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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Big wave Small wave

Destroy all face-up WATER monsters on your side of the field. Then you can Special Summon WATER monsters from your hand, up to the same number of monsters destroyed by this effect.

Type - Spell
Card Number - SOD-EN046

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.2
Advanced: 2.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.29.05

ExMinion OfDarkness

Big wave Small wave


Now that we've gotten Destiny Board out of the way, welcome to "Big" week!


Big Wave Small Wave (BWSW for short) is basically an overextension typically associated with Warrior decks.  It's a good Tech card for a Water deck that runs multiple copies of A Legendary Ocean and Giga Gagagigo.  This card would allow a player who didn't draw any of their ALOs to have another way to bring the Gigas to the field without Tribute -- same for Levia-Dragon.


However, this card is disadvantage in almost any other situation -- you're giving up the same number of monsters, and many cards from your hand.  Unless you can win the turn you use this, or protect the mass of monsters you just summoned, BWSW isn't a great idea.


Oh yeah.  Torrential vs. this = pwned.




Coin Flip Big Wave Small Wave might be good if we ever get any good WATER monsters that can't be summoned much more easily by a dumpnrevive or just using A Legendary Ocean. The best thing this can do in the average WATER deck is kill a Sinister Serpent and summon a Levia Dragon – Daedalus. No thanks.

Traditional: 1.3/5
Advanced: 2/5
New Advanced: 2/5
Tranorix Big Wave Small Wave

Here’s an interesting little card. Big Wave Small Wave lets you destroy all the face-up WATER monsters on your side of the field, then summon up to as many WATER monsters as were destroyed. Destroy Gagagigo and summon Gogiga Gagagigo. Destroy Penguin Soldier and special summon Levia-Dragon. Keep a Jam Breeding Machine on the field for a few turns, get rid of it, then play this to kill the Slime Tokens and summon an army of WATER attackers. I mean, if you’re desperate enough to play Jam Breeding Machine…

It’s a nice card, great for WATER Decks running a bunch of Tribute Monsters. Get rid of the lower-level stuff and bring out the big stuff using fewer tributes. Yes, it’ll be an absolute dead draw sometimes; and yes, even if you can use it you may not necessarily want to. But hey, it’s worth a shot in a dedicated WATER Deck.

Clearly it’s almost useless in typical decks, the only WATER monsters seeing much play being Tribe-Infecting Virus and Sinister Serpent, and perhaps Mobius. I suppose destroying a Snatch-Stolen Mobius to summon your T-Virus isn’t a bad deal.

Traditional – CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional – WATER: 3/5
Advanced – CCWC: 1.5/5
Advanced – WATER: 3.5/5
Snapper Big Wave Small Wave

Today’s card is Big Wave Small Wave, the ideal card for a WATER Deck with numerous high Level monsters.

BSWave has a simple effect; you first destroy all face-up WATER monsters on your side of the field, and then Special Summon a number of WATER monsters equal to or lower than the amount of monsters destroyed by BSWave from your hand. Simple right? If you have Sinister Serpent and some Nightmare Penguins on the field as well as a few Levia-Dragon – Daedalus in your hand, BSWave can help you swarm the field with 2600 ATK monsters. As should be obvious, BSWave is best used in WATER Decks chock full of high Level WATER monsters.

Advanced (WATER Deck): 4/5. It should prove very useful with 5+ Level 5 or higher WATER monsters.
Traditional (WATER Deck): 4/5. See Advanced.
Overall (WATER Deck): 4/5.
Art: 1/5. The main reason I wanted to review this card was so that I could feature it in Name That Monster Time! I see Levia-Dragon – Daedalus, Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness, Armored Starfish, Psychic Kappa, and a lot of GBA-only WATER monsters.

Big Wave Small Wave is a normal Spell card.  As such, it probably would be nicer as a Quick-Play, but that’s not exactly a huge problem.


This is great for Water decks, shock of shocks.  Nuke a bunch of low level cannon fodder to Special Summon your big guns from your hand.  As long as you are at least getting one beneficial Special Summon (thus saving your normal Summon for something else), you break even.  Now, there are times when that wouldn’t hold true: if you are being shut down by Gravity Bind, Messenger of Peace, or Level Limit-Area B, and have A Legendary Ocean out on the field, your Abyss Soldier and two copies of Amphibious Bugroth Mk-3 are probably going to be much more useful than three Suijin.  On the other hand, once you’ve made use of your two copies Abyss Soldier in play to clear the opponent’s field, feel free to nuke them to Special Summon two Gogiga Gagagigo that are strong enough to win you the game.


Since I am low on time, I’ll give just one good combo, which as far as I can tell should work.  As long as it would be otherwise legal, chain a set Scapegoat to your opponent’s End Phase.  Assuming that goes through, activate DNA Transplant and declare Water.  Long as all that worked; now sack your four or five Monsters in play with Big Wave Small Wave for a huge swarm.  Brilliant?  Maybe not.  Useful?  Maybe so: if you can work DNA Transplant and Scapegoat into a good Water deck, sounds good to me.


Big Wave Small Wave, in my opinion, is a Staple for Water decks…though not at a full three; more like two.




Traditional       : 3/5-Obviously this is only for Water decks.  It’s a great card, but Water decks, let alone swarming, is much harder and riskier here, since we still face Dark Hole, Raigeki, and several other nasty cards.


Advanced        : 4/5-Again, this rating is only for Water decks.  In this format, Water based decks are much more formidable (even if they aren’t tops), and this card is more or less essential for them.


Limited            : 1.25/5-Why so low?  Well, when I checked, I found one Level 4 Water Monster in this card’s set, and although it (Unshaven Angler) is a common and solid Monster for this format, note that the only high level Water Monsters it can be used to summon are… Mobius the Frost Monarch and Neo Aqua Madoor.  So while you might be able to special summon them without tribute… usually you’re going to want to Tribute Summon/Set them: to trigger Mobius’ effect or so have Madoor set so that an opponent has to worry about crashing into it.

Dark Paladin Welcome to Tuesday and we are brought a Spell card from Soul of the Duelist that can be good in a water deck if played at the right time.

Big Wave Small Wave

Destroy all face-up Water monsters on your field. Then you can Special Summon Water monsters from your hand, up to the same number of monsters that were destroyed by this effect.

Now, while you don't necessarily gain any card advantage, technically, I guess you lose one, this isn't a terrible card. If you only have two or three low level monsters on the field and you draw this...just wow.

Replace two 7 Colored Fish with two Giga-Gagigigo. Now tell me that an extra 2450 (2650 with Umi or A Lengendary Ocean) out in the same turn isn't worth losing just one little card?

Besides, the only card you're "losing" is the Big Wave Small Wave itself, so I don't see it as that big of a deal. It can help at some field control to you, which is good, right? :)

Of course, it isn't a godsend, or anything, and really is only good to use if you have the right monsters along with this card at the right time.

Conclusion: If you really want to in your water deck, give it a try I guess.

Ratings: (in a water deck)

Traditional: 1.4/5 No real use
Advanced: 2.1/5 A bit more potent, but it still isn't going to win duels
Limited: 1.0/5 Not really worth it at all unless you saved some good
cards from earlier sets

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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