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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Amazoness Chain Master
Promo Card

When this monster is destroyed as a result of battle and sent to the Graveyard, by paying 1500 Life Points, look at your opponent's hand and select 1 Monster Card from it. Add the selected card to your hand, and you can use it in this Duel. (When the card is sent to the Graveyard, it is sent to the Graveyard of the owner.)

Type - Effect/Monster
Card Number - SP1-EN002

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.3
Advanced: 3.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.30.05


Amazoness Chain Master

Amazoness Chain Master is a rentsy monster that might see some play but probably won’t see much. With 1500 ATK, it’s not that great for a Level 4, though being EARTH and Warrior are both big plusses, and it can also be Special Summoned by Giant Rat.

Of course, the effect is what makes this card so rentsy. When Amazoness Chain Master is destroyed in battle, you can opt to pay 1500 Life Points to take a look at your opponent’s hand and steal one of his monsters. If you somehow know that your opponent is holding a BLS-EotB, bam: 1500 LP and it’s yours.

There are risks, however. In addition to the obvious one of paying 1500 LP only to find that your opponent has no monsters, he also may just not have any monsters worth taking, in which case you’ll still have wasted all those Life Points.

For that reason I’d advocate using Amazoness Chain Master in a deck where you have a pretty good idea what’s in your opponent’s hand, be that through D.D. Designator/Mind Crush, Mind Haxorz, or even something like Mind on Air or Ceremonial Bell. Having this card in a deck like that would really add an element of surprise, but in a normal deck, this card’s a bit too risky.

Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5
Traditional – Extreme Hand Control: 3.5/5
Advanced – CCWC: 3/5
Advanced – Extreme Hand Control: 4/5

For those in an area observing Memorial Day, please set aside a few minutes for a moment of silence to reflect upon those who have died before you, and especially those who have laid down their lives to preserve your own and your way of life.  Even if you aren’t celebrating the holiday, still consider a moment of silence.


Stats                : Amazoness Chain Master is a Level 4 Earth/Warrior.  Pretty solid foundation: all thought not “Chaos-compliant”, Earth is still a solid Attribute that a deck can be easily based around, as is Warrior a solid Type.  The two together are quite fearsome, counting several potent cards in their ranks.  The name itself, Amazoness, also opens up some theme options, and of course, being a Level 4 makes it easy to summon and only a few annoyances from cards like Level Limit-Area B.  The attack is just low enough that you can fetch this card with all appropriate search cards: Giant Rat (Attribute Searcher), Sangan (generic searcher), and Last Will (generic searcher).  The DEF of 1200 is low enough that Witch of the Black Forest can search her out… well, in Traditional.  Otherwise, while small, the stats are adequate so long as the effect is useful in at least some reasonable decks.


Effect(s)            : The good?  This card allows you to snag a card from your opponent’s hand for you to then add to your own.  The bad news (in order of least significant to most) is a) it costs 1500 LP, b) it requires that Amazoness Chain Master die in battle, and c) it only lets you snag a Monster.  The LP payment is high enough to discourage reliance upon the effect, but it is optional, so it’s more useful than Delinquent Duo, for example, when you can’t spare the LP for the effect.  Generally, 1000 or less for the cost is negligible unless you are running like 10 cards like that, and anything over 1000 but no more than 2000 requires a little forethought.  Dying in battle hurts, but isn’t impossible to accomplish.  It is the restriction of having to choose a Monster that really makes the effect more a novelty than a devastating addition to hand control.  Most decks are made up of about 1/3 to 1/2 Monsters.  So, if they have 1 card in hand… that’s pretty expensive for what is most likely a 50% shot at gaining control of their last card in hand.  Still devastating, but expensive.  Over all, it becomes a passable effect.


Uses and

Combinations  : It works reasonably well with the assorted Amazoness, Warrior, and Earth Support.  Gaia Power turns this into a 2000 ATK beatstick… just watch out for opposing Berserk Gorilla and D.D. Assailants, who are also boosted and thus still top you.  Such a deck might be worth considering given the amount of non-Earth Monsters in the average deck is still pretty low outside the two I mentioned.  You can add in some other useful Earth/Warriors as well, like Marauding Captain, Exiled Force, and Goblin Attack Force.


