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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

The Big March of Animals

Until the End Phase, increase the ATK of all face-up Beast-Type monsters on your side of the field by 200 points for each Beast-Type monster on your side of the field.

Type - Spell
Card Number - FET-EN048

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.7
Advanced: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.31.05

ExMinion OfDarkness The Big March of Animals

This card has its uses, and I could see running one in a Beast deck. Scapegoats would be 800 (1000 with another Beast in the last slot); Beast decks using Manticore of Darkness or other swarming could gain a good bonus as well. However, I do have one major question: Why isn't this card continuous? Warriors and Spellcasters (...oh, who am I kidding, only really Warriors) have The A. Forces who gives the same effect, and that card stays on the field. If a player switches their Goats into ATK mode and wails with them, they're left totally vulnerable after The Big March's effect expires.

It's generally a good idea to avoid cards giving one-turn attack boosts -- heck, most players won't even run cards that give HUGE attack boosts (I know a good few people who won't run United even though it could give a 4k boost.) Having said that, sorry for the short review -- usually I don't have a lot to say about "crap" cards, and because of how this card works, it falls into that category, along with the rest of Big Week. Check CotD tomorrow for a GOOD card!

Coin Flip The Pojo staff has been kind enough to update the past three weeks with my old reviews so feel free to back and check out my reviews for current cards.

Big March of Animals is the first GOOD card this week. And, in my opinion, the last. ~_~ I am being oddly negative because of stuff that's been happening lately. I assure you that not all the cards I have given bad reviews are total crap. They just don't merit play and I spoke unsparingly of them because of it. Sorry about it if you were offended, but then again, you are on the internet – you are guaranteed to take offense at SOMETHING.

This little fellow is the friend of Weenie Beast decks everywhere. I generally like to divide decktypes into different sub-themes. An example would be beasts, which I can currently divide into two sub-themes available to my brain meats at this time. You can go with beatstick beast (Berserk Gorilla, Enraged Battle Ox, King Tiger Wanghu, and possibly a touch of Dimension Fusion + Bazoo the Soul
Eater) or weenie beast (which focuses on one of many OTK's available, many involving Rescue Cat, Milus Radiant, Gaia Power, and possibly

Generally, I always liked Dimension Fusion, but Earth Swarm was the second variant deck I ever tried to play outside of beatdown, so I have a soft spot for it. Which means I love both equally. Or not.

Anyway, let me put it like this: Scapegoats are Beasts. What does that say? This thing can easily give a 1000/1000 boost to all monsters on your side of the field. That's what it says. Pair this with the ease with which someone can get out 2 Milus Radiants (Rescue
Cat) and a Gaia Power (Terraforming) and you have 5 monsters all with 2500 ATK who are pretty ticked off and quite powerful at the moment.
Even though two will be dead and 3 will be left with 0 ATK in attack position at the end of the turn.

Sure, it would hurt more with Robbin' Goblin, but I'd rather use Giant Trunade and Heavy Storm than risk running into a Mirror Force.

I might mention that this card is ridiculously well-coordinated with Wild Nature's Release, which will double any boost given to your monsters. Though the lack of trample/piercing is unskrimp (uncool).

So what do I give it? In weenie Beasts, it's the best thing to happen since Rescue Cat, which was in the same set. Both of them combined are the best thing since Gaia Power, Scapegoat and Milus Radiant to the deck. Generally, a 4/5 with ease. In General, it can boost Goats and Berserk Gorillas in aggro decks, meaning that *SHOCK* it actually could be useful outside of beasts.

But not likely.

Traditional: 1.9/5
Advanced: 2.8/5 (even though it's illegal, since I'm sure some of you will still want to play in normal Advanced considering how sucktacular New Advanced is, far as banlists go anyway…) New Advanced: 2.7/5 (the fact that it's legal in this format really helps its rating, but the fact that Mirror Force is legal does not)

EDIT: My bad, this card only increases ATK. Cut it down .1 in Traditional and .4 in both Advanced and New Advanced.

