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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gatling Dragon
Ultimate Rare

"Barrel Dragon + "Blowback Dragon". Toss a coin 3 times. Destroy a number of Monsters on the field equal to the number of Heads. This effect can only be used once per turn, during your Main Phase.

Type - Fusion Monster
Card Number - FET-EN035

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.1
Advanced: 4.27

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.25.05

Coin Flip


Gatling Dragon is the daughter of the mommy Blowback Dragon and the daddy Barrel Dragon. The two of them were both excellent cards upon release. Barrel Dragon was the only 2-trib worth playing back in the day. Blowback Dragon was a great DARK monster upon release that had built in free m/m/t destruction. One was the pioneer of the 2-trib, and another had a name that made pre-pubescent teen males chuckle at an innuendo that is about as funny as a dead baby. So, for the average immature teenager, very funny. But I digress, I sound like a freaking old person.

Gatling Dragon is one of 4 cards in the game that has an effect involving flipping of 3 coins. 3 are Machines with the word "Dragon"
in their name (go figure). Two are from Ancient Sanctuary, two have 1200 DEF, and two have 2600 ATK. 4 are free to activate as far as effects go, and 2 have no downside whatsoever. Interesting trivia?
Not really. But Gatling Dragon does have a downside in that he can destroy your monsters. Instead of giving you that pointless sentence and let you figure things out on your own, I will give you numbers and give you a much better guide to using him than others can give you.
Well, not really, considering how dead my brain is right now for various reasons.

Anyway, here are the possible outcomes for 3 coin tosses.

HHH – 3 Monsters Destroyed
HHT – 2 Monsters Destroyed
HTH – 2 Monsters Destroyed
THH – 2 Monsters Destroyed
HTT – 1 Monster Destroyed
TTH – 1 Monster Destroyed
THT – 1 Monster Destroyed
TTT – 0 Monsters Destroyed and your opponent laughs at you.

So, let's do some quick analysis of the numbers. Numbers mean nothing without analysis, kiddos! If they have 3 or more monsters, you cannot be hurt at all by the effect. The worst that will happen is that you will toss it thrice and get tails once for each toss, wasting both of
your time. Two monsters, and it gets tricky. You have a 1 in 8, or
12.5% chance of destroying one of your own monsters on the field.
Ouch. If they have only one monster on the field, you risk a 50% chance of destroying some of your monsters. More specifically, 37.5% chance of destroying 1 of your monsters and 12.5% chance of destroying two of your monsters. If they have 0 monsters, and you activate the effect, you must be VERY far ahead of your opponent or VERY arrogant.

5/5 based on the premise that it is a Fusion monster. 6/5 for being the first Morphable LV8 Fusion monster.

ExMinion OfDarkness Gatling Dragon

A lot of people tend to say this shouldn't be an Ultra. I disagree on the sole fact that this is the first 8-star fusion that's open to Metamorphosis. This thing should be in your Fusion Deck for the sole purpose of morphing an opponent's stolen Black Luster Soldier after attacking twice or removing something from the game with it.

Its effect is powerful but unwieldy; you MUST destroy a number of monsters equal to the number of heads. If they have one monster, you have two, and you get 3 heads -- oops! Having said that, you should only use the effect if your opponent has at least two monsters out, you're REALLY scared of that face-down, or you can manipulate your coin flips somehow (e.g. you know how to flip your coin to get it to come up how you want.)

2600 isn't too bad -- only a small detriment from the BLS that probably got morphed for it. It's a pretty good anti-swarm card -- if they have so many monsters out that BLS won't get rid of them all, this guy might finish the job.

Just like King Dragun, he causes no detriment to you by having him in your Fusions, but as for playability, I give him a 4.5/5 for being the first 8-star morphable.
Tranorix Gatling Dragon


What’s this?  A Morphable Level 8 Fusion?  Why yes, I believe it is!  Gatling Dragon is an exceptional monster, a Fusion of the much-beloved Blowback Dragon and less-beloved Barrel Dragon.  It boasts 2600 ATK, not bad at all, and it’s LEVEL 8, meaning you can FINALLY use Metamorphosis on your BLS-EotB (for some reason) or that Lava Golem your opponent gave you to summon something useful.