It might be worth considering for a hand control deck.  It will let you see the opponent’s hand after all, something much harder to do lately, and if there is a Monster there, all the better.


Finally, it might work for Suicide Beatdown, where lowering your LP will often be a benefit.




Traditional      : 1.5/5-Amazoness decks aren’t something to run here and expect to win.  Hand control has much better options, and so does Suicide Beatdown.


Advanced       : 3.15/5-Here, she fits a niche.  The rating is for general play, mainly because it is roughly average in a few decks, and pretty good for Amazoness decks.


Limited                        : 4/5-Didn’t think you could use this kind of promo here.  So why the high score?  Assuming this card is released, it is actually quite nice.  Just strong enough to be a weak “beatstick” in this format, it also will almost certainly get the effect off here, where decks tend to be monster heavy.



This is a very solid addition to Amazoness decks and an interesting possibility for several others.  It is hurt by too many restrictions on an interesting effect, but not to the point of being unplayable.  A quick note though: I wish the art was better.  I don’t have a clue as to whether or not it was altered, but the whole fur bikini thing?  It’s just so cliché… and I think a few other Amazoness cards also have it, making it seem repetitive.  The shoulders seem a tad broad as well, giving the character a very masculine frame.

Dark Paladin Amazoness Chain Master
4 Stars

Effect: When this card is sent to the graveyard as a result of battle, by paying 1500 lifepoints, you may look at your opponents hand and take one monster card. You may then use the monster card as your own during this duel.
The card returns to the owners graveyard after use.

Well, for those of you who have attended a sneak preview for The Lost Millenium, such as I did, then you have one of these bad girls. I'll start by saying that I wish we had more Amazon cards because seeing a competitive deck for Amazons would be sweet.

Now, for the actual card, let's take a look here.

Earth is good
Warrior is good
1500 attack is meh but can be Sanganed if you really want Can take any monster in your opponents hand IF destroyed by battle

This card, in my opinion, is NOT as glorified as everyone hyped it up to be.
Why? Well, you should probably have an idea of what's in your opponent's hand at the time the card goes to the graveyard. You could use Exchange or even Mind Haxorv to get an idea for a little while.

Though, the effect, at least the way it's on the card, does sound optional.
Plus, let's see for a minute. You have to pay 1500 lifepoints just for a card.
Granted, if you're taking the RIGHT card (or wrong from your opponent's point of view) then it could be worth while. Taking your opponent's Phoenix, DD Warrior Lady, or even BLS could make it all worth it.

I really believe more decks will find they don't really need this card and the cost outweights the benefits, but it's up to you.


Traditional Warrior: 3.0/5 It is still Earth and Warrior so it does have a place there if you so desire.

Traditional Amazon: 4.0/5 One of the better if not the BEST Amazon out to date.

Traditional (general): 4.5/5 Why so high you may ask? Here you could still take your opponent's Yata or Chaos Emperor Dragon or something you couldn't steal in Advanced.

Advanced Warrior: 3.3/5 (See Traditional)

Advanced Amazon: 4.4/5 (See Traditional)

Advanced (general): 4.0/5 With fewer good cards to take, as I said it may not be worth it, but taking one card, if the right one could ruin your opponent's entire strategy.

Overall rating: 4.0/5

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

ExMinion OfDarkness
Amazoness Chain Master

This week, we start off with the new promo card from last weekend's Sneak Preview.

Amazoness Chain Master should see play in many cookie-cutter decks. The ATK is the highest searchable by Sangan; the Defense is not too low, but low enough to get it killed (and let it get its effect), and as always, that beautiful Warrior-type opens it up to Reinforcement of the Army.

1500 LP is a LOT to pay for 1 card effect; however, we're already paying 1,000 LP for Delinquent Duo, which is a +1 card advantage. Amazoness Chain Master's effect is a 1+ You're giving up her and 1,500 LP (1 card) to get one monster out of your opponent's hand (-1 them) and use it yourself (+1 you). So that's a 2 for 1 + life trade (just like Duo is), AND you know what's in your opponent's hand.

Not much could be more devastating than not only getting a BLS or key Tribute monster out of an opponent's hand. For more fun, take an opponent's DDWL or DDA and ram it into another strong monster of theirs. Their monsters get RFGed but yours are still around. Warrior decks NEED to run one copy of this; other decks will splash it in as necessary.

