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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Exchange of the Spirits
Ultra Rare

You can only activate this card by paying 1000 Life Points while there are 15 or more cards in your Graveyard. Both players swap the card(s) in their Graveyard with the card(s) in their Deck. Then, shuffle the card(s) in each new Deck and put it on the Deck Zone.

Type - Trap
Card Number - SP1-EN004

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.2
Advanced: 4.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.21.05


ExMinion OfDarkness
Exchange of the Spirit

Occasionally, I see us getting a card that we'll never get to use to its full potential. This is one of those.

Japan has had this card ("Reversal of Worlds" over there) for along time. It worked the same way; you still had to have 15 cards in the Graveyard to activate it, you still had to pay the 1,000 LP, etc, etc...but there are a few issues with how our game is run over here:

*We never got this card where it was unrestricted. They actually had the nerve to PRE-RESTRICT it so we wouldn't get to use it in threes.

*We don't have Painful Choice at the same time we have this card. They did over in Japan.

*We don't have Pot and Graceful to speed the "throw stuff in the graveyard" up.

We'll never see this card for the OTK it was meant to be as UDE's gone on a Book of Taiyou-restricting, Pot-banning, pre-restricting rampage against them. Thus I'll be looking to get rid of any copies of this card I come into as soon as possible.

Traditional: 3.75/5 (At least here it can be tried for what it's worth.)
Advanced: 1.25/5

Dark Paladin
Today we take a look at another Elemental Energy card, Exchange of the Spirits...which is several things.

a) the Sneak Preview card for EEN
b) used by Ishizu vs. Kaiba in A Duel of Destiny: Kaiba vs. Ishizu Pt. 1
c) a fun card to use in the DS Yugioh game

Exchange of the Spirits is an excellent trap, one of my favorites in the game, and you'll note that it was restricted BEFORE it or the set Elemental Energy was even released. Exchange of the Spirits is activated by paying 1000 of your lifepoitns. Then, both players swap their respective graveyards with their respective decks. Now, is this a good card or not?

Obviously, for one, you want your opponent to have as few cards in their graveyard as possible. Secondly, note that YOU must have 15 cards in your graveyard (minimum) before you can activate this card.
Now, this card is NOT for every deck. You need to build the proper deck around it. You'll need multiple cards with effects that require discards as part of their effect to help you obtain this 15 card goal.
Thunder Dragon and other deck thinners are great cards to use in this deck. Any (un-banned) Jar (Morphing, Morphing #2, Cyber Jar) and the like are excellent cards as well.

This card, as stated, needs it's own deck to be successful, but it's also a pretty damn good control card. There is also the semi-difficult one turn kill to pull of with this, if I'm not mistaken, so have fun with this card.


Control: 4.2/5 (constructed)
It's own deck: 4.85/5

Art: 5/5 Really friggin sweet!

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)


Stats                : At first I wasn’t go to break this down, but for once it matters.  This is a Trap, and normally that’s a bad thing… unless the Trap is so potent as to be a deck focus (like Exchange of the Spirit is) and is restricted to one per deck.  Then being a Trap is good.  Why?  Yes, you have to wait a turn to activate it, but there is a way to search it from your deck: A Cat of Ill Omen.  It does just that then places the Trap on the top of your deck (if Necrovalley is in play, it goes to your hand, but Necrovalley prevents Exchange of the Spirit from working).  You can also get Exchange of the Spirit back from the Graveyard via Mask of Darkness.  Spells have more recursion techniques, as do Monsters, but at least there is something.


Effect(s)            : So, what is the game breaking effect?  Exchange of the Spirit swaps both players’ decks with their Graveyards.  So whatever is in your Graveyard becomes you new deck, and your deck becomes your new Graveyard.  Naturally, that’d be broken entirely on its own, so there are two requirements.  A Life Point cost of 1000, which is usually not a concern, and more importantly a requirement that you have at least 15 cards in your Graveyard.  So now you see the hard part.  If you can quickly get the card in hand, and get 15 cards in your Graveyard, without doing that for your opponent, you can easily make them deck out.


Uses and

Combinations  : As stated, the difficulty is getting cards into your graveyard, but not into your opponent’s.  The two easiest methods I can think of would be Magical Merchant and Fiend Comedian.  The former of course means only Monsters get sent to the Graveyard and it goes until you hit a Spell or Trap.  The latter might risk discarding Exchange of Spirits… but as long as you have recursion handy, it’s probably worth it: Fiend Comedian has you call a coin flip: call it right, and you remove the opponent’s Graveyard from play.  Their entire Graveyard.  Call it wrong and you discard a number of cards from the top of your deck equal to the number of cards in their Graveyard.  As you can see, both are useful.  Now, it’s pure gain if you haven’t made it past 15 and you already have Exchange of the Spirit in hand/on the field (discarding from your deck is not like drawing from your deck – if you run out of cards while discarding, you’re still alive).


You probably want some Kycoo and maybe some Soul Release, because every other card that combos will tends to make both players chuck large amounts of cards into their Graveyard.  Serial Spell becomes rather nice with Soul Release (you won’t turn out as well with Card Destruction/Serial Spell since it fills your opponent’s discard more than yours).




Traditional       : 4/5-Here there are a lot more supporting cards and I believe a very fast depletion deck can be made with it: possibly a single turn win.


Advanced        : 3.75/5-Here it’s primarily for use in its own deck, which requires a lot of work to make it flow, but if it does, it’s hard to stop.  It can also be added to certain other decks as sort of a weakened Fiber Jar.


Limited            : N/A-It is a promo that was handed out, not in the set.



Hopefully a nice addition to the Yu-Gi-Oh game in the U.S.  Glad it finally got here.

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