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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Toon Gemini Elf
Super Rare

This card cannot attack during the turn that it is Normal Summoned. When "Toon World" on the field is destroyed, this card is also destroyed. If "Toon World" is on your side of the field, and your opponent does not control a Toon Monster, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points Directly. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, your opponent discards 1 card randomly from his/her hand.

Type - Spellcaster/Toon
Card Number - DL6-EN001

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.45
Advanced: 3.55

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.05.05

ExMinion OfDarkness Toon Gemini Elf

Now THIS card might see some splashability in other decks.

Toon Gemini Elf suffers the same setbacks and has the same benefits as Toon GAF, as reviewed yesterday...but Toon Gemini Elf gets one other little bonus; Don Zaloog-like hand discarding! Don Zaloog was heralded as the king of discard for being a searchable 1400 that can discard from the hand.

But I know what you're saying...(at least those of you playing the English game only); But Toon Gemini Elf isn't searchable! -- WRONG -- Toon Index. This little baby would let you search out any Toon in your deck and put it in your hand -- or rather, any card with Toon in its name. So using 3x Toon Index = deck thinning as well. (If we don't have Toon Index yet, we'll be getting it very soon!)

This card has use both in and out of the toon deck, unlike GAF -- some players might play 1 of this card solely for a beatstick combined with hand discard. I don't see it becoming Tier 1 anytime soon, but I see some players tinkering with the idea of playing one.

Traditional: 1/5 (Sorry, still stinks here)
Advanced: 2.75/5
Tranorix Toon Gemini Elf

I find Toon Gemini Elf MUCH more playable than Toon Goblin Attack Force; she’s probably the most playable Toon we have. She’s Class C, like Toon Goblin Attack Force, but she’s simply better. 1900 ATK isn’t quite 2300, but she doesn’t have that awful drawback of switching to DEF. She also has a lovely Don Zaloog-ish effect of discarding from your opponent’s hand whenever she does damage.

So if you have Toon World on the field and summon Toon Gemini Elf (and wait a turn), you can attack your opponent directly, inflict 1900 damage AND discard a card from his hand, even if he has other monsters in the way. What’s not to love about that?

Toon Gemini Elf is probably the only Toon that could actually work outside of a Toon Deck. Granted, she’ll always have her downside of not being able to attack the turn she’s summoned; but you can work around that somehow and then enjoy a 1900 ATK discard monster. Would I necessarily recommend her for non-Toon Decks? Not really…but she can work.

Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5
Traditional – Toon Deck: 4.5/5
Advanced – CCWC: 3/5
Advanced – Toon Deck: 4.5/5
Snapper Toon Gemini Elf

Today’s card is Toon Gemini Elf, a monster whose review will appear similar to yesterday’s card’s review.

Toon GE is basically a carbon copy of the original GE; they’ve got 1900 ATK, making them a standard beatstick. Unlike the original GE, Toon GE has an effect. When they do damage to the opponent’s Life Points, Toon GE forces the opponent to randomly discard a card form the hand. As should be obvious, the effect is very useful; everyone should thoroughly enjoy making the opponent lose cards from the hand after all. And when you consider the fact that the original GE had no effect whatsoever, this effect is a nice gift to Toon users everywhere.

Unlike the original GE, Toon GE comes with a Toon-Type effect (I wonder why?). First, it can’t attack during the turn it’s summoned. This is the only real negative about this classification of Toon, making any monster with the effect rather slow by taking away its chance of doing any damage during the turn it’s summoned. Anyhow, Toon GE also gets some advantages from the Toon homeland, Toon World. While it and Toon World are on the field (and the opponent controls no Toons), Toon GE can attack the opponent directly, which basically gives you a free opportunity to decrease the opponent’s hand size. But with this privilege comes a consequence; if Toon World is destroyed Toon GE is also destroyed. Lucky for you there’s a way to get around this genocide of Toons in the form of Emergency Provisions; if Toon World is going to bite the big one, use Emergency Provisions on Toon World before it’s destroyed, saving your Toons and increasing your Life Points by 1000.

Now that we’ve gotten this monster of a paragraph out of the way, how can you avoid some of these disadvantages that Toon GE comes with? You’ll need to wait until Friday to find out! Mwahahahaha! All in all, Toon GE is a great monster… in a Toon Deck. In any other Deck I’d advise sticking with a 1900 ATK monster that can attack during the turn it’s summoned.

Advanced (Toon Deck): 4.5/5. The only reason they get such a high score is due to the lack of other low Level Toons.
Traditional (Toon Deck): 4.5/5. See Advanced.
Overall (Toon Deck): 4.5/5.
Art: 3/5. Some monsters look better when they get Toonatized, but not GE!
Dark Paladin Toon Gemini Elf

Again, being a Toon, I won't bore you with the normal Toon text but there is one thing that makes this card MUCH better than yesterdays Toon.

Two things actually. The first being the fact that it doesn't shift into defense mode after attacking. Also, it has the same stats as Gemini Elf (non toon version) so 1900 attack and Level 4 is good (Toon being irrelevant for a

Secondly, Toon Gemini Elf has an effect. If this card does damage to your opponent, they must discard a random card from their hand.

Making this card another STAPLE for a Toon deck for those of you who run them.

Sorry for another short review, but I don't much care for Toons.


4.2/5 all Formats (Toon deck only)
1/5 elsewhere

Art: 3.5/5

May the Force be with you, and stay classy, Planet Earth :)

Only 14 days (2 weeks) until Star Wars Episode III

Coin Flip
Toon Gemini Elf is next. Unlike yesterday's card, they are also ridiculous in prospect. 1900 is a good ATK for any 4 star, and for some 5 stars. White Magical Hat effect is just ridiculous. Discarding on a 1900 is just as bad as drawing on a 1900. Toon Gemini Elf and Airknight Parshath have similar drawbacks. TGE can't attack the turn she's summoned (making her horribly slow) and Parshath is a Tribute. Surprisingly enough, Parshath has the better end of the deal. With Fairy Meteor Crush, recursion, and the issue of open fields as well as late games, this card is nowhere near as good as Parshath late game. Well… Assuming both are as difficult to summon at that point. Speed becomes crucial once again.

Ignoring the comparison, the card is still ruddy brilliant in premise – People were playing Mefist to get this kind of effect, so I see no reason they shouldn't at least consider something far easier to summon.

Give the twins a try. You might like 'em. Especially in Toon decks, where they can attack directly. Parshath envies this.

Traditional: 2.9/5
Advanced: 3.4/5
Traditional: 4.4/5
Advanced: 4.4/5

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