His effect is pretty risky, sure, but if you’re scared of losing Gatling Dragon you can simply opt not to activate his effect.  Toss 3 coins.  Kill monsters equal to the number of heads.  Does your opponent have three monsters on the field?  Activate the effect.  Kill none, one, two or three – see if luck’s with you.


The downside, of course, is that if you flip three heads and your opponent doesn’t have three monsters, you’ll have to kill some of your own.  Meh.  Gatling Dragon is still very, very good.


Traditional – CCCC: 5/5

Traditional – Dragon: 5/5

Advanced – CCWC: 5/5

Advanced – Fusion: 5/5

OVERALL RATING: 5/5, I guess, but remember, it’s a Fusion, which really throws off the whole system.  How rentsy.     

Snapper Gatling Dragon

Our final card for FET Week is Gatling Dragon, a Fusion of two old favorites.

Like all Fusion Monsters Gatling’s stats aren’t of great significance, but I mention them anyway. With 2600 ATK, Gatling gains the upper hand when battling most widely used monsters. It’s also a Machine, allowing you to use Limiter Removal on it to increase its ATK to great heights.

In different time periods the two monsters that makeup Gatling were/are gods. Barrel Dragon was for a while the only Level 7 monster worth using, and Blowback Dragon is a monster that could easily be a Side Deck filler.
Put the two together and you get the beast that is Gatling Dragon. However before you can do that you’ll need to Fusion Summon the two through Polymerization, an ugly fact. So, blah blah blah, The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion, blah blah blah. Of course using Metamorphosis on a Level 8 monster would be much easier, so disregard what I just said.

Gatling’s effect has a not so eerie resemblance to the two monster that it consists of. Once per turn during one of your Main Phases you can flip a coin 3 times. For each heads you get you must destroy 1 monster on the field. Note that using the effect is optional, but destroying a monster is not. So if you get more heads then your opponent has monsters, guess what?
You need to destroy your own monsters. Of course you’d never use the effect unless your opponent had a creature on the field, and it would probably be wise if you waited until they had 2 monsters before using Gatling’s effect.
But that’s up to you; if you’re good with a coin toss *coughcheatercough*, then you may want to be using Gatling’s effect every turn. All in all, I think I’d prefer sticking with Blowback Dragon. Not only is it more reliable but you also don’t need to find some special way of summoning it. But that’s my 7 ˝ cents, and I’m out of time. See you all next week!

Advanced: 3.5/5. As I already said, I think I’d stick with Blowback Dragon.
Traditional: 3.5/5. Echo!
Overall: 3.5/5.
Art: 2/5. It looks like something Homer Simpson would make that says, “Kill me daddy.”
Dark Paladin Gatling Dragon
Level 8

Fusion: Barrel Dragon + Blowback Dragon

Effect: Toss a coin 3 times. Destroy a number of monsters on the field equal to the number of heads. This effect can only be used once per turn, during your main phase.

I absolutely love this card. He isn't anywhere near as specific as Barrel Dragon with the effect, yet he is just as strong. Even being a Fusion, I'd take this guy over the original Barrel Dragon.

Just think, this guy could be a Raigeki for you EVERY turn. Your opponent has 1, 2, or even 3 monsters and you have Gatling Dragon. You could get THREE heads completely clearing their field.

Then, you can repeat every single turn. Just as long as you get 1 Heads every time, you'll be continuously clearing their field. That means after four direct attacks from this guy, you win, pretty nifty, hmm?

Gatling Dragon is unique too in the fact that the monsters destroyed can come from your side of the field. For whatever reason, you may want to do that. However, unless your opponent has two or more monsters on the field, you may not want to use the effect.

Suppose they have 2 monsters, and you have Gatling Dragon and you flip 3 heads. That destroys there monsters AND yours too.

Conclusion: Use carefully...

Traditional: 3.8/5 (Machine deck)
Advanced: 4.3/5 (Machine deck)
Limited: It's a fusion

You stay classy, Planet Earth, until next week :)

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