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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Destiny Board
Ultra Rare

At the end of each of your opponent's turns, place 1 'Spirit Message' card from your hand or your Deck face-up to the field. If it is from your Deck, then shuffle your Deck. If 'Spirit Message' cards 'I', 'N', 'A' and 'L' are all on the field in their proper order, you are declared the winner. If any of the cards are destroyed or removed from the field while constructing the message, they are all sent to your Graveyard immediately.

Type - Continuous Trap
Card Number - LON-088

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.28.05

ExMinion OfDarkness Destiny Board

A few people have been asking for this card to be reviewed for a long time, so we're doing Destiny Board today before we get going with our actual theme week.

Destiny Board requires its own deck to run effectively -- it might be possible to win one game on sheer luck or beat utter newbies with it otherwise, but otherwise it just doesn't work.

A Destiny board deck requires a few things -- outside of the pieces, it requires enough non-continuous stall to let you live long enough to get all the pieces up. Remember, since Destiny Board will eventually require all five Spell/Trap slots, you can't use something like Gravity Bind, Messenger of Peace, or Level Limit - Area B. Scapegoats and Threatening Roars are more likely candidates. It also requires Magic Jammers or Solemn Judgments -- Heavy Storm kills you, MST kills you, Mobius kills you, Chiron the Mage kills you, Sacred Phoenix even gets around Solemn Judgment and Divine Wrath... A good card for this deck would be "Fox fire", as it comes back every turn. Since you have no intention of Tribute summoning, it's a free blocker every turn (barring Trample.)

Honestly, I don't think Destiny Board is very playable -- if it was, we'd be seeing it at Regionals. I've never seen a single Destiny Board deck in a competitive tournament.

2/5 even in a Destiny Board deck.
Coin Flip I don't know why we're reviewing this.

Reviewing cards with potential to be good like Last Turn is fine. But let's go over the limitations of FINAL. You have to deal with increasingly limited resources as you continue, you have to keep 6-10 precious slots in your deck open just to be eligible to win with it… And if even one piece dies, the whole thing goes down the drain.

I think I've made my case. I'm sorry for short reviews – I lost four or five weeks' worth of reviews that took about 10 minutes per to write and was too lazy to redo them. And, for the most part, they were great reviews, even when they were of crappy cards like this one.
And then other stuff comes up… Yeah. I won't bore you with my social life. My reviews do a good enough job of that.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
New Advanced: 1/5
Tranorix Destiny Board

Oh, I’ve tried to like Destiny Board. I’ve tried to build decks around it, tried to make it playable, tried every conceivable approach to developing a good, rentsy Destiny Board archetype. I failed.

Destiny Board, a Continuous Trap from LoN, is one of few alternate win conditions in Yu-Gi-Oh (along with Last Turn and Exodia, to name a couple). You activate Destiny Board, then at the End Phases of each of your opponent’s turns, you put a Spirit Message from your hand or Deck onto the field. And yes, they can ONLY be placed onto the field via Destiny Board’s effect; you can’t put them there yourself.

So, basically, you need to keep this card on the field for one turn to bring out “I” (presuming you activate Destiny Board toward the end of one of your opponent’s turns) another for “N,” another for “A,” and finally, one more for “L.” That’s hard to do, especially with all of the S/T removal running around; it’s even harder when you consider that these Spirit Messages take up your S/T zones, preventing you from protecting the cards adequately! Moreover, if you do set protection, you very well may end up locking yourself down, unable to bring the Spirit Messages to the field in the first place. Add that to the fact that getting rid of ONE Spirit Message ruins everything, and you’ve got quite a crux.

You could try using this with Thousand Eyes Restrict and Spell Canceller, or perhaps Horus, maybe a Sorcerer of Dark Magic…but the truth will always be that a typical deck has FAR too many ways to get rid of Spells and Traps, ways that you’ll be hard-pressed to stop without using too many Spells and Traps of your own. Destiny Board, sadly, just isn’t good. At its best, it’s a distraction, or maybe Side Deck fodder against Burners.

Traditional – CCCC: 1.5/5
Traditional – Destiny Board: 2.5/5
Advanced – CCWC: 2/5
Advanced – Destiny Board: 3/5
Snapper Destiny Board

Welcome to “Big” Week as well as part 2 of my review cram. Today’s card is a month old request that has absolutely nothing to do with the word Big; it’s Destiny Board.

Destiny Board, as you may already know, is an alternative way to win.
Instead of reducing the opponent’s Life Points to zero you must instead meet a specific requirement. Destiny Board’s requirement is a very difficult one to meet these days, and quoting the effect is the best way to point it out:

“At the end of each of your opponent's turns, place 1 ‘Spirit Message’ card from your hand or your Deck face-up to the field. If it is from your Deck, then shuffle your Deck. If ‘Spirit Message’ cards ‘I’, ‘N’, ‘A’ and ‘L’ are all on the field in their proper order, you are declared the winner. If any of the cards are destroyed or removed from the field while constructing the message, they are all sent to your Graveyard immediately.”

First off, the proper order refers to the letters arriving on the field in the proper order. So if the message on the field reads NILAF, you still win assuming the pieces got onto the field in the order of F, I, N, A, and L.
The main problem with this effect is that if one of the Spirit Messages or Destiny Board is destroyed, all other FINAL letters are destroyed as well.
With MST, Dust Tornado, Breaker, Heavy Storm, Mobius, Blowback Dragon, Raigeki Break and many other S/T destroying cards running rampant, Destiny Board’s chances of lasting long enough to meet its win condition are slim.
Throw in the fact that Destiny Board is a Trap and Jinzo becomes a factor, bringing Destiny Board to an even lower level.

