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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Infernal Flame Emperor

This card cannot be Special Summoned. When this card is Tribute Summoned successfully, you can remove from play up to 5 FIRE monsters in your Graveyard. Destroy a number of  Spell or Trap Cards on the field equal to the number of cards that you remove from play by this effect.

Type - Pyro/Effect
Card Number - SD3-EN001

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.23.05


Infernal Flame Emperor

We open the week up with one of the new cards from one of the new Structure Decks, Infernal Flame Emperor. This is indisputably a very rentsy monster with a nice effect, and he’ll certainly be a welcome addition to many FIRE Decks.

2700 ATK is nothing to be ashamed of, although he does require two tributes and he can’t be Special Summoned AT ALL (which hurts). Being FIRE/Pyro gives him a few advantages as well. But the effect is what makes this guy so deadly.

When you Tribute Summon him, you can remove up to 5 FIRE monsters in your Graveyard from play. Then you can destroy a number of S/T on the field equal to the number of monsters you removed. So if your opponent has a Gravity Bind, Level Limit and Wave Motion Cannon out on you, you can bring this guy out, remove a few Solar Flare Dragons and nuke all of them.

Removing cards from the Graveyard to destroy cards on the field is definitely a great effect; you’re not really losing any card advantage while your opponent potentially loses A LOT. True, he can still chain his cards to this effect; but the same goes for Mobius, and Mobius can only destroy two S/T (though there’s no removal involved…).

This is a good monster. I’d definitely run one (probably no more) in a FIRE Deck, just because of how deadly he can be. He’s best saved for later in the game, though, when there’ll be more FIRE monsters in the Graveyard to remove.

Traditional – CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional – FIRE: 4/5
Advanced – CCWC: 2.5/5 (Command Knights are seen fairly frequently here)
Advanced – FIRE: 4.5/5

ExMinion OfDarkness
Infernal Flame Emperor

Wow...M/T destruction you'll never get to use!

2700 ATK = good.
Being only Tribute summon and no revival = SUCKS MAJOR BUTT.

M/T destruction = good.
Having to use an entire deck based on Fire types to do it = sucks.
Your opponent chaining half of the things you're destroying = sucks just as bad.

Good idea: Keep the staples out of your new starter deck and trade this off.
Bad idea: Make a deck around this.

1/5 Traditional
2/5 Advanced
Snapper Infernal Flame Emperor

Welcome to New Week! This week we’ll be reviewing cards that have been released recently. Today’s card is Infernal Flame Emperor, the new monster from the FIRE Structure Deck.

IFE has fairly good stats; 2700 ATK enables him to destroy almost any monster the opponent may summon, even though it’s a little low for a monster of IFE’s Level. Because he can’t be Special Summoned, the ATK becomes slightly more important than usual to the lose of the dump and revive option. While 2700 ATK isn’t bad, most would prefer something higher for a monster that requires two Tributes. The solution: use Flame Ruler. Not only will it reduce IFE’s need Tributes to one but it will also give you fodder for IFE’s effect, making IFE and Flame Ruler cards that should always be used in conjunction.

IFE’s primary effect is a pretty snazzy one; when IFE is successfully Tribute Summoned you can remove up to five FIRE monsters in your Graveyard from play. For each monster you remove through this effect you must then destroy one Spell or Trap Card on the field. Now as should be obvious, this potentially useful effect would be absolutely useless outside of a FIRE Deck or a Deck that is using a high amount of FIRE monsters.

Assuming IFE is used in one of the aforementioned Decks, he can become more useful version of Heavy Storm in the sense that you won’t need to worry about your own S/Ts being destroyed. The only potential problem with the effect is a lack of FIRE monsters in the Graveyard, which will just require luck/planning on your part. In most cases it would be best if you summoned IFE mid to late game so as to insure you had plenty of FIRE monsters in you Graveyard, as well as lower the chances of encountering a chainable S/T. All in all, IFE is a useful monster in any FIRE Deck that is subconscious about the opponent’s S/Ts. In FIRE Decks unconcerned with unknown threats, you may prefer a revivable monster over the Normal Summon only IFE.

Advanced (FIRE Deck): 4/5. Not being able to be Special Summoned is a disappointing restriction, but can luckily be worked around.
Traditional (FIRE Deck): 3.5/5. I’d just assume use HFD.
Overall (FIRE Deck): 3.75/5.
Art: 3.5/5. It’s like a centaur, lion, demon, and forest fire all rolled into one.
dawnyoshi This week starts off a quick look at the new TP6 cards and the new cards of the structure decks "Blaze of Destruction" and "Fury of the Deep". Today, we'll be looking at a monster that tries to imitate Mobius the Frost Monarch, except it.fails.

Infernal Flame Emperor is the big tribute monster of the "Blaze of Destruction" structure deck. Its ability, when tribute summoned, allows you to remove up to 4 FIRE monsters in your graveyard from the game. You can then destroy a number of spells or traps on your opponent's field equal to the number of monsters you removed. This effect probably wouldn't be bad, except that Infernal Flame Emperor cannot be special summoned.this makes him completely worthless once he hits the graveyard, and he's completely worthless when you don't have enough monsters to uses as tributes either.

That information is excluding the fact that you'd most likely want to KEEP those monsters you would be sacrificing, since the strongest low level FIRE monsters available are cards like Solar Flare Dragon, Raging Flame Sprite, and Ultimate Baseball Kid. All in all, if you want to run a big FIRE monster that destroys spells, run The Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys. This monstrous waste of time isn't worth the space in your real deck.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Sealed: X/5 (structure decks are not used in official sealed play as of yet) Yesterday we covered the lackluster and lost-cause of a Nephthys imitation known as the Infernal Flame Emperor. For today's review, I'll be short and sweet.