Snapper The Big March of Animals

Today’s card is The Big March of Animals, a card I picked purely for the artwork.

BMA is a Quick-Play Spell version of The A. Forces, only for Beasts. When activated BMA increase the ATK of all friendly Beasts by 200 points for each face-up Beast on your side of the field until the end of the turn. So at the most you could have 5 monsters that each receive a 1000 ATK increase. It’s kind of like Limiter Removal, at least if you combo it with Scapegoat. Just wait for the opponent to attack one of your Beast monsters, activate Scapegoat, hope your opponent still attacks that one monster, and activate BMA. Hopefully the monster will get enough of an ATK increase to survive the fight, in which case your opponent will lose Life Points and a monster. In general though, you should probably stick with United We Stand, even in a Beast Deck…

Advanced (Pure Beast Deck): 3/5. Use United We Stand instead Traditional (Pure Beast Deck): 3/5. See Advanced.
Overall (Pure Beast Deck): 3/5.
Art: 4/5. It’s Name That Monster Time! I see Behemoth the King of All Animals, Ojama King, Nimble Momonga, Giant Rat, Rescue Cat, Des Koala, Bazoo the Soul-Eater, Fusionist, 3-Hump Lacooda, Blade Rabbit, Dark Gray, Mystical Sheep #2, and a bunch of GBA-only monsters.

The Big March of Animals


I like this card.  The Big March of Animals is a nice, rentsy Quickplay Spell Card that only really works in Beast Decks.  Activate it and all your Beasts get a boost of 200 ATK for every face-up Beast on your side of the field until the end of the turn.


So, let’s say you have three Berserk Gorillas on the field and you activate this card.  They’ll each jump to 2600 ATK, which isn’t bad at all.  Or…let’s say you have a field full of Sheep Tokens, with one Berserk Gorilla.  He’ll jump to 3000 and all your little goats will have a formidable 1000 ATK – even better, really. 


That this is a Quickplay is nice, as you can activate it on your opponent’s turn for somewhat of a Rush Recklessly surprise factor – he’ll ram his monster into yours thinking that he’s stronger, only to get a very unpleasant shock.  This can also be activated in the Damage Step, so if you’re scared of Magic Cylinder, you can attack, wait to see whether it’s activated, THEN use this card.  Nice.  And rentsy.


Traditional – CCCC: 1.5/5

Traditional – Beast: 3.5/5

Advanced – CCWC: 2/5

Advanced – Beast: 4/5



Dark Paladin


The Big March of Animals

Just as a little side note, I'd like to personally smack anyone who hasn't caught the THEME for this week (excluding Monday of course.)

Anywho, as this BIG week progresses, we get a card that is utter, pointless crap.

200 attack points...this card is only going to have a GLIMMER of hope if you have 4 or 5 monsters that are all beasts on the field at the same time for an extra 800 or 1000 points.


Traditional: .5/5
Advanced: .5/5
Limited: .5/5

Conclusion: Yes, it REALLY IS THAT BAD

So, I've also decided to review another card, a decent card that doesn't stink like rotten eggs. That card is:

Drop Off

A Super Rare from Legacy of Darkness. This is one of my favorite trap cards, due to how annoying it can be to your opponent.

Drop Off forces your opponent to send the card he or she just drew to the graveyard immediately. Wow, if (luckily) used at the right time, this thing can be very disruptive.

Send your opponent's Phoenix, Lightning Vortex, Torrential Tribute, and the like to the graveyard before they can set it. Not use it, but set it or even summon it. Granted, you may send some pure crap to the graveyard with this card, but it does have potential.

Conclusion: Use it, it WILL annoy your opponent.


Traditional (Control/Disrupton deck) 3.0/5
Advanced (Control/Disruption deck) 3.8/5
Limited 2.5/5 Lower here because odds are you won't send something that good

It only scores so high because of it's POTENTIAL

For all you Star Wars fans like me...49 days until Episode III YIPPEE!

Until next time, you stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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