Traditional: 3.75/5 (TWO Chaos monsters to potentially nab here.)
Advanced: 4/5 (Suddenly, outside of Trap Dustshoot, this is the only big "you see their hand" pre-negator we still have.)
Coin Flip Amazoness Chain Master is completely broken in principle.  Her stats are completely search friendly, though she is unlikely to kill anything on her own outside of Don Zaloog or the rare Mystic Swordsman LV2.  I do not think Mystic Tomato and the like count.  Her effect is where she gets interesting.

In principle, this card is all three/four "prenegators" rolled up into one.  Heck, I'll throw in Trap Dustshoot for the hell of it.  It can only hit monsters, much like Trap Dustshoot.  That's a small downside, but hey – RotA and Sangan still see immense amounts of play, and if worse comes to worse, you can go and hit 'em with a Compulsory Evacuation Device.  It allows a look at the hand, much like Confiscation and Forceful Sentry.  Like Confiscation, the card will eventually go to the graveyard, but it still offers a bit of Forceful Sentry in that they cannot gain advantage from using the card in the graveyard.  Cool beans.  And finally, it is like Delinquent Duo in the fact that you gain one card from using it.  While you lost a card in battle, your opponent lost a card from their hand and you added one to your own, for +1 card advantage.

If you can use the effect well, then go ahead.  But there's been a bit of a trend lately to use fewer and fewer monsters.  This is less effective in this format.  In the previous Advanced format, this would have been excellent.  The focus was less about reusing and reusing stuff like Pot of Greed, and more and more about beatdown.  While it's still possible to use this effectively (I'd pop one or two into a Warrior deck already using Compulsory Evacuation Device, Blade Knight and Don Zaloog), this format is not its best.  It's a good card, but its uses are now slightly limited.

3.1/5 Traditional
3.4.5 Advanced
3.4/5 Traditional
3.9/5 Advanced.
Snapper Amazoness Chain Master

Welcome to Late Week! The name of the week has no real relation to this week’s cards, but it wasn’t until late Sunday that the cards to be reviewed were decided. Anywho, today’s card is Amazoness Chain Master, a monster given to everyone that attended the TLM Sneak Peek this past weekend.

ACM has 1500 ATK, allowing her to contend with many commonly used Level 4 or lower monsters, and quite possibly win the battle. She’s also a Warrior, allowing you to search for her with Reinforcements of the Army and gain a power boost from Command Knight. ACM is also an Amazoness, giving her no real benefits save being able to fit in an Amazoness Deck quite nicely.

ACM has a very interesting effect; when she’s destroyed in battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can pay 1500 Life Points to examine your opponent’s hand and choose a monster. After that, the monster is added to your hand, and you use the monster for the remainder of the Duel. The effect is, as I’ve already said, interesting. There are very few cards that allow you to take ownership of an opponent’s card, and there are none (save ACM) that come in the form of a monster.

The only true downside to the effect is the cost; 1500 Life Points is an expensive price for one to pay. But in ACM’s case, I’d say the fee is worth the outcome, at least if used at the right time. In today’s dueling environment it is a popular trend for a duelist to save a monster in their hand until they’re sure they can get optimum use out of it. This is where ACM gains it usefulness; whether she dies at the hands of the opponent’s attack or you force her to commit suicide, ACM’s effect will activate. This is the time in which you use your opponent’s conservative nature against them, and hopefully take a D. D., TIV, BLS, or any other monster that would be very beneficial to you.

If your opponent does not follow the trend of the average duelist AND you have a good knowledge of their Deck, you may want to want to try Dark Designator. With it you can decide for yourself what monster you’ll be taking through ACM, assuming you can predict her demise within the next turn. All in all, ACM is a very out of the ordinary and expensive monster that could prove useful in an Amazoness or Warrior Deck. It may prove useful elsewhere, but the hefty Life Point price may not be as welcomed there.

Advanced: 3/5. It’s not a cheap effect so use it wisely.
Traditional: 3.5/5. The potential to take a CED AND decrease the number of cards in the opponent’s hand should be very enticing.
Overall: 3.25/5.
Art: 3/5. It’s my understanding that this artwork’s been edited. I’ll need to find out why…

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