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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Limiter Removal
Super Rare

Double the ATK of all Machine-Type monsters on your side of the field. At the end of this turn, all the Machine-Type monsters on your side of the field are destroyed.

Type - Spell
Card Number - PSV-064

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.3
Advanced: 4.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 10.06.05


Limiter Removal

Restricted because of Cyber End Dragon, Limiter Removal’s always been a powerful card, not least of all because you can activate it in the Damage Step, after your opponent has already decided whether or not to use Magic Cylinder or Sakuretsu Armor or whatever.

In Machine Decks this was always a staple, to be run in threes. Tossing in Cannon Soldier to launch the monsters for damage instead of just having them be destroyed was always a good move – usually, it’d be enough to clinch the game, because with Limiter Removal it’s possible to do massive damage.

And it still is. Just not quite so much, what with there only being one per deck now.

Machine Deck: 5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Limiter Removal

Come on now...we all saw this coming.

Cyber Dragon is a 2100 ATK machine that's going to see as much action at SJC Atlanta as Scapegoats did at Nationals (Read: the top decks will probably be running 3, or at least 2)
Cyber Twin Dragon is a 2800 ATK machine that attacks twice.
Cyber End Dragon is a 4000 ATK machine with trample.

These are 3 great rasons we don't need to have more than 1 Limiter right now.

Cyber Dragon with 2 limiters is a free special summon that could end the game.
Cyber Twin Dragon with 2 limiters will end the game even if one shot is to a defender and the other to the life points.
Cyber End Dragon with 2 limiters will end the game no matter WHAT it's attacking.
Heck, even Mechanicalchaser comes within 600 points of being a game ender if it had a double Limiter.

Given that they just got Power Bond (which is essentially a Limiter in Polymerization form) and so many new great machine cards, they needed to have the Limiter knocked to 1 to prevent a cookie-cutter world of Machines (which I would have liked to see, but oh well.)

5/5 in the Machine deck
2.5/5 in the regular cookie-cutter deck packing 3 Cyber Dragons and maybe 1-2 Drillroids

Coin Flip
Why am I reviewing this? You run it in Machines because it gives you a quick and powerful alternate win condition. You don't run it elsewhere because baby Jesus will cry if you do.

Machines: 6/5
dawnyoshi Limiter Removal was good when it was unrestricted. Now you can only one run again, so it’s slightly less appealing. It’s still a fourth Megamorph for those stupid Cyber-Stein decks though. It’s also still a ridiculous bomb with Cyber Dragons. It’s still terrible in traditional unless you’re running a Cyber-Stein one turn kill, and it’s still a bomb in limited.

Not much has changed, though I find it funny that this card makes vanilla machines look REALLY nice in limited. Multiple copies of Limiter Removal played make your Cyber Falcon big. FEAR! XD

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3.5/5
Limited: 5/5


Another card on its third review.


Limiter Removal is a staple for Machine decks, with the possible exception of a Machine deck that only used Monsters with an ATK of 100 or less (in which case, Graceful Dice would be better)… don’t waste time looking, all Machines with 100 or less ATK are actually “variable” ATK Machines and thus will almost never be that low.


Seriously though, every Machine deck should pack this card: even if attacking is not normally an option, the ability to double the ATK of every Machine in play makes this an incredibly useful Spell card.  Yes, the Monsters affected by this card end up being destroyed during your End Phase, but there are some tricks, like Book of Moon and Heavy Mech Support PlatformCannon Soldier is also nice since you can Tribute everything to lessen the downside of the card.


Additional fun comes from the fact that Limiter Removal doubles the ATK as is.  This is bad if there is an effect decreasing your attack, but wonderful if there is an effect increasing it.  Why?  In addition to doubling the bonus you are already receiving, it “locks” the ATK at that new level, regardless of whether or not the cards that were granting a bonus leave.  So if you use Limiter Removal on a Jinzo with Heavy Mech Support Platform equipped, it doubles the 2900 ATK (base 2400 ATK for Jinzo with + 500 ATK from Heavy Mech Support Platform) to 5800 ATK, and at the end of the turn, not only does Heavy Mech Support Platform die in Jinzo’s stead, but he remains at 5800 ATK.  An additional benefit occurs if you can afford the room to include some Equips and Giant Trunade (unlikely, but I might as well mention it): use Trunade to reclaim the Equip after you use Limiter, and then use the Equip again.


As a Quick-Play Spell, it’s even more impressive since you can use it when your opponent attacks.  Your Monster would have died anyway (generally, opponent’s only attack Monsters they can destroy), but this way you’ll either a) reduce the damage you take and b) hopefully do damage to them and destroy the attacking Monster (since now you’re bigger than the attacker).


Now for why we are looking at this card yet again: it was restricted to one.  I don’t like this.  What?  How hypocritical: I called this a staple and then said I didn’t think it should be Restricted, let alone Banned?  This is a staple for a specific type of deck.  That is fine.  In a deck that doesn’t run enough Machines to qualify as a Machine deck, it’s just not worth running.  While it has an incredible effect, you have to wait until the Damage Step to activate it with almost no fear of reprisal, and in that case they can still activate the bane of this card: protective Traps that block damage.  Nothing like blowing up all your Monsters in the killing strike… only to find it was all for naught.  So there are definite draw backs, and it can only be used in a key deck type.


The real problem is Cyber End Dragon.  Simply put, take the classic STKO Cyberstein deck (which we didn’t see a lot of since we haven’t had Cyberstein that long and never got Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon)… but have the option of using Limiter Removal or Megamorph.  I would have been even more annoyed had they put restrictions on Megamorph, since that card is key to one of my favorite deck themes, Suicide Beatdown (a.k.a. Velocity).  Personally, I think they should just bite the bullet and errata the card to say that it can only be Fusion Summoned (but allow Fusion substitutes).


Ratings (For Machine decks only)


Traditional       : 5/5-You can create a Machine/Chaos deck.


Advanced        : 5/5-Stupid Cyber End Dragon.


Limited            : 3/5-If you get a lot of Machines, even weenies, it can be gold.  If you get none its junk, hence the score.


Dark Paladin
We look at Limiter Removal today, a card that I believe only should have been semi-limited. With Black Luster Soldier finally gone, Machines may finally have their turn to climb to the top.

However, the restriction of Limiter Removal hurt them--a lot...a HELL OF A LOT. The restriction of Magician of Faith hurt...AT LEAST as much. One Limiter and one Magician of Faith just ouch...

Limiter does as you well know doubles the attack of all Machines on your side of the field, and they are then destroyed at the end of the turn. Limiter is also Quickplay, which can be a nice surprise.

Remember--Cyber End Dragon becomes an 8000 attack trample with this, and that could be the single reason of a restriciton, but who knows?


Traditional Machine: 4.0/5
Advanced Machine: 4.9/5 No reason not to use it at all!

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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