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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

King Dragun
Super Rare

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, your opponent cannot target Dragon-Type monsters for the effect of a Spell, Trap, or Monster Card. Once per turn, you can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type monster from your hand to your side of the field.

Type - Dragon/Fusion/Effect
Card Number - FET-EN036

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.5
Advanced: 4.1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.24.05

Coin Flip


King Dragun… Meh. There's always a chance that a Fusion monster will help you simply by existing in your Fusion deck, and I will not ever deny it. Dragun does little, though. The effect prevents a grand total of… MAYBE 5 cards in the average deck. Sakuretsu Armor, if played in 3's, Snatch Steal and Ring of Destruction.

The swarm effect is meh. Unless you're playing lots of high level Dragons, you can't take advantage of it any more than you could with Ultimate Offering.

The stats are lackluster for a level 7 fusion. Cutoff is 2650 for being good, and I wouldn't run anything under 2800. There is nothing over 2800, so…

No rating. If I did give it a rating, it would be 5/5 in all formats.
There is always a possibility this card could help you, so…
ExMinion OfDarkness King Dragun

Oh great, now we get to hear the inexperienced whine about how King Dragun is supposed to save their dragons from Tribe-Infecting Virus again...it's Lord of D all over again.

Getting the Fusion out will be a challenge; it's 7 stars (outside of Scientist in Traditional) so you'll have to either actually Fuse them correctly (Blasphemy!) or summon a 7-star monster and metamorphosis that (Fusilier, anyone?)

The effect won't save it from much -- I checked my tournament deck to see what cards it'd stop, and it would end up negating Ring and DDWL; that's about it. Too much of the monster kill is non-targeting. As for the Special Summoning, it sounds good, but I think it's just trying to do what a Warrior deck is built for. If you're trying to get this guy out, then trying to Swarm, the deck's trying to do too much, and it'll hardly ever work.

Sorry for the short review -- just not much to say here.

There's no detriment to keeping this in your Fusion Deck, but as for playability, I give it a 2.25/5.
Tranorix King Dragun

King Dragun is an interesting monster, a Fusion from FET that’s potentially extremely playable in Dragon Decks. 2400 ATK is decent, and since he’s a Fusion there are countless ways to bring him to the field (Metamorphosis on Fusilier seems like a good idea, though he’s not a Dragon; you could also use that Dark – Hex Sealed Fusion thingy).

He has two effects, the first being basically Lord of D (which makes sense, as Lord of D is one of the Fusion Materials). Your opponent can’t target Dragons. He’s not allowed to Snatch Steal your Dragun, he can’t Cylinder it, and he can’t use Exiled Force. He can play Fissure, or Bottomless Trap Hole, or use D.D. Warrior Lady’s effect, as none of those target. Oh well.

The second effect is even nicer; once per turn, summon a Dragon from your hand. Have a Blue Eyes? Bam. Spear Dragon? Sure. Red Eyes? Okay. SERPENT NIGHT DRAGON? OH YEAH!

There’s no good reason not to have him in your Fusion Deck if you’re running Dragons, so as with most Fusions, the numbered ratings are…pretty stupid.

Traditional – CCCC: It’s a Fusion
Traditional – Dragon: 5/5
Advanced – CCWC: It’s a Fusion
Advanced – Dragon: 5/5
Snapper King Dragun

Today’s card is King Dragun, a Fusion Monster that officially makes Lord of D. obsolete.

Like all Fusion Monsters, Dragun’s stats don’t really matter since he’s only going to be summoned through a Special Summon. Still, Dragun’s 2400 ATK is something worth mentioning, as is his Dragon-Type. One stat allows him to compete with most widely used monsters and the other gives him access to his own effect; what’s not to love?

To Fusion Summon Dragun, you’d need Lord of D, a monster that went out of style long ago, and Divine Dragon Ragnarok, a FET filler monster. Because you’d need two otherwise useless monsters to Fusion Summon Dragun as well as a Polymerization or Fusion Gate, you may want to look into The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion. Using The Dark Hex would allow you to avoid using one of the aforementioned monsters and avoid using any Fusion causing Spells. Of course Metamorphosis is everyone’s favorite way to summon Fusion Monsters, making this previous paragraph very unimportant.

While face-up on the field, Dragun prevents your opponent from targeting Dragons with card effects. Since Dragun is a Dragon, he gains the same abilities he gives to others; immunity from the likes of Snatch Steal, Sakuretsu Armors, and Night Assailants. It’s a useful ability, especially in Advanced due to fewer non-targeting cards being available/used. And if you want to throw a DNA Surgery into the mix then Dragun makes all monsters on the field immune to the opponent’s dastardly deeds. Fun eh?

Dragun’s second effect allows you to Special Summon 1 Dragon from your hand once per turn. Like the first effect, this effect appears to have been inspired by Lord of D, one of the monsters that Dragun consists of. With this effect you can summon a wide array of monsters that would have required some kind of Tribute; Armed Dragon LV5, Horus LV6, BEWD, REBD, and Tyrant Dragon. Like the first effect, it has its uses. Of course those uses only extend as far as Dragon Decks go, but in that area of extension Dragun could be a very useful monster.

Advanced (Dragon Deck): 4/5. Because most Dragons are Level 5 or higher, Dragun could be very beneficial. Just make sure you have a way to summon him.
Traditional (Dragon Deck): 4/5. Raigeki and Dark Hole may foil your plans, so use caution.
Overall (Dragon Deck): 4/5.
Art: 3.5/5. Ever since LOD, Fusion Monsters have actually looked like the monsters they consist of. In case you didn’t already know…
Dark Paladin Ok, remember earlier in the week when I promised we'd get to good stuff.
Well, today and tomorrow are the fulfillment of that promise. Despite the fact today's card, (and tomorrow's card) is a fusion, they are some mighty fusions.

King Dragon
Level 7

Fusion: Lord of D. + Divine Dragon Ragnarok

This guy is an absolute GOD in a Dragon deck, yes a GOD.

First, 2400 attack isn't all that strong for a Fusion, but in my opinion, his effects definitely make up for that.

Being able to special summon a Dragon-type monster from your hand once per turn. This is good for so many reasons.

*This allows some swarming
*This also allows some mass field control

For instance, this effect is essentially the Flute of Summoning Dragon effect, except you only get one Dragon, but that's fine. You can normal summon a Spear Dragon and special summon a Tyrant Dragon with King Dragon's effect.

However, outside of a Dragon deck, I see no real use for him, obviously.

Conclusion: YAY, A GOOD FUSION MONSTER! (though I bet most of the other reviews will disagree, but you never know)

Traditional: (Dragon deck) 4.0/5
Advanced: (Dragon deck) 4.5/5
Limited: It's a fusion

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