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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Promo Ultra Rare

Blue-Eyes White Dragon + Blue-Eyes White Dragon + Blue Eyes White Dragon

Type - Dragon/Fusion
Card Number - JMP-EN005

Card Ratings
Traditional: 5
Advanced: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 10.24.05


Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Yes, you read correctly: today we’re finally reviewing Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, the Ultimate Dragon created by combining three White Dragons of similar eye color that aren’t quite so Ultimate until you fuse them.

4500 ATK is extraordinarily high – unmatched, even by Master of Oz. Let’s put that into perspective:

Master of Oz has a TRUCK in its pouch. The thing is HUGE. Yet it fails to match the ATK of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

I mean, this really is the Ultimate Dragon. You know how the flavor text of Blue-Eyes White Dragon says that it’s a “powerful engine of destruction”? Well, this is three of those combined (just ignore that it only has 1.5x the ATK power of one). That would make it a very, very, very powerful engine of destruction. Even more powerful than, dare I say, Master of Oz, which if I failed to mention so before HAS A TRUCK IN ITS POUCH.

But I digress.

The sad truth is, unless you’re playing a fun deck based around Seto Kaiba or Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon or something, there’s little reason to run Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon over Master of Oz or Cyber End Dragon, both of which – although they have slightly less ATK – have enough to win the game when doubled (via Megamorph or Limiter Removal). BEUD is no longer necessary; it came to the TCG a little too late.

Of course, there’s also little reason not to run this, since it’s a Fusion, and you can have unlimited Fusions.

Control: 5/5
Kaiba Deck/BESD Deck/Cyber-Stein OTK Deck: 5/5
OVERALL RATING: 5/5 – Ah, the perks of being a Fusion!

ExMinion OfDarkness
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

No, it's not another natural disaster, it's just a flood of newbie drool over BEUD's release.

You know my policy on Fusions: Until there is a penalty for playing a bunch of fusions (e.g. a card that does 50 damage to your opponent for every card in their Fusion Deck), if a Fusion is even remotely good and has a ghost of a chance of coming out, it gets a 5.

This DEFINITELY gets a 5.

What this REALLY does is makes players choose between it and Cyber End Dragon when they use Cyber Stein's effect in the one turn kill deck of the same name. BEUD + Megamorph = 9,000 ATK, great if your opponent has a face-up monster with 1,700 ATK or less (as you'd attack with Cyber Stein as well.) Cyber End Dragon is 8,000 with the boost, great for a OHKO against a Sheep Token, but they also have Limiter for a potential double boost, or a suprise in the damage step. That, and it doubles Cyber-Stein's attack as well which could help if the opponent only has one face-down monster you need to get through and it's not Cyber Jar or Newdoria or something.

So basically, newbies will undoubtedly rip themselves off for this card, veterans have a second option to pull out with the Stein, and anyone who actually tries to use Polymerization to bring this card out SERIOUSLY needs to be taught a few lessons in card advantage.

5/5 per my Fusion policy, as stated above.

Coin Flip
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon… It's finally here. My God, how long we have waited for this… BEUD has been the subject of much scrutiny and quite a few interesting thoughts over the years of the game's development in America. Heralded as the strongest monster in existence, the best fusion in existence (and the strongest), and the best Dragon in the game, I am sad to say that all three (four) are false. While we do not yet have Five God Dragon or Master Dragon Knight, they have been out for many years in Japan, and it is far easier to summon Master Dragon Knight than it is to summon BEUD or FGD.

Leaving the thread of BEUD's disappointed legacy for a moment, I'd like to continue talking about the lore around this. Pojo.com forumgoers are a special brand of… I suppose you could call them people… They are a special brand of people and love to invent silly, stupid, but sometimes fun games. Following are, in exact order, the things that happened whenever you even MENTIONED BEUD's name.
  • 72.3 kittens died
  • An orphanage burned down
  • Baby Jesus cried
  • The release date of the card was pushed back ANOTHER month
  • ExMinionOfDarkness would eat another child (he's rather good at cooking them, too)
  • Hurricanes would strike the land
  • We would receive another card we REALLY wanted (like Shrink/Collapse or Igzarion Universe/Exarion Universe) as a Tournament Pack Ultra Rare
  • Puppies died. The amount is unknown to this date.
  • Many Bothans died if you even THOUGHT about the card.

So a stigma was placed upon those who dared fight for the release of BEUD. It should be mentioned that tw pre-sold it for quite a bit of money, and now you can get it for the price of a Gigobyte on their site.

tw can bite me. Anyways, BEUD has finally arrived as a Shonen Jump Promo. Not SJC, which I would've LOVED to see… But a magazine promo. The fans of the show can now collect the strongest monster Kaiba summoned, and his true fan card… The awesome Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

The story completed, let's discuss his playability. While there is no detriment to having him in your fusion deck, you don't need him. In fact, I should go so far as to say you should never ever use him ever until the sun dies.

"But Coin Flip", you say, "you foolish ass! BEUD has 4500 attackzor point!" Many newbies who visit this site without much understanding of the game don't understand exactly how far the game has progressed. Even back in the day when there were enough cards that one person might be able to list all of the important ones (i.e., no Firegrass…), people understood the easy methods of a monster's death. You could spend three turns worth of summons to get out BEUD and run into one Man-Eater Bug.


No matter how strong a monster is, it still dies to any card that can destroy it. Your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and my Skull Servant will die alike to a Dark Hole.


While many of my loyal fans and readers will already know this, this is one of the key facts about the game; idealism is the killer of skill. Overestimating this card's playability due to its ATK strength is foolish.

So then comes the question of what its one resource is good for. Well, you could always use it for a One Turn Kill maneuver… Oh, but we have better cards for that; namely, Cyber End Dragon. Double its ATK and you have 8000 that pierces through defenses. That's better than 9000 that cries when it sees Scapegoat.

But I can't rate the card. It's impossible to rate Fusions. You cannot lose because you play them and you might win for having it, but the chances, the likelihood of this ever being pulled out… They are greater than the rating I would give, anyway.

This card is a killer in Duel Monsters 6, though… Kaiba's opening hand is Raigeki, Heavy Storm, Harpies Feather Duster, Dark Hole, Megamorph, and Cyber Stein… Too much ownage. :(

Dark Paladin
Due to a mass circus of fan demands and semi-polite protests, we
*gulps* of our own free-will...(looks around nervously), review...Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

BEUD sports a Godly 4500 attack and a rather nice 3800 defense as well.
He is a Level 12 fusion, so Metamorphosis isn't really an option, but there are others.

Two excellent options would be as follows. Either you could use Fusion Gate and three BEWD (and ideally you'd use Dimension Fusion for a real nifty Dragon revival hopefully for a lot of damage.)

Or, you could use Cyber Stein. Granted, 5000 lifepoints is a lot, but it's more than likely enough for you to equip Megamorph to your BEUD and double his 4500 attack to 9000 points.


Seto Kaiba deck: 5/5
Dragon deck: 5/5
Blue Eyes White Dragon deck: 5/5
Art: 5/5

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

(I gave all those 5's in the rating...under my own...(fearfully) free will.

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