Stats                : Infernal Flame Emperor is a big Level 9 Monster.  That still only requires 2 Tributes to normal summon… but high level Monsters are pretty difficult to summon that way.  More over, peeking ahead to the first line of text on the effect… we see that Special Summoning this Monster is prohibited.  So you will have to offer two Tributes, barring Flame Ruler use, discussed later on.  Fire Monsters now have some solid support, much of which is included in the Structure deck this card comes with, though I don’t think there is much of anything for Pyro Monsters.  Moving on, we see a 2700 ATK and 1600 DEF.  These aren’t stellar for a Monster so hard to get into play, but they are solid.  It will come down to the Effect to make or break this card.


Effect(s)       : The first effect, as mentioned above, is very restrictive.  Usually, you’ll be Special Summoning most Monsters that require a double Tribute.  It isn’t an automatic death sentence, but it sure does hurt.  So the second effect had better be great.  Unfortunately, it isn’t.  It is a decent effect: remove up to 5 Fire Monsters from your Graveyard when this card is successfully Tribute Summoned to destroy that many Spells and/or Traps on the field.  Not bad, but not great either.  Most commonly played Traps are restricted or chainable (or both), so this mostly hurts decks that rely on Field Spells or Continuous Spell/Traps.  Removing Monsters from your discard isn’t too bad… except it is per S/T you want to destroy, and there are some decent “remove a Fire Monster to Special Summon this Monster” Monsters for Fire.  So in the end, this comes across to me as the effect of Mobius the Frost Monarch, but so many restrictions to offset maybe being able to hit 5 S/Ts.  How often does an opponent have that many Spells and Traps in play?  Even if you have some of your own to hit, Mobius seems a better choice.  Yes, even for Fire decks.  Outside of Fire decks, this effect is even less useful: the only generally seen Fire Monster I can think of is Command Knight.


Uses and

Combinations  : There is a Fire Monster that counts as two tributes for Fire Monsters: Flame Rule.  Flame Ruler is at 1500 ATK, making it small enough to be searched via Sangan or UFO Turtle.  Its 1600 DEF isn’t too bad either.  As such, it would make summoning Infernal Flame Emperor much easier.  Backfire can add some extra burn damage.  So can Ultimate Baseball Kid and Solar Flare Dragon.  Together, you can score some good burn damage while sending other Fire Monsters to the Graveyard.  When the opponent’s LP is low enough, summon Infernal Flame Emperor and clear the field of restrictive Spells and Traps, and hit them for game (by then you should have plenty of fodder).  Still, I recommend running this only if you have to (e.g. if all you’ve got is the Structure Deck).  Also, you might be able to take advantage of the removing of Monsters from play with Return from the Different Dimension or Dimension Fusion.  I would actually go with the former in this case: you will usually want to use this trick later in the game, and after summoning your Monsters (Infernal Flame Emperor should have cleared the field when he was summoned) an Ultimate Baseball Kid could then Tribute the Monsters for his second effect to inflict some excellent burn damage using Monsters that will be dead anyway, and you don’t have to worry about them getting their D.D. Warrior Lady back like with Dimension Fusion.  Just remember you’ll need to plan ahead.




Traditional       : 1.25/5-I just can’t see Infernal Flame Emperor being a huge asset.  You would be better off adding another burn card to most Fire decks.


Advanced        : 1.75/5-A little better here, since there is less widespread S/T removal, and a mono-Fire or mostly Fire deck works better.


Limited            : 3.5/5-Pretty good assuming you get this in a “Starter Deck” based Limited event… does Yu-Gi-Oh have that?  In other games, it’s a variant where you get a Starter deck and two to three boosters to customize it.



Well, it definitely doesn’t seem broken.  It is a good example of overcompensating for a potentially devastating effect: mass S/T removal limited to a specific deck type (Fire) is fine… I wouldn’t want it to be general mass S/T removal, but given that it’s an effect that triggers via a Tribute Summon only, making it also only capable of being Normal Summoned seems like too much: you can’t even dump and revive it for an good beatstick.

Dark Paladin Infernal Flame Emperor
Level 9

Well, for today, we'll go over one of the new Structure Deck Ultras. Today is the lucky one from the Fire Structure deck.

Well, all I can say is this guy isn't all that great. But let's take a closer look at the Emperor...

The Good. He is Level 9 which allows him to Morph into Master of Oz. He has an attack of 2700 which is about as low as I'd expect for a two tribute monster but can hold its own against most monsters. If you have (up to) 5 Fire monsters in your graveyard, you could wipe out your opponent's entire spell and trap zone.
That's definately a plus.

The Bad. This guy can't be Special Summoned. So, he hit's the Graveyard, and he probably is there to stay unless you either bring him back to your hand somehow. Plus, you can only use the effect once.

Sadly, I don't really think this guy is worth the trouble of two tributes. He doesn't have enough attack to be a force and his effect really isn't game breaking.

In short, I recommend staying with Sacred Pheonix, who is also FIRE, and a much better monster at that.


Traditional: 1.5/5
Traditional Fire: 2.0/5
Advanced: 2.2/5
Advanced Fire: 2.5/5

Overall Rating: 2.5/5 even in a dedicated Fire deck

Art: 2.0/5 Even the picture isn't very cool.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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