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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Toon Table of Contents
Ultra Rare

Japanese Version Shown


Card Ratings

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.26.05


ExMinion OfDarkness
Toon Table of Contents

This card has several uses that will see play and several that won't.

A card that searches your deck for any card with "Toon" in its name has a good few possiblities:
*Search Toon GAF for an offensive wall, or Toon Gemini Elf to prepare for later hand discard
*In a deck actually running Toon World, search the TW itself, or a Toon Mermaid to play for free to set up for a Tribute

A possibility we WON'T see in play because Konami of Japan hates us by making a certain card TP Ultra and not giving us a much-needed card:

*Play Toon Table of Contents 1, search for TToC #2. Play TToC #2, search for the third one. Play Toon Table of Contents #3, search for Toon Cannon Soldier. Play Toon CS and sacrifice it for 500 damage. 4 cards in the graveyard, 11 more cards to go to trigger Reversal of Worlds.

Toon decks just got thinning and versatility -- it's too bad they're just not making the cut for playability.

1/5 Traditional
2.5/5 Advanced

Coin Flip
The best new card in all of TP6 awaits your eyes today.

Toon Table of Contents does two things, and it does them well. This is the only tutor we have in the game that can search itself and do so multiple times on turn one, withholding Thunder Dragon. Both of the cards serve equal purposes – deck thinning. This is insane deck thinning. Searching out any card with "Toon" in its name (or Manga Ryu-Ran) is amazing. You can pull out another "Toon Table of Contents" (or Manga Ryu-Ran) with the first, and then use that "Toon Table of Contents" to add another to your hand (or you can add Manga Ryu-Ran to your hand instead). The third one can be used to pull a GAF to sit there and stall, or a "Toon Cannon Soldier" to Tribute himself for some damage (making this card and "Toon Cannon Soldier" completely and utterly ridiculous in Scientist FTK). It could even be used to pull a "Toon World" (or Manga Ryu-Ran). For decks that focus on speed (like Scientist FTK) it can even stop at searching out the third "Toon Table of Contents" and just discard it to the effect of something like "Graceful Charity", "Spell Reproduction", or a controlled "Dragged Down Into The Grave". This card is among the most ludicrous cards in the game. It was meant for Toon Decks, but it turned itself into a cookie cutter thinner. (I use that term cookie cutter under the definition that it didn't require much thought to add. Someone came up with the idea of using it as a deck thinner and everyone else took that idea because it worked.)

Honestly, it's useless outside of multiples, and it's not good unless you seriously, seriously need the deck thinning. By itself, however… It just upped the Scientist FTK success rate to at least 95% in Traditional. In Toon Decks, it's ludicrously good support. Don't run a Toon Deck without at LEAST 2, and most likely 3.

1.8/5 Traditional
2.1/5 Advanced
Scientist/Other FTK decks:
5/5 Traditional
5/5 Advanced
Toon decks:
5/5 Traditional
5/5 Advanced

Toon Table of Contents

This card is what Gather Your Mind should have been and much more. With this card, not only can you just play three to thin out your Deck/get cards into the Graveyard/get Spell Counters on a monster; you can also bring basically any Toon Card you need straight to your hand.

If you need Toon World, take it. If you need a Toon Monster – ANY Toon Monster, take it. If your Skilled Dark Magician wants some counters, play this, take another, play it, take another and play it: problem solved.

I will say emphatically that this card is 100% essential for any Toon Deck. The only reason not to run three would be that you don’t have three.

Traditional – CCCC: 2/5
Traditional – Toon: 5/5
Advanced – CCWC: 2/5
Advanced – Toon: 5/5
Snapper Toon Table of Contents

Today’s card is Toon Table of Contents, a card that can speed up the rather slow Toon Decks.

TTC allows you to add one card from your Deck to your hand that is named Manga Ryu-Ran or has “Toon” in its name. Despite the effect’s simplicity, its uses are vast (in a few Decks anyway). The obvious place for TTC to show its worth would be in a Toon Deck, where you’d use it to search for Toon World or a Toon Monster that would serve you well at the current time. The second Deck that TTC shines in is one that only finds use out of about ten cards, making the rest of the Deck filler cards.

This is where TTC comes in. Not only can TTC serve as three counts of card fillers but it also serves as easy Deck thinning. How you may ask? Well, TTC has the word “Toon” in its name, right? So you use just TTC to get another TTC from your Deck, and then use that TTC to get another TTC from your Deck.
In addition to Deck thinning it’s also useful for producing Spell Counters, which may be difficult to create in Advanced due to Elma’s banning. Overall, TTC serves multiple purposes, Deck thinning being the most prominent. And I’m sure if more/better Toons are ever released, TTC’s obvious uses in a Toon Deck would be even more appetizing.

Advanced: 3/5. It’s not for every Deck, but Deck thinning should prove very useful.
Traditional: 2/5. Painful Choice would be a more Soothing Choice for Deck thinning.
Overall: 2.5/5.
Art: 2/5. Going off of the Japanese artwork, it isn’t very involved; just a page out of Toon World by the looks of it. But I do wonder if they’ll change the artwork for the TCG…
dawnyoshi Toon Table of Contents, in my opinion, is the best card to come out of TP6.
This spell is an instant tutor for ANYTHING you need that is toon-related, whether it's a specific toon monster, or even the big Toon World itself.

However, why would I give this card a high rating? After all, the toons still lack truly competitive playability. Simply put, Toon Table of Contents can search for another Toon Table of Contents. This is not only a fast and effective method for thinning your deck, but it also provides massive ammo for cards utilizing spell counters. Combine this with Magical Marionette and you're most likely going to destroy two or monster monsters during that turn. Combine this with Royal Magical Library and you get another card.
Combined this with Skill Dark Magician and.well, you get the picture.

This card may not be suitable for traditional (nothing is, as that's a hopeless format anyway), but this card can see some serious use in the advanced format. It suits more than a toon deck, and should not be limited to that deck type at all. In limited, this card's a tutor for potentially useful monsters in Dark Beginnings 2. I like tutors in limited. Be creative with this spell card, as it has the potential to be incredibly useful in many combos!

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 3/5
Limited: 4/5

Stats                : Toon Table of Contents is a normal Spell Card.  Since there isn’t much to say about that, I’ll comment briefly upon the changes made to this card’s name from its Japanese counterpart, Toon Index.  While an index and table of contents aren’t identical, both tell you were to find things in a book, so it still seems an appropriate name.  Toon Table of Contents also has the power of alliteration!  Finally, you’ll note that an index tends to be in the back of a book while the table of contents is in the front.  I haven’t seen the artwork for this card, but from what manga I’ve read that is preserved in its original formatting, the same holds true for the Japanese… but since we read left-to-right unlike their right-to-left, that would place the index and table of contents in the opposite places in a book.  Since I haven’t actually seen the real art for this card, I can’t say for certain, but that means the new name may make more sense with the artwork.  Yes, I have been getting very annoyed with people complaining about the understandable changes, when the really heinous ones (Cyclone to Mystical Space Typhoon) get ignored or “justified”. ;)


Effect(s)            : The actual effect allows you to search for any card with “Toon” or “Manga Ryu-Ran” in its name from your deck.  That encompasses all Toon Monsters, and the only two Toon support cards I know of: Toon World and Toon Table of Contents itself.  Overall, a very good effect, since decks using multiples of those cards will have a variable “floater” that can be used to get one half of the combo or the other half.


Uses and

Combinations  : Deck thinning and search power are beautiful things, especially in Yu-Gi-Oh where draw power is at a minimum, hand-sizes are capped at 6 cards after you end your turn, and decks can be as small as 40 cards.  As such, this card is both a “generic filler” card for decks like Exodia, but is quite useful for any deck that runs even a single (not single copy) of a Toon.  For example, Toon Gemini Elf is pretty snazzy: Level 4, 1900 ATK, and if it does battle damage, you can make the opponent discard.  The main downside is that it can’t attack the turn it is Summoned.  So… with Toon Table of Contents you can either run 3 of her and three of it, giving most decks fantastic odds of opening with her, or just run one of her and three of it: still composing 10% of the minimal 40 card deck, and should you go second, you can just thin out your own deck and see if she comes in handy anyway… even if you start, you’d still use the Toon Table of Contents first turn to get another copy of itself, then the third, and finally Toon Gemini Elf since it will have thinned your deck by three extra cards.  If you get it first turn with this (or deck’s like Exodia), then obviously it can’t be negated.




Traditional       : 3/5-Usage of Toon or Exodia is kinda rare, but it is still pretty good.  Plus decks like Magical Scientist FTKO, that use Reload, may also want to combo with this, since as stated, it “shrinks” your deck.


Advanced        : 4/5-Maybe it is just because I just want Toon cards to be better, but I really think cards like this really help them out, and allow you to add them to a wider variety of decks.  An opening Toon Gemini Elf is a scary thing, especially if you can’t get rid of it right away.


Limited            : N/A, since you don’t use these in Limited events.  If somehow you do, then it is a good pick so long as you get one of the non-Toon World-dependant Toon Monsters, or another copy of itself, of course.



Toon Table of Contents is an exemplary card.  It fits primarily into two specific themes (Toon and anything that needs a lot of filler), then makes it more viable to include Toon monsters into other decks whose themes they match (Toon Gemini Elf for hand-control, Toon Cannon Soldier for burn, etc.) without seemingly “breaking” those cards or turning itself into even a “loose” staple.  Even the name change is better than many past ones.


Dark Paladin Toon Index

Well this card is a staple for those of you who run Toon decks.

The card simply put allows you to bring any card with "Toon" in it's name from your deck to your hand.

I'm really sorry not to say much else, but the fact that it ONLY fits in the Toon deck and those who run that deck need it, what else can I say?


Toon deck: 5/5 All formats
Anywhere else: 1/5 as it's useless

Art: 2.5/5 nothing special

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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