Circle: that you can activate it when either you or your opponent's Spellcaster attacks, triggering a replay because the number of monsters on your side of the field or your opponents side of the field has changed, also if your opponent has a Spellcaster in his/her deck they must summon it in attack mode.

This means if they only have a Magician of Faith in their deck they must summon it in attack mode, good huh? This card can work in several decks but getting your other Spellcasters early in your hand will make this card less playable, especially in the end game.

Gravekeepers can use this card very well, Magician's Circle swarms, so does Gravekeepers, a good combination. But being able to bring out a major Gravekeeper is key to field presence.

Sure regular Spellcaster Decks will be able to use this a lot, giving them more support, but they still don't have enough, running tributes to be summoned by Magician's Circle is a good idea but it just increases the chance of a bad hand of all those tributes.

Traditional: 1.0/5.0 (no need for this card here really)
Advanced: 2.8/5.0

Gravekeepers: 4.5/5.0
Spellcasters: 4.2/5.0

Coin Flip
This card is obviously specific deck support. Most players don't run more than five spellcasters, if that many, and all of those are better off being normal summoned/can't be special summoned by this card. Think about it. Would you want to summon Breaker as a 1600/1000 with no effect? Magician as a 300/400? Kycoo is the only commonly played card that you'd be happy to summon with this card.

This card is for quite a few decks, but the ones you should watch out for are Gravekeeper's and Dark Magician. It's crap in general. In Gravekeeper's, it increases your damage curve. That's always a good thing, especially with only two field clearers in this format.

In Dark Magician, it searches out Dark Magician Girl for Sage's Stone and stuff, as well as Skilled Dark Magician.

There are a few others (Elemental Energy will give us the crappy "Knights" cards, and until then, it still searches out Exodia pieces and Different Dimension Master). DDM/Different Dimension Master is actually rather good for a feedback deck, since you can use Magical Hats to get some Spell cards in your graveyard, and then summon out a removed DMoC to get a spell card you don't have from your graveyard. If DDM wasn't limited to using his effect once per turn, he'd replace one half of the feedback loop, making this even better for more decks.

But unless you're running one of those decks, don't bother, neh? This is one of the greatest support cards ever printed, but it is THEME support. Don't bother with it unless your deck benefits from doing so.

General: 2.2/5

Gravekeeper's: 4.4/5

Exodia: 3.2/5

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