There is hope for Destiny Board though. Multiple Destiny Boards active at the same time will speed up the process of assembling the letters by allowing you to get up to 3 Messages every turn, depending on how many Destiny Boards are active. Of course you’ll need to have a way to get rid the extra Destiny Boards or else you won’t have room to finish the message.
Spell Canceller would help to stop Heavy Storm and MST, and 2 Ojama Kings would help to prevent your opponent from summoning Mobius or Breaker. There are a few other card you could try but the above would be your best choices.
Overall, Destiny Board is a situational card that really requires it own Deck. Even then though Destiny Board would be best when used casually, simply because a Destiny Board Deck would be filled to the brim with useless cards (aka. Spirit Messages).

Advanced: 1/5. The fact that a single MST can ruin your plans is depressing.
Traditional: .5/5. Harpie’s Feather Duster makes Destiny Board a near impossibility.
Overall: .75/5.
Art: 1/5. I’m unimpressed with the same basic card for F, I, N, A, and L.

Having missed the last two week’s of CotDs for multiple reasons (mild illness, slightly heavy school work, and my inability to stick to a tight schedule), and the fact that this seems to be a cyclical occurrence, this will be another short review.


We were asked to review the Destiny Board cards by a fan of it who claimed to have great success with it.  Since I was the one who initially “bumped” the review to a later date (starting a trend; sorry Destiny Board fans) and didn’t immediately reschedule it, I kept reminding the other’s we still needed to do it (how hypocritical, I know).  This may have given them the impression I liked these cards. 


I don’t.


There are some personal reasons why, but I won’t get into them.  No, it’s not because I lost to them (I might have, but I don’t remember).  They actually have an auto-win condition I can tolerate; like Final Destiny, you have to work hard for the win and it can’t happen first turn.  The main problem is that you are forced into a bad situation with these cards: most things that could protect them would negate them, or eat up Spell/Trap slots.  Since you need all five of your basics Spell/Trap slots, you can’t have any protection for the Destiny Board cards lingering: for example, the Magic Jammer that protects them will be in their way if your opponent never activates a Spell… and is useless if they use a Dust Tornado.  You can negate one of your own Spells to get rid of the Jammer, but that’s a lot of cards pretty much wasted.


If a Destiny Board piece is nuked, you have to start over.  Since you have to play the cards appropriately through their effect, it means that your opponent just needs something to nuke one S/T to waste all those cards.  Easiest trick to handle Destiny Board is to wait until just before the final (I couldn’t resist) piece would be laid… then nuke the “F” piece to score a four for one.


I couldn’t access any recent ruling sources, so check the official FAQ if something doesn’t seem right.




Traditional       : 1.25/5-You can build a deck around this, but why would you unless you are really bored, are insanely skilled and want a challenge, or like losing.  Since it’s the focus of its own deck, this is really the score for the entire deck type.


Advanced        : 1.75/5-You can build a deck around this, but why would you unless you are really bored, are insanely skilled and want a challenge, or like losing.  Since it’s the focus of its own deck, this is really the score for the entire deck type.  Though your odds are a hair better here.



Limited            : 5/5-Please not this assumes you pull at least one copy of every piece.  In this kind of environment, the deck is sick as most players will be unable to stop you from getting the effect.  Realize then, that a single piece is worth only 1/5, adding 0.05/5 to that for each additional piece, in order, and not reaching the entire set.  Why?  Pure sadistic bluffing, though at the cost of burning your own S/T zones (not a huge a deal here).



An interesting idea poorly executed.  Even in the cartoon, the only one we’ve seen use it did so only with a (non-existent irl) Field Spell that gave him extra Spell/Trap zones to use up.


Finally, it’s done.


Dark Paladin Destiny Board!

Destiny Board is great because it's one of those get all five pieces and win things...kinda like that one monster guy...what was his name...oh yea, EXODIA!

Anyway, most people who run instant win decks go with Exodia over Destiny Board.
Heck, I've even seen more Final Countdown decks than I have Destiny Board.
However, this doesn't mean Destiny Board is crap. Not at all.

See, while Exodia is a monster and you have to draw all 5 pieces, Destiny Board consists of the trap card and the four Spirit Messages I N A and L. Now, Destiny Board is faster in my opinion as you get to search the four Spirit Messages out one per turn.

However, consisting only of one trap and four magic cards, Destiny Board, while powerful, is very susceptible to spell and trap destruction as they have to STAY on the field, while Exodia gets to sit semi-comfortably in your hand.
Even if Exodia hits the graveyard, (except for the head) you can at least recover some pieces with things like Backup Soldier. There are less cards to recover lost spell and trap cards sadly.

Personally, I like Destiny Board more than Exodia if only because it's more evil. For you anime fans, you know Bakura used Destiny Board in his duel in the Battle City finals against Yugi and was able to get F I N A until Yugi drew Slifer to win :)

Conclusion: I like Destiny Board better than Exodia and Final Countdown!

Ratings: (for its own deck)

Traditional: 2.5/5 Harder to pull off with more s/t destruction
Advanced: 3.1/5 A bit better than average and less s/t destruction
Limited: 3.9/5 If you got all the pieces here, go for it. It could